ATN X Sight 4K Pro Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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ATN X Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope Black Friday Deals 2021

ATN X Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope Black Friday Deals 2021
This article is all about for the ATN X Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

If you saw a really recent review of the Benjamin Bulldog it’s a 357 caliber air gun you saw this sight I got a lot of people asking me what it is I got a lot of people interested and learning about it because they knew what it is it’s the exite is from ATN it’s a date night digital optic for hunters and that is on a budget

it’s at a fraction that you’d ordinarily pay to get a nighttime optic it comes in two versions the three to 12 power version you see here and the 5 to 18 power version you see here and they’re both what’s coming up next on swangin bang the ATN X I is a digital day-and-night capable riflescope available in a 3 to 12 power and 5 to 18 power variant sharing the same electronics built around an obsidian core processor the exite behaves as much as a gps-enabled video camera as it does a gunsight in addition to allowing you to switch between day and night vision modes as needed the exite can record through scope video and take still photos for storage on a microSD card under the same water-resistant cap as the microSD slot the exite has microUSB and micro-hdmi outputs for remote access and viewing even in real time the exite also provides a digital compass and GPS geo-tagging to help with navigation as well as to allow you to display where you’ve been on a map though I haven’t used this feature myself yet I could see how it could be handy when combined with aerial photos in determining where best to hunt your next time out rubber buttons with large high contrast labels give you access to all of the X sights features and are laid out in a pattern that’s easy to recognize through feel alone etienne includes an 850 million Freret illuminator which is necessary when ambient light drops below a certain point it’s adjustable for focus brightness and aim and comes with an integrated tool as Picatinny mount this is so you can mount it directly on the X sights own Picatinny rail section or anywhere else you might have Picatinny on your weapon the X sight is not an optical sight you don’t look through the Exide you actually look at an 800 by 600 pixel video screen much like the screen on a video camera this is the secret to offering day and night capabilities for a small fraction of most other night scopes it also makes the Excite truly parallax free with an extremely generous eye box so this is pretty cool there’s an app you’ve got Wi-Fi built into the X site which you don’t want to run unless you’re actually using that because it drains the batteries faster than it usually does but you have a couple options you have a gallery which allows you to preview takes a little bit to load the data but I can play the video straight off of the camera so you you get a preview and rather than wait for that to load I mean you get the idea you also can go to a viewfinder and this is the coolest thing for me because that that is a live picture there’s a little bit of a lag a fraction of a second lag but as a dad with a daughter that wants to go hunting with me eventually I’ll be able to see what she’s looking at and help her decide when to pull the trigger and that’s whether this is on a rifle on an air rifle on a crossbow.
I’ll be able to hunt right there alongside of her and I think it would do a lot to give her confidence to pull the trigger because I know for a lot of new hunters that’s a big thing they they know they want to take the animal as humanely as possible and this is the best way I think to make it happen and give young hunters the confidence also lets me know what’s going on of course we can be recording this at the same time right on the X site and then the other thing of course you can access all of the settings remotely so same deal if my daughter is doing the hunting and she’s looking through and I need to change a setting I can do it through through the iPhone app I think that that makes this a really really cool tool for experienced hunters taking new hunters along for one of their first hunts that extensive settings list is one of the best features of the X site frequently used settings like camera mode viewfinder brightness and day/night mode are available with a DoubleTap of the menu button other settings are too lengthy to list but the best is the ability to customize the reticle the exite offers three different reticle styles and three different colors including red and green illumination as well as black this allows you to pick the reticle that best contrasts against your intended target the zoom on the X site is digital only this means that image clarity is reduced by the factor of your zoom power as this X site recorded footage shows details on your target will get grainy at maximum zoom and it can be hard to see your hits however I don’t really see that being a detriment to the intended purpose of hunting the Excite features a cool version of a one shot zero take one shot at your target lineup the reticle with your original point of aim then move the reticle to the bullets impact a index as your original point of aim making adjustments very easy even without a stable support for your weapon the x and y-coordinates shown also allow easy field adjustment of your zero for different types of ammo or known yardages though it might be called a one-shot zero I’d never actually zero anything without printing at least a three shot group the buttons are really easy to push and they’re really easy to find because it’s a pattern that you can recognize they’re gonna have different values different effects depending on where you are in the menu the one thing that is difficult to adjust is the focus because the lens is in has to be in front of the camera sensor the focus is out here and it’s a very very shallow depth of field it’s really cool when you’re making videos with a regular digital camera but it’s not so good when you’re trying to take a mat game that may be moving and it’s range from you as you’re trying to make the shot so through the scope you can kind of see with low power I’ve got it focused at at 50 and you can see still basically what the target would be at 100 so that’s not that big a deal but when i zoom in the lack of focus becomes more apparent so I’ve got that focus at 50 it’s fuzzed out at a hundred and look even just just tabbing out okay that’s it 100 I’m barely moving that focus and it’s going in and out of focus and that’s so that you can have quick focus when something you might be at looking at a feeder and it’s 30 yards away and then something comes in a hundred yards away you can get to it fast but it’s a lot less intuitive than maybe something back here or a side focus on most rifle scopes so it’s something you’re going to have to adapt to and it’s just a technical challenge that I just don’t see a way that they can overcome because everything has to happen in front of this part of the optic the X site has two night modes green and white with the included IR illuminator you get really good clarity out to about 75 yards but where it starts to drop off after playing around with a bunch of different combinations of radicals display color and zoom.
I discovered two things number one to my eyes green mode gives me a clearer picture and I think that comes across in a split-screen video number two nite mode is where using this zoom really hurts you as I think you see here and you’ll certainly see in the range footage coming next for this reason I recommend using these two scopes at their lowest power setting at night limiting your hunting range to that in which you feel comfortable with your marksmanship that should be the driving factor in your choice between a three to twelve power and the five to eighteen power X sight knowing that let’s see if we can push the practical limits of the X sight as the Sun Goes Down I’m shooting the five to 18 power X ight on my 308 Remington 700 with a Liberty suppressors victory and 168 grain Federal Premium gold medal match it’s already about ten minutes past sundown and have got the aperture blown wide open on my video camera to gather the last bit of available light these first shots are in the excites daylight mode oh that sounded nice let’s try that popper no problem okay let’s try 300 yards now one of the problems I have is this is zeroed at a hundred and so I just I’m going to have to do Kentucky windage to hit this I’m just going to hold top edge of that hanger yeah that’s fantastic okay so I’m going to kind of build a hold off of that that worked great okay now let’s see what nitrite looks like forty minutes later after the Twilight is gone hey that’s what the illumination that’s without Wow so we can adjust almost looks like a ghost boy that’s creepy man let’s get that lit up again okay so that’s 200 yards and that’s a little popper let’s let’s give that a shot Wow so the shot itself blew out the view here we go I think that’s the illumination off of the smoke all right so there’s one two three let’s try this again all right so now I’m gonna turn illumination off that is definitely creepy let’s see if I can hit it that’s no illumination right there okay got it it’s neat to see the hit you could see it flare up let’s try green let’s see what that looks like okay so I’ve I’ve definitely lost sight of that popper I can’t see it anymore it’s over there somewhere that’s 200 yards and that’s what the illuminator on that’s my hand covering it yeah it’s done it can’t adjust it needs the illumination and so that’s kind of the limit you know at 200 yards you’re gonna be able to see a reflective target with green it’s definitely for my eye it’s definitely better let’s hit this one I think that’s it we’re done that’s pretty cool at this point the only source of light.
I have is the screen on this X side it’s pitch black but I can still hunt hogs or predators out to 100 yards very easily with 200 yards probably being the max using the included illuminator now those that I know who hung with excites say that they can do even better with bigger or additional IR illuminators you can find good ones from places like yep so it’s pitch black now I need my headlights to pack up I think in order to fairly evaluate the next site you really have to look at it at its where it falls in the marketplace MSRP for each of these is a fraction of what you’d ordinarily have to pay to get a nighttime optic but you also get a daytime optic most nighttime optics do not have a daytime mode you have to take that optic off and put a regular day scope on or you have to use some kind of intensifier tube in front of a regular optic but this gives you both in one optic it gives you the ability to record your hunt right through it or view it remotely which that to me is a really really cool feature and I talked about my me being able to watch my daughter while she’s hunting but I realized it’s actually would be just as cool the other way around with a new hunter where I’m the one putting the scope up on an animal and showing her here’s where the crosshairs need to be like if you’re hunting on a feeder or a field where deer are just ambling around you could you could do that and say here’s where it needs to be when you pull the trigger and then hand the the rifle or the crossbar whatever over to the new hunter that’s that’s really cool of course in order to get the Exide at the etienne had to make some compromises I already mentioned two of them the digital zoom and the flat depth of field of the focus but the biggest compromise that they had to make and it’s in the manual it’s all that I’m about to tell you is in the manual is that the electronics suck battery power they’re actually even parasitic by that I mean it will drain batteries even when it’s off when you have the optic on it’s going to go through batteries an amount of in a matter of hours so you might need two sets of lithium batteries to get through a day of hunting if you’re going to leave the the Exide on the whole time which is something you might want to do because the boot time is 20 seconds or so I didn’t time it but it’s a it’s a lot longer than I’d be comfortable with in a situation where a deer might be coming down a trail and then you have to make a decision to shoot really really quickly but if you’re again hunting over a feeder that might not be so bad to turn it off when nothing’s in front of you and turn it on when you see games start coming in but the other thing is even when off you have about a week’s worth of time before this will eat through a set of batteries there are two workarounds first of all when I put batteries in the exite I have the cover very very loose on there so that the batteries don’t make contact and that seems to have worked very well for me over the couple months that I’ve been testing these the other thing is that it has an external USB power option and you can plug in something like the this dark energy Poseidon device charger which i’ve reviewed it’s a ruggedized device charger it would actually be a perfect thing to take in the field for hunting with an X site and it will power this for for well more than one day of hunting because this is such a big battery and then you can recharge this overnight to make sure you have a full charge every day and that way you’re not chewing through batteries that you you have to buy but of course this is something that would only be practical if you’re sitting still while you were hunting and you were out of the rain it’s a fair-weather solution nonetheless but you get a lot of function for a very very good MSRP and it’ll be up to you to decide whether or not the compromises worth the function that you get if you want to learn more about the exercise.

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