Brother Sewing Machine SE600 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Brother Sewing Machine SE600, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Brother Sewing Machine SE600 Black Friday Deals 2021

Brother Sewing Machine SE600 Black Friday Deals 2021
This article is all about for the Brother Sewing Machine SE600 Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

I don’t know what I’m gonna make it yet but I’m gonna show you guys how I did that um the nation patch but before we get started I want to say if you are not if you did not put your name in yet I’m having a free I’m having a giveaway closer towards the end of this month so if you have not done so already I got four entries so far.

I’m a few months your chance to win make sure you subscribe to the channel and make sure you comment an appropriate section I posted a post and the community portion of my page so go check out that post make sure you follow the directions in the post and you will be entered into the raffle so you can win our free prize on this month okay guys so thanks for joining me if you’re not subscribed channel make sure you subscribe to should boy Alan Lee let’s get into it so this is my brother se6oo so far I gotta be honest I love the machine I love what it can do there was a learning curve and I think I overcame that learning curve I don’t know every single thing about the machine yet but I do know how to sew on it I do know how to embroider on it and I can say that for a little bit worth it for what it can do for you if you want to start learning how to embroider I will also say that I already regret getting this particular machine though because I wish I would have got the PE 770 I think it is so both links of these embroidery machines will be in the description of this video if you want to pick them up pick one up make sure you use the link in the description of this video to purchase yours and I’d greatly appreciate it so this the brother se 600 and we’re going to be embroidering the dubnation I’m gonna show you guys exactly how I do it first thing we’re gonna do is hoop our fabric I got some fabric right here we’re gonna cut it and then we’re going to loop it so now I got my stabilizer I’m gonna put my stabilizer on top of the hoop I got my material put my material on top of the stabilizer we’re gonna just stuff put the stuff in the hoop and boom I’m just making sure it’s on straight I don’t think it really matters but and feel around for the center kind of sort of so you can feel where the hoop is and press this down on the inside of the hoop so it goes down in there a little bit alright so now now that’s actually hooped alright that’s really sweet what you can be when you’re doing like cloth and stuff this pretty good you can like kind of like pull it to get if there’s any wrinkles and stuff in there but this is good enough so you go to the bottom right here and you just tighten this up and as I’m tightening this up this part right here is closing it’s closing and it’s getting tighter and tighter on now who are now on the embroidery machine paint take note of this part right here that then they kind of like goes like this this the part that locks being this part of the hoop alright well you can’t see this part of the locks in this part here so what I’m doing right now.
I’m gonna lay this straight flat down and when the needle when the presser foot is up it just slides right underneath like that and then you take this part and you sit it in the grooves and that little lip that I was talking about sorry doc camera mess up my video that little lip that I was telling you about you just push it and pops into place how this hoop is in place so guys there is a power button right here on the side of machine wanna flip the power button and that turns the screen on and the screen has came it is a touch screen it’s dope it’s um going through this little thing there and it’s not doing anything and it has a series of controls right here so to get it to navigate to the file you just that gives you a little message and the arm of the embroidery machine moved press okay moved again okay to recall and resume previous memory I’m gonna push no because we’re I’m gonna show you guys how to navigate this machine a little bit so this it’s on the USB Drive there’s ons on USB Drive so I’m gonna go to a USB icon right there press that and then I use these to navigate through this so I’m gonna press over to go back to my digitized files digitized files and then I’m going to hit that right there and it’s telling me I got the so I’m gonna sit and there’s our logo right there so right now I have red thread inside the machine so why don’t I go ahead since I have right thread in there and I need to put black thread and I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys how to thread this machine alright so first of all to remove the thread um you don’t have to do anything special I think they want you to remove it from the needle first that’s what they want you to do but I just go ahead and pull it out so you just go ahead and take this little part I’ll take a spool off and just go ahead start pulling and it comes out I just go ahead and wrap the thread around and we’re gonna set this off the side because it’s the thread that we’re gonna be using guys this thing is so easy everything is laid out for you the drawings telling exactly what you do so the first step is I go ahead and I put this in here put the bobbin in there and then I take my bobbin stopper safe I see people putting in like this it goes on like this I don’t know why they’re putting it on like that um whatever works for you but I put mine on like that I’m just making sure throws not um yeah all right cool so sorry okay so then the next step is to let’s see if I could zoom in for you guys to show you guys the illustration it says to pass the thread through one so I grab it like this and I put it in there alright and then the next step is to pass it under here that’s to under here number three oh no that’s for um that’s actually for threading a bobbin so we’re gonna go down straight here right down through here there’s a little three right here you guys look you see you can see the three right there and it says illustration of the thread going back up I mean let me get some loose thread boom then this illustration of it going back up and then at the top of the machine you just bring it around the side around this side of the machine bring it around like just like that and then back down on this side and it catches in the little hoop in there and then you bring it down and now that it’s down you just number five right here see number five comes down and number six is right over here on this little thing you see the number six and then you see number seven right and then number eight is flowing to the side right here.
Let’s do number six I’m supposed to pass this to here so Rogers I grabbed it with two two fingers and I push it through I pull it through rather let me try to get you guys a shot so you guys see that shake it with two fingers and I push it through I got it in there number six it’s in there remember seven bring it around right here all right seems a little intimidating it’s a lot of steps but it’s not and number eight says to bring it around like here all right and that cuts it off and number nine is putting this down so did it threads itself but in order for it to thread itself you have to bring the presser foot down all right so I bring the presser foot down I grab this lever right here on a side I push it down and the bobbin is in and it’s gonna need was gonna thread boom right so what happened just now is the needle threaded let me show you guys the thread went through the needle you see that loop right there so what I do is that take some like scissors or something and I go ahead and I like pull it all the way through boom all the way through and that’s a long tail right there so let me just clip it with some scissors Oh clipped good to go and we got the black loaded up and we can go ahead and start embroidering guys all right so now that we’re all loaded up and ready to go we come over here back to the screen and we this is our edit screen right here this is our design size of design move we can rotate it we do various things to it I’m not gonna do any of that right now go ahead and hit edit end right edit is ended now I can hit the embroider button and once I hit the embroidery button this red is going to turn green let me zoom out so you guys can see while a hat when it happens I’m gonna hit it embroidery button the red turns to green and then on the screen it actually tells you tells you how long it’s going to take and it tells you what you’re doing first it tells you a color you’re doing a circle first and you got black all right so let me hit that Go button and we’ll see what happens let’s see what happens when you hit the button shut it okay so what I do right now right I stop it for a second because that thread is right there and I don’t want to that thread to be in my design the extra piece of tail thread so it’s not that much but I’m just gonna go ahead and snip it get out of there if I can this right here this part right here you can control the speed right here but I don’t want to be and now you see it stop for me to change the thread and now the machine just stopped for me to change the thread but um even right now you can see how nice the oval looks guys it looks darn good if I do say so myself so right now I’m just gonna go ahead and change the thread and continue with the design let the machine do its thing all right guys so I went ahead and rethreaded the machine and got the red thread in there now so we’re all part ready for the second part if you look on the screen right here the brother actually tells you that it’s ready and it tells you that there’s seven minutes remaining with the red embroidery and it’s right on the location where it’s going to start from where it left off at so let’s go ahead and press so I thought let’s go ahead and press the green button and continue on so after the design is finished.
You’ll get a note on the screen that says that your design is finished finished embroidering you press ok and it says ok and then you go over here and you press this little scissors icon right here and the needle moves and cuts disgusts uh cuts the threat for you so let me show you that’s the threat for you lose everything out of place then you go back over here right here and you release the hoop by just pressing this right here like you hold it like kind of like with your fingers you don’t want to really mess with this because this is the whole important mechanism but you don’t want to like bother too much so you kind of like try to push pull this without arm without messing with that so when you pull this and lift up on the hoop then it comes out like I’m gonna scrub right here pull that and that just comes up lay it down flat pull it out we gotta raise our presser foot raise that up and that comes out and here’s our dubnation design we gotta trim it up a little bit trim it up a little bit get rid of the outside edge and we got our definition here’s what the back looks like you can go ahead and trim that out we’re gonna trim that up a little bit get all rid of all the loose threads all the jump stitches and stuff like that you know like so boom boom getting rid of all that all these little jump stitches that we don’t need so let’s clean this up and I’ll show you guys how it looks like afterwards since pleasing tearaway stabilizer if you go ahead and just tear it away like that no go ahead and use the fray check use a fray check right here this is the part where you want to use free check guys because we’re gonna cut this fabric and we don’t want it to fray so I’m just gonna go around the edge where I’m gonna cut and I’m gonna put this fray check down and what the fray check enables you to do this anywhere where you cut it it’s kind of like a glue so the fabric won’t split I can’t I can’t explain it any other way than that guys it’s a glue so it makes the fabric not fray alright so I’m gonna lay it around the bead around the edge so they kind of like glues the fabrics together so that when I cut it it won’t fray alright I’m gonna go ahead and do that same thing with around the back put the fray check around there all right all around the sides around it back like so mmm see show you guys I’m doing boom around the edges give it a second to dry and we can go ahead and cut it while I’m waiting for it to dry I’ll just go ahead and I’m trimming all the jump stitches so you won’t have any jump stitches and also what I like to do with it the design like this is I like to because I use this fuzzy stuff I trim the fuzz down just a little bit so you can see the characters the text all right getting rid of all that looking good right now looking gear right now all right so I’m gonna go ahead I think the free check had enough time so I’m gonna go ahead and flip it around and start cutting as closest to this design as possible and getting rid of the edges not praying at all so I’m going to cut this out guys and I’ll show you guys what I got after I’m done all right guys right here you see the dubnation hat you see me rocking it this is what its gonna look like guys this is hand-stitched torn so it’s not going anywhere there is an iron-on alternative but I like the permanency of stitching it on and I like the UM intimacy you get with it by doing it hand it’s just better like when it’s hand hand done I think you know what I mean it’s like kind of like that that feel like you put love into it bringing this is what it looks like got a vintage look vintage feel if you’re interested in one then let me know I put it up on a site so I’m dubnation ship boy a dove.

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