Garmin Forerunner 935 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Garmin Forerunner 935, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Garmin Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit Black Friday Deals 2021

Garmin Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you complete of Garmin Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

Facebook straight from VC R here save recommends newest wearable the 935 I know this is actually the four hundred 935 and not the four hundred 935 xt in fact Garmin’s dropped the xt off of this that you may have expected from a triathlon watch in favor of just basically saying it’s a watch good for anyone

I mean it’s good for runners it’s good for triathletes they know that you know if you look at the past history grandma naming of watches it’s always been the ninth NXT or sorry I mean 3:10 XT the ninth XT the 9:20 X key 735 XT and now just the 935 and that is again because they believe that this is I runners wasjust as much as it is a triathletes watch which gets to the next point this is really better name the phoenix 5 p 4 plastic because this is in effect simply a phoenix 5 in a plastic shell that’s it like if you know everything that you want to know about the Phoenix 5 right now you can just go off and find a better video to watch of like puppies or something because this is simply a phoenix 5 in a plastic shell still it’s a very capable Phoenix 5 in a plastic shell and it does actually have Wi-Fi which is one interesting tidbit that you know some of the Phoenix 5 models which started a hundred bucks and more than this don’t have Wi-Fi and so speaking of this comes in at so 100 hours cheaper than the Garmin Phoenix 5 and even cheaper than the ones with the sapphire Edition with Wi-Fi in it there are only two models of this right now there is a base model that is black and there is a try bundle at ice black the only way you can tell the difference is on the edging here this has this brilliant high light yellow neon color around the edge there around the button on the try bundle whereas the base bundle has a like silver edging on the outside of it the Tri bundle comes with both this super-bright construction neon yellow strap as well as a black strap so you basically a bull straps whereas the base bundle comes with just the black strap so let’s pretend that you know nothing about the Phoenix 5 because if you do know something with the fina fires again its exact same watch but if you don’t let’s say that you’re coming from something like the 735 XT or the Phoenix 3hr how is this different well if first off it’s got a new optical sensor on the back of it so this optical sensor matches of the Phoenix 5 series which means it’s not just slimmer but it’s actually totally revamp inside to get lower battery profile that lower battery profile means that it’s going to record 24 by 7 at a 1 to 2 second interval versus in the past garments optical sensors recorded anywhere from a few seconds to like a few hours like it’s all over the map sometimes it was you know every 5 to 15 minutes but now it’s legitimately every 1 to 2 seconds which gives you better resting heart rate data it gives you better a kind of overall day-to-day data but what about workouts cuz that’s what we really care about for example is this a little sensor any better on workouts and what I’ve seen is this basically the same as the Phoenix spot meaning that for running workouts it’s pretty solid I haven’t any problems with for example intervals you know major shifts and pace major shifts in heart rate intensity no problems are running you some minor nuances like the beginning of a run for a minute or two where it seems to be a little bit slow to catch up but that’s even the case with a lot of chest drops too so I’m not super concerned about that first minute or two cycling is a different story cycling indoors on a trainer no real problems it’s pretty stable it’s pretty steady but when I go outdoors depending on the road surface I get a lot of in accuracy issues there sometimes it’ll be like spot on especially like a really stable interval so if you’re a triathlete in Aero bars and you’re keeping a really stable at pace it’s generally pretty good but if you were like sprinting on a rough road surface that’s where I find it it tends to be a bit that’s awesome so for that I’m personally gonna use a heart rate chef strap or a optical sense like a skoshe found Severson like that that’s based on my arm that I just have more trust in but overall it’s certainly improvement compared to the past so speaking of heart radiator the next new thing we have is the inclusion of a bunch of new firstbeat analytics these came to the Phoenix 5 as well and this is the new training status and training load pieces so what this allows you to do is to go ahead and track your training productivity status over the course of multiple workouts now this feature does take at least a couple weeks to get going and really doesn’t start to like optimize itself until most a month in and so it does take a while to see those but the first you’re gonna get is your fitness so for example is your fitness increasing it are the workouts.
You’re doing right now contributing to fitness or they not helping and the next you’re gonna get your load basically is your workout load increasing as a decreasing of those things and that’ll all vary based on the type of workouts you’re doing so for example if you’re doing like junk workouts where you may be going out for like a 20 minute easy run that’s not like focused on recovery but just sort of like it’s it’s effectively a junk work I’ll call it is what it is it’s not really helping this will actually tell you that it’ll simply say hey your workouts right now are not productive to what you’re doing all that is based on first beats pro suite they’ve been using for years with pro athletes and now they’ve basically a garment as license it from first beat to put in this watch here as well as the Phoenix 5 again the exact same software there and so far it’s pretty good like it’s impressive to see it seems to nail what I’m doing you know if people that have followed me a long time and I’m not really a big person when it comes to all the training recovery metrics that you see on watches I think most the time they’re crap but so far both on this on the Phoenix 5 & 9 35 what I’ve seen of last three months and using these watches is that pretty good like it seemed to be tracking fairly well you’re also gonna get of course a lot of same measure you saw in the past so for example you get the running vo2 max you’ll get cycling via 2 max you’ll get to recovery hours you’ll get your training load as a number now then load number is gonna be unique per individual so my load right now 466 in the optimal zone may be different than your load at a different cinema because my training isn’t one level versus someone else a different level and they could be higher or lower than me so do keep that in mind when you see that the goal though is to keep it in the RET or in the green so I thought the red the red means you’re training too much and the blue means you’re simply not training enough next you’re gonna get FTP for example so functional functional threshold power with a power meter and that does take some time as well to mature and adjust on this unit so the numbers you see on day one are gonna be a little bit off and in my case I just reset the firmware here so it’s also gonna be a bit off as well until I do a few more strong workouts to show it that I’m more powerful than it thinks I am finally you’re gonna get the race predictor this you’ve seen on a lot of government wearables now for a couple years that’s simply based on running vo2 max sort of takes running vo2 Max it takes your gender and your age and it looks up in a big table and it says your race predictor times or these and you know in general I find these race predictor times pretty valid it’s not gonna it’s gonna assume that your vo2 max matches the capacity you have in your legs and your mental strength to complete in that time but you know when I’ve basically been at my peak and training and I seen the correct vo2 max number that I’ve had measured elsewhere it’s pretty much spot-on like it was ridden like thirty seconds my marathon PR which it’s pretty good I would say so as I mentioned most sports standpoint this is the same as a Phoenix five so it’s God you know run indoors run outdoors bike indoors bike outdoors I open water swimming pool swimming golf even like it’s gotta mean tons and how’s the sports here it has navigation of the Phoenix five as well by the way if you can hear that banging.
I’m sorry they’ve decided to I don’t know what the heck they’re doing up there there’s banging on a metal pole by the looks of it sorry again anyways from a navigation standpoint that’s what most interesting about this watch is because it’s using that Phoenix five base you’re gonna have all those navigation features you’re not gonna get maps on it so it’s not like the Phoenix 5 X that does have full on maps but you do get breadcrumb Trail navigation and you get the full breadth of navigation including the barometric altimeter usage and all that kind of stuff that you would not have found on the 735 a year ago so that’s where we start to differentiate yourself and the 735 compared to this this has a barometric altimeter that does not this has the updated optical sensor that does not now there are some minor difference between this and the Phoenix 5 in actually just one difference on the fact that this actually has a quick release kit and the Phoenix 5 does not which is really super strange to me because a phoenix 5 a cost a whole lot more and be both watches will be used for triathletes and so the fact that that doesn’t have one is sort of odd here’s to hoping that Garmin does release that soon though or announces it soon I don’t have a quick-release kit right now they won’t be available to the end of April so do keep that in mind if you’re planning on buying the bundle the bundles do sound like they’re gonna be delayed a little bit longer towards the end of April whereas the straight-up watch by itself will be available immediately today in fact now before we talk size comparisons and kind of details between this and some wheeler watches out there the astute of you may have noticed a small little pod or doohickey sitting on my jeans its entire time and this is the Garmin running dynamics pod this was also announced today what this does is it takes the metrics previously found in jerem try and the HRM run heart rate straps so things like vertical oscillation and ground contact time and balance and it puts them into this tiny little pod that you can just simply wear on the back here running shorts so you go ahead and just take this you put in the back here running shorts and now you get those same running that’s metrics that you would have previously had to wear a chest strap for I may be wondering why Garmin would do this well with optical sensors now and watches that meant you were having a basically duplicate things you had to go in you need to buy another chest strap to get those metrics or you had to go ahead and just forego the metrics all together so this pod now works with the Phoenix 5 the 935 and the 735 XT in fact it already works with all three of those so you can actually pair it up today if you have it nearby it’ll find automatically you’ll see in the sensors menu here in the coming days or weeks for firmware updates but it works fairly well you can check out my entire video on just the pod up there in the corner I basically walked through how it works and I tested it against a HRM runner hm try chest strap so that’s something to to consider if you do like those metrics I’m I’m kind of personally a bit more like blah the metrics but they’re an option for you and there’s actually some cool things that does that you don’t forget the pod there so like reminder messages that pop up after the run after you’ve closed out the workout they say hey dummy don’t forget your pod is on your short so doesn’t go through the wash machine and then a dryer and then bad things so that’s kind of cool speaking of pods like the Phoenix 5 this now works with Bluetooth smart sensors as well so you compare it to a Bluetooth smart heartrate straps due to smaller speed and cadence sensors on cycling Bluetooth smart foot pods for running and Bluetooth smart power meters for cycling as well also on the sensor front as I mentioned earlier I think I mentioned earlier this does not work in the water from a optical sensor standpoint meaning that this is of course totally waterproof down to 100 meters or 50 meters but you’re not going to get a heart rate from a workout standpoint while in the water so if you do want that you’re still going to need either HRM try or the HRM swim strap Garmin has continued experiment with that wolf on the Phoenix 5 and on this watch but simply aren’t finding it accurate enough to to turn on so you want to strap for that okay a few more wrap-up items before we talk about comparisons a promise I’m gonna get to those one it does have Strama segments in it both for cycling and running I just like came out in the 735 XT – it does have the new and updated Connect like unit soon you get all the features that you possibly have on connect IQ on this it has more memory for apps as well so that’s a small advantage compared to something like a 735 a year ago 3 it does have a new training peak SAP and that’s something like Armas also announced today so Garmin actually made three announcements in total today one.
Let’s watch – that’s big new Trinity Peaks partnership and then three the are teapot the training Peaks piece is interesting because that’s basically a app on twenty pcs and to take your structure workouts from training Peaks and pump them to the watch when you run them on the watch so we saw this sort of hinted at last year at the m+ symposium when garma announced some of these new Connect a cube features but this is really the first major app to be taking advantage of that there’s been a few other apps I think I’ve done that like I’m aside for smaller stuff but this is definitely like the Big E out there I put a whole video together on that as well up there I walk through around through literally a workout and how that works so it’s pretty cool stuff and I think it’s definitely a future where we’ll see apps go so with that let’s talk size comparisons boom now we’ve got some watches okay so I’ve got a couple watches to compare to as I’m standing here doing this and holding all these watches I realize I’m actually standing on a grate like this great with big gaps that each one of these watches could easily fall through into the river below it’d be a really bad thing because there’s no way to take those great off it’s like concrete sealed in so I’m gonna move over to place it’s little bit easier to compare sizes and show you them one by one and then we’ll wrap up after that okay so here we have all of the watches lined up so up here on this side we have the Phoenix 5s that is a small sedition with Phoenix 5 next we have the Garmin 935 then we have the Phoenix five regular then we have the Phoenix 5x and then we have the Phoenix 3 HR these two watches are the same size from a bezel standpoint they’re identical this is a little bit smaller this is smaller still and then this is the finally the smallest of them all so you may be wondering how does it compare to something like the 735 this is the 735 here it’s technically a little bit bigger than the Phoenix 5s so it actually slot in right there and it’s only like a millimeter or two bigger mostly just the buttons that pop out a little bit wider so that’s really the kind of a full line up there of current and Garmin wearables next if we flip them over you can see the difference in the optical sensors there’s no applica sensor on this Phoenix 3 it doesn’t really matter from a bezel standpoint or the same though you can see this on the Phoenix 5x super flat again the same on the Phoenix 5 the same on the 935 and then you look here at the 735 and you see that bump pops out a bit more and then virtually flat as well on the Phoenix 5s so one thing you’ve may have noticed here is that the 409 35 does not have the new quick fit bands the quick fit bands are these ones right there that allow you to simply pop these off like that super quick it’s really secure because you can’t press this button unless it’s off your wrist you know once it’s there it’s completely impossible to take off so they don’t or not included by default but the good news is you can use any of the Phoenix five regular quick fit bands so not the 5s and not the 5x but the regular Phoenix 5 quick fit bands on the 409 35 they do fit either simply with these little tool take this band out right there and then you’re good to go now some you may want to see how these look on my wrists I’m going to simply iterate through them really quickly here here is the Phoenix 5s this is the smallest one you can see I can put it in there no real problem is my wrist is pretty darn small though so that’s not too much of an issue and next we’re putting on the 735 xt here again no real issues on this one either and in fact really no issues on any of these because they’re all straps that are plenty big for my rather small wrists here is the 9:35 then the phoenix 5 this is a regular edition here so they middle the three editions then we have the phoenix 5x this is the largest of the phoenix editions this is the same size of the phoenix 3 3 HR though so if you’re familiar fine with that size then you’ll be fine with this size as well and then finally the phoenix 3 HR at the end here again the same size as the phoenix 5 from a bezel standpoint this one is without the to put the strap on so there you go okay so there you go a complete look at the new Garmin Forerunner 935 again as I mentioned at the beginning definitely check out my full in-depth review all on the bottom there where I go into much more detail on data and how it works and how accurate it is overall I think this is a great little watch just like I said for the Phoenix 5 Garmin has really matured a lot when it comes to watches and the fact that this is the same as the Phoenix 5 is actually a pretty good thing for consumers because it means that not all that testing that went into it with hundreds of people beta testing the Phoenix 5 the last few months I meant that this watch is basically ready to roll and it’s pretty solid and it saves you 100 bucks over the Phoenix 5 so if you don’t necessarily care about having a fancy bezel and all that kind of stuff and you want to have either this in the yellow or the black version then that’s a good way to save 100 bucks at 499 it’s a pretty good triathlon option especially with the optical sensor on the back and if you want to buy that whole extra kit there I think it cost a 649 now other videos on the 935 as well you definitely want to check out I mentioned some of them throughout this video down on the corner there we have a full swimming one where I talked about swimming open water swimming in particular up here on this side I’ve got the training Peaks integration with a 935 over there about the new running pod and then down the corner here.

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