GoPro HERO 7 Black Friday Deals 2021

This article is all about for the GoPro HERO 7 Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

GoPro HERO 7 Black Friday Deals 2021

GoPro HERO 7 Black Friday Deals 2021
The new hero 7 black a lot of it kind of under the covers under the hood technical cool stuff so this is definitely not like a marketing fluff video at all I’m gonna tell you the good and the bad about some of the new features on the hero 7 black now of course there is the obvious and this won’t even count as sixth one of the 16 items

it’s actually black so unlike the hero 6 black and here are five black and all the previous other hero blacks that weren’t actually black this one is legit black the color of the unit itself also as a freebie it says hero 7 black on the outer shell of the frame as well as on the unit itself which is something and again in the past I had like tiny little letters but now now you know it’s it’s clear you’ve got the 7 black so what’s number one in the list it is a new hyper smooth feature what that is is basically taking their existing stabilization and kicking it up a notch now GoPro calls it like gimbal like and stuff like that that’s probably pushing it a little bit but it is a heck of a lot better so you can see side by side here here are 6 black with image stabilization on vs. hero 7 black image stabilization on these are on equivalent settings of 4k 30 just so you can kind of see what things would look like mountain biking down you know some pretty bumpy trails and stuff at pretty fast speeds and things are looking a lot better again not gimbal like but a lot better which brings us right to number two which is ability to now stabilize 4k 60 footage so in the past you were limited to 4k 30 which was fine for most people when you get an action sports so you want the additional frame eights if you can so you can see right here this is now 4k 60 stabilized footage and I’m comparing that to 4k 16 on stabilized footage of the hero 6 black just so you can see the differences there and it’s quite a bit and a lot of this entire hyper smooth thing gets into how they’re doing it so they’ve load an extra gig of ram into the hero 7 black and with that they’re trying to do predictive scene analysis so the looking at the scene as it’s happening in real time and they’re trying to figure out where you’re going next based on accelerometer data the GPS data this and then they’re gonna try to go ahead and crutch for that somewhat in advance versus in the past they’re saying it wouldn’t have made it all kind of retro actively so as you hit that moment to that bumper retro actively apply that correction and it seems to be making a difference I mean again it’s not you gimbal like I wouldn’t go that far but it’s definitely better and that gets a number 3m list which is they’re actually secretly three stabilization options and this won’t be super obvious because what it’s gonna do behind the scenes is just automatically choose the best one so the number one is effectively the new hyper smooth and that’s you know gonna go ahead and kind of compensate for things in advance and that’s all great and dandy number two is the existing electronic image stabilization they’ve been doing in the past and that’s been not bad in the reason why you have that is there are some resolution modes some of the 4×3 modes in particular that do not support the new hyper smooth modes so that’s just something to keep in mind and then the third mode is off so for some reason you don’t want stabilization on or it’s conflicting with something else then you go ahead and simply turn that off as well so number four on the list is a new time work feature which the rest of the world just called hyperlapse and what that does that takes basically kind of the whole time-lapse idea of the past and it stabilizes it makes it super smooth so if we looked at the way gopro did time-lapse videos or photos in the past is they were simply just photos so if you actually watched a screen on a gopro hero anything before this from a tum I put a video standpoint it was just taking photos at certain intervals so half second intervals it would take a photo and now the problem with that if you were just walking down the street is that your camera would kind of like tilt like this a little bit and that’s really noticeable when you piece those together in a time-lapse video because there’s no stabilization applied whereas with the new time war feature it’s actually taking video and then processing that based on the accelerometer data in this to determine how to level out that camera and it looks really smooth you’re seeing right now some of that footage I’ve taken while hiking and while cycling and now to compare side-by-side here’s what time-lapse video would look like on a hero six black side-by-side with a hero seven black with a new time work feature from a setting standpoint you can choose different speeds so you can basically choose these speeds that will tell you how much it’s going to speed up the imagery now it’s not quite precisely a constant in fact it’ll go ahead and adjust the speed rate a little bit based on what you’re doing so if I go ahead and stop in front of something it’ll adjust the speed and realize that you wanted to show whatever it was that you stopped for a second before it continues on again now of course what you made this notice in the last few items brings us to our next one which is an entirely new user interface the back of the screen itself is now totally changed it’s a whole different face it looks a lot different and it frankly looks a lot better it’s a lot easier to use GoPro said what they’re trying to do is trying to simplify some of the modes and people don’t get kind of lost in some of the options and I think they’ve accomplished that things are basically down to kind of like three core options you have video you have photos and you have time-lapse and within that you can still access all the modes and all the past stuff that you’ve had but they’re just displayed a little bit easier next on the list is the new portrait mode that allows you to take a GoPro at an orientation like this so it’s sideways if you will and shoot portrait mode style video just like you might shoot on your phone or for apps like you know Instagram or snapchat it’s all now oriented vertically and now as part of that you’ll see that the menu on the front changes to vertical orientation the menu on the back changes to the vertical orientation so everything all lines there and it shoots that just fine now you can debate without you like portrait mode or don’t like portrait mode but there’s no debating that it’s not a bad thing to have it in the camera for folks that do want to use it next on the list of the feature appealing so probably a little bit of that same market as portrait mode which is new timed clips and the idea that you can set your GoPro to take time clips in certain durations automatically for example 30 second duration where when you press this record button it’s going to record for 30 seconds and then it’ll shut off and there’s kind of two trains of thought with that when I talk to GoPro about it one is they want it to be easier so folks don’t have like these massive clips that are you know 10 20 minutes long when there’s really only 30 seconds of action – it makes it easier further a quick software to figure out where the actual action is in the clips and if it has to sort through you know twenty minute video files that takes a long time and it’s more likely to get it wrong versus with the 30-second clips it kind of like forces you to put that action in 30 seconds and to kind of focus on getting the best shot that you can in that time frame is opposed to gigantic video files when it’s doing these time Clips it’ll actually show a red banner around the outside of the camera basically kind of like a little timer as to how much time you have left speaking of timers there is finally a flippin photo timer on this so you can now go ahead and set a countdown timer when you want to take a photo so you can just put it on a rock stand in front of it and actually just get a normal timer like you know every cameras had for I don’t know four decades or something so that’s awesome because I know for myself I’m taking like pictures of myself for I mean I’ve got to touch the camera and the voice control doesn’t work as well I use you to shoot like time-lapse photos so this is a lot better dish to be able to give a certain time and then do what I want within the frame based on that timing next is a new super photo mode now it’s a little bit of a marketing buzz speak but essentially means they won’t screw
up your photos anymore so you may remember in the past you had the HDR mode and that was great for something like this forest or I could take a camera put it down and when it correctly kind of balance out the overexposed areas and the underexposed areas but it wasn’t so great when you were actually moving fast a lot of times it would kind of result as ghosting artifact in your photos wasn’t ideal so what they’re doing with the new super photo mode is a kind of couple things one they’re looking at the accelerometer data in this and seeing what you’re actually doing when you’re taking the photo so if you’re doing something super fast moving of the cameras moving a lot they’re not necessarily going to use those multi frame blended tota techniques instead they’re gonna go towards tone mapping so essentially they’re doing a bunch more work on the analytics side of your photo to hopefully get kind of the best photo possible so far in my photo taking with this over the last few days and some different scenery around here this been producing pretty spot-on photos like whether it be fast moving or not fast moving they’ve been pretty nice so so far so good next is a biggie which is improved audio of course not everyone knows that the the hero cameras in general haven’t really had the best audio but in the last couple generations they hear a five in the hero six there’s been this weird like rattling tunnel window easy sort of sound that goes on especially when you have it primarily when you have it in a case like this and if there’s anything rubbing on the side of the camera it was excited about my rubbing there were so many times where I had to throw away that entire clip because the audio was totally useless so what they’ve done they’ve changed the membrane above the microphones and all of the microphones on the unit itself and they said it’s part of doing that they’ve eliminated that whole like weird wind tunnel distortion sound so far my testing pretty good I put in together entire video up there in the corner on just this I’ve been trying to test it also the conditions like super super windy conditions fast-moving conditions on trails just like rubbing at a bunch as weird as that may sound to see how it works but so far over the last week I haven’t had any suck days yet from an audio standpoint on the hero 7 next we have a change for Apple users in particular within the new hero 7 and they are now MFI compatible which means they are made for iOS and that’s a bit of a chipset change they’ve done that goes ahead and allows for much faster pairing to an iOS device and I’ve definitely seen that without question the thing just like cleanly works with my phone now it’s not like this kind of jumble back and forth sometimes between different Wi-Fi networks and stuff I get to bring it to the phone it works the pairing process was dead simple it was almost like Apple simple so that’s kind of a nice change for Android users mmm sorry same same now weathering an Apple or Android you will be able to take advantage of the next feature which is new live streaming so you can now livestream direct from the camera straight to the interwebs albeit via your cell phone or via a Wi-Fi network it does have to have access to some sort of Wi-Fi or cellular network there’s not sell your chip in this directly so you essentially have two options one is to go ahead and have it with your phone paired your phone not on a Wi-Fi network just paired directly from this will you via Wi-Fi to your phone and then from there it’ll use your cellular networks outbound out to the Internet the second option is to connect to a normal Wi-Fi network where your phone is not involved at all so you can literally take your phone throw it away and have just GoPro to Wi-Fi network once you bet that’ll set it being go ahead and broadcast straight to Facebook live as well as to other platforms via using a URL that you have so that’s kind of two different options for example you could type that out through YouTube or really whatever you want at that point in time the only downside here is this is limited to 720p and not a very good 720p either by the way uh the stuff I’ve seen so far is a fairly pixel high 720p I asked GoPro like is there any hope for 1080p and they were kind of like yeah maybe but probably not really honestly like come on go pro this is 2018 we’re talking like 4k live streaming these days not 720p one note is that hyper smooth is actually included in the 720p streams so you can go ahead and you’ll get that data there also they are recording a 1080p copy on the side as well as a clean copy that’s not over cellular network so you have that on your camera itself for later on retrievable whatnot next on the list is a minor note about some new resolutions added nothing super exciting for most people like there’s no 4k 120 or anything like that I’ll just put these new resolution on the screen right now also as part of that the default setting now is 4 by 3 so it’s 1440 4 by 3 which everyone watching this video probably just groaned I don’t have to say really 4 by 3 that’s just come on oh well next on the list it’s actually the same GoPro gp1 chips as they introduced in the hero 6 black there’s been no changes to that it’s the exact same image sensor and a chipset there that they added they may be deal last year the main difference so here is the additional one gig of ram to the unit itself which allows them to go ahead and make a lot of these additional features that we’re seeing on the hero 7 block itself they did go ahead and update karma not just the karma grip the gimbal but also the Karma drone so both of those products that have updates to make it compatible with the hero 7 black and to take advantage of the new features where applicable some of the new features aren’t applicable on the drone of course and stuff like that but it is nice that at least for these six people still flying the GoPro karma drone you do have firmware out there now that will update and be fully compatible wasted this camera finally last on the list are some improvements to the GoPro app itself now not the quick app but the actual kind of main GoPro app you can now do overlays of all your telemetry metrics so things like speed and mapping all the kind off directly in the GoPro app and put that right on your videos without having to use a desktop computer so that’s super super handy and it’s nice to see GoPro finally like years later integrating that acquisition they made of – we’re into the mobile app itself and that’s pretty cool and if you want more detail than I can ever include in this video definitely check out the full interview linked in the description there I’ve got more sample footage more sample photos things you can download lots of goodness in that as well ok so there you go a look at the new hero 7 black you know so far after using it for about a week now I’d say it’s pretty solid I haven’t had any bad imagery any bad photos like ghosting on it like that I’ve had totally usable audio on my videos which was solid and I’ve also had just totally stable usable video when it comes to mountain biking stuff like that that are definitely bumpy sports so so far so good yeah it doesn’t necessarily have like some of the big things that people want like there is no 4k 60 linear mode for example or even like some higher resolution 4k stuff but I think they also focus on some of the more basic things that a lot of people have been asking for even if you didn’t even know you’re asking for it so for things like the timer mode for photos like I didn’t ask that directly but I wished I had I just didn’t know to ask for and now that I have it that makes a whole hell of a lot of sense so the hero 7 black.

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