BIC America F12 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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BIC America F12 12 Inch Front Firing Powered Subwoofer Black Friday Deals 2021

BIC America F12 12 Inch Front Firing Powered Subwoofer Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you complete BIC America F12 12 Inch Front Firing Powered Subwoofer Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

there should have been like the fourth review on this channel many years ago because I’ve been recommending this for years that’s not that expensive you recognize it you know what it is can tell the f12 the pic America f12 Vic America formula f12 subwoofer 475 Pequots 150 continuous so this is the go-to affordable high power sub and someone lent it to me now

I have to go bring it to UPS in a very big box pay lots of money we’re going to go over it first and you’re going to get to hear it I’ve got the good mics on they’re actually sitting where I had the sub because there is like where the sub is happiest don’t don’t don’t start that now and we’re going to test it with the source I got the sub out on the T AK AI 101 da so we’ll do some music and movies I’m testing in the little room I did have it set up in Thank You papa the big room and it worked in there but I’m spoiled now rhythmic fifteens in there but for this intimate can be delicate reviewable will be in this room has full 5a binding posts in and out so for you people who wonder how to hook up you know if you’ve got an SI 50 or an a2 or an SI 98 you take all your speaker wires out of that amp you terminate them into this and you take another to the speaker wires from your speakers you turn them eight terminate them into this and it just passes through now with like the Dynamo 300 there’s only one set of these and you have to do some funky wiring either wire in and out of the same terminal we’ve got a two wires come out of the amp and then you can run it either or this is just convenient uh we’ve got power switch so we’ve got power off auto and on phase is just a simple switch 0 or 180 that means what it says bases go out or in that’s timing issue if you’re real close to like I was sitting here I was using on we were at the bends and I had a zero but if it was say even just over there or in the corner maybe a little further out maybe reversing the face would have helped you get a volume knob which we’ll go over when it’s actually hooked up and you get a crossover from 40 to 180 and that is usually you just you figure that out on your own those bends a hundred that’s all.
I can do then they’re just done the speedsters they get down to like solid 50 so they push more base than those by a lot so if I’m playing those with this you got a you got to add less but you plan the bends with it it’s like oh we’ll take over give me more so on one RCA sub in which is important to note and then I switch down here that’s digital phone receiver or pro logic receiver which is for this switch most of you 100% of you pretty much are going to be on digital 5.1 you’re not doing Pro Logic that’s that’s way old-school right there what having only one sub only one RCA input on the subwoofer means is you cannot use this subwoofer with powered monitors because people have come to me and like hey I got can i buy the pickup so human with miles or three or five s no because in order to use a subwoofer with powered monitors you need to take your source whatever it is which is stereo and then you need to send that stereo source to the sulfur and then send it out of the Sun before we the wit splitters or if it has passed through back out to the speakers since you only have one here you’re screwed you can’t combine them that makes it mono you have to buy two of these use when power monitor set up yet have one through the channel which I’m not saying you should do just just saying you got you have to do it you’d have to do it uh y-you you’re here to listen to it big port in the back by the way not not I I can’t fist this one this is legitimately one of the smaller simpler done if you think about it since the since the Martin Logan everything has been gigantic even the other 12 I’ve done I’m gonna knock my desk completely part the money shot I kept this away from Chewbacca this is actually a really odd thick heavy material this is this is like it’s soft on the back and on the front you could probably kick this in to be fun oh okay that’s inside it Mike I sound like a Peter Craig’s problem it’s done so here you have I lean this back not all the way that look at that surround that is some heavy heavy duty surround the cat here fix that not real metal is this plastic looking metal see ya be gentle with this stiff stiff as a board alright no places to the delight is just touching it so it’s more epic when that’s going on camera I haven’t run this on the desk yet by the way so I have no idea microphones are going to work on a percent I had the splitter on for other subs I was testing don’t need that only one actually what if I just set the Pro Logic receiver since that TF isn’t exactly at point one we’ll play with it we’ll play with it this is what these are about by the way it’s 12:30 at night I love my job zero phase no volume suit Louis crossover frequency thing in this in stuff Oh God Oh see now I was going to talk about the volume knob having it set up here which was like an enormous reach of systems idea whatever I had all sorts of speakers up here by five 30s on these and then something else being able to reach down just turn that behind on so nice but what I did notice is that I never took this sub past four out of ten Evan it goes to like seventy percent and then it’s just like 75 80 110 140 percentages way past where it should be it’s really easy to set this up all up so dumb and that was at the lowest crossover frequency what we’re just looking at I have a best have a low-end track Oh Ellie spirals from John wick alright that’s it three that’s not even one it’s doing that at once or actually checking if I’m peeking it’s close it’s really close to peeking so the volume knob is basically like off on and then just Lou just just I hate everybody I know when I’m of them older year so just be in mind with that most subs even the really express ourselves the rhythmic and the SVS you really got to start pushing them towards the end of their volume to really get that massive potential out of it but this is the opposite again.
I’m still on 40 all right you know what I’m flip maybe you know what that might enable that hold on I come i duck I had this switched so when you set it to 5.1 receiver mode this crossover doesn’t work you said for a logics here mode then the crossover works if you just say that instead of being done so I had it set on the floor and now I just said it again so now we’re set to only do 40 Hertz and let’s try that again I have to lower this down a bit okay how you guys doing cuz this is where you’re hearing me all right let’s put the frequency where I think it should go turn that down again and try something that’s a little more or inka step up it’s a simple for review just those there’s no bass a new program is volume now but it’s they’re fired you’re fired for how much is sub cost and you could usually get it for around 200 I’ve no idea what’s gonna cost me click the link in the description because I’ve seen it as long as 187 for a longest time it was like one and then it disappeared then it came back like and at either one of those buy it just buy it my cool when I tell people people ask me like I should watch something should I get should I buy you know this ten inch at a twelve or should I save up to buy two of these with your budget for two of these ah just know how the volume knob works it’s going to be stupid change the phase see if that helps with I don’t know how this is working with the microphone there’s no reason to have all your Nam to do what it’s doing but it does it anyway alright music what are we comparing this against the STS 1000 that I had here it doesn’t put out that month that had this is doing ridiculous things for what it costs that was doing exactly what it should have done for what it cost and it was excellent at it so don’t think that this is going to beat an SBS TV 1000 however in that same sentence two of these separated correctly in a room you know it seen the two sweet spots you’ll find by doing so for all that might be worth looking into I’m a huge proponent of dual subs my little Martin Logan’s here on the base of my doing stacks when they’re on and there are two of them on one of them is like an equal symbol room somehow two of them is just insanity but I have to lower things rattle so two of these would be the doom stacks part 2 it’s relatively light too for what it is we got with music we’re downloading Z let’s do a movie Keanu that’s going to be great inception okay my way down here all right cross over leaving at 100 because those speakers need it when I set this to 2 hope the opening intro to this doesn’t get pulled immediately she’s bucking she’s bucking Who Framed Roger Rabbit classy Sicario Oh God oh we can put this movie on again ah I was an audio pin failure it happens sometimes I do things Tron Legacy hat we’ll give that shot before this game off yeah yeah jump literally media doesn’t exist until you turn that up just saying did this soundtrack Daft Punk which we don’t have the Tron soundtrack go buy it we’ll find out on Spotify think this is fun that’s my desk on/off one three Oh I love its movie I love this movie they’re gonna make part two eventually or I’m gonna shoot somebody whiplash I haven’t seen it yet heard it’s amazing as you tomorrow all right every sub review I’ve done I’ve done the seventeen second in bass rumbles then fermenter tomorrow now granted this is not a receiver this is not sending an exactly 2.1 signal to the saw book so it’s not going to be truly a fair thing I don’t my whole setup inside is a mess we’re going to see what happens to my desk my poor desk I’ll set it to three three out of ten so it’s more dramatic let’s try oh it’s trying oh there you go it’s fine I was cool it wants to get down that low so bad it just doesn’t have the mass so this is why when you look oh I got I got no f12 I’m good until you’ve gotten like a rhythmic 15 or any of the SBS the unreachable 16 Hertz is stolen reach for I put on my rhythmic over there and cats clothes you’d explode Chewbacca she’s ignoring me yeah clean your foot so it tries it’s trying it’s doing things two of them proper positioning you’re still gonna know there’s that base enough it’ll be perfect two of them is still the way I think you should go because they’re so cheap and two is so much better one of those eight inch in there I would never be able to live with it for music two of them all I ever need and never run into anything but direct with the two subs so that fifteen hundred which is just there whenever almost into music because this is this is one of those best buy things this is like a mica you can’t you cannot beat it for the money you cannot beat this for the money I mean I even I Ruth doesn’t have floodway binding posts I don’t need those doesn’t you know none no speaker where pastors this is first of all this is perfect these are perfect for setup that’s using an essay 50 ei to has a single channel out so you could hook it right up but si 98 doesn’t it’s not that big look it’s on a desk it’s not good luck trying to get anything else on my desk and the other stuff I’ve done stick it on the pool do this up over crawl you’re sitting here is where you’re sitting stack boxes up but subwoofer on top of boxes where your head would be get down on all fours like a goddamn dog and crawl around until you figure out where it sounds the best in your room in this room when I did that for right here did one everywhere in the room and it was this space but two feet up was the best-sounding and actually had the big SPS on the boxes if you remember so now I had this down there it’s time to pretty I’m good then it was a little baby subwoofers mojo preview little babies overs the two of the six and a half months ago flat eight they were on top of it and they sounded amazing because they were higher so find the spot and then find the height I know the heights going to be a real pain in the ass because no one’s up solo for sitting on top of offices but for this you do for good to great you gotta elevate fine they didn’t mean to do it alright so let’s put this big a heavy s cover it’s a big heavy s cover back on it come on it’s unassuming box now yeah half flying it’s just like I can’t even contemplate pure if your college-bound you’re in a dorm this gets you kicked out you move to a frat house you buy two of these this get you laid maybe I don’t know I’ve never heard of a sub before.

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