DELONGHI ESAM3300 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine Black Friday Deals 2021

DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

How are you I’m doing great we’re here for Seattle coffee gear we’re going to talk about the 3300 by DeLonghi and some of the features that it has so taken that way yeah um there have been some requests for us to do a video on this and just talk about its overall functionality it’s been around for years and we haven’t done a video it had

I know I don’t know how that’s happened yeah I don’t think because I don’t call this out oh yeah oh yeah and us on our toes yes okay first let’s talk about the brew unit which is right inside the door here yep and we have the machine turned off right now because that’s really the only way you can get the brewing it out is when the machines turned off there’s this thing is called a couple things brew unit brew group infusers yeah but it’s really important that you take this out after each use and give it a nice rinse their dishwasher safe for the top shelf once a day or so yeah check it out rinse it with really hot water let it dry off and you’re good to go exactly this is you don’t need to use soap yeah this is where all your tamping happens is kind of sometimes the texts call it the barista of the super automatic espresso after it’s done making the coffee puck to it kept the puck comes up to here and then it sweeps it off right into this guy right here get right in there and as I can see the drip tray and dredge box is removable as well yeah so it’s yeah that a whole assembly is really nice it’s got the little floater when it’s full yep yep this machine’s very reliable that’s one thing we’ve known about it is that it will last customers a very long time so now that we’ve gone over that we can now turn on the machine it’ll do a rinse yep it rinses through the brew unit to you know take care of any issues that might be going on right now these two lights are blinking letting us know it’s heating up mm-hmm so we have our 60 fluid ounce water tank over here which is a lot of water that’s good comes right out of the front which is kind of nice a lot of machines you have to get up in through here in the cabinets or an issue so yeah it’s a large one we just got a we just got an indicator here letting us know our water tank is out looks you put it back in now it’s good to go yep that’s great looks like our machine is finally to temp it sounds like the brunette is getting in work position so it can rinse through the brunette which is great over here we also have our being which holds about 12 ounces of beans and the adjustment yet the grinder just beyond as well the water is going to two separate boilers there’s a thermal block style boiler for the coffee and the separate steam boiler for steam which is great yep so it’s doing a rinse uh up here what do we got bypass we have a bypass doser it comes with a scoop sitting there so you never misplace it one one scoop on this one yeah I don’t want to overdose it otherwise it just doesn’t work right you give that back in the groove here um okay yeah there’s a nice.
Hanson – stop it and this this dispensing is adjustable depending on what shot glass you got or what cup you got which is very nice mm-hmm some of the great things I like about this machine is that it’s very simple what you’re seeing right here is exactly what you get we have a tendency to do a lot of reviews on things that have a lot of programmability lots of different users work yeah exactly and right here you know you simply have your volume of coffee that you want you know volume of water and your coffee the size of the shot and then you have your dosage over here and this is a about 0.5 up to 8 ounces okay gotcha and then yeah dosage obviously for me I’d always be cranked to the max or we got it right in the middle right now yeah um you know so there’s no digital readout which is a little bit of a con for me but at the same time nothing to go wrong exactly if you have a Murphy’s Law approach to your machine yeah you’ll love this one so these two buttons one this whatever you have this programmed for it will dispense that amount if you push this one it doubles the volume in the cup got it that’s good to know yep steam arm yeah we have your this is letting you know your water tank is out or it needs to be refilled this is letting you know you need to empty your dredge box all your coffee grounds and this is just your general warning light like yeah so we open resort and yep exactly or if the drip tray wasn’t in there properly the brewery and it wasn’t in there properly all those things it’s a warning like over the water tank is out this one will come on mm-hmm as we saw before we have our D scale button and indicator light here so this is a button to get you in to descale mode or rinse mode and there’s also a light there and when that’s illuminated it’s telling you it’s time to do a D scale and if you get into that and you push that you’re done yeah you have to go through the whole process you can’t you can’t just bypass it or in any way or get out of it you have to let it do its whole D scale and then we have our bypass option here which is greatest need to select that the Machine knows to expect a coffee grounds pre-ground coffee going right down the middle yeah and the grinder then doesn’t run mm-hmm and you can select your hot water over here yeah which is great comes out of here and then if you don’t select that and you open this valve you’re going to get steam mm-hmm we like to purge it a little bit first before we actually take the milk to it because there will be some condensation in there so we purge that out of there you don’t want it in your milk mm-hmm so I’m trying to think of anything else I mean one thing that warmer cup warmer is really good you know one thing if you don’t have a digital readout sometimes you’ll have to do a little detective work to see what might be giving you this air you know that’s one of the only pluses I can really think of a digital readout a connection it says door open or you know not with some machines will say bean hopper lid open or brewing it not engaged since you don’t have the luxury of a digital readout you might have to do a little detective work to see what’s actually giving you that alarm the money on this I mean the cost for what you’re getting is a lot less than one of those ones with the digital and all the bells and whistles so you know it’s it’s a juggling act of exact works best for you exactly I think it’s a great machine yeah so you want to make someone.
Let’s make one do it what do you want to make let’s make the infamous Gail wet cappuccino okay let’s purge the steam room for like I was to see the steam arm does go back and forth here and the other thing we can show that afterwards is how to clean it mm-hmm oh so it’s no it’s getting it’s gonna warm up oh I see it sort of locks warm and hot I got I got it now we’re so you can see a little bit of liquid coming out mm-hmm you’re wait for that to turn the steam turn this off turn this on I can’t brew and steam at the same time with this machine yeah there’s only one pump but it does have two boilers to kind of help you out with heating time but yeah you can’t actually brew and steam simultaneously this is a pan er all right yep it is so it sucks in the air automatically and does all the work for you exactly and what else will do this right when we’re done it comes apart very easily so yeah you can clean it very easily which is important milk has a tendency to get up in areas that you wouldn’t think it would but it does so it’s good to get endurance yeah turns nasty exactly with the DeLonghi pannarello here all you really need is to take off two pieces and you can give the whole thing a really good cleaning yep the top it’s getting hot so that was fairly fast actually we got a lot of foam it went from here it’s about up to here right now oh yeah that’s hot I’m gonna go ahead and crank the dosage up to max cuz though yeah it’s gonna so that’s where we want that that’s a lot of foam yeah looks good in that rag please Sofra noose it’s so you would want to wipe this off or I would recommend just taking it right off and this twists off exactly quarter turn and off that comes yep take that wash it that’s your whole pannarello sleeve hmm and then the other piece here is the friction author yeah so these both come off so pretty much no milk out onto that but these two pieces we can take those and throw them in the sink and clean them off in a minute exactly just I’m gonna select double shot here yeah well sure yeah let’s go ahead and bring that down a little bit since we can yep latte art yeah let’s see what you can do nah I can’t do any of that too much foam that’s my reason this was one of our cons on the machine is that the grinder you can hear it is very loud pretty noisy um but you know that’s in my mind that’s part of making espresso is having a lone grinder and then later versions of the delauneys they have quieted it down but this is one of their older models and so again you’re not paying some of those newer features ones one thing that we see in the repair department a lot as well is this this assembly right here this is plastic and sometimes this steam knob can break it’s a little stiff it is very stiff yeah there’s a lot of friction going on in there to actually open the valve yeah that’s a frequent we prepare we see here but it’s easily replaceable and we sell them on our website so it’s not the end of the world if that happens you don’t like what you’re getting too much push the button you can interrupt it yeah I want a more coffee uh-oh let’s do it again no you want to pour this I think I can’t do it like I mean I’ll do it next time on our next video I I’m not gonna make art out of this is too much that’s what she said last there’s too much foam see that’s not bad oh it’s just kind of look yeah willy nilly here yeah does that I see a leaf yeah a leaf from what are you been drinking lately and bottom yeah lean on I’ll try that okay I will yes of course yeah it’s very good tasty huh it’s very good well it made a nice foam I will say thick and rich you don’t have as much control over the foam that you’re going to get so latte art is not something you’re gonna do with this machine because you have too much foam so I think overall it’s a very good machine and we’ve seen this at Seattle coffee gear for a very long time mm-hmm um it’s very reliable yes they are very reliable I think we’ve had a number of customers that have brought this machine in for a tune-up um you know like five six seven times and you know you which is great you know you need to nups on your machine yeah but that speaks a lot about the reliability of this machine and I think it’s also has a lot to do with how simple it is way back when we I had a friend that bought one of these and she still has it and it’s probably about seven years old exactly and I think they have one small issue that we fixed right on the bench no cost yeah just got it fixed right up there was nothing if you can if you can get a super automatic machine to have that kind of lifespan yeah that’s great you’re doing good cuz usually after four or five years something so rings or something is going to fail but no this is a nice machine so the pros are a lot of value for your money yep um the bypass doser I think this is one of the cheapest super automatics that comes with a bypass though I agree the cons the noisy grinder and I would say the knob on the steam arm being a little bit stiff location will uh it loses its life exactly and I think one other thing is is really be aware of your water hardness wherever you are because there’s nothing with this machine you know mm-hmm you know accounting for what how hard your water is more the test really so you might want to go to a pool or spa place get a test trip yeah check your own water use a water filter yep and descale it often yeah yeah you can’t descale too much exactly and one of the other pros I would tell you is the water tank coming out the front mm-hmm all right I think that takes care of the 3300 by DeLonghi Brendan.

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