Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System Black Friday Deals 2021

This article is all about for the Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System Black Friday Deals 2021

Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System Black Friday Deals 2021
I always have to disclaimer if you’re listening at home and you don’t have bows hooked up to your TV you probably aren’t hearing the sound I know you aren’t you aren’t hearing the sound the way that we’re hearing it here because your sound system doesn’t project it the same way now you can you can have it hooked up to your TV and it completely changes everything that we’re watching

I mean we always invest so much into the picture it’s got to look great but that’s only half of the experience so we’re completing that experience and giving you that true movie theater type feeling regardless of what you’re watching with the cinemate 15 now this is the smallest sound bar from Bose it is absolutely amazing the first time I heard it I thought there has to be something else besides the sound bar and the bass because it sounds that great so let’s go ahead and take a look at definitely so what we’ll be playing is sound coming just again from this 12-inch sound bar here and then the acoustic mask module to deliver those low thia cousteau mask module so just TV sounds so that’s just the TV Wow look we do it again educators show there’s so many great TV shows out right now I’m currently watching homeland and I could not imagine just listening to your TV speakers because you lose all of the action everything that’s going around you the car chases watching football listening to music on your TV this changes the way you enjoy it from a soundbar again that is the smallest ever from Bose this is the best gift for your family for a little game that’s coming up in February just saying if you’re somebody who loves football Bose is the official sound of those football guys and I know my family crazy Seahawk fans that are just so addicted and it got to be around there for all the games can you imagine hearing it with all of the nuances the way it’s supposed to be heard as if you’re actually there live in the stadium I mean that’s what this is all about it puts you right there whether you’re it’s your action film whether it’s your romance whether it’s your big game or you’re watching videos on your TV you get the best sound it’s on six easy payments was the absolute best it’s also the most affordable sound system for your television that Bose offers so it just it gets much more expensive from here we here at QVC worked really really hard to get the best for you to have this hooked up to your TV and that’s what we’re getting here on six easy payments free shipping and handling included and a 30 day money back guarantee what is the setup like so simple and that’s what I love about this system so the sound bar itself actually connects back to the custom ass module with one power cord you only have one connection from your TV into the sound bar that’s it so anything that’s connected to your TV currently right now you leave it as it is you go audio out of your TV into the back of the system and there’s three different input so it will work with any television that’s out there but you only make that one single connection that’s great you also get a universal remote control so this will control your cable box your TV any other source and you don’t have to have multiple remotes we always growing up had three or four remotes and I could never figure any of it out was where yes now you need one remote that controls ever thing turns it on and off that’s it could not be simpler but most importantly you’re changing the way you hear your television now you’re hearing things you’re hearing dialogue we put a lot of Technology and research into how can we create something that’s so small but you can be sitting here and you hear it off to the side so it’s very a wide spacious soundstage that you wouldn’t expect from one speaker you’d expect from wiring five speakers all around you right that same type of sound it really is that room filling sound that you expect from bose this is why the huge theaters in amphitheaters and stadiums do all of their sound with both because it really does generate throughout the entire space with a small footprint which is what this does in your own home this is why the high-end cars have Bose in them this is why the football guys trust this this sound brand this is why NASA trusts it you really do hear it the best way possible let’s hear some more sound from this mime solutely so I’m going to go to the dyno mystery we should start with TV sound that’s the TV so just with you here on the TV that makes I could area here I work it’s quite there’s it easy it’s so cool so did you hear the difference like I feel like when you have it just the TV because everything is is mixed together I used to do a video audio and video editing so I can visualize it on like a timeline when I’m doing editing and there’s different channels channels of sound so there’s your background sound like all you know you heard the clinking things like that and there’s the dialogue sound right well when you mix audio they’re on different channels so that you can hear it in different ways you can hear through this year and through this year when you have not a very good sound system or just something off of your TV those two get mixed together so that they’re on the same channel if you will both separates them again so you hear the dialogue and the background as opposed to them all being meshed together which is why it sounds better when you have Bose hooked up to your television it’s like you know how you also know a commercial will come on and it’ll be super super loud or blown out or you’re watching a movie and you feel like the music’s really loud but in the dialogue when it gets back to that you have to turn up the volume both fixes all that it just makes it better it does it makes it sound like you were going to a theater but you don’t have to go to a theater you can enjoy it right from your own living room and it does it changes the way with TV speakers is just so shallow and you don’t have any spaciousness it’s more of a sweet spot as soon as you plug this in you hear an immediate difference because we do have two side firing drivers here and then two angled in the front so there’s a total of four speakers in here that combined with the bass and our proprietary technology gives you this multi-channel home theater system without all those wires without putting speakers all around you one simple speaker base module and a remote to control at all-in-one connection that’s what I love is it you you do not have to do much to set it up it could not be simpler I do have to let you know we’re in the hundreds of what we have left to offer you and that means not many of you are going to get a chance to get this home in time for that big game or in time for finally television new television shows coming back what is this with a fall break come on battens day and I all at once because I against these back in the day new television came on in September and then it went off in May or June with just like your normal schedule is right now it’s like Oh two months fall break Oh spring break come on you’re hackers I’m so mean but it’s true so TVs coming back so new scandal new homeland whatever it is that you’re watching you can hear frozen so much better if that’s what you’re watching there can idle starting soon is especially if you’d like any of those types of ones where you hear music I love that I love listening to music and just walking around the living room well now you hear it differently the voice do you ever watch that I love them you know we have Adam Levine in our show tomorrow oh yeah it’s his name’s Adam Levine Oh what you need to be into her next hour I saw him on our on our list and I was like Adam Levine’s in the show yeah I didn’t time Levine but he’s still a wonderful it’s a cool name but whatever it is you’re listening you could hear it the way it’s meant to be shipping and handling included not a lot of these left to go around and the very best Easi pay we have so if you’ve been searching and you’ve been looking I go to this a huge it’s actually going on right now Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and every year that I go sound bars are the the biggest thing they’re everywhere that in tablets and everybody’s making a bose still tops the market but you don’t find boson six easy payments you don’t find a 30-day money-back guarantee and for us we deliver it directly to your door shipping and handling included here’s the sound you get that’s only the TV you I want to talk about that hideaway acoustic math module to because for some you might say we
ll we’re really going to put that the great thing about this is you’re able to hide it away it sounds like everything is coming from the small sound bar so that you can place this and tuck it in a corner it is wired back to the system but you’re able to hide that out of the way and never be able to pinpoint that the sound is vibrating or coming from here which is really a great benefit if you are looking to tuck it in a corner well it’s true when you think of home home theater sounds or something you’re doing with your television usually it takes numerous speakers and there’s lots of wires and you’re putting them everywhere here it’s two simple pieces that are very very easy to put together and Bose helped to work walks you through the entire thing and then again the remote control so all about making sure that it’s simple with that one connection out of your television into the back of the sound bar and then the remote control that will control all of your sources so you’re not toggling through multiple remotes and figuring out what’s controlling what one remote turns everything on and off and controls all of your sources just like you would from your separate remotes so simple simple simple but most importantly just changing the way you can really enjoy your TV so you’re getting that full experience I want to hear the the TV that what was at that dinner dinner the diner place yes that was really neat this is how you hear actual TV my Nana Gatien is a little slow here sometimes tricky today don’t worry so make it to that it doesn’t not want to get you into Anakin irons what how is it that you’re listening to your sound right now on your television and how old your TV for that matter if you’re listening something that’s two three five eight ten years old the sound it is just subpar to what you could be listening to it on and if you’re somebody who really enjoys your TV whether you’re doing gaming the gaming these days it’s just so intense and there’s such great sound and they work so hard on mixing that music for you or you’re listening to your concerts or you’re listening to the big game which is coming up or any of the games it can be heard so much better and on six easy payments which is fabulous just the TV phoned again I’ve been here long enough for them to recognize me very tinny do you hear that thanks I could carry out my work in peace oh that’s alright try it again give us a call if you use Bo’s town we’d love to hear from you to hear exactly how it works for you and what you’re looking for in your sound system our testimonial line is open 103 nine five one six zero one or try it one more time just to be fun again I’ve been long enough for them to recognize me I learned to you know little whispers bring glances makes I could carry out my work and peace they knew it’s quite there’s a reason I’m so scared what is this crowd this was actually a poet’s produce Wow awesome seriously my blood pressure grows but as soon as you change over to the Bose sound Wow are you in it right did you feel that that difference when you go over to the bow soon you’re just your heart so can you hear all those things you you’re new and crashing across the table things dropping like those are the things you truly miss out on if you’re not listening to a quality sound system and now the smallest sound bar that we’ve ever had compare it to anything else at that size you will be completely it will change the way you enjoy your television favorite movies things like that it’s so great you should try this with some of your old favorite movies like you look like my um my mother-in-law loved Shirley Temple which is great and she always shares it with the kids like try it with those types of things like old movies I love and they’re not that old but like shining through no probably the only person on earth who loves that movie with we didn’t like Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas on my goodness I love that movie but things like that’d be so fun to hear those the way that you probably have never heard them because you never heard them on a Bose system and then of course those things like the games and your gaming system and the music that you listen to through your TV wow it’s going to be amazing this is a very small size the sound bar itself is 2 and 3/4 of an inch high and three and a quarter inch in width and weighs about a pound and a half I mean so simple so small and we’re able to use technology that put you in the middle of the action that’s what it’s all about is getting that complete experience both a great video now great audio to match it the the box over here is 14 and a half by 19 and weighs about 29 pounds and as you mentioned you can tuck that away yes that’s what I love about it so we just put it up here to show the complete system but you would certainly tuck this away behind a couch or in the corner you don’t have to have it out in the open you can it has a nice both look Bose logo I like to always show off my Bose products when people come over but it’s small enough that you still hide it right out of the way it is one of those things when you have those products you kind of do show them off because they are such a high-end name as opposed to some of the other products electronics products that you might pick up that have the kind of an that you’re not sure you probably seen before but you’re not sure beause you know Bo’s you’ve seen you’ve seen the commercials you see them in the high-end cars you know that they are an authority and sound absolutely and again the simplicity of it that’s what it’s all about is making sure that it’s not difficult to set up with those simple connections only one connection out of your television into the back of the soundbar and all the connections that you would need for any television that’s out there whether it’s a new one or an older one it has an optical connection digital coax as well as your analog so truly any television it will work with so even a really old TV absolutely yep so why don’t you get some more sound ready for I want to remind you about easy pay if you’ve never used it here before many people start with QVC with both products and part of the reason why is because you’ve all seen bose and you know that it’s such a good quality product and you try QVC even if you’ve never done it before because you get that good quality product that you know but you get to use your own major credit card we’re not opening up a credit card there’s no interest there’s no credit check none of that you use your own credit card you pay 1/6 right now we send it to you you get it in seven to 10 days this is not layaway and then we will charge that major credit card five more times and you’ll just keep on paying it off on your own credit card that’s how easy it is you still get a 30 day money back guarantee and we deliver directly to your door in seven to ten days in a Bose Box shipping and handling included and here’s the sound that you get I’m going to play some music because people also enjoy listening or watching concerts on television so let’s take a listen to just the TV sound makes you want to get up and dance that’s what I love about the system too on the back of the system there’s actually control knob so you can adjust the bass I like a little bit more bass but you can turn it down if you want or turn it up whatever you want to your own preference so you do have the ability to do that with this system it’s kind of like if you’re swimming in the ocean or a pool as opposed to just being on the surface with with how you’re experiencing that it’s how you hear the sound you just hear it on the surface when you go into bows everything that’s underneath kind of gets pulled up so you really are feeling everything underneath that’s what Bose does when you do sound and when you do it through your television oh my goodness it makes everything sound better and really you can do just about anything through your television with all these Smart TVs and all these apps and things like that you can listen to your iTunes you can listen to your Pandora you can listen to whatever you listen to your music all for your TV now
yep and you don’t have to change any of that though everything the way it’s connected right now can stay that way you just take one cable out of your television into the back of this it couldn’t be simpler and then everything you have connected immediately comes to life and now you’re in the action you’re getting that incredible experience that you should get from all of your great content that you’re enjoying let’s say the big game.

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