Fire HD 10 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we will show you complete of Fire HD 10 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

Fire HD 10 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021

Fire HD 10 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021
yo what’s up everybody it’s your boy floss back again with another video and today we’re gonna take a look at the Amazon Fire HD 10 with Alexa now this is Amazon seventh-generation tablet they combined us on Amazon. Let’s run through the features and the specs real quick now you get a 10.1 inch HD display with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 now you also got a micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to 256 gigs

this has a quad core processor dual band AC Wi-Fi front and rear cameras and Dolby sound system alright so let’s go through this one Bob one fast and responsive with full HD display now you’ve got a brilliant 10.1 inch 1080p HD display that’s 1920 by 1200 up to 1.8 gigahertz quad core processor 2 gigs of ram and a long lasting battery now you got up to hunt up to 256 gigs of expandable storage for offline viewing now this is designed for widescreen entertainment videos games and web content look and sound amazing with more than 2 million pixels stereo speakers and Dolby audio now you can seamlessly stream your favorite TV shows and movies with dual band 8 or 2.11 AC Wi-Fi that means a strong connection massive selection of content shop millions of movies TV shows songs Kindle books magazines Android apps and games including Facebook HBO Pandora and more watch downloaded videos anywhere with Prime membership or Netflix subscription now this features Amazon Alexa so you can ask Alexa Alexa provides quick access to the information and entertainment you want using your voice use Alexa to ask questions or to play your favorite song or video open apps and games show sports scores hear a joke get the news display the weather and more now this is great for the whole family built in class parental controls let to manage screen time limits educational goals and web browsing to fit kids needs as they grow give kids access to age-appropriate content including over 40,000 curated websites and videos now if you buy this you get exclusive features only available from Amazon and hence your experiments with features you only get from Amazon such as blue shade ASAP whisper sync x-ray on deck and more all right so what’s included in the box you get the Fire HD 10 tablet that’s the seventh generation you get the Amazon 9 watt power adapter USB charging cable built-in rechargeable battery personalized special offers and sponsored screen savers which will be disabling immediately now we also got the case I’ll get into that in a second alright so let’s pop this open to see what it is ok now remember this is a 64 GB version alright so that’s pretty much it so here’s your tablet this is gonna be your set-up guide also known as usual books and it follows to the side now this is USB to micro-usb ISO no USB type-c and here’s your charging brick all right let’s give something to play with and let’s take a look at the tablet schedule right here we go alright oh wait a minute a let’s see fire tablets do more with your fire tablet okay we’ll do that later first out of the box nice and lightweight has a matte feel on the back big Amazon Brandon there’s your camera power button there’s your micro USB charging cable got a mic headphone jack volume up and down ok now we’ll play with this we’ll see what that button does in a minute another side here’s two speakers guys let’s see if we got quad speakers I said we got dual speakers ok pretty much it front facing camera so let’s power this up see if we got any juice there it goes I said that is the power button we’ll see what this button does right here in a second this might be a sim tray unless yep there it is I so that’s your trick now your SIM tray for your micro SD card slot alright so basically let me I’ll power this up will download some apps and we’ll go through the whole West and see what it looks like talk amongst yourselves alright Josh I’ll be back in now I just put my information in the tablet I downloaded some apps and some games tested out the camera the speakers the display Amazon Alexa and I use yet now I got a bunch of inexpensive tablets and they all suffer from the same problem lag so far I haven’t seen any lag on this one yet and that’s because it’s pretty much stuck pretty much smooth I so let’s check it out first things first build quality now you got your soft matte feel on the back minimum fingerprint status it is plastic but it definitely doesn’t feel cheap at all now let’s power this up from the front now eat your button on your lockscreen you’re gonna get some ads so you got a few things now you can see your battery percentage your Wi-Fi connection whose tablet it is you can swipe this way check out some ads unlock it or take it straight to your camera now here’s your home screen now during this video pay attention to how smooth this tablet is running here’s your home screen now if you familiar with Amazon this looks the same as your amazon firetv so from the home screen you’ve got new items now I did download the fire and fury book now I’m not trying to get political but this is a good book to read very entertaining plenty of jokes now there’s a lot of bloatware on here basically a lot of Amazon apps pre-installed we’ll go through those in a minute what you got your basic apps you got your calculator your clock the weather all your basic Amazon apps now if you want to hit Amazon Alexa you just hold down the home button what time is it let’s try one more what’s the weather for today all right 38 degrees now on a side note everybody keeps asking me no not Jamaica the West Indies Jamaica New York I there’s a part of New York called Jamaica Queens all right let’s keep it moving all right real quick let’s go to the settings now when you swipe down look how zerks when you swipe down you got your quick toggles so there’s my Wi-Fi connection you could put it in airplane mode you got blue shade mode so blue shade mode is if you wake up in the middle of the night and you want to check your messages or maybe you want to do some nighttime reading it’s gonna dip in the screen a little bit so it’s gonna be less murder on your eyes you got do not disturb you got your camera help auto rotate and settings all right so let’s go to settings real quick now this is pretty much like a stock Android device so you got your wireless let’s check storage now after all of these pre-installed apps you still got 53 gigs available so do the math if you get the 32 gig subtract it for yourself with 64 gigs almost 10 gigs of pre-installed apps matter of fact maybe a little less because I did let down load a couple of other apps all right so let’s see house you got our power I see you got our maximum battery life you got low power mode automatic low power mode automatic smart suspend so basically what that will do is turn off your Wi-Fi if you’re not using the tablet you can schedule a smart dispersed Scott Tong time smart suspend so say if you know you work 9:00 to 5:00 and you’re gonna leave the tablet at home you can schedule this to be disconnected from Wi-Fi from 9:00 to 5:00 so this way everybody else in the house get a little bit of connections let’s say you got events you got display settings all the basic stuff now you got your Alexa settings device options really no features and gimmicks on this pretty much simple and straightforward ice let’s exit out of that so there’s your homepage now if you swipe one over to the left you got your reasons so as you can see I was on YouTube I was playing a video game jerks I was playing a video game camera taking some pitches back to home screen all right so let’s wipe over one and I here’s your books now here’s the last book I was reading and on the side note if you’ve got a cat you better download this book it’s called how to tell your food cat is plotting to kill you this book is straight comedy now I open it up real quick let’s see it just so I can get an idea of what what this looks like if you read them books alright so we’ll close that real quick alright so here’s your book now I was pretty much at the end but you’re just me swiping this is like a like a comic strip book but it’s pretty funny I don’t want y’all to see too much because I don’t want to ruin it for y’all if you are gonna download it but trust me download how to how to tell if you can’t it’s plotting to kill you alright so you got all your books right here scroll over one more video now this is connected to my Amazon account so this is the last video I was watching Lords of the mafia so let’s see how this is gonna look if you’re watching a video let me just like the screen down I had a little bit of cat hairs on it
alright so here’s the series let’s do our Russian mafia let’s see matter of fact we’ll resume we’re resuming when I was just watching now two speakers on this sound pretty good I was watching the Lucchese crime family taking some notes I let me exit out of this alright so we’re back out of that alright so basically you can see for yourself all your videos and movies that you watch on Amazon you go watch right from your tablet scroll over one more games alright let’s check out a game I was playing subway surfer alright now if you ain’t hear about my subway surfer skills getting ready to find out I’m trashed I let’s all tap to play all right here we go subway surfer sounds good you see very fluent one thing I gotta say on this tablet no lag yet I’m gonna do a little bit more and show you how some of my skills watch this watch this look at that look at look at the skills look at look at the boy watch this watch this wait the last second come on man now y’all know one it who wanna watch this Oh last thing I know I’ll be having too much foot all right so that’s awesome that’s subway surfing let’s quit all right so that’s your games tab basically thousands of games to choose from the salt straw and you can search also scroll over one more shop now this is your basic Amazon shopping page all right so go shopping now here’s your apps now you got a bunch of apps you got Netflix YouTube CBS facebook Messenger let’s go to now YouTube real quick this way we could test out the display and also the speaker’s right now I was watching off the clash injustice look how beautiful this looks great viewing angles bottom firing speakers but it’s two of them they sound nice and loud I got a more men who decide nope cakes and get rekt alright let’s get out of here all right so that’s YouTube let’s uh pours all right now seems pretty much Android style buttons on the on the bottom so you got back home and recently used apps so if I hit the recently used apps you see I had a bunch of apps open in the background they still running all right so this is your apps tab thousands of apps to choose from scroll over one more music alright so you got your full Amazon library audible now when I downloaded fire in theory I was gonna listen to it on the plane while asleep so I got the audible book but you got all your books and your books are all your audible stuff and then you got newsstand alright so if you’re into politics if you’re into the you know the latest trends Wall Street Journal the post time blah blah blah and you got your store that’s pretty much it now let’s go to camera now the camera function on this is basic all right if you go to settings not too many settings just the image photo ratio panoramic let’s do a little point and shoot why – all right now let me show you how some pictures I already took matter of fact um there we go whole struggle alert oh here we go I’m pressing the wrong button alright so here’s the picture I just took not the best camera in the world but it gets the job done did a little video zurk strolling as usual got a nice picture right here picture quality on this not the best not the best but this is cool if you it now a lot of people ask me why don’t even put cameras on tablets well it’s like this if I’m right here say I mom Sam reading this book I’m just chilling on my couch reading the book and then all of a sudden Xerxes is on the floor doing something cute I could just exit out real quick pull out my camera and catch that moment without going to dig through my phone and all that other stuff now one thing I want to mention don’t be that person I don’t take this to your daughter’s graduation or your sons your son’s recital and be that person trying to take a video of pitches with a big tablet I don’t be that person people behind you want to take pictures to have a little courtesy not to mention the cameras on this the resolution ain’t that great so if you’re getting good memories taking with your phone overall like I said on a scale of 1 to 10 this is a major major major go I’m so impressed with the speed of this alright not a build quality and everything is good but I’m impressed with the no lag status and like I said I got a bunch of budget tablets and they all try to have the latest Android OS or maybe you know two Android OS is behind and they always try to have a fancy skin and that causes them to lag and slow down with the Amazon tablet I like how they kept it simple and smooth so everything just works I was watching American dead Nazi death squad I’ll be watching some crazy stuff I know that’s pretty much it so now let’s take a look at the case now we got the Fire HD 10 cover this one is gonna run you alright this is a charcoal color let’s see how this looks okay now this is actually pretty nice let me do the smell test on this quality smells like quality file that to the side you got a cutout for your camera now this tom does double as a stand that’s why it has that hold if you ever bought the Incipio esquire case ya know that’s one of my favorite ones has that sweater that sweater kind of feel to it this one has it also little amazon brandon will slap the tablet in and figure out how this works alright so once you slap this in let’s see let’s see how okay here we go hold up oh let us take it all right my bad y’all I had a little brain freeze but most tablet cases are made to watch videos in landscape mode this one is designed for portrait mode so here’s how it looks on your tablet beautiful when you open it up it automatically activates your screen and if you want to watch a movie or read your book in portrait mode you just fold the case unfold it from the other side and you can watch the movies or read your books just like this anyway this to Amazon Fire HD 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 this is a major major major go I highly recommend this let me know what y’all think about this shout out to everybody

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