Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 Black Friday Deals 2021

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 Black Friday Deals 2021
This article is all about for the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

So I remember when my neighbor bought one of the very first RoboVac all the way back in 2006 a full year before even iPhones are out and I was extremely skeptical especially given which if I remember was around or so at the time and after using it for a while though he would always tell me it worked really good and I must admit his place always seemed pretty clear to me.

He had two big dogs so even so I still wasn’t sold because I didn’t think it was good enough to replace manual for sweeping and so I didn’t really get the point but then after a few years I had some other friends buy different robotic vacuums from Samsung and iRobot and all of them had pets too and they would also tell me these things work worked great and they were happy with him but I was still skeptical because even though I knew they worked I still kind of thought it wasn’t worth it especially considering these things still cost anywhere and I couldn’t see myself spending multiple when I could just easily bust out my regular vacuum or give the floors a quick sweep but the thing about it is I never really ended up doing that often enough and dust and crumbs accumulate pretty fast on bare floors and because I like walking around barefoot I was always having a brush stuff off my feet and just becomes really annoying so I decided it might finally be worth trying one of these robotic vacuums out in my own house now the highest-rated RoboVac on Amazon start at around which is pretty expensive in me but then all of a sudden I came across this euphy robot vacuum for only which is less than of any decent room but you can find and this completely changed the game for me so I merely got one to test out and see if it was worth it and this is my review so let’s take a quick look at what we get in the box I will tell you that it was packaged nicely you can see it’s pretty nice product this is not like a Chinese you know basically a Chinese kind of knockoff deal but I mean it’s not junky they seem to be a pretty legit company you can see they put cars here to make sure happy the English is not so terribly broken on it that is a pretty good sign you can see here do the instruction manual looks pretty nice so very simple its straightforward this thing is not so complicated I mean there’s definitely some remote functions on here that do some different things which I’ll go over in a little bit so here’s the machine right here it’s uh it feels like a pretty expensive device doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of machinery feels as good as any room buy I’ve ever picked up or anything like that now on the back side here is where you empty out the canister and I’ll show you that in just a second and then on the other side here what you have is a power switch where you plug in the if you want to charge it up manually instead of using its base now in the front of it is this bumper and that basically just allows it to turn around when it runs into things so it’s pretty critical part and then you can see the underneath of the machine here it basically looks almost identical to a RoboVac there is one a couple of differences here as you get to two sweepers in the front but then also the roller brush is has actual brush and some rubber fins where if you look at all the room but design it’s essentially just a rubber roll so to me I’m not an engineer but I would think that the brushes the brush would work a little bit better on the carpet you can see on the other side here has the same kind of wheel in the front that turns around and it also has these bigger rubber wheels which have a good amount traveling on what and so it helps the robot be able to go over different carpets or rather uneven surfaces you might have it also comes with these sweepers you put two of them on at a time you just snap them right down on to the machine.
They’re pretty snap on there really nicely you put two of these and what they do they just sweep the floor in the corners and on the edges when the room but can’t get to some spots and it helps clean it out better they also give you this cleaning tool which has a little blade inside so you can cut the hair off the roller and brush some other things out so it’s a pretty handy tool actually if you have a lot of long hair and then here’s the remote as I mentioned earlier we’ll go over all those functions later having a remote is very cool I think that’s a nice bonus and then here’s the filter a couple filters that go over the dust trap they seem to work really good doesn’t blow a lot of dust I didn’t really see any dust coming off it at all and finally you just have the charger base here this is where it docks when it’s done finishing and recharges itself and then you have of course the AC outlet that plugs into it but that’s pretty much it for the machine itself let’s check out how it works so that is the vacuum cleaner you can see a busy at work here in the kitchen and you know you just stop it with your fluid or you can just you know bend over and stop at any time to just pause it but what I wanted to show you up here first is where I keep it which is underneath this bar thing and you see I put the charger underneath now this device the the robot here is it’s a very slight amount over three inches tall and it’s it’s twelve and a half inches across in diameter so just keep that in mind you know where you want to consider putting it you know in your own place it can even fit under certain couches and stuff like that but anyway I had that going on I just pause it what I want to show you is kind of the layout of the area where this robot vacuum is cleanest so this is my kitchen here and you can see it goes back here and there’s some barstools here so it has to navigate through some of that and you know around the trashcan area obviously the tripods uji not here but then it goes out here into the entryway here so just want to clear I’ll clean all that area and then here are some steps that go down to the basement and obviously the robots built so it’s not gonna just go over steps and fall over us it will sense that edge and then you know I had this this is like my main living room here and you can see there’s some spot you know there’s area next to the side of the couch you know I have some carpet here which I’ll get to in a second but you can see I’ve liked the living-room area you there’s a lot of wood a lot of legs there of chairs doesn’t have a gate through all that all the time and you know it just goes back here in this corner and then underneath these chairs and then while it’s gonna say about this carpet it’s not terribly thick or anything you know I do have a little padding under this area rug so it the you people just easily roll over that and you know as you saw earlier it has those big rubber wheels it has the decent amount of travel in them so it can go up I mean out know exactly how high but it can climb up over any kind of thick carpet depending on you know what you have in your own living room or wherever and I want to mention you know I thought getting the robot when I first started using it it was gonna really need to map out the floor plan and kind of thinking you know it might be weird if this Ottoman will sometimes over here versus another place but you know after using it for a little while realize it doesn’t really matter because it just the robot goes really in like a random pattern so it runs for probably about an hour at a time so I’ll run it like you know two or three times a week at least about two or three times a week actually it just pretty much goes around randomly until it covers the whole so it’s really easy to work and you don’t have to worry about if you have stuff sitting out like we don’t usually have these boxes here and when we move these it’s not gonna like throw the robot off like I thought it might but it still does a really good job cleaning I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s really easy to set up when I first hooked this up and I just pretty much shoved it underneath the cabinet there on the charger and then I pressed you know.
I just pressed play on the remote and the robot just start running around cleaning it up so it was pretty sweet so here is the remote and I just want to go over our let’s just take a seat on the floor here I just want to go over the different functions if you’ll get in a focus you can see it has a little display on the top this has shows you what time time of day it is and here is the recharge button so if it’s running and you want to just send it back to the base you just press that button auto mode is actually the main mode that you want to operate the euphy in and you can see you can just pause it with that middle button but the auto mode will adjust this cleaning power and kind of run it in a more optimal way around your room it just is the most the structure manual says it’s the you know does the most efficient cleaning that way so you just hit auto and let it run for it then do its duty and then here’s the play button and and you can see these directional buttons if I want to drive it to go to a certain place I can it can back it up so that’s if you want to get to a certain cleaning spot I guess and then and then there’s some other modes down here this is the alarm you can see the down here you hit this alarm so you can set it to run at a certain time of date it’s not an alarm oh no I keep calling that the timer so you set what day or what day the not what day of the week it basically just runs at that same time every day so it’s not some it doesn’t have sophisticated scheduling but I don’t never schedule it I the way I run it is I just hit auto everyone so every couple days or whenever and I just let it run and do its thing and then you know when it senses it needs to be recharged it was as I head back to the base so that’s the best way I found to work it but anyway the the here is where you set the clock this button in the middle just to set the clock on it this is a target mode so if you hit this target cleaning what it will do and I’ll show you the clip here is the robot will just go in kind of concentric source ever-increasing concentric sized circles and then it will wind back itself back up and do the tight area from where it started so that you know this targeted cleaning just this if you have a spill or something like that in one area and be underneath after kids eating a bunch of of Cheerios or something now this bottom button on the left here is – if you just want to clean one room I never use that obviously why these you know because I have the openings here so it’s not gonna really know you know what a room is I don’t know why you would use it maybe in a bedroom with a closed door or something anyways I don’t really use that but it’s there for what’s worth and then max cleaning will just have the max suction power so if you have a lot of carpet you might want to just hit that mode and then here is um a quick not quick but an edge cleaning button so this will just what this will do is will set the robot out and it will try to go ahead and clean the edges as much as you can so once it detects a wall it will just stay along that wall so it gets all your edges if you having a problem with the robot you know not clearing edges but that’s essentially all the main modes it sounds like a lot but like I say the only thing I really do is I hit this Auto button every couple days and thing will do its magic so hopefully that explained the operation of it what I want to show you is show you some more clips of it in action and and we’re gonna take a look at the bottom side real quick after it’s done and after I empty it so you can get a sense of really the kind of work it’s doing so obviously got empty this once and while I probably empty about once a week or so and just depending on how dirty your floors are you know you can see when it’s docked here it has this lever you just press down and pull this cartridge out and empty it out which is really convenient and then when you want to plug it back in you just slide it back in like that you don’t have to you know pull the robot out from where it is or anything to get at the at the tray so that’s nice and you can see here this is really just from one maybe two times running and all you do to empty doubt is you just lift it like that and you can see how much stuff it picks up which is pretty amazing but anyway there’s the filter here so this is so worried dust doesn’t blow out everywhere showing you where that filter gets put he just pull it out replace it I mean all these parts you can get they’re replaceable you can get replacement parts if you need online easy enough and then all I really do is uh just dump this out every once in a while and that’s it floors are clean and then I plug this back in and we are good to go there are a couple drawbacks using the robot vacuum as well you can see here sometimes it gets wedged underneath my fridge you might have different places where it gets stuck but when it does get stuck it just kind of beeps and you just come over here and it will beep and turn itself off is all you have to do is just come and start it up again you can see also too you can’t really you don’t really want to have something like your back door open when it’s running it will tend to go sometimes here you can see it does get caught on the lip but other times it got it out on the deck so you don’t really want to have open doors when you’re running it and then finally is regard to getting tangled with cables and things like that so I have my art phone charger cable sometimes hangs on the floor and if I forget to pick it up you know the robot will get tangled a lot of times it will pull itself free or just pull the cable out out of the wall so it’s not a huge deal but it would be a huge deal if you had something like a drink or anything like that set next to it and you know got tangled up and pulled the drink off the counter come home to a pretty big mess and I might even spill on the robot so you’ve got to be wary of that the other thing also is if you have a pet that poops in your house I would recommend not running this on any kind of schedule because it will just go over in smear stuff all over the place and I know this because it happened to a friend of mine they came home and there was streaks everywhere and pretty much the robots ruined after that so just something to be aware so I hope that answers any questions you might have had overall for me I’ve been extremely happy with this thing it works better than I ever thought and I honestly never feel the need to sweep the floors anymore and of course it’d be really nice if it had Amazon echo compatibility built in like some of the more expensive ones I’ve seen or like the other day when I meant to run it before I left the house I forgot to start it and I miss not being able to run it from app on my phone by this to me it’s not really a huge deal if you think about it it’s just an amazing time.

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