Blackstone Griddle 36 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Today Updated)

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Blackstone Griddle 36 Black Friday Deals 2021

Blackstone Griddle 36 Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete of Blackstone Griddle 36 Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

How’s it going guys for today’s video we are going to be reviewing the 36 inches black stone griddle with the rear grease management system and the new side shelf so let’s go ahead and get started alright guys let’s go ahead and just do a quick little overview of the unit itself. We have it’s a model number 1825 60,000 BTUs total and you got your little handle here you got your side shelf and it is removable.

What it’s hard to see in the camera but you got two thumbscrews here you got your propane holder and your propane with your deer hose you got some locking casters the two front ones have locking casters on them then you got the griddle top itself and I don’t know how well this is catching up on video but you kind of got like a groove of v/c. I don’t go straight down into the back of the grease cup and the front of the unit you got your one double a battery igniter then you got your four control knobs your bottom shelf this is the new site shelf here for this model and all it is essentially just an L bracket and then you just slip your paper towel on then you got the cutting board here and your trash bag holder is integrated here.
We’ll take a closer look at that here in a little bit and on the back, you have your grease cup holder here and all it does it hooks in. I don’t know how well you can see that just kind of a bracket and right in so let’s go ahead and move back to the front. I went ahead and took off the griddle top here so we can take a look inside there are four burners it’s a four-burner grill these are 15,000 BTUs of the piece they’re stainless steel and then you got only one of these is the igniter here and that’s one thing. I don’t like is in order to light the rest of these burners here you’re gonna have to light this first one here so it’s kind of its kind of a pain to do that you can see that lighted well that one went ahead and let you know see what? I’m going is kind of a chain reaction right now they’re lighting just fine but the other day when I was cooking.
I’ve had issues with it lighting because of the way the wind was blowing it was blowing in one direction this way here so it was blowing all the propane that this was pulling off to the left here and so these weren’t lighting it was it was frustrating, to say the least but. I eventually blocked the wind off and I was able to get them with the front of the unit here. I’m not too impressed with these knobs just the whole front of the unit.
I don’t know how well this the camera is picking up but you can see how much flex there is in this is just a thin piece of metal they’re claiming this is portable which is somewhat portable well Lola talked about that a little bit later but if it’s in the back of a vehicle or you have stuff in there and something pushes up against this you’re gonna smash this that’s there’s no support here. I would have liked to see in some sort of support you can just see. I’m not even pulling it very hard in it and it’s just the build quality’s not there.
I haven’t had any issues personally but I’ve seen people have issues with these types of igniters me. I. I think they work just fine so down below here there’s really not much to talk about there are thumbscrews here in order to get this bottom shelf off. I’ve never used the bottom shelf as long as. I’ve owned any of my griddles so and then here on the side shelf they updated this here one thing. I don’t like it is. I never have used this during my testing here. I’ve been using this quite a bit and I didn’t bother using this once and the reason being is because these shelves are worthless.
It’s not just this griddle itself there’s just too much heat that comes off this griddle to put anything on here if I’m putting eggs or butter anything it’s melting here so. I’m having to push stuff along the edge and with this one it makes it even worse because you can see these vents directing the heat down there should be some holes on this shelf or something here to dissipate the heat but there isn’t so this shelf gets really hot and then on top of this they should have extended these brackets here because I’m always dropping this like you can see you don’t get it on right quickly flop falls off so if you got food in here you know you’re gonna drop it and it’s gonna make a mess and whatnot so. I think this is more of a gimmick, to be honest with you. I do like the paper towel holder.
I don’t like how low it is. I would have preferred it to be a little bit higher but I think the model without the new side shelf is going for about 250 bucks this one. I think it’s about 300 or so but as far as your paper or your trash bag here let me go ahead and take this off and I’ll show you how it’s connected yeah. I went ahead and remove the shelf as you can see there are four hooks on each side here and all you’re doing is you’re hooking this trash bag here like so and this is a really tight fit this is your standard you know kitchen garbage bag and you can see it’s ripping here so if you put too much stress this this this is gonna rip as you see here.
I haven’t had it fold to where I’ve had this happen but I could see it causing more of a mess than what it’s worth here so you can see how the front of it and another thing. I don’t like about the design of that is in order to remove it you’re gonna have to bend down and pull it off here yeah you can pull it off in here but if you have this fool your hands are gonna be in the garbage and that’s the last thing you want to do especially on a griddle because most of the time it’s really greasy and everything you’re not gonna want to do that so you’re gonna have to get down below and then pull this off so but let me go ahead and put this on and we’ll move on to the next part. I went ahead and put the shelves down so if I was to do this over again. I would not recommend purchasing the griddle what the new side shelf just because of the issues. I mentioned here. I don’t like it.
I do like the paper towel holder but it’s not worth the difference as at the time of this filming here if you wanted a paper towel holder utensil holder. I would just buy this kit. I believe camp chef makes this kit but drill a couple of holes here and then you got yourself a nice little rack here for your tools and same with your paper towels so all you have to do is mark it and this metal is really thin so you can just go ahead and just drill it real easy and. I think this is about ten or fifteen bucks and then if you wanted to garbage can this would be my preferred method. I use this all the time here these are just these collapsible ones they’re really nice they don’t take up much space here you can see it folds up multiple companies make them. I opted to go with the Camp Chef one just because it had the best reviews this is anywhere from ten to fifteen bucks so you’re looking at 20 25 bucks for this combination here or fifty bucks essentially for that there so the obvious winner would be to go that option and plus with this if. I’m cooking right here.
I can have this right next to me and just easily chuck things in. I don’t have to worry about them removing this or keeping this open or whatever so but let’s go ahead and take a look at this griddle top here these are just the back. I believe these are here to keep the actual griddle from warping here and you can see more of that V here but I’m gonna go ahead and stick this on and we’ll talk about the grease management system. I went ahead and flipped the griddle around so we can talk about this grease management system here. I’m gonna start off by saying. I don’t like it even though Blackstone’s Talon is better than the previous design which I agreed to a certain extent but I don’t like it.
I prefer the old design and modifying it versus this design. I’m gonna tell you why there you can see this grease cap has a little cup it would have been nice if they put a little peg underneath on this bottom shelf or this rail here to keep this grease Cup in place and the reason. I say that is because when. I’m putting the cover on and off this tends to slide around a little bit and if you’re in a rush and you’re you have a million things going on you’re not thinking just the slightest move you’re gonna make a freaking mess on your floor so they need to put a peg on it to keep this in place well that’s not even my biggest issue with it it’s because it’s freaking hot. I mean it is too hot to the touch and the reason being is because you see these vents you’re essentially boiling your oil because it’s sitting there and all the heat is coming from here and down here and just hitting this actual grease cup here and this grease cup is freaking hot.
I want to touch it and it was just as hot as the griddle if you’re cooking a lot of greasy food or you have kids around or somebody actually bumps it they’re gonna burn themselves so you’re gonna need to get some gloves to remove this mid-cook or do whatever I just don’t like the design. I’m not a fan of it and another concern is an extended this griddle top out for this system so you can see that the actual griddle top sticks out about an inch or so from the actual frame and then this is another hazard that. I just don’t like so you’re extending the actual griddle so it won’t go as close as you want to things but when. I’m cooking and somebody’s walking by they can easily just accidentally slide this without even knowing or they’re gonna burn themselves because of how far it sticks out they should have extended this shelf or something like that so you saw if somebody’s walking by they’re not gonna accidentally bump this here.
I just don’t like it and another issue. I have with this actual rigorous management system and it’s right in the back when. I’m making eggs or hashbrowns. I use the back of this real estate to flip things well the other day. I was making hashbrowns and. I to do this and this pretty spoils season right here and a lot of my hashbrowns on a lot of foods just started falling down underneath it was not a huge deal because. I had a whole bunch on here but you’re kind of limited as far as how much space you can leave back here and you have to kind of avoid that another thing.
I don’t like is the way food doesn’t easily slide so when you’re scraping and you’re putting it down you just get stuck down here so you’re just gonna have the mid cookers come right here and scrape it well this is extremely hot so when you’re messing with this Jam this close to the griddle your hands are gonna get hot they might actually burn your hands here so. I just don’t like having burnt food right here so. I’m always having to go like this so. I’m not a huge fan of this actual system if anything. I prefer their old system where you have the actual grease cup here and modifying it the reason. I like the grease cup here is because. I can stick my utensils in the grease cup my scraper here now. I don’t have anywhere to stick them because. I’m cooking so. I’m having to put it on here while. I have to get a plate or something so. I’m not making this greasy well if I’m cooking eggs as well or and. I’m wiping something down you have to have a garbage can because you no longer have your grease cup to put stuff here so you’re gonna have to purchase something like this and keep it nearby so if you’re cracking your eggs you can just throw them here you’re not gonna want to reach over every time and try to stick it in here and then and if you don’t get it in it’s gonna fall on the floor but that’s just my two cents on the grease management system others can disagree but I just don’t like the system itself.
I prefer the old design but. I’m gonna go ahead and break this down because they’re claiming it’s pretty portable and. I would have to disagree with that but let’s go ahead and break it down real quick all right guys. I went ahead and broke the griddle down for transportation so Blackstone says this is portable in my opinion just because the legs pulled underneath doesn’t make a unit very portable you can’t even lay it flat on here because that propane bracket has like a 1/2 spear or a Halfmoon here and it doesn’t sit flush so you can’t really put the griddle top on top because you can see it’s not laying flush because of that so you’re gonna bend it if you put anything on top and then look how many trips are gonna have to make to the car to whatever your destination and you got shelves you got your cup holder you got your bottom shelf and your griddle top and yeah you could probably put the griddle top back on top but it needs to come off to fold the legs so if you were to put it back on top. I’m not sure how you’re gonna carry it.
I was obviously you can carry it down below by getting your arms or your hands down underneath but this isn’t the strongest here so I wouldn’t recommend it there is a carrying handle or a moving handle here but there isn’t one on here so they wanted it to be a true portable griddle they should have incorporated another handle here to make it a little easier for you to move so but I think. I covered everything in this video guys if you want to know or you have questions about anything else go ahead and leave it down below overall what. I recommend this griddle no. I wouldn’t there are better options out there. I’m not bashing the griddle itself because it does cook great. I haven’t had any issues with it cooking it’s just the gripes that they didn’t fix anything over the very first one that. I owned only thing they fixed was the grease issue but other than that there’s no way to level the griddle there’s the way the griddle is designed it’s there’s too much air there’s a gap like that across the whole body so if it gets really windy you’re gonna have issues with your flame acting up the griddle is not gonna cook as evenly you’re gonna get a lot of hot and cold spots on there so. I just wouldn’t recommend it. I believe they’re better options out there if you want a true portable griddle or all-in-one at all you do a lot of camping or tailgating or something like that. I would actually recommend the blue rhino razor and that’s the best one out there as far as being truly portable everything folds down underneath inside the unit. I’ll actually be making another video comparing these two griddles and head to head and see you know you think you guys can decide overall it’s not a bad griddle but there are better options out there so but like always if you have anything to say comment issues disagree whatever it is put it down below.

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