Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021

This article is all about for the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021
Hello everyone this is the Dyson ball multi-floor – thought I would do a review and demonstration of it I’ve had this machine for I want to say about 10 months now and this is this is actually the newest version of the dyson dc40 so when they first came out with the third-generation ball models they had a bigger one a small one and then the most compact

I’ve owned them all and the DC 40 was the one that was in the middle it was a lighter and smaller this one is very similar to that but it’s it cleans significantly better because the cleaner head at the bottom and the brushroll is much much much better so it it really cleans and vibrates the carpet brave it does a great job on bare floors as well I’m gonna go ahead and do a demo of it and show you show you its features and what I like and what I dislike about it but for the most part I’m pretty happy with it it’s a nice vacuum alright this machine is pretty much what you would expect from a typical Dyson upright especially from one of their third gen ball models which first came out in 2011 so I on the back of the machine you’ve got the standard quick release wand which I really like it’s still I still think Dyson the Dyson hose and wand setup even if this one’s not as good as some of their older ones is still largely unmatched on uprights what I like about it is that when you raise the when you raise the handle upright it automatically switches over to the hose so you can just instantly start cleaning the hose pulls right out it’s got a quick release cord hook the wand pulls right out there we go you get that that cord out of the way and then the hose is extremely long so you can go you can clean upstairs you can easily you know reach your cobwebs and things you can clean all around a room top to bottom with just what’s on the machine and then as far as the attachments go you can let me see if I can do this one-handed just run into this set this wand aside you’ve got a couple tools right on board which you can attach directly to the hose end or you can attach to the wand that includes a a multi-tool this is a combination crevice tool slash dusting brush this is the nicest version of that the Dyson’s released yet their first one the dusting brush part of it kind of sucked but now it’s got nice soft bristles and they’re splayed out so this is pretty nice it’s pretty comparable to what they put in the last last iteration once but the crevice tool is longer I do like this more I would prefer because the crevice tool kind of chokes the suction and will cause this to kind of pull back the stretch hose to kind of pull back towards the machine harder then if this was just a wider diameter or dusting brush as you can see it gets narrow there and it kind of chokes it kind of strains the suction kind of chokes it a little bit and makes it a little bit more laborious to use the knife that it should be this is a very nice tool but I I’m I’m spoiled from the older Dyson’s ahead a separate very good dusting brush crevice tool an upholstery tool but this is a nice attachment along with that you get what’s called a stair tool I’ve never been too thrilled with this I think it’s kind of crappy but there are there’s all kinds of different Dyson accessories you can get and you can get much much better options but with their newest canisters and uprights in the UK they’re using a redesigned upholstery tool that’s vastly superior it’s similar but it I just never really liked the way that this contacted the surface so like for cleaning stairs I don’t think it’s terribly effective but you can again you can get used something like they’re excellent tangle-free turbine tool that which is awesome for stairs or you can use one of their many accessories I have a bunch of Dyson tools but the cool thing is that again right on board you’ve got most of your essentials that you need along with the really long hose and you don’t to change any dials or switch anything over it just instantly switches when it’s upright moving on from the attachments you’ve got two switches here you’ve got one to power the vacuum cleaner on and off and you’ve got a brush roll on off switch so by default the brush roll switch is always set to on every time you turn on the vacuum and that’s because for carpet you want the brush roll to be spinning but when you do bare floors you can easily shut the brush roll off and you want the brush roll off for bare floors because you don’t want it to either scratch your hard floors or you don’t want to scatter the dirt all around the floor so when you do bare floors it’s just suction only by it I mean almost remarkably it does a surprisingly great job on bare floors and I’ll show that to you in a moment the filtration system is still what sets Dyson’s apart from other bagless vacuums they continually have the best and it has what’s called radio route cyclone technology the way it works is all the big dust collects in the clear bin there’s that fine screen there it’s called a shroud it only lets fine dust into these cyclones the Cyclones using centrifugal forces drag the dust and dirt back into a separate sealed chamber inside of the bin inside the yellow part only clean air or a much cleaner air at exits the top of the cyclones pop this off it’s really easy to pop off the vacuum and before the air goes through the motor it goes to this washable premotor filter which is it just pops right out you can just wash this on under cold water they say once a month but I haven’t washed this yet and I’ve had it for 10 months but I also have other vacuum so I don’t use this as much as a typical user I would say you probably want to be washing this every three to four months but Dyson says one month I could cover their asses so that just pops right back in now as far as emptying it out emptying out the bin on this is easy enough you just push this button again and there’s a Dyson has these trap doors on the bottom they almost all have these naba Dyson invented it and that just opens up and you can dump it out dust likes to get caught on these little things here they’re called baffles and the weird angle of this so you may have to shake it a little bit and if you overfill it or if you suck up something too large like a paper towel or a sock it actually makes its way to then it might get stuck in this narrow gap here as you can see it gets pretty narrow there you may have to reach in and pull dirt out which is kind of gross this screen will build up with dust over time will need to be cleaned from time to time but you can push that grey button there and this whole clear outer part of the bin comes off then you can clean it off because the bin is so small I some stuff if you overfill it dust will get trapped in the top now I’m just to go ahead and compare this this is the ball multi-floor that it this one replaced you can see the bin is quite a bit smaller now with both of these still in the market what’s what’s really disappointing about dice and uprights is it on their canisters or their new hanging backs they have what’s called a self-cleaning shroud and at or they call it the hygienic dirt ejector it’s a great feature because on this one the biggest hassle is that dirt and dust can build up at the top and then you have to touch it and it’s it can be gross with this it’s much much easier to empty and because the screen self cleans everything just jumps right out it’s much easier thank you let me show you all right so with the ball multifloor to when you want to empty it you just do that if you need to which you will from time to time have to clean that screen off in there or if something gets caught in there and you can’t get to it you can remove this and then you can wipe this down with a towel or you know a brush or something like that get all the dust out of here and and go up go by your way so that goes back like that it’s not bad it’s it’s not bad but um if you if like if I was living with a large family or if I had multiple pets this is small you’d have to empty this maybe multiple times if you were cleaning a large home anyways now if they made emptying it very very clean and easy then that’s one thing so this is their this is part from their big ball canister I actually I really like this machine but one of my favorite things is the way it empties so it’s got a self-cleaning shroud you just push this here and when you do that the shroud gets wiped down by this red rubber squeegee inside the vent then you push it a little bit more boom it all drops out and eve
rything drops out every time it’s great I think just close it back up and you’re good to go there handbags have the same feature and it’s awesome so it’s disappointing they haven’t implemented on their uprights yet now they claim they’re done developing uprights hopefully that means that they have uprights they’ve already developed I have the feature that will eventually come out but we’ll see Dyson’s gonna do their own thing so we’ll just have to see what they you know where we end up and so while it can be messy to empty I will say I still really like the benefits of bagless vacuums I love being able to just dump the dirt out when I’m done put the vacuum cleaner away and and just move on from it if I go for instance if I take this somewhere and I clean someone else’s home with it or use it to play on somebody’s car or something like that it’s nice that I’m not taking that dirt back with me home I I really like that future so even though this one can be it can be a little bit messy or it can be gross if you occasionally have to get in there and clean this out I still think the benefits outweigh the cons of the system so anyways moving on one of the things that makes this machine so much better is that it has a significantly improved cleaner head so like I said this is based off of the DC 40 and it’s basically because this brush hole is so much better it’s like a supercharged version of it I owned a DC 40 and I returned it because the carpet cleaning performance on it was extremely disappointing and they updated it and then they finally in the u.s. we finally got one machine very similar to it I think there might be a little differences with this than 240 but the biggest one is that the cleaner head is just much much better so let’s take a look and I’ll show you a demonstration of this how Barbara it’s the carpet so as you can see I should have cleaned the brush roll out okay so the brush bar itself it’s driven by a motor in here there’s a I think there’s a belt in there but so it’s in two parts cleaning it off is easy enough because you can run a pair of scissors or a knife along these little indentations here they designed it that way you can also very easily remove this bottom plate if you need to let’s see if I can there’s two clips so if you if something got stuck in there you can easily pull that apart but this brush roll you know even though it’s only one row of brushes I the brushes are stiff they protrude out of the bottom plate a decent amount and they really vibrate and just beat the heck out of the carpeting so you actually get really really good performance and if you’ll notice here there’s these little notches here that’s if if something gets stuck in there it won’t wrap you know it’ll help prevent like a sock or something from getting jammed in there potentially damaging one of these plastic components is the whole thing busted but the bottom plate have a bunch of matches in it it’s actually just one open thing which you know that’s just from using the DC 41 in the DC 65 the first versions of these machines they left really bizarre asymmetrical carpet lines that were kind of ugly I know that’s like totally not a thing that anybody’s gonna normally care about but this one leaves beautiful carpet lines and through sort of those things where you get done in the room looks awesome and and yeah it just looks it just makes a little nice difference so and I’ll show you how it does on carpets and bare floors the setup works very very well I’m very impressed with the performance they like most Dyson uprights this vacuum cleaner features two washable filters this is your premotor filter which is goes inside the bin in the top here you just wash this in cold water bake Dyson claims don’t use soap I’ll be honest if they’re really bad if you use a drop of soap a lot more dingy dirt comes off of them but they don’t recommend doing that anyways that just drops back in the top of the bin and then there’s a washable HEPA filter the machine feels features sealed HEPA filtration so all the air that comes out of it allegedly is that very very nice and clean I’ve never had problems with it but I have seen videos with with issues with seals some of their older models like the DC 25 and 24 had problems with the seals on these they would whistle it was annoying having any problems with these but anyways same with the other one you just wash this and with cold water tap it out let it dry 100% before you put it back on it pops right onto the side of the machine and then you put the the ball halfback back on and you’re good to go alright this is Dyson’s third generation ball technology and next to it I have the first Dyson ball upright DC 15 which I think was from 2005 or 2006 and obviously over the years it’s kind of taken over their entire lineup now all their vacuums have have ball technology and it’s nice it’s influenced the industry heavily a lot of vacuum cleaners now have swivels and what’s cool about it we lower it it switches over you easily you know get around chair legs table legs things like that it does make it very maneuverable and it is night and day compared to their older uprights which handled like you know push lawn mowers and we’re very bulky these are these are a lot easier to zip around so I I do like it I like it and what’s cool it’s amazing compared to the first one how all the ductwork and everything is now inside the ball it’s not all around it so it’s kind of amazing how far this stuff has come now let’s see how the dyson ball multi floor two does on carpeting all right so just doing one pass kind of slow there was a variety of different size particles there from sawdust all the way up to rice and dry oats and outside of where the where the belt rides it got most of it it left some behind but let’s keep going all right take a look at the bin there a lot of a lot of dust a lot of fine dust I don’t know how hard it was to see but I’d actually did vibrate the carpeting quite a bit and I tried to get a shot closer so you can really see that because that one row brush is actually again you can fill the floor it really vibrates the carpet my garden it’s kind of like a loose cheaper nap so on certain drugs I think on a tighter nap or on like a rubber bag dairy rug it’s performance would be like the effect would be pretty dramatic but regardless it yeah it gobbles it right up really I mean it cleans great ok let’s see if I can get the positive agitation in action yeah kind of a cool effect it really vibrates and you know lifts up that fine dust out of the Krug and sweeps it right up okay just for fun I’ll show you how this empties you know imagine this is a over a trash can and there you go so a little big it got caught on the the baffles there so for the most part well you can hear stuff falling out of it still it’s not too bad so go ahead and spread this out and see how it does and now let’s try the dyson ball multi floor two out on bare floors this is just the cheap linoleum in my kitchen all right see how this so you got to turn the brush along okay now actually that was that was really impressive so that’s mainly rice and oats and sawdust but it didn’t snow cloud much I think if I had larger particles of wood snow plow them but it didn’t and I it looks like clean sweeps let’s keep going very impressive yeah so there you have it I it really does a great job on bare floors especially considering its unassisted by like a soft spinning brush like they’re like the I don’t know like the fluffy hood or like what sharks using now which just stole this design considering it’s just using suction and there’s not even a squeegee on the bottom very impressive so to conclude when I recommend the dyson ball multi-port to yes I sure would you know I’m not sure that it’s worth 399 which is what it retails for but it does a great job on carpeting and hard floors I like the attachments for it the wand is handy I like how versatile the machine is but just what’s on the cleaner it’s actually easier to dump than I thought it would be when it was full it’s not too messy you know for a bagless and I like the bagless convenience the watchful lifeti
me filters things like that it’s maneuverable I like the ball technology and a long cord so yeah I’m pretty happy with it as far as cons I wish the bin held more dirt but you know if that’s something you’re concerned about you can get the larger model which is the ball Hannibal 2 which is actually identical to the original ball multi floor that this machine replaced so if that’s concerned that one holds a little bit more dirt not a ton more but a little it is loud that they make no qualms about it this thing is not quiet at all it’s much louder than the current European dyson uprights which have to meet EU regulations they aren’t allowed to be over 80 decibels and sound level we don’t have those same laws here so this thing is much louder but it’s fun to use I wish it required her but that’s you know that’s not a deal-breaker for me let’s see here as far as other things I can’t think of too much else that I’m dissatisfied with on the machine for the most part I’m really happy with it again I probably wouldn’t pay 399 for it I actually got a pretty good deal on mine they frequently run sales on these and there’s some places where you can get additional coupons so I paid I paid between I paid up less than 249 for this morning so and I’ve been very happy with it I wouldn’t get rid of it so yeah you know thank you for watching if you have any questions feel free to ask and have a great day.

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