Garmin Instinct Outdoor Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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Garmin Instinct Outdoor GPS Watch Power Bundle Black Friday Deals 2021

Garmin Instinct Outdoor GPS Watch Power Bundle Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we review Garmin Instinct Outdoor GPS Watch Power Bundle Black Friday Deals 2021. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Here today about everything you need to know over the new garment instinct watch it just announced today when using it for the past month or so someone run through all the nuances of it and kind of explain how to make sense of this Casio like looking watch now course with a particular design style

they’ve chosen you’re either pretty much gonna love it or hate it there’s not really gonna be a lot of middle ground there and that’s probably all right if you look at like people that like Casio watches you’re probably gonna like this if you don’t like the 1980 style you’re probably not gonna like this again that’s alright what’s really interesting though is actually what’s inside of this watch and I’m not talking like the chipsets of stuff though that is actually interesting too but I’m talking the features this is essentially a blend of a garmin vivoactive series watch like the vivoactive three with a phoenix watch which is they’re super high-end watches and this comes in at 299 so it’s definitely not the of the phoenix which is like and it’s a little more than the that vivoactive which sets at 250 normally for the non-music version and about 300 bucks to a music version but there’s a lot of really interesting kind of choices that Garmin’s made when it comes to how they design this particular watch so starting off with the external side of things it is whole other proof to 100 meters which is more than the vivo octave 3 which is only 50 meters now this is basically matches the phoenix 5 series which is also 100 meters it also says it is milspec for basically drop testing and stuff so I can go ahead and I can in theory drop this do I drop it on the rock I don’t know maybe oh why not hold on good news it’s totally good so drop it on the rock that time all good I’m not sure if the camera of you can see that or not but I drop it it hits like straight on the face here and it’s pretty good maybe a tiny little No maybe like a barely a dink scratch thing in the edge of it but that’s fine I mean this is the watcher kind of looking for a ruggedized sort of watch battery life is really interesting – so battery f on this is 16 hours of GPS on mode or 2 weeks of just standby mode and they can also do ultra track up to 40 hours and Garmin’s kind of reduced tracking mode so that’s usually fine for hiking not so good for like running or cycling and stuff like that I’m also pretty sure if I had just dropped the Vblock to 3 on its face on that rock there this the video would have pretty much edited at that point in time so.
I’d done that with a feet five the video have also vended so I’m actually kind of impressed with this and it’s kind of like a little bit of a rubbery material in certain portions of this that’s clearly meant to keep it pretty ruggedized on the back the charging connector is the same as a Phoenix 5 and same as a v-vector 3 essentially the exact same charging connector our government has used over the past two years for the vast majority of their watches now I’ll have to pull up my notes to kind of run through all the differences compared to the vivoactive 3 and the phoenix 5 because there is a crap ton of difference here so if I pull up my handy dandy notepad here I’m gonna run through these or attempt to run through these starting off with things that this has that the vivoactive 3 does not number one courses that’s really the biggest one so with courses you can go ahead and do navigation and the courses here also support the magnetic compass that is built inside of this so you can go ahead and basically just hold this like this and rotate it and see the heading the bearing that you’re on next as part of that has Galileo support as well so something that the V vector 3 does not Galileo support allows you to go ahead and get different satellite signals that may be more accurate and may not be more accurate it kind of just depends on on the particular scenario this has a mini-map on it so it’s something that the V bhakta 3 does not so you can go ahead and see kind of where you’re going breadcrumb trail map as it may be known the key thing there compared to the phoenix 5 series or any the phoenix 5 plus series is that does not have a full map so you don’t get to see all the detail of what’s around you like lakes here in mountains and stuff like that just simply showing you the trail ahead of time and i’ll show you that in the hands-on portion in a moment here it does have track back which is different than back to start so back to start basically just points you back at the start whereas track back goes ahead and takes you on the exact same route that you took getting there to begin with it has ultra tracks so as i mentioned earlier if the the higher battery life it has elevation profiles in it so you can go ahead and see the elevation profile of where we’re going again something we’ll talk about in just a moment here distance to destination has storm alerts things that are not again in the vivoactive 3 if you’re doing trail running it has auto climb so that means that’ll change the data pages automatically to to show you climbing ascent and descent when you’re going up hills so kind of cool stuff if you do a lot of mountain running and stuff like that in a lot of that of course based on the barometric altimeter that’s in this so with that you’re also going to get things like ascent and descent ascent rates and and a lot of the kind of stuff that you’d expect from a trail running or a hiking type of watch it includes sight jingo so that allows you to go ahead and just use this kind of as a simple compass it also includes the ability to do coordinate based navigation so you can put GPS coordinates in this if you want to as well family has area calculation which frankly you’ll never use in your life and then it has Sun and Moon sunset times as you saw or you’ll see just a second on the hands-on portion and that’s the hiking portion now let’s talking about sports there’s more stuff on this at the V vodka three does not have that it has from a sport side 3d distance to speed again primarily targeted at the hiking side of stuff a virtual partner and finally one thing that does not have though is vo2 max so there’s no vo2 max on this which is a very peculiar like omission given a lot of Garmin super cheap wearables actually have it down to like well below so I don’t really understand that so let’s get right into the caveats and there are some big caveats on this number one there is no Kinect IQ on this so Garmin’s Kinect IQ platform in fact I just came from a conference that talked a ton about connected cue and had tons of presentations on it and somehow this 300 or watch has no Kinect I what the how does it know how to take you come on Garmin that’s like your whole thing you you screw this one up I’m not I’m not joking like you should have Kinect IQ in this I get well watch faces are different because the different screen but come on data fields Kinect IQ that’s that’s your thing you missed it so that assigned at no Garmin pay support so you know like contactless payments like you have on the V vac two three and a lot of the higher-end watches now from Garmin no music supports so no storage of music like you’ve seen on again summer garments higher and washes no pulse ox support so that’s a spo2 reading something they introduced on the vivosmart four back about a month ago and on the phoenix 5x plus as well and no golfing so again we’ve walked a three has golfing mode this does not last but not least on the phoenix side a couple of changes there’s a couple differences compared to the phoenix series that are worthwhile noting also no advanced sensor support so no power meters noveria lights no radar or no none of that kind of stuff it does support some of the basic sensors so you can go ahead and do heart rate speed cadence you can also do some of their hunting sensors and things like that for archery they have one there in reach support as well but none of the kind of like super advanced stuff that you would expect out of the Phoenix lineup so with all those differences outlined that was kind of the boring part of the video now I’m going to show you it actually in action someone do a hands on just gonna walk through the whole watch itself kind of like all of the basic features and and how it works and talk about this kind of nifty little display that has like this inset Peace Center that you see there so let’s just dive straight into it okay so here we are on the watch face itself I can see the top left hand corner of about my heart rate graph over the last four hours there obviously it’s off right now and taken some photos and stuff so that’s why those little gaps right there are doing some hiking up here on the right hand side you have the current date and of course the time sunset down there and the current battery status now will actually show you how to customize the watch face cuz that’s probably one of the most interesting things about this watch given how different it is from past Garmin washes so just hold down the left menu button right there click on watch face and you can see as I scroll down this left hand side there is a lot of watch faces 12 to be exact that you can choose from and those are basically kind of your starting points I actually like the default watch face the most should be honest once I’m done with that I go and choose this upper right hand button right there to go into the customize menu so now I can customize different segments of it so this upper right hand portion you see is blinking there and I can choose two different ways of displaying different metrics whether it be steps like that elevation C sunset etc so lots of options there temperature for example I’m gonna go back and goes with I have e4 which actually liked the most which was the date and then I can see now it’s blinking for the left hand side there has changed that one so again different options that smile similar right there see you got Steph’s heart rate again a lot a couple off.
There’s not a ton of options with definitely couple options there we’ll keep it on steps for right now now the bottom left-hand side is blinking I can go from sunset the text messages to calendar again all all kind of standard options there you could double battery if you wanted to and the reason is because these are actually separate options so now I go to the choose the next one I can see that I can change that bottom right hand corner there as well so pretty cool stuff I’ll go ahead and I’ll just leave it on something that I never got farther the fifth fine so that’s the watch face that’s how you customize these two different segments there we’ll go back to the main menu here okay so Mario at the main menu so we’ll click the upper right hand button which is how you get into different sport modes you can see run trail run these are ones that I’ve customized and added to it you can add more down here if I keep on going to a little plus option and I can you know add treadmill indoor track climb out like pool swim open water shouldn’t be there so that’s definitely kind of a little bug right now it’s definitely not in the final version so software a cross-country ski etcetera you know there’s a ton of sport modes here as I go through these but if I were to choose a given sport mode we’ll go ahead and we’ll go back here and I’ll just choose hike for right now you can go ahead and you can it’ll immediately found GPS cuz I already had GPS on earlier if I go down through here you can see I’m changing my data fields I haven’t yet started the activity itself though so I want to first show you some options to configure things I go down this left-hand button menu there hold that down I get into the hike settings I can do data screens and I can add the baby screens in here as well these are kind of default ones but I go there we go click on add I can add custom data and this is where it gets really interesting so I can choose a layout and it’s part of those layouts you’re actually able to customize this upper right hand corner as well so you can see right there this layout is basically five different fields of leave so you choose field one for example timer and then you just kind of iterate through this pretty quickly I will show you these just pick up some sort of fields at random here just to kind of move through these real quick see heart rate cadence temperature will put temperature in there I keep my temperature courses impacted by your body temperature so that does kind of impact that a little bit elevation we’ll get to regular elevation there there you go now I’ve customized that data field and now that is ready to roll and this is true of all the different sport modes so it’s not just for you know hiking or whatnot in fact if we go back I want to kind of show you some interesting stuff from on the sports side in there running here this is where there’s some differences that I mentioned earlier with the vivoactive three in terms of being able to do basically racing against courses and past activities and things like that so you have structure workouts there you have the interval option to create new intervals you can set a target you can erase a past activity and then as we get into the navigation options here and this is again true for all the different sport modes you can go ahead and you can see that back to start courses activities save locations site you can go coordinates so site and go is basically using the compass so if I were this like this you can see that it’s automatically turning that compass because it’s a magnetic compass and not just one using the speed from the GPS device if I go back here coordinates will show the exact coordinates that I’m at right now go back again if we choose courses here I can choose Canmore hike which is a up Here I am right now I can look at the map for example pull it up and it’s kind of a mess of a course it’s just following another trail run scenario I can zoom in and out of the snow so I can go like that and go back here I can look at the elevation plot for this course if I wanted to so you can see it’s got a fairly little chunk of elevation within that if I wanted to go and suffer through that today I’ve already done a bit of bit of stuff up here already and then this point phone to do the course I would just click on do course and then now it’s gonna go ahead and show me the distance once I click start there so we’ll click start so this 174 is the distance until I get to start of the course and this is showing me the direction to follow right there so if I were to rotate this you’ll see it’s going to change that and point that at the direction I should be going I just actually pressed the button there which is why I changed the screen on you I think you can see now I do this it’s telling me that the course is this way and if I go to rotate it back again it’ll kind of change the entire map view as well so last but not least I want to show you some of the widgets is kind of the basic stuff that’s there I’m just going to discard this particular workout right like that click discard yep and then we’ll just get back to the main page here activity is started there we go now these are sort of the widgets so I can go up and down by pressing this button right here and this will go through you can see again my heart rate over the last four hours I can go down here my day showing the two hour ride earlier I got calorie steps and so on if I go into this menu if I click on back here I can keep on going down through here so these are notifications that better come up over the last little while this is my hotel for tonight so my calendar view the weather right now this is in Fahrenheit let’s see this is the the current stress level based on the last stress reading that I had right there this is whatever Spotify was playing I don’t know why Justin Timberlake is playing unless Spotify I don’t know and this is back to the watch face itself and again you can customize these in the menu here so if I go down to settings I can go down and add different widgets within this area here okay so lastly let’s talk briefly about accuracy overall it’s been pretty good for me I’ve been using it now for about a month and from a elevation standpoint and from a GPS track standpoint it’s pretty good I’ve seen a couple little bobbles in the last like maybe three or four weeks ago but that’s like a lot of beta versions ago now and I mean a lot of beta versions so I think I it’s been the last couple weeks it’s been pretty clean no real issues to note from an optical heart rate standpoint it’s more or less the same as the rest of Garmin’s optical heart rates sensors which means that at least from the accuracy standpoint of what I’ve seen to date which means that it’s great for steady-state running it’s mostly good for long intervals of running in terms of following that heart rate optically biking is still pretty much crap for me it’s not horrible but it’s not like good it’s not as good as like a polar Vantage series and stuff like that from an optical heart rate standpoint for that I’d probably recommend a chest strap so you can check out more details of that from an accuracy standpoint in my full in-depth review link down below there I got tons of sample rides and runs and hikes and all sort of stuff that you can dig into so definitely check that out as well with that hope you found this interesting.

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