ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we will show you complete of ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals 2021
I couldn’t resist it you know you might not know this but along with mobile tech review we used to have a site that reviewed robots robotic vacuum cleaners in particular but it was too much work going with all the other stuff we did but still hey it’s technology its mobile this is the D bot and 79s it’s the update to the n79

it’s made by echo vex they sell these on Amazon and apparently over a Black Friday it was like one of the best selling robotic vacuum cleaners ever and you know we have a Roomba in the house I always test out the robots to see who’s getting better and who’s worth the money and all that sort of thing this is 229 bucks it has a lot of features you usually wouldn’t expect to see at that point we’re gonna look at it now so for a relatively low cost robot that’s made from a company that’s not fly-by-night they’ve been around for a while they also make the wind BOTS window cleaners which people seem to like I haven’t tried them a variety of these robots at different points you get a lot of stuff honestly for your money you get a remote which gee you know with a Roomba even that’s sometimes an accomplishment lets you spend a lot of money the remote even has an LCD it’s Wi-Fi enabled and there’s an app for iOS and Android so pretty cool there 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi like all of these Robo vex so lithium ion battery not nit nickel metal hydride or NiCad so what that means is that you’re not gonna have the memory effect for those of us who maybe don’t use the robot that often maybe only run it once a week that can be a real problem with batteries that have memory lithium ion won’t have that problem they’ve extended the runtime over the previous model they say but they’re still claiming the same hundred minutes of cleaning time and that’s pretty much hardwood floors and rugs always slow down robots and reduce the runtimes what we’ve been seeing about an hour and 15 minutes on average with bare floors with some low pile carpet area rugs thrown in there it has a replaceable filter that looks a lot like rumbas but is not HEPA so if you have allergies and you’re really big on that well that counts but then again here with most all of these robots just the act of cleaning out the Bannion throws enough dust in the air that there go your allergies anyway it’s your usual bump and go robot what that means is it it is random pattern there’s no intelligence there’s no mapping going on here like you would get say with a Samsung powerbot or with some of nito’s bod facts so yeah it’s gonna bump into things pretty gently and it’s very lightweight two point three four kilograms which is just over five pounds so it doesn’t bump at a lot of oomph and it does have IR sensors in the front so I noticed that it actually did often notice when it was coming up on something and they would try not to slam into them which is pretty good but it will eventually butt up against things so he can clean against the edges of things which is a good idea like Roomba it has spinning brushes two spinning brushes and the idea with these is they’re supposed to be running to pull the dirt inward into the front of the vacuum so it sucks it up that doesn’t always work as well as I would hope compared to particularly the room by using that same design there sometimes it would throw dirt far afield on hard floors where things can fly if it’s lighter kind of dirt you know very light potting soil if it’s something like sand that has some weight it’s not going to throw that so much those spinning brushes are removable there’s no screw or anything like that and speaking of the removable brushes the Wi-Fi app actually tells you your consumable use which is the the brush bar life or the main brush bar your spinning brushes and your filter and it does that based on how many hours you’ve run the device and the parts are readily available on Amazon which is an important thing just like Roombas you know you can get parts pretty easily you want to be able to keep it tuned up and running and all that sort of thing and you should even be able to get replacement batteries that’s one thing that I haven’t so thrilled with with Samsung’s power bought vaccines and seems pretty hard to get parts for those you don’t get any cameras for this range either which is fair enough so like I said no mapping no cameras none of that fancy stuff it has cliff sensor so it’s not going to send this off self off of the edge of your stairs it did fine with our oriental carpets I have dark borders it didn’t get stuck it didn’t get terrified and think that it was gonna fall over the edge or anything like that either it has a 300 milliliter dustbin that’s pretty easy to open up and clean and goodness knows I like that because who wants to call the dust coming back at you paper filter you can bang it out to get most of the dust out of it there’s a little sponge filter in there too and that thing is just kind of fiddling and annoying to get back into the right spot it’s washable though so there’s that and there’s no intelligence there’s no electronics in the bin so you can wash the bin out if you want to you can’t wash the paper filter don’t do that 300 milliliters is a reasonable amount to hold and I like the fact that it’s clear so from the back when you’re looking at you can get an idea of how full the bin is without having to actually pull it out like most rumors it’s pretty quiet too it’s 64 decibels that’s what they claimed and that’s what we measured to so it’s quieter than the average Robo vac and I thought well maybe that means the motors not that strong it’s not picking stuff up but actually it picks up just fine I didn’t see any indication this motor was any weaker than the average Roomba so where do you get the box well of course you get the robot you can see it’s not too bad-looking you know it’s a most robotic vacuum cleaner not like to die for in terms of looks it’s reasonably decent looking it’s got a matte finish here you know as we look around at the design here I noticed that the shark eye on that you’ll find for about so more money it really looks like the same robot to me they put a different top cover on the shark ion but the exact same bin the exact same underside roller design like uh-huh and of course you get the usual robot charging base which is right here and it’s really good at finding home in fact it’s better than most of the robots I’ve tested again like several Roomba models the samsung power but this one one thing it never messes up on this finding home and there’s a little Walmart charger for that now it takes a while to charge three to four hours is kind of a long time but well in this range we won’t complain and you get this remote not just a remote ladies and gentleman sounds like an infomercial doesn’t it but it actually has an LCD on here so it shows you the time and and if you’re doing other stuff on it you’ll get some information like if it’s at home it’ll show you the little docking symbol on there that’s kind of a nice touch that makes the remote feel a little bit more like you doing something like you’re in control if you’re not using the smartphone app which you probably will and the remote goes right here if you like I don’t know if many people are going to do that because I might get dusty near at the floor and you have to bend down to pick it up but that way if you the kind of person who loses a remote maybe I’ll help you and it takes two triple A batteries now as we look at the remote here you see you have driving control so you can send in any direction that you want this is the start/stop button right in the center the reversing button basically it does a 360 even though you can go back and it just does a 360 to accomplish the same thing the auto clean button is just what you think it is it just goes it automatically cleans until it runs out of juice and it goes back home you can send it back home using that button right there and then you’ve got controls for your spot cleaning your scheduled cleaning for Wi-Fi setup it has edge program as well if you just want to clean the perimeters of a room that works pretty well inside brushes do a good job there so you’ve got that you’ve got single room cleaning you’ve got full auto cleaning you get the idea that’s pretty pretty nice selection of functionality there when it comes to the cleaning pattern which is a random pattern really it was pretty indistinguishable from Roomba a lot of things obviously they have been studying what room has bee
n doing for years so for those of you who have ever looked at a Roomba which I’m sure many of you have it’s the same overall design right here you have the cleaning rollers in the center you’ve got the two wheels in the middle and they’re spring-loaded so they will adjust to the floor height basically based on gravity the weight of the robot and the movement of the wheels and you have your two little cleaning spinning brushes over here instead of Roombas which just has a one and the same roller in the front and just for comparison here is a Roomba 870 which was pretty state-of-the-art about two and a half years ago so now they have some newer models but pretty much the same idea so you had the same basic design Roomba has a bigger opening for the cleaning rollers right here and it has the double roller design which is supposed to be anti tangle so pulsing is in through the center instead of wrapping things around which is generally speaking pretty effective there and just to compare the other kind of robot out there this is the D shaped cleaner which has more of a traditional vacuum cleaner and kind of thing going on one big beater bar up front much wider much bigger opening here this is the Samsung powerbot r77 T which is going for around five hundred bucks or a bit less if you get coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond and it has bigger wheels here now the Anita Bott vac uses the same D kind of design the good thing about this kind of design is if you have the the opening at the front here it sucks things up so the wheels don’t drive through the dirt the cliff sensors on the robot are on the sides and on the front which makes sense you don’t need them on the back it’s not going to reverse itself over the stairs now I just wanted to make one comment about the brush and by the way you can’t open this up take the brush out and clean it you can replace it now we’ve run this for just a couple of hours and it’s already picked up a whole lot of hair it’s definitely not a self-cleaning kind of brush and you’ll see room on the power button some others now are just using the silicone brushes just this rubbery kind of material and avoiding this does this creates friction on rugs and can slow the robot down or really kill the battery life on and because this tends to pick up a lot more hair and get tangled so that’s kind of a minus but in this range okay it’s fair enough speaking of rugs they say this is for hardwood floors low pile rugs that you might have not for thick carpeting they tell you don’t buy this if you got it the car big old thick carpeting kind of house going on there so there’s that so here’s what the app looks like and again it’s available for iOS and Android both and it’s pretty reliable I have to say I’m like the finicky Samsung app for the Samsung power BOTS so you get your status there you see how much battery life you have left and you can do the directional control here just like you can with the remote I mean I don’t know what the benefit really abusing your smartphone for those things is you can start any of the programs that you want I suppose as handy as a second remote certainly for more than one person to be operating it and right here you can look there you go you can choose max power so if you know you got some real dirt going on there you can actually run it at max that’s a pretty nice feature scheduled cleaning tasks you can create a task here now one thing to note with this one is you can set it to clean everyday at 10 a.m. if you want or whatever time you like but you can set it to clean only on Tuesdays and Thursdays there’s no day of the week settings like there are on Roombas accessory service life tracking like I said you can see your side brushes your main brushes and your filtering this just based on how long you run it I’m sure and you can give it a name if you want and you can find it if you have misplaced it well no not really but you know how it is sometimes they get stuck they get lost under a bed somewhere after they’ve sucked up one of your socks or something like that so that’s what that’s for is get it to play a sound so you can find it speaking of getting stuck it did a pretty good job of not getting stuck I think it helps that it’s lightweight too so it can just run over things pretty easily I didn’t get too stuck on any of the power cords we had I would avoid skinny low USB cables though and it was pretty reliable for things like door jams or junctions rugs going up down the area rugs in the house no problem whatsoever there so it was pretty reliable again the cleaning patterns on it worked pretty well as far as a random cleaner goes and the overall cleaning in terms of that it filled it’s been just as much as the Roomba 870 in the room 870 is a pretty darn good robot so that’s pretty impressive there the only complaint I have is one that we’re going to show you now so here’s the are sort of scientific tests for Robo vacuum cleaners this is a container with some potting soil it’s a nice kind of has some lumps a little pieces of wood you know the idea so it’s little variety and you see that little green mark there that’s so after I throw the dirt on the floor and the robot sucks it all up hopefully I poured the the dirt out of the bin and back into this container to see how much was recovered so now I’m going to put it in spot clean mode to clean up this nasty dirt I have just thrown on the white tile floor let’s see what it does and watch what those brushes are gonna do and watch what the cats gonna do probably oh no don’t throw it out there don’t do it oh well you did like so you can see it through some of the dirt actually out of the range of the spotclean and there’s some of it that’s just well everywhere so this is only a problem at Spa clean like I said if you haven’t a room clean or auto clean it’s going to cover the whole area and pick up whatever mess it has spewed about in the process otherwise if you are using spa clean there is the remote control so I can just drive it and make it go and I’m turning it oh no it’s just spreading more oh well yeah yeah it may spread some more dirt in the process but you’ll get it all eventually there all right now we’re gonna try the same thing with the Roomba 870 which again dates from 20:00 late 2015 mid 2015 or so but still was a pretty high-end model the time it to be fair the few prevalent now still sells for about dirt is not flying everywhere so that’s the d-bots debat I think it’s Deva that’s the d-bots and the 79 s by echo vex and for the it’s really pretty impressive you know the the only complaint that I have with this is as you saw if you do the I spilled potting soil or whatever it’s going to be sand on the floor but particularly lighter weight things the the spinning brushes will throw some of that stuff off a far afield so if you haven’t set for room cleaning or for Auto cleaning it’ll get that stuff but if you’re doing spot cleaning that’s a little bit of a bummer but still all the other things considered it’s quite light it’s really low it’s the shortest vacuuming it shorter than the Roomba so like I said it goes under things that no robot has gone under before the Wi-Fi app is pretty darn decent on this as well and it’s pretty easy to clean you know it’s nice especially if you’ve used a room I don’t even have to pick out a little dirty.

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