FUJIFILM X100F Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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FUJIFILM X100F Black Friday Deals 2021

FUJIFILM X100F Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete of FUJIFILM X100F Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

They were talking about whether or not it’s worth picking up the Fujifilm at X 120 19 so I personally was curious about buying one of these cameras for my personal use and so I asked BMH if they would be willing to let me loan this camera for a period of time and they were kind enough to let me borrow it for this review.

So if you’re interested in picking up this camera we’ve provided a link below in the description for your buying purchasing needs this camera came out in February of 2017 which means this camera is well over 2 years old and he’s totally due for an update in fact the Fuji rumors are stating that this camera is ready to be updated hopefully this year with the fujifilm x100t even with the update around the corner I think it’s worth picking this camera up because you can get them now secondhand for a pretty decent price at around compared to what they are brand new at around anyways with all that being said let’s see what’s packing inside of this tiny little pocket camera well it’s not really pod camera inside the x100 F we have a twenty four point three megapixel aps-c x-trans CMOS three sensor this is the same sensor that we see in the XH 1 the XT 2 the X Pro 2 and several other fuji cameras it’s got a fixed 23 millimeter lens which is roughly the equivalent of a 35 millimeter on a full frame body with an F 2.0 aperture it’s got a hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder a 3-inch 12.0 4 million LCD monitor which is not a touch display by the way full HD 1080p video recording up to 60 frames per second a 91 point AF with 49 phase detects auto focus points extended iso range of 50 1200 with a maximum burst rate of 8 frames per second in the mechanical shutter mode so all those specs are fine and dandy they’re a little outdated because again this camera came out in 2017 but what makes this camera so special is the actual handling and use of it and it’s something that I was curious about because I’ve never used one of these before seen so many people talked so highly of the X 100 series in the past and I just never had an opportunity to use it in an everyday scenario because this lens is fixed to this body you can never take the lens off giving you only one lens can use ever and there are some modes here where you can zoom the lens in it actually will crop in at a fifty millimeter and a seventy five millimeter equivalent so it’s kind of neat you can also buy a telephoto adapter or a wide-angle adapter but really it’s all about using just this this one lens this one body this small lightweight design and having a round your neck it’s kind of like a piece of art isn’t it nice just like it’s so fashionable just leave it there right on my Fupa there’s just something kind of zen-like about this camera it’s simple it’s easy to use the dials are nice and clicky the handling is pretty good it’s a little small I would not really compare this to the raikou gr how do you say it Rico Reiko there’s a Rico Rico I don’t even know how to say it I think it’s Rico but I really would not compare this to the raikou dad comment this lens is completely different this is a 35 millimeter versus a 28 millimeter equivalent we also have an optical hybrid viewfinder which I really like and I want to talk about also got a little nipple here or a little joystick as you would say which I really prefer over obviously having just a d-pad on the raku the new Raikou rico daggum it has a touchscreen on it which is really nice I wish this at a touchscreen I’m kind of rambling a little bit basically this is not something that I would truly compared to the Ricoh GR because those are so different cameras this is really like a mini Leica or a poor-man’s Leica which I really like alike which I like a lot so let’s talk about some of the handling of this camera and why I have really enjoyed using it in my everyday life first off the buttons the clicky buttons are fantastic everything about this camera is tactile and it’s easy to use if you’re used to these kind of mechanical dials which I really like the shutter dial here is totally selectable all the way up to 4,000 of a second you can also change your ISO by pulling up this little thing here it’s really kind of hard to do I don’t really like that I wish that you came up with a better way to change your ISO because that is a little fiddly and I’m not a huge fan of the way that works it’s clever and it’s an interesting way to do it but it would have been nice to maybe I don’t know put it somewhere else the aperture ring is also really nice I like having an adjustable aperture ring on the outside that’s perfect I wouldn’t change thing about that and the camera has a built-in ND filter which I really love.
Let’s talk about the hybrid a viewfinder which I find to be really interesting and different in some ways it’s a terrible viewfinder in other ways it’s great the EVF quality is unfortunately not very good it’s pretty low resolution and especially in 2020 when you’ve got cameras like the XT 3 here or the nikon z6 which we’re shooting on right now those EVF are just incredible there’s almost no lag and the sharpness and resolution the color everything just looked great and using the digital EVF of this camera is kind of depressing because it’s really not very good but if you just set that aside and forgive it as a 20-17 camera it’s totally fine and completely acceptable because when you actually look at the images that this camera takes on a computer I’ve always been impressed with the image quality and that’s something that I’ve always seen in Fujifilm cameras but if that UVF is still really bad and you just can’t deal with it there is an optical viewfinder mode essentially what it is is a hole right here on the side of the camera in fact when I look through here right now I can actually see the lens through this this is not using a mirror or anything and going out the lens because this is a mirrorless camera so the only way to see what the lens is seeing is by using an e V F which you have the ability to do but in this optical mode which is really fascinating I’m actually able to see frame lines of what my image is going to be because the math of where this optical viewfinder is – the lens and proximity is able to kind of guesstimate where the frame is going to be there’s a built-in flash right here on the front it’s kind of cute it’s there it’s not something you’re gonna really use very often it kind of makes the camera look cool it’s something you can use in a pinch but I wouldn’t really recommend it in fact I got some images where you could see the shadow of the lens because it’s so close to the lens so it’s not super usable it’s not super practical so I suggest using the light pix flash q which is what I used on this camera it’s just super small goes right on the hot shoot you have a detachable flash you can point it in any direction you got little gels you can use for colors I really enjoyed using that flash with this camera and it’s kind of a match made in heaven because they’re both so small and compact I really like how on the side of the camera here is your selection for your autofocus I find that to be a little bit better than the xt 2 xt 3 format of putting it on the front here got manual focus continues and single point on focus the continuous focus mode on this camera is decent it’s a little wonky it’s a little pulse ad so I found myself using the single autofocus point the most and it’s the most useful having a center autofocus point or I can use the joystick and move that point around and get my focus lock it and then take the picture the battery life of the x100 F is totally fine completely acceptable for an all-day use it can range between 200 shots and 400 shots depending on how to use the camera on the side here we do have a mic input however it is a mini mic input it’s not a full 1/8 inch input like a rode videomic so you do need to use a little dongle adapter kind of annoying of a micro HDMI port and a USB micro it’s not USB C unfortunately again remember 2017 this camera it is interesting that they decided to put a mic input on this camera I’m actually a little surprised that they did because the video on this is good enough for a 1080p the color looks great of course it’s fuji colors but it’s not something i would really recommend using the autofocus is pretty terrible for video so you’re gonna wanna shoot manual focus so not a video camera but it’s there if you need it I find the grip on this to be non-existent it’s very hard to hold it to be completely honest and there’s a lot of accessories to help with that you can get an extension grip made by Fuji or you can buy any third-party extension grips which I think would really help with the gripping of this camera you can also get a thumbs up which is kind of typical of Leica cameras it goes into the hot shoe and it gives you a little thumb rest which is nice and because this cameras been around for a while there’s a whole bunch of amazing third-party options with this camera this has the whole slew of picture profiles that were used to with Fuji film cameras with the exception of Eterna and F log which came with the XT 2 which was released after this camera was released and there’s really nothing much to say other than of course the colors just look amazing my two favorite profiles are the classic chrome profile and the a cross black-and-white profile both of those are amazing.
I find I’m shooting JPEGs mostly on this camera again I’m only taking pictures of my family and kind of just casual pictures so I don’t want to deal with RAW files and having amazing colors straight out of this camera with the JPEGs is super handy dandy and again it’s small lightweight which I really love this camera has a cult following this is a very popular camera with a lot of photographers for a lot of reasons it doesn’t have the most amazing specs in the whole wide world but the lens is great it’s got a great depth of field it’s small its lightweight and it kind of has again this zen-like use case where it’s just everything you need in one small package that you can carry around with you and heck it looks so sexy but look how pretty it looks it looks like a little Leica a little film camera you can just walk around with this and people are impressed by it they’re like oh nice camera it happens a lot I’ve actually think this is just a really special niche kind of camera and it’s fun to have it and I really like using it even though it’s slow and the autofocus isn’t the best and the EVF isn’t very good it just really comes down to the fact that it’s a joy to use and the images that it creates are amazing this is a great gateway camera for people who are wanting to get into photography and want to exercise using shallow depth-of-field and having something that’s very practical and easy to carry around this one lens is gonna force you to learn how to compose properly and how to zoom with your feet rather than with a zoom plus you get a nice shallow depth of field with the f/2 lens and the picture profiles and the sensor on this camera are really gonna help you because I mean the pictures just look so good without even having to try so having this camera as a beginner is a great way to start and as somebody who just wants to take pictures of their family this is a really sexy option rather than taking pictures with your phone so let’s cut to the chase isn’t worth buying this 2017 camera in 2020.

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