BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full Size Carpet Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021

BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full Size Carpet Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we review BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full Size Carpet Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Today we’re gonna be looking at this Proheat 2x revolution carpet cleaner so we got this carpet cleaner because we got a little puppy as you can see there’s the cage there and he has been leaving little bombs and whatnot else ever all over the house so we needed something to clean our carpets so we’ve had this little spot button here also from Bissell

it’s been doing pretty good but you know he can only clean a spot so this is their newest model and we got this one at Bed Bath & Beyond and it was definitely because of the 20% coupon it turned out to be pretty good think right at 220 or something so or maybe less than that all right so let’s unbox this thing and see what it looks like so it does include some a formula here I guess for the cleaning all right so Bissell has been you know doing pretty good with this carpet cleaner I think it’s become very popular and so they came out with this newer version and here you can see on the picture where the little sprayer I was talking about so we do have a user guide here all right looks like a tool to clean out something yep nozzle clean-out tool so we have our little adapters here obviously that’s come with a bunch of pretty interesting tips here here’s a pet cleaning tool it’s like a rubber so here we can see more pieces get back here okay that’s our hose so this appears to be the can for the top side so it’s relatively good all right so we got a handle here and this is purple by the way guys here we have the two formulas alright so the last thing looks like we have the main piece which is the whole vacuum so pretty much comes preassembled so we can see the double rolls in there and here is the little spot cleaner shot okay that’s where your hose goes in here where you large wheels and that’s it for the box so let’s see if we can figure out how to put this thing together alright let’s see if there’s any quick guide it looks like there is so we click it in the handle and then it looks like we put this piece right here okay there’s a screwdriver or something involved well looks pretty simple enough so here on the top is where the handle goes in alright so here’s the handle and we got a screwed tape to it so I’m guessing that’s the screw we need that they’re showing in the picture wow this handle is actually looking pretty nice I load that Bissell logo there okay so it clipped in so the next part is this trench piece here so we clicked in the handle the next thing we do is click this guy in and then we put the bolt in the hole and then we’re done then we just put that on top.
It’s pretty straightforward which is this piece goes right here just like that so this holds the cord that’s what that’s for and it’s probably holding the handle too so it doesn’t pop out so this looks like it just clips in okay so looks like everything’s in let’s get our little screw here and yeah I guess you’re gonna need a phillips screwdriver so cuz it does not come with one so there is the little hole now you put it in see you guys I guess you will need a screwdriver hopefully you have one but yeah we’re just gonna tame this bolt here and that is all the assembly that is required so there’s not much to assemble it’s just putting that bolt in clipping the handle and then this guy here the reservoir just sits on top just like that and the cable winds around here which we can go ahead and whine I guess so the culprit hasn’t woke up he was taking a nap but since he heard me over here I’m boxing this thing he came to visit how you doing buddy all right guys so the vacuum is done I put the keyboard are still kind of wrinkly cuz it’s brainy but that’s pretty much how it would go so let’s go ahead and look at some of the details here no we got so the handle here has I guess this is the flow rate knob here so when you push it I think the your liquid will come out and then we have this reservoir here with a little cap on top and it looks like the kind where you can flip around the bottle like open this up flip it around and put it into that you know or you can just unscrew it iverson so yeah this thing just sits in there like that not really anything that holds it alright so here on the side we have a deep clean and Express clean so the deep clean you know puts a lot of water down it’s gonna be a wet clean basically but the Express clean is gonna be more like a top it’s not gonna soak the carpet harder so depending on what you’re doing if you’re cleaning your carpet for the first time you know you got pretty dirty carpets you definitely need to go to deep clean you know it’s got to take you a little longer and use up a lot of water and everything but you know if you want good results that’s what you’re going to do but if your carpets are ready to be relatively clean but you want to keep them clean you know let’s say once a week or once a couple weeks or even once a month Express clean might be the best way to go alright so on the other side we have the power button here so here in the front we have the collector bucket thingamajigger so this is where all your bad stuff goes in and this just comes out by pulling on that has a little handle and then you can go dump it out which they have a little spout here that you can open to dump that stuff out once you’re done with it rinse it out so all that old crud you know won’t ruin the look of this and so here we have the roller so now I know there’s a way all this comes apart but I’m not sure exactly how this Park is excited about the vacuum so you guys here on the bottom you can see the a double roller right here two rollers that are spinning together so you’re getting get a really good clean here we’ve got these little brushes on the side all right so it looks like if you just pull on this it pops out so as you can see this is where you know the water gets sucked back in thin line there so here we have the rollers and I guess we can just push here alright so if you push on those another piece comes out which is like a clear fascia also and then we’re really exposing the rollers here so here on the rollers we can see a little better how they work they have like this they move around a little bit back and forth and there is the belt right there there’s another belt that goes right here so we got a belt that comes from there to this one and then a belt that drives this one because this is a carpet cleaner you know it doesn’t get used as much as a vacuum so you know all these things should be fine for a very long time and I forget to show you guys but you had the spot the spot shot shoots up in here and comes out through there so alright guys so here’s one of the carpets or rugs that is in question after spark got a hold of it and as you can see it’s kind of duty it was already a little bit dirty but he just nuked it with a lot of dirty so we’re gonna see how this bissell proheat does on this thing so and one of the other things that i’ve forgot to talk about is this little button here so this is the clean shot that’s for this when it’s got that little red circle that means it’s not on and then I think if you click.
It you can see it turns into like a green eye or line that means it’s flowing all right so all we got to do next is some cleaning formula in here and you know start cleaning so yeah as you can see you guys he likes this carpet alright guys so I guess we’re gonna start with this one here or at least try this one out first because it does say here for pet urine and stain over so you know there’s definitely urine in this carpet so here in the back we have a little bit of instructions of what to do so it says shake the bottle so we need to add about two and a half fluid ounces to each gallon so we know that this is one gallon capacity because it says right here alright guys so I put the water in all right and then we’re just gonna put some four million that should be about right I don’t like to use that system there cuz some reason never works out good for me alright guys so I got everything ready I got it plugged in the wall there switch to a manual let’s see what happens okay definitely hear something there it goes it’s flowing you can see the flaw right there guys how you know if you can see it so that’s working good so we’re gonna go to deep clean here on the side make sure you choose to wear what you want if you’re just gonna do a quick clean go to express so to release it there’s a button here now you push just like that clean so let’s go ahead and push that power button right here water than the shark tank alright guys so I did one pass and I have to say this thing is louder than I thought it was gonna be it’s got like that’s really really loud like wine sound I guess that’s pretty normal it’s you know it’s got to suck up all that water I’m only saying that because I’m coming from shark vacuums and those are relatively quiet in any case check this out guys the first line of course this is not even you know good you know for yourself for my experience with this kind of carpet cleaning stuff is that you have to wet it and let it sit there for a little bit and then go over it again so what I’m gonna do guys instead of you know trying to clean this whole carpet what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna clean it to about right here maybe maybe a couple more passes this way and I’m gonna leave a line and I’m gonna clean this really good and then we’re gonna leave it overnight where it dries and so the next day when it’s completely dry we’re gonna see what the difference is because there’s no other way to show you you know if it’s clean or not unless I you know leave it overnight and let it dry because once it’s dry like the other side we’ll be able to see some alright guys I don’t know what it’s doing to the carpet but it’s definitely shredding it so I guess this carpet is just too old or too weak or just these fibers are coming off so after I go though just a normal back and forth too few times then I like to wait for about 15 minutes or so and then I’m gonna go with the cleaner again but this time I’m gonna go on Express so I don’t put as much water in or barely any and try to get the water that’s in that out and here’s another tip guys that might you know be good is that that since we went that way and back but our roller is always spinning this way well want to do now is we want to go from that side here so basically essentially you’re gonna clean it this way now that way the rollers are pulling all the fibers that way that way we clean both sides of the fibers so that helps like crazy also so just a little tip for carpet cleaner also guys if you do get a bunch of fibers stuck in the suction that’s what this tool is for so you just kind of put it in that little crevice there and then you can clean it out so maybe this is not so good for shaggy carpets that shed a lot because you know that’ll clog up the system as you can see here mine is getting clogged up really quick so once you’re done with all your cleaning needs and you know if this thing is really close to being full already so I was working on the limit of it now if you’re gonna get it full it’s gonna stop the section so it has like a mechanism inside that stops it and you can hear the back and go real like higher pitch so this needs to be emptied pretty quite often so all you’re gonna do is just take it out open that plug and drain it and rinse it out so don’t forget to rinse it out because you want to keep that thing pretty clean so we’re gonna let this little line dry here and we’ll be back on the next day alright guys it’s the next day and you can see the carpet is completely dried so it’s actually looking pretty good now our line was somewhere around here you can’t really tell a huge difference but there’s definitely some you can see it’s a lot more lighter here and then here’s kind of a little bit more overall it definitely looks cleaner and you can kind of see like right here is the line so everything this way hasn’t been clean and everything this way has been cleaned so there’s definitely a difference so yeah guys so since you know I wash the carpet and the next day mr. spark here has made our rating boo boos in the carpet so there’s one there and one over here so he’s keeping us on our toes when it comes to cleaning but he’s still a pup so it’s kind of hard to train him his breed apparently is a little hard to train so we’re gonna have to deal with this for a little bit till he gets it but this will be a good time to try out the new feature they got which is the spot shot feature alright guys and I also want to mention that this vacuum has been sitting with the cleaning solution in the bottle and it has not leaked out anywhere as you can see it’s dry so it’s kind of great that it just can sit there you know with the cleaning solution maybe that’s not a good idea for a long periods but you know if you’re gonna use it like every other day or something maybe that’s okay by the way guys just a quick plug if you are looking for vacuum urge to do vacuums check out my videos on these sharp vacuums this is our favorite vacuum and we have a lot of videos on that so especially with this new head this head is amazing ok so the idea is to use the clean shot right there that’s what they call a clean shot so you have a button right here that says clean shot so I’m not sure exactly how this works because I don’t read manuals usually turn the clean shot on and yes look at that guys ok so it automatically flows I didn’t even do anything it just starts flowing I’m not I’m not pushing the handle here or nothing it’s just flowing on its own look at that alright so that’s how that works so if I push this again it stops so let’s go to this other one here so I’m going to push it on here look at that so it’s separate from that button you just push it in and come down yeah I probably need to put a little more over here so you don’t have to turn on your vacuum or anything you just click the button and the solution here flows out of it into the clean shot well that’s pretty neat guys.
I really like this thing that’s gonna be great for us because we have these little puddles everywhere and so because this thing is holding water not a leaking out so we’re just gonna probably keep this thing filled and every time he you know messes up and pees on the carpet we can clean it up really quick with this so I’m not going to be triggering the flow here at all I’m just going to turn it on and clean up whatever it’s we sprayed there with the clean shot that’s it guys look how good that worked but it did the trick it sucked up all the bad stuff so it might be a good idea to trigger this just a little bit right on top of it just to kind of get the area a little bit more clean but it’s cool that it works all right guys so here’s some final thoughts so if you have a house and you have rugs or even carpet and you want to maintain them this machine is great for that and if you have pets as you saw this is I think pretty much a must almost so now this machine is not you know a budget it is kind of on the high end a bit which you know it’s about you could buy the one that doesn’t have the clean shot I think the rest of it is pretty much the same not sure exactly but this is the upgraded updated version and I’m thinking they charging just because of that but you can pick up the other ones for 200 or less maybe even 180 I like Sam’s Club or Costco places like that those places usually have really good deals on this kind of stuff so check that out so if you don’t want to get this one exactly check out the older version I’m gonna leave some links in the description guys for both of these for this one and the one that doesn’t have the clean shot which might be you know maybe you don’t care about that and you just want a good you know carpet cleaner so you know you don’t need to pay all that extra money just because of that little thing but you know the color combinations are different too so that might matter or not but all right guys well hopefully this video was informative and you enjoyed it if you did hit that like button so we pretty much just covered the carpet cleaning part of it I’m not pulling out the hoses and all the little attachments I’m most likely never gonna be using that but if you did need use that it does have all those options also so to me the main concern is carpet and this thing does great.

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