ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector GPS for False Alerts Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we will show you complete of ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector GPS for False Alerts Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector GPS for False Alerts Black Friday Deals 2021

ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector GPS for False Alerts Black Friday Deals 2021
Taking a look at escorts newest radar detector the escort max 360 now I just did a full review of the detector we went into a ton of detail talking about the performance that features the false filtering we took a look at the inside of the detector to get a feel for what’s under the hood we went into a ton of detail with that but that videos over an hour long with test results and tons of videos and information

this is going to be basically the same idea but the short version of it we’re just going to cover the highlights to the detector so if you want kind of the short version of the review of the max 360 that’s what this is going to be about so cool what are we looking at well this is basically escorts kind of all-in-one jack-of-all-trades detector I pretty much you can just plug it in here on your windshield like this very easy to do and it’s got tons of bells and whistles all under the hood it doesn’t require much configuration now you don’t have to pair it with a cell phone to get all the basic functionality so if you want something that’s just easy to use and can do pretty much everything this is going to be a good choice the previous generation version of the detector was this guy right here this is the passport max2 which basically you plug it in and it can do everything for you automatically it’s pretty easy what they’ve done is they basically taken the max2 they’ve taken a v1 they’ve combined the two and merge them into one detector and now we’ve got the max 360 which is basically going to be like your max 2 except we’ve got arrows look at that so like the v1 we’ve got arrows they’ve changed and improved some of the things you’ll notice the arrows are blue they’re not red so you can actually customize the colors and there’s a bunch of things that they’ve done to actually improve things over what was done before so let’s just kind of jump into what we can expect here with this detector and what it’s all about well obviously we’ve got our arrows you’ve got one thing I do like is they do have a GPS chip built into the detector which gives us a bunch of benefits number one it can actually as you’re driving around it can learn where the false alerts are from grocery stores with those automatic door openers or speed signs any of those sources of falses it can actually learn them and automatically filter them out some other detectors can do it too but you’ve got to eat a press a button to do it manually or you’ve got to pair it with your phone and use your phone’s GPS this guy can do it all on its own and it can do it automatically without you having to press any button so it’s pretty handy in that sense it also has some blind spot filtering built-in this is one of the most annoying sources of false alerts and an every radar detector on the market every single one including this one is susceptible to it they’ve done some improvements with this one so you can get blind spot falling without having to enable TSR which is pretty interesting what that means is you’re not going to take as much of a performance penalty with the filters with this detector as you would with some of the previous ones and it can still do a pretty reasonably good job not perfect again no detector is but there’s been some improvements there you also have with a GPS chip you can when you’re traveling around at low speeds you can quiet the thing down if you’re not speeding or anything so just helps in town to deal with some of the other false alerts as well thanks to the GPS chip you’ve also got alerts for red-light cameras and speed cameras and speed traps suppose you’re driving around the detector we’ll let you know where they are there’s some improvements here over the competition there’s things like the database is updated weekly versus some other detectors maybe every couple months or haven’t been updated in over a year so you get really frequent updates the red-light cameras actually take into account what direction you’re traveling so if you’re going this way but the tickets are only issued in this direction you won’t get notified if it’s not actually a threat so it’s more intelligent than just saying oh there’s an alert at this intersection it also knows if it’s going to be a threat in the direction driving or not so it’s actually quieter so keep that in mind if you’re driving around and you see a sign but your detector doesn’t go off it may not necessarily be broken nothing’s wrong necessarily performance wise it’s going to give you pretty reasonable performance it’s not going to be the top-end detector on the market for those of you guys who are wondering how it compares to you know the traditional champ of long distance range the redline it will not actually be able to beat the redline when it comes to range what they’ve done is they basically just reuse the same platform in the max in the max2 and then they’ve added a rear antenna so the front antenna which is located right there same thing so it’s going to give you the same performance so realistically in the real world you’ll get adequate protection against most threats you’re not going to get the best performance possible so if you’re looking for performance and range you will want to look at something like a redline for example if you’re looking for something that kind of does everything it has its more easy to use it’s plug-and-play you don’t have to worry about segmenting your detector or using a bunch of Advanced Options if you want something that’s a little bit easier to use if you sacrifice a little bit in range this guy may be a better option for you so trade offs the detector also has Bluetooth built in so you don’t have to buy a Bluetooth module when you have the Bluetooth built in you’ll be able to pair it with your phone with the phone you can get real-time alerts to the cloud you can see where other people’s alerts are kind of handy ways if you never use that app is free you’ll actually get much more alerts that actually works better but with this guy is integrated with your phone so when you get an alert it’ll actually display both on that detector and on the phone and you have the option of reporting it to other people or you can say it’s a false and you can press the lockout button so pretty handy there you do have the phone integration available also makes it easier to go in and actually change the settings through the phone rather than the detector kind of nice another nice thing if you got it paired I’m not on the road right now driving I’m sitting in a parking lot in front of a Starbucks obviously but you can see what I’m driving around it can access a speed limit information you do need the phone for this when you have the speed limit it also displays right there so it’s kind of nice at a glance to actually see what the speed limit is on the road that you’re driving only the escort ones do this it’s not always accurate sometimes it doesn’t have the speed limit information it doesn’t take into account things like construction zones when you have temporary changes it’s not perfect but it’s kind of handy for the times when you know you want it you’re driving around in terms of reactivity a quick trigger it’s a very reactive detector it’s not the fastest fastest detectors especially the ones that use be srdr and can speed it up that way those detectors technically will be faster but for a detector that is sweeping the entire ka range in that respect it’s actually a very fast detector so pretty good in that respect the amount I actually like quite a bit it’s got the sticky cut mount so attaches that way and it also has a magnetic mount so you’ll notice I can just plug it in and there’s no buttons to press it’s really easy to remove really easy to put back on and it’s actually one of my favorite mounts now it’s pretty awesome in that regard there’s been some issues with bouncy mounts before with these ones they’ve actually made some improvements to the sticky cup so I know I can do that now and I’m cheating that’s not what it’s like in real life when you’re driving with the new sticky Cup it’s been improved over the previous gen sticky Cup so if you’ve had issues with bouncing maxes in the past the new sticky cup here is not going to have not going to lead to issues here so the detector is actually nice and stable so I really like that a lot what else have we got in terms of the build quality there’s been some issues with the previous gen maxes where the detectors actually uh they’d kind of split apart and that wasn’t a good thing hey officers how’s it going alright so with this one the build
quality is actually a lot better now so we don’t have the same issues with it with the case splitting in half or the panels falling off that kind of stuff the lens on the back has been improved so you’re not going to have the same issues with the lens falling off so good stuff there the detector is big it’s actually the biggest detector ever it’s it weighs like almost three-quarters of the pound so it’s heavy it’s big it can be an issue depending on where you’ve got it mounted in your car even in my car driving me out it’s kind of small but I can still mount there yes it does definitely block more you know my visibility than some other detectors but it’s still usable this thing because there’s a big gap there I can’t put it all the way flush with the top of my car like near the rear-view mirror so there’s still a gap there plus there’s the extra size but nonetheless it’s still usable in my experience your mileage may vary of course let’s see what else have we got I really like the new display it’s got the OLED display like the Mac’s there’s a bunch of information that it can display here on screen if we trigger an alert you see you can display front antennae rear antenna we can get our frequency as well that’s one thing that I do like over the v1 the v1 can do our arrows and whatnot but it can’t display anything as far as the frequency information so if you want frequency information with the v1 you’re going to have to pair it with a phone and that’s kind of what I mean is like this guy doesn’t require a phone to get all the really useful information you can just display it right here on the detector which is pretty handy now that said if you pair your detector with a phone you’ll get the extra functionality for all these detectors the v1 in my experience is better than the max 360 if you have it paired with the phone so this guy’s you can see it can do more here just on its own without a phone but if you pair it with the phone and if you run yavi One the Android app and I’ve done tons of videos talked about it all the time if you run yavi one that package if you take the time to set it up in my experience and for me I like it a lot better than what this guy has to offer I like that it can give me all the information for every single signal to strength the direction the band the frequency here I can get the frequency information but really only for one signal with this guy it will give me all the information for every single signal and that’s really really handy so I like the additional situational awareness that said there are some improvements here you’ll notice there’s a different colors like it was a blue arrow let me just pull this up real quick radar settings we’ll go we’ve got a couple different ways of displaying our arrows so we can do different colors out we can display our arrows just having one signal we can have our arrows displayed maybe two signals at a time we can have the colors set by what band we’re seeing so if we’ve got like a a ka-band alert that’ll be red if we’ve got a cave and alert that’ll be blue so you see we can display multiple signals at the same time like this and the arrows can be different colors and you can configure them to what you want so there’s some really cool options there and the colors make it easier to identify what’s going on versus the v1 where I know I don’t have it plugged in right now but all the lights on it are red and so it makes it a little bit tougher to tell at a glance what’s going on where this the colors here they do help so I like that as well let’s see what else do I have here in my notes the arrows they are a little bit laggy and what I mean by that is the v1 is really good where as soon as you pass the threat your arrows will go from front to back with the max 360 there’s some lag there on average it takes about 4 to 5 seconds for the arrows to flip from front to back I’ve seen as long as 9 or 10 seconds and it’s not a huge deal in practice but it does kind of defeat the purpose of having arrows if they’re pointing the wrong direction it’s not really that useful like yeah you’re going to slow down if you see ka sure great but I mean if you’re trying to figure out the officer that I just passed is that actually him the arrows are really useful for that but if they’re not actually pointing to the back when you pass the officer they really start to lose their value so they’re not that great in terms of accuracy and pointing in the right direction but they are helpful to have nonetheless I’m hoping that escort actually improves these to make them faster at changing around let’s see what else have we gots yeah let’s see let’s talk about some bugs okay the max was known for thirty three point six seven six ish false alerts really annoying bug where when you would pass a car with like a cabe and blind spot false Chevy’s were notorious for this it would display a ka-band threat which was not good because then you would get false ka-band alerts and if you have it paired with Escort Live it’ll then report it to the cloud and now every else has to deal with your false alerts to that issues sort of been fixed here you no longer have the 33.6 ex falses but there are now false alerts that happen around 33.4 ex ex in that range they seem to be triggered by other things and sometimes they’ll even get stuck on the detector where you can be driving around and the only solution is to turn off your detector and power cycle it so kind of annoying in that regard I don’t know if it’s related but there’s still some ka-band fall Seng issues that we’re seeing here with the max 360 the there’s some issues with I mentioned earlier the build quality is better the buttons here some people have had issues with like the paint on the buttons fading off or the buttons here they actually glow when you get a signal maybe you can see it right now in the daytime you can especially see it at night but the light actually shines through the buttons it’s almost like there’s a clear button with this sort of silvery paint on top and the paint is actually even on brand new detectors like the light will shine through and it looks like the paint is fading away it just kind of has this sort of cheapy vibe to it from that so I don’t know if they’re going to want to replace the buttons or anything it’s not a huge deal in practice just kind of more of like a cosmetic thing you know doesn’t impact the performance or anything but have noticed that a number of people have reported that issue and I’ve seen it as well so little minor details like that overall not a bad detector at all if you’re looking for something that you can just put on your windshield again plug-and-play you don’t have to mess with advanced settings like BS RDR it can scan the entire KA range so you don’t have to worry about at attune guns it’s easy to use you don’t have to set up much stuff you just plug it in and put it on your windshield you’ve got frequency information you’ve got arrows in that respect it’s a good option they fixed some of the bugs from the max like the the bouncy mounts there were some annoying high pitch beeps that it used and this one they fixed some of the beeps and stuff so there’s been some nice little improvements there in terms of laser detection still a max so the laser sensor in there will still suck I don’t know why they put such a bad laser receiver in these radar detectors it’s worse than you’ll see in like the v1 it’s worse than what you’ll see in the red line like the red line has a really good sensor hello okay so uh wrapping things up is it a good detector yeah like I mentioned it’s got a lot going for it um it’s the most expensive radar detector on the market it doesn’t have the longest range ever so if you do want all-out performance you are going to want to look maybe for another detector but if you want something that’s pretty easy to use that’s kind of one of the the main appeals of this detector it’s designed to kind of appeal to the masses you know it may not be the detector of choice for the enthusiasts because you don’t get all the control you’ll get with some of the other detectors and you don’t get the all-o
ut performance you know and in a radar detector the ability to detect radar ahead of you before you’re being clocked like that’s the main thing and this detector the max 360 is not especially great at it it’s pretty decent in most situations but it’s not that great so it really comes down to what you’re looking for so with that said should you get a max 360 I don’t know if what I’ve described sounds like what you’re looking for great go for it retails for 650 bucks online and yeah if I know I mentioned a couple times the redline this guy retails for 550 there’s also the Magnum which retails for 500 that’s a good detector as well it’s a redline with a different case in name the v1 it’s more customizable it doesn’t have the colored arrows but the arrows do work a little bit better on its own it’s not going to be as good as the max 360 realistically speaking but if you pair it with your phone and pair it with the avi1 the Android app you’ll get a better in my opinion a better all-around package than what this guy offers as long as you’re willing to do the extra setup pair it with the phone use the bluetooth dongle that kind of stuff for me that’s kind of my preferred package is it a better choice than the max – yeah I’d say for sure it solves a lot of the issues like the bouncy mounts for an extra 50 bucks you get arrows the blind spot filtering has been improved so you can actually run it without TSR which is kind of nice tsrm sure still would help – so does a lot of testing with that and all but anyways seems like it’s a fairly decent package here it’s not going to be the universally best detector ever there’s other choices that depending on what you need may be better maybe not but that’s pretty much a review of the Mac three-sixty I don’t think it’s going to be my preferred detector we’ll have to see still getting a feel for it I’ve been running for about two weeks or so I do prefer the extra control and customization and whatnot I do like higher performance whenever possible but nonetheless I think this is going to be a great detector for the masses in general if you don’t need or necessarily maybe know about I don’t know all-out range in performance this will be adequate for most situations and one of the cool things is yet it’s pretty easy to use plug and play does everything it gets quieter over time as it learns your false alerts doesn’t require you to press additional buttons to mute signals up over time so it has a lot going for it so there you go there’s a look at the max 360 you can take a look at my full review.

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