All New Fire 7 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021

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All New Fire 7 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021

All New Fire 7 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021
Amazon fire 7 is the seventh generation budget Android tablet from Amazon and it sells for only in the holiday season and during Black Friday making it one of the cheapest tablets you’ll find on the market perhaps a good idea as a backup option or as a tablet for kids the elderly someone who doesn’t need a cutting-edge flagship-level device

so taking a closer look at the hardware first the fire 7 is constructed out of a polycarbonate plastic on the back comes in a number of very vibrant looking colors as well as a glass display on the front overall though the construction quality is still better and the use of plastic does make the tablet feel more durable on the back you’ll find access to a 2 megapixel camera with autofocus the Amazon logo and there is a rear mounted speaker on the side you’ll also find a micro SD card to expand the built-in 8 gigs of storage you’ll definitely need that if you plan on watching a lot of media content that’s pre-installed or apps on the top there’s access to a microphone which can be used to access alexa instantly that is one of the features at the seventh-generation Fire tablet is it comes built-in with Alexa there’s also a microUSB port for charging a power key a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a dedicated volume rocker then on the front we have a 7-inch display which is slightly below HD resolution and at 7 inches so you can definitely tell a little bit of pixelation but overall it’s still a good enough panel now it’s not a laminated display which means there is a gap between the glass and the LCD underneath but it is an IPS screen which means our viewing angles are actually pretty wide and generous it is pretty easy to glare under the Sun however because it is so glossy and reflective so putting a screen protector that’s matte could be a good choice there’s also access to a VGA quality camera for selfies and video chatting if you want to access it so overall hardware feels again release it just and it looks pretty attractive and vibrant and the kind of iPhone 5c type of way as a quick size comparison here it is next to the huawei media pod m5 claw weigh is a 8.4 inch tablet it’s also a premium tablet that has a 2k display so they’re not really meant to be competitive here in terms of performance but as far as size is concerned you can how that the seven inches here is definitely more portable but that being said it also has larger bezels so it will take up some extra space but again on a tablet it’s forgivable because it’s easier to grip with your hands without obstructing parts of the screen and here it is next to the Amazon fire phone perhaps unsurprisingly just like past fired tablets there is the presence of ads on this base model this is a way for Amazon to make more revenue off of these tablets by selling you additional services and they’re able to subsidize the costs of the tablet because they’re definitely not making a lot of money in terms of making the hardware alone for only so unlocking things the fire OS experience should be very familiar to anyone who’s used one of Amazon’s devices like the fire phone or a tablet of bears in the past it is very altered compared to stock Android and it looks pretty unfamiliar at first but it’s still quite simple and easy to understand you can’t install widgets and pin them freely onto the home screens but you can still install any of the regular Android apks so any regular Android app can be run and installed just fine it’s just the interface is altered there are different tabs on the top which you can sort through four recommended applications depending on your history and over here we have a home which includes all of your applications installed on the device a number of Amazon services of course are pre bundled including silk which is Amazon’s own web browser supposedly faster and better optimized for low data connectivity and there’s also access to things like auto Bo Amazon video prime video and Amazon Maps Amazon shopping Amazon photos and of course Alexa so it really ties you into Amazon’s ecosystem on the plus side if you are already a prime member then these services can be very useful because now you can access all those free movies and content from prime directly on this tablet but if you don’t it’s a way to kind of convince you to get more subscribed to Amazon products track down a notification tray is pretty familiar to regular Android but the theme is a little different we do not have a proximity light sensor so the brightness of the screen is completely controlled by you overall though the screen does get plenty bright as you can see here even when you are kind of pointing it outdoors in the Sun it still is fairly readable which is nice to note Wi-Fi reception also seems to be good so there’s no complaints there there’s also built-in Bluetooth if you want to connect to wireless speakers or headphones and there’s also a blue shade mode which is basically a blue light filter since research has shown that blue lights can affect your sleep quality and this will help you fall asleep a little faster what’s the weather today so essentially it’s just like Alexa on any other speaker or echo product so it works actually really well you have this blue bar that pops up in the bottom when it tells you it’s trying to recognize and record your voice in terms of technical specifications the device has a quad-core processor by mediatek running at one point three gigahertz and it also comes with one gig of built-in RAM so these specifications aren’t proudly advertised in fact they’re kind of obscure and hidden away from the spec sheet that is to say it’s not you know outstanding specs anymore for 2018 in fact it was pretty similar specs to the previous versions of the fire tablets that came out years prior with that being said fire OS is very well optimized so as you can see here if you have just a few apps open the entire UI still runs very smoothly moving into performance next let’s take a look at web browsing using silk now as you can see here Amazon is again pushing their services very heavily because you can directly search in the browser whether through the web which is using Microsoft Bing instead of actual Google which is interesting but there’s also a separate tab for searching Amazon directly just from the home page of the browser so you can always search the web or you can search on Amazon for a product silk is actually doing a decent job I’m not too sure if silk has gotten that many updates since it was first introduced along the first generation of fire tablets many years ago now but it seems to still be quite optimized to run well on low-end hardware that compression process is kind of similar to what opera does with their browsers as well again one or two tabs it still does actually a pretty good job as you can see here and even the ads are slowly but surely loading along pinch-to-zoom also works pretty well here on this particular page one of the limitations of fire OS is again it’s not closely integrated with Google services so if you do use lot of Google products like Gmail Drive etc you do have to do a lot of installation on your own part menu which require installing the apks yourself since things like YouTube aren’t built on in by default as a mobile app sure you can visit YouTube from the silk browser but it’s a bit more clunky and my recommendation would definitely be installing the apk yourself so some quality is alright it’s a little bit tinny not too much base but at least it gets quite loud and of course you can always use your own standard 3.5 millimeter headphone it’s always a plus talk about the camera very quickly next all I can say is that it’s functional but you really shouldn’t have too high expectations for it it will work in a pinch if you want to scan in some documents or capture something in emergency conditions and again it saves and uploads these to the cloud so whenever you sign in with your Amazon account it would just save that to your profile and if you pick up another Amazon fire tablet or if you log into your account you can still manage these things on a different product there’s also a basic Maps built on in which is designed by Amazon it’s not amazing but it’s functional and a loads back page is actually pretty quickly as far as ear eating is concerned it’s great for comics it’s great for graphic novels for animes but not as great for just text because it’s still an LCD screen at the end of the day which isn’t as comfortable as eating to read
so if you are doing only paperback reading then a regular Kindle e-reader would be better but for things like images you can see that it works really well and there’s also a lot of optimization like doubles happening to full screen in two different frames of a comic so that’s actually very well done otherwise battery performance on this tablet is decent but it’s not outstanding the capacity is still five thousand milliamp hours it still takes about two hours to completely charge using micro USB and it’ll definitely get you through an entire day maybe two days but the optimization in terms of sleep mode isn’t the best if you just turn on Wi-Fi and then turn off you display and leave it overnight on your desk it can sometimes drop as much as thirty to forty percent when you wake up in the morning gaming again it doesn’t have a super powerful GPU on here so I would recommend you to only load back 2d or very light titles and it will do fine for things like stack for things like Angry Birds for some of these puzzle based games it takes a few seconds longer to open up the app for the first time but once you are loaded it will actually run fairly smoothly as long as you don’t have too many of other apps open in the background so if you aren’t using these I would recommend closing them out if you want the fastest experience when also gaming and after more than about thirty minutes of use the tablet does get slightly warm towards the top here with the Amazon logo and ever gets hot but it’s worth mentioning and it does get slightly warm so that’s more or less it for our review of the Amazon fire 7-7 generation model performance and hardware are both better than your money’s worth with that being said again some potential downsides would be of course it isn’t a regular stock Android tablet so if you are using a lot of Google services it requires you to do a little bit of installation work yourself also the screen is slightly below HD just a touch so you technically don’t have the option to play back videos and you know HD resolution for instance if you install YouTube so you are limited more to the kind of 480p type of content especially for kids as well as for use as a backup tablet it’s perfectly adequate just make sure you keep those expectations in line when picking this up and I think that you’ll be fairly satisfied with the number of different uses that you can set up for it so you can check out more details in the links down below but overall an excellent value especially if you are a user of Amazon that’s been the Amazon fire 7-7 generation model with Alexa support

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