ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition GL703GE Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals 2021

ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition GL703GE Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals 2021
In this post, we’re talking about the ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition GL703GE Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals 2021. Keep you updated by the latest features and guides.

This is the review of Asus rogue Strix Scar GL 703 GE are there enough words of that name right well what’s exciting about this is Intel eighth-generation coffee like six-core CPU inside one of the first to actually support that so certainly there’s gonna be a performance improvement there we saw this with the Ultrabook CPUs when they went from 2 to 4 cores dump more cores is good free beer is good more cores

I’ll always say yes beyond that you still got this is the affordable model so you have that lower end GTX 1050 Ti and video graphics inside so it’s a decent entry level gaming experience but it’s a lot of power for 1249 we’re gonna look at it now alright so first off what is this laptop II for those you who are new to it you know there have been several generations of it but let’s talk about how this place is this is a 17.3 inch gaming laptop we all know you use it for pro apps that anything you want really not just gaming relatively speaking it’s in the category of reasonably thin and light not razor blade crazy super thin and light expensive also but fairly thin and like compare this to something like one of the big body suits rogues are an MSI Titan or something that it’s gonna look downright slim it’s kind of a normal looking laptop in that respect so it looks good also what the Strix car Edition it’s growing up and looks we’re used to look kind of plasticky and cheesy which isn’t unusual for gaming laptops even ones that aren’t that cheap it’s got now it’s got really nice-looking aluminum lid on it scratches a little bit if you’re not careful it’s gunmetal it’s a little more mature looking the inside has a carbon fiber finish to it so it’s getting a little more classy looking it a little bit better put together less creeks more solid design so all those are good things this is the more affordable model of the GL 703 GE with Intel hñ CPUs specifically this is the es 73 model now there are other variants too that have better appointments if you want to gtx 1060 or a 1070 such things are possible also in this model but we’re looking at the 1249 model which is a lot more consumer-friendly you’re looking for something with some good power and SSD inside all those sort of good things RGB backlit keyboard but you don’t want to be spending this is that’s who it’s for here this is good enough to play most Triple A titles current title as far cry 5 for example you’re gonna see on screen Mass Effect the Andromeda not because it was the best game but hey it was a pretty it is a pretty demanding game and it can play those solidly on medium settings at 1080p and that’s with 60 frames per second which a lot of us like for gaming now this has a really nice display on it.

It’s a hundred twenty Hertz so it’s a fast refresh the spike and it’s also wide color gamut 90% of Adobe RGB so that’s a little bit better than average in this. You don’t always see that now those of you who are into gaming laptops know when you hear about fast refresh well then you know it’s probably a TN panel not IPS and that’s the case that set it has very good viewing angles for a TN panel when I saw it I could tell because you get that off angle shifting of colors and all that sort of thing but it’s really them bad at all it’s pretty well done I think it would be tolerable for most people now here’s the thing and you can even get a panel with 144 Hertz refresh rate in this in this series now if you’re going for a gtx 750ti you’re not gonna be driving games up to that frame rate the idea is you want it refresh of the display to match the the frame rate of the game and how it’s playing not so much gonna happen with the GTX 1050 Ti even with six cores I don’t care if you got eight CPU cores it’s just not gonna happen unless you’re playing older games so battlefield one no way battlefield floor yes it’s a possibility so anyway it’s a little bit of a marketing thing there and the refresh speed on this display one thing is nice though it does have good response times being a fast refresh TN panel so you’re not gonna see a lot of ghosting in first-person shooter games that sort of thing so when I say this is relatively thin and light it’s six point seven two pounds which for a 17-inch gaming laptop is not that heavy that’s three point zero four kilograms as you can see it’s fairly slim looking it’s not chunky at all now what’s going to take the hit here it’s gonna be your battery life because a lot of laptop manufacturers doing mystery gaming laptops when they’re reducing the weight and the thickness is because they’re cutting back on the battery so you have a 64 watt hour battery inside that’s not really big there are even some ultrabooks in the 13 to 14 inch size and sometimes that battery of that capacity so that tells you even though we have Vidia optimist here and you can use Intel integrated graphics good switches automatically in fact you’re not gonna have super duper runtimes here in terms of battery life you know gaming laptops are usually not so great but this one manages about five hours on average doing productivity kind of stuff and streaming video not playing games I mean two hours or less if you’re gonna be playing games on this so it’s okay for battery life comes with a standard and 150 watt charger which is adequate to keep the thing charged while you’re gaming it’s not gonna drop power anything like that so inside the good stuff again first one of the first Intel coffee-like eighth-generation H series CPUs those are the 45 watt CPU is not the Ultrabook u series CPUs that came out first so these are the ones and mobile workstations and gaming laptops that have more umph and what that means usually higher and sustained turbo clock posts so it’s got to perform better and in fact it does so this is a core i7 a6 core CPU instead of the outgoing generations four cores and unsurprisingly we do see a performance improvement and this is exciting because with gaming laptops the past couple of generations CPU performance really hasn’t changed very much with each generation.

It’s really been up to Nvidia to and they have been doing their job to improve the graphics performance so this time yes it’s good stuff now for you gamers out there what does that mean well yeah you can see some benchmarks on screen here that will help you figure that out here and some it’s the frame rates and the settings that we’re using on these games tell you that it’s not gonna change things so much for most games especially things like first-person shooters that tend to be really more hard on the GPU now I’ll bring world games over the world maps and ones with either lots of players and multiplayer are lots of NPCs generate those can hit the CPU more and that’s where you’ll see a bit more improvement if you’re playing RTS games like sim yeah I did notice that the turns aren’t quicker and that’s pretty nice so when it comes to gaming it’s ok but it’s not gonna change your world but for those who who use this for more than gaming if you’re compiling software particularly large programs you’ll notice faster compile times if you’re encoding video and exporting that’s usually a CPU dependent activity largely and you can see the rate comparison right here on screen right now between the old core i7 that 7700 HQ and this new core i7 six core we see a twenty six and a half percent improvement in encoding times as reduction in encoding times that’s pretty good I started with a one gig file there’s about two and a half minutes on then I started testing with some other files that were even longer in duration and the same held true so about 26 percent performance improvement for your export times for video is not cheap Cheetos that’s a very nice thing also there are CAD programs there other programs out there that are CPU heavy and that’s where it is gonna make a difference for you our model has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram and that’s fast two hundred and six two thousand six hundred and sixty six megahertz ram now our unit came from computer upgrade king cut us a comm they’ve been providing a lot of our review units lately and they’ll customize this for you if you want you’ll see about taking it apart later on it’s not the most fun laptop to take apart an upgrade there are two RAM slots one is hidden and one is populated unfortunately the hidden one is the one that has the empty slot so it’s little bit of a pain if you want to upgrade your RAM anyway to RAM slots you can go up to 32 gigs of ram max this has both an m2 SSD bay and it’s nice PCIe nvme it’s a Kingston 128 gig drive this is not going to win in any speed race against the best samsung SSD is out there but for it’s fair and so they said you gotta boot an SSD at all anyway they can upgrade that for you too and there’s a one terabyte 5400 rpm hard drive in there again upgrade able obviously so usual up gradable stuff inside for your internals and the usual configuration at that so that’s nice this is one of the first ones you’ve seen using the new Intel AC 95 60 Wi-Fi card which supports suppose a gigabit Wi-Fi and Bluetooth five point out performance was perfectly fine for us it has an RGB backlit keyboard and it’s a very nice keyboard with nice key damping nice travel if you’re just gonna use this actual for really typing it’s a nice experience of course you Seventeen’s laptop you have a number pad as well and you have a soos precision trackpad which is a lot of gaming laptops do have track pads it is better than MSI I’ll give you that it’s okay it’s not my favorite you’ll probably use a mouse if you’re gaming anyway it looks pretty cool though they’ve got neat though like measuring lines on the trackpad and they’ve sniffed it of visually anyway so how about heat the six cores make things worse no not really just like with the quad-core ultrabooks a we’ve been looking at with the u series CPUs in part it helps because you have a lower base clock speed just like what those Ultrabook CPUs so base clock speed on this is actually lower than the Intel seventh gen that are places but the turbo boost goes even higher anyway the thermals on this and the cooling design is pretty good pretty too large fans inside of here it’s well managed and Zeus is using 12 volt fans instead of 5 volt fans and they say this allows the fans to spin more quickly whatever the magic sauce is that they’re doing here it runs fairly cool I even went gaming and you can see on screen the metric of temperature there I’m playing Mass Effect Andromeda for about half an hour the core temperature is typically around 81 degrees centigrade well short of the 100 degrees thermal maximum man that’s good stuff as usual the NVIDIA GPUs relatively speaking just fine no more than 74 centigrade so that’s good it’s a gaming laptop when you’re gaming you will hear the fans they’re not speeching they’re not annoying but they’re they have plenty of volume certainly this you’re not gonna get Thunderball 3 but you do get USBC gen 1 you also get a collection of USB ports your traditional USB a 3.1 ports and three of those and one USB 2.0 port why they did that I don’t know headphone jack your SD card slot the normal stuff going on here with the port’s it has both an HDMI ports HDMI 1.4 though not to point out and a display port mini DisplayPort so it makes it easier to plug in multiple monitors and if you need faster refresh rates and higher resolutions and DisplayPort it’s the one you would choose for that sort of thing getting back to that display for a minute it’s a very nice looking display I know a lot of you like this panel you can see the panel model on screen right now and the full metrics for the despite 90% of Adobe RGB is a charming they’re gonna have at a gaming laptop I like that so for those of you who using Pro Apps you’re doing photo and video editing you would like more color gamut particularly working for print that’s a good thing the color calibration not very good to cool by default and the color accuracy you can see on screen there it wasn’t really good but with calibration you can bring it in line sufficient that I would have faith in this for using interesting editing my photos and that sort of thing so it’s a pretty good panel honestly and the brightness on it is decent for a gaming laptop all in all though I really like that color it’s very rich looking and the contrast TN panels have come a long way they used to be very weak for black levels blacks look more like like right now blacks look black so the contrast levels also just as good as an IPS display that’s good times there alright so far I like most everything about this laptop except when it comes to opening it up and taking it apart usually gaming laptops are fairly easy to open an upgrade gaming people are enthusiasts they want to upgrade their stuff well assist just continues at the forefront of passive aggressive annoying design when it comes to these sorts of things so first off the case screws on the bottom here there are three different sizes of screw so I have to keep track of those Phillips head screws the longest ones are at the back then we have really short ones at a corner in the front corner and then we have the medium ones so ok you might say you know I don’t have to take the whole bottom off to upgrade stuff because as soon as has this little access door here so you might look at it say well it looks like a removable door you have to remove the rubber foot first here but to get to this screw that retains this that’s a little bit icky ok so here we go not unusual sometimes we’ve seen with laptop makers they make the most likely to be upgraded stuff available to you here’s your hard drive bay with a hard drive in it here’s your m2 SSD this is one of the two RAM slots so this is not the only laptop where there are two RAM slots but only one is readily accessible but unfortunately they decide to put the RAM in the easily accessible slot and leave open the one that’s harder to get to ok so now there’s four more Phillips head screws that you have to unscrew from here before you can peel off the cover that’s retained by Clips so you do all of that and then you discover you know what the hard drive is actually connected to the bottom cover how annoyi
ng is that so there’s this little data cable right here that you lift up it’s got a little pull thing right there so you have to pull that up to pull that off on the motherboard that connects right over here this is altogether complicated isn’t it it could be worse it could be an alien where I know but still so here’s our RAM this is a heatsink that they’ve put on here it’s gooey you can just lift that right up here that’s a 16 gig module on our particular one again though he’s fast ddr4 26 66 megahertz here’s your other Ram slot the one that wasn’t readily available in case you wish to upgrade your RAM later on obviously that would mean a maximum of 32 gigs 16 gig modules of the largest that you can get right now so now that you’ve got the cover off you have access to your fans if you want to clean them your heatsink.

If you want to repay store anything like that so you can see the screws here and such looks like a tripod kind of heatsink design here and there’s more screws right there so every trophy where they all so look so we go trio screws for here trio of screws for here so then CPU and for the GPU grit size fans here nice number piped three pipes which is fair enough for this kind of level of GPU and performance going on and obviously the little battery over here no heatsink on the chip over here that’s interesting enough but it runs very nice and cool so I have no complaints about that here’s our Wi-Fi card again the latest generation Intel Wi-Fi card which is pretty darn cool and these are our fairly ample sized stereo speakers that do in fact some pretty decent so there it is the latest a Sue’s rogue Strix Scar Edition here with a nice metal kind of lid going on but like I said the most exciting thing about this is the Intel eighth generation SiC hexa core CPU so you got six cores inside now and yes certainly it does make a performance difference when it comes to gaming as you saw not a huge difference but for those are using this for other things pro apps kind of work if you’re doing video exporting, for example, I’ll say yes to a 26 percent performance improvement from one generation to the next would you compiling software that sort of thing anything any CAD programs are you using that actually is more CPU dependent rather than GPU for calculations it’s going to be a bit um and in general for this laptop it’s a good entry level gaming system which is what a GTX 1050 Ti is still considered an entry-level one not quite up there for VR.

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