Dell XPS 15 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop Black Friday Deals 2020 (Today Updated)

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Dell XPS 15 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop Black Friday Deals 2020

Dell XPS 15 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop Black Friday Deals 2020

In this article, we will show you the complete of Dell XPS 15 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop Black Friday Deals 2020. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

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I’m Tom a tech chap and this is the all-new Dell XPS 15 the 7 590 model although you wouldn’t really know just by looking at it from the outside it’s nearly identical to last year’s one the only way I can tell is that you’ve got the webcam on the top bezel now and also my old one has loads of grease marks on the palm rest.

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Dell XPS 15 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop Black Friday Deals 2020 (Today Updated)
I’ve gone for pretty much the top spec model of the new Dell with a 4k OLED screen core I nine processor 32 gigs of RAM a one terabyte SSD and the gtx 1650 graphics card or when i also bought the non oled version the LCD one because why buy one when you can get two for twice for this one we’re looking at about 2,500 pounds around 26 which is an awful lot of money although. I guess when you consider that the similar equivalent SPECT MacBook Pro 15 is actually around a grand more than this this starts to look relatively affordable relatively by the way if you want to see more tech and lots of behind the scenes photos it would be amazing if you could follow me on Instagram at the tech chap so there’s definitely a feeling of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
I mean this is now the fourth year we’ve had the same or near enough the same design same keyboard same touchpad same ports including an SD card reader HDMI to infini Bob 3 but the good news is they have moved that webcam so it’s no longer looking up your nose it’s on the top bezel in a normal place not down there at the bottom so if you’re doing lots of video conferencing Skype calls and obviously this has fixed pretty much the biggest design issue we’ve all had with the daleks guessers for years now so that is good to see there’s still no windows hello face unlock but you do get a finger pointing me to built-in to the power button which is pretty handy so a fresh new look or maybe a bigger touchpad would have been nice but I still think it looks good it still got an understated premium feel to it and it is still incredibly compact for a 15-inch laptop but most importantly.
I still think the keyboard and the touchpad are among the best out there so the big upgrades this year aside from the webcam are the new ninth gen processors by five by seven or nine and billiard gtx 1650 graphics that are up from the 1050 TI last year and I’ve graded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip which actually has fixed all my complaints about connection issues from before and also we have a new screen option. I’ve always been a big fan of the screens on the XPS laptops because I know creator laptops like this you want power you want Portability and you want a good display particularly the 4k one but now we actually have three options you’ve got a matte full HD non touch one a 4k glossy LCD or a 4k glossy OLED there’s a brand new OLED entry into the mix which makes things a little bit trickier when it comes to deciding what model you want but I did actually spend all of last weekend making a dedicated OLED versus LCD video so if you want to find out everything there is to know about the screens then go watch that after this but to cut a long story short they really are both stunning screens honestly you can’t go wrong with either but the OLED does have significantly better contrast which means you get much deeper blacks smoother color gradients as you can see here.
It also handles reflections a little bit better and it’s slightly more color accurate on the DCI p3 color gamut and overall it just looks a bit more vivid and eye-catching the LCD is brighter though it’s got slightly better viewing angles it also gets the Dell premiere color app pre-installed which lets you change color profile which for some reason you just can’t get on the OLED model and it’s also a touchscreen so you basically have to ask yourself two questions number one is battery life more important to you than the screen or having a really high res screen if it is then you should go for the matte full HD version because you get roughly twice the battery but I think most people actually should go for the 4k you get a slightly nicer design with a flush glass bezel and it does look stunning it’s more color accurate obviously sharper I love the 4k screen on this but then question 2 is should you go for LCD or LED well to be honest.
I think most people would be better off with the normal LCD the touch screen is handy and if I’m honest even side-by-side it doesn’t look that much different to the OLED for me though as someone who watches and edits YouTube videos all day long the slowly nicer colors and more accurate DCI p3 gamma is nice to have so I’m probably gonna stick with the OLED although we’ll have to wait and see if there long-term burning issue but so far I’ve not had any problems a quick tip though if you are thinking of going for the OLED model because I was this close to returning it because of screen flickering.
I was driving me mad but the good news is actually there is a quick fix just jump into the Intel graphics control panel and turn off display self-refresh that’s literally it and it completely fixed the flickering issue as for battery life a one-hour u-tube test actually showed no difference between the OLED and the LCD in fact an hour of just general use of Spotify google docs a bit of lightroom you know normal stuff used 18% both laptops come with windows dark theme enabled by default as darker backgrounds actually help save battery on the OLED so I’ve been getting about five and a half hours on average before I needed to find a charger so not grade them but if you do want better battery go for the i5 or i7 processor and the full HD screen that way you’ll get probably double the battery life of this but speaking of things to avoid you see this little label down here Conine do not buy the I nine processor.
I’m so frustrated with this save some money and get better performance and go for the i7 seriously unless you’re happy to undervolted the CPU and maybe if you have extra padding in your trousers but all the heat this thing gives off I mean I measured 50 degrees Celsius from the fan exhaust and 43 on the keyboard so apparently foolishly thinking I’d get better performance by going with the top-end chip I expect my XPS with the I 999 a thk a calls 16 threads and a peak 5 gigahertz turbo boost now this is a seriously powerful chip and versus last year’s model with an i7.
I know it’s not an exact like for like but it’s the closest I have in Geekbench for the new XPS with the i9 was 20% faster in multi-core and nearly 30% faster in Cinebench are 20 so on paper and in benchmarks it’s definitely a step up from last year’s six-core chip as you expect but there’s a problem a big one and it’s throttling even last year’s XPS with the i9 had throttling issues but somehow I thought maybe would be fixed but again we do have pretty much the same design here so alas don’t get me wrong this thing is really fast the specs the superfast nvme SSD everything is really quick and responsive but when you’re when doing a video or doing anything CPU intensive for more than a few minutes the processor gets very hot regularly peaking at a hundred degrees C.
So underneath a laptop gets crazy hot like you couldn’t even touch it for more than a few seconds kind of hot I bought this mainly for video editing and when a five-minute 4k video that took 6 minutes 24 seconds to export on last year’s model with an i7 takes 8 and a half minutes on the new 9th gen one well to be honest.
I feel like I’ve wasted my money and that’s not even the worst of it sometimes the export time will go from 5 minutes 6 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes are poor not as if throttles performance to stay cool now to be fair you can always undervolt the processor yourself although I wouldn’t recommend us for most people unless you’re quite techy and know what you’re doing because you can damage the laptop but either using Intel software or throttle stop which is the one.
I use I actually under vaulted my eye 9 by a hundred and 20 millivolts the under volta die 9 was actually 50% faster than the regular eye 9 in Cinebench it took a minute off my render times and my temperatures never went above 95 degrees so your mileage may vary and this is just from my experience it does depend on what apps you’re using and how hard you’re pushing this but this is firstly for prosumers the feather the often I 9 option clearly is sort of aimed at those who are doing more intensive tasks and so then if it just throttles after 5 minutes anyway then unless you’re happy to undervolt it stay clearly online go for the i7 the good news though is the graphics card is a nice step up the gtx 1650 is around 30% faster than last year’s 1050 TI so in overwatch at full HD and with high settings.
I average 70 FPS although I’d recommend going for the full HD model and the i5 processor if you can be mainly using this for gaming as for the RAM it comes with other 16 32 or on the crazy top-spec one 64 gigs I think for most people you should go with 16 gigs of ram then you can always upgrade it afterwards unless you’re a creative professional and maybe 32 will be better and also the SSD.
I would say go for the 512 gig 1 the 2 six is a bit stingy terabyte is super expensive and again like the RAM you can always upgrade this yourself you may have seen my upgrade video for last year’s XPS 15 where I changed out the Wi-Fi card the RAM the SSD and it was really easy but I am happy to say they finally got rid of that crappy old intel Wi-Fi chip now we’ve got a killer 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 chip in this which also comes with Bluetooth 5 I always had trouble connecting my Bluetooth earphones to it now it’s absolutely fine so that is good but also it seems they fixed one of my biggest issues with last year’s model and that was the power management system or whatever it was because every time I’d close my laptop and think it would just go to sleep.
I come back a few hours later and the battery would be completely drained you could fix it by going into the settings and telling it to hibernate rather than sleep but not ideal good news though is I’ve not experienced it with the new one so it looks like they fixed it speakers are pretty good in this thing although always use Mac’s audio app that’s pre-installed that just gives it a bit of a boost or than turn that off if you’re using the headphone jack.
I get so sick of hearing my own voice so after all that should you buy the new dell XPS 15 7 590 well there is a nice little upgrade webcams fixed Wi-Fi is fixed the power sleep issue is fixed the OLED screen is a nice option to have and it’s around 25% faster overall than last year’s model but it is also very expensive and honestly I think if you can find last year’s 9 750 model on sale that’s probably a better value option especially as you can upgrade and fix most of the issues yourself but I do still love this thing I mean there’s more creator laptops than ever out there now all good options that you can’t really go wrong with but I personally always find myself coming back to the XPS.
It’s just a great all-rounder and while the design is looking a bit long in the tooth and he should avoid the eye 9 processor it’s still one of the best laptops you can buy right now and I do highly recommend it so I’ve put a link to the model that I’d go for in the description below and if you do want to find out more about the difference but the difference between the LCD and the OLED then watch my video on exactly that by clicking this pop-out thing which should be floating around here thank you so much for watching guys let me know what you make of the XPS in the comments below and I see you next time right here on the tech jab

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