GoPro HERO5 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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GoPro HERO5 Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera Black Friday Deals 2021

GoPro HERO5 Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete of GoPro HERO5 Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Today I want to show you guys how to get started with your GoPro Hero 5 session I’m going to help you set up your camera and also give you some tips for using your camera the Hero 5 session is a big step up from the hero4 session the record’s 4k video it’s a lot clearer than the hero4 session and it’s also got some of the new bells and whistles of the hero 5 cameras including voice control and stabilization the camera itself is waterproof to 33 feet.

You don’t need an additional housing and it’s a great little camera for mounting because it’s so small and compact so let’s get started and check it out first of all let’s open up the camera so you just open the flap here on the bottom there’s a little tab so open that up then you pull this tab down and slide the camera out of the box next let’s get the camera off of this mounting plate here those four display so you just turn it around lift up this rubber bit here that’ll allow you to squeeze together these pieces squeeze them together and then push forward and it’ll slide out of the mounting base here you can actually hold on to this this is like an extra mouth it kind of comes for free it was just meant for display but you could drill holes into it or glue it on somewhere so you can just remove that from the box and hold on to it next I’m going to take the camera out of the frame so we can put the microSD card in this is a frame that hold your camera so you can mount it and you can actually access the microSD port here when it’s mounted in the frame but since it’s your first time it’s a little easier when it’s out of the frame so just lift this tab here on the side not a loosing your camera and then press from the back and your camera will slide right out of the frame hopefully you’ve already purchased a microSD card this is what stores your cameras files and it’s got to be purchased separately it doesn’t come with your camera unless you got a bundle that came with it but typically it doesn’t come with your camera I’ve got the SanDisk Extreme 64 gig card here and you need a class 10 or uhs-1 card especially when you’re recording 4k on the left side of your camera there’s a little door here if you slide that tab over the door will open and that’s where the slot is for your microSD card so take the microSD card with the text facing towards you and upside down and put it in that slot there and the slot kind of angles downward so make sure that the micro SD card follows the angle of that slot and then push it down with your fingernail till it snaps into place you can check to see if there’s any battery charge on your camera by pressing this back menu button here but a lot of times they’ve been shipping lately with no battery charge so if it doesn’t turn on that means there’s no battery so we’re going to go ahead and get your camera charged go ahead and grab the box so your camera can mount it on top of and open it up not the side of the diagram but the other side here and just open this tab here and you can take out the documentation I’m going to show you everything that’s in there but you can look through that later if you want to and then no open the tab here and underneath it you’re going to see the USB charging cable and two mounts grab the charging cable right now the USB cable and you can set the other stuff aside we’ll check that out in a minute so your camera is charged by connecting this USB cable to a USB port on your computer or USB charging device so just take the USB cable and undo this so you have enough distance to connect it insert the USB cable here into the USB port on your camera and then insert the other end into a USB charger or your computer and once the camera starts charging you’ll see a red light here on the front now you might want to push pause and come back to this video after your camera’s charged usually takes about two hours or if your cameras already charged you can continue on now once this light is turned off you can just disconnect your camera and close the side door here make sure it’s closed securely and we’ll move on the next step now let’s put the camera back into the frame here so you just slide the camera backwards into the frame and slide the tab down and it’ll click into place there’s a little plastic piece here that says remove.
Let’s just remove that that was for when the camera is mounted in the display case so I just unscrew the thumb screw counterclockwise and slide it out and a little piece should come off with it it’s on the screw there and you can just toss that piece and put the thumb screw back in now that you’ve got a full battery we can take care of a few setup items so press the Menu button on the back of the camera right back here and your camera status screen will turn on the camera is asking what language you want to use for voice control if you speak American English you can keep it here otherwise you can use the top shutter button to scroll through different accents and different languages and after you scroll through and your language is highlighted here you can press the menu button to go over to the checkmark and press the top shutter button to select and it’s going to verify your choice and press the menu button on the back to go over the check mark again and select with the hero five session you can access all of the modes and most of the settings directly on the camera but to get the full experience of the camera and to turn on advanced features such as protune you need to use the capture app the capture app is GoPros app to control your camera and also to transfer files to your phone you can download the gopro capture app for free from the App Store or Google Play out for Android so just go into the app store and search for gopro capture and look for this icon download the app to your phone once you download the capture app you just need to set up a free username and password then you can open up the capture app so it’s going to say connect your camera just tap on connect your camera if you’ve already used the app before it’s going to show one of your other cameras you can just click add new otherwise you’ll just see this screen asking you which camera you want to connect so we’re doing the Hero 5 session so click on that and now it’s going to give you good instructions walking you through the steps to connect your camera to the app so you can just go ahead and follow those instructions now the app should prompt you to do an update for your camera if you don’t see an update go back and connect again now it’s telling me a camera updates available so click update and your camera is going to automatically update wirelessly through the app you may want to push pause on this video while the update is transferred to your camera your camera’s get turned on and off a few times and then when it turns back on you can continue this video so then if your camera’s still connected to your phone’s Wi-Fi and you just press this icon here and it’ll reconnect to the camera if it’s not connecting you may need to go back into the Wi-Fi and connect the Wi-Fi again on your phone settings you can use the app to view the media that’s on your camera’s memory card you can record you can change the modes and you can also change the settings you can also see what your camera is seeing through the lens and in the settings here you can go through and change all of your settings and you’ll see here that Pro Tunes available for video and photos which is not available directly on the camera so Hanna close out of the app here you can come back to that and explore that more later another way to access the full range of settings including protune on the hero 5 session is to use the smart Wi-Fi remote.
I want to show you how to navigate the hero 5 session there’s only two buttons on the camera so navigating it can be a little too confusing at first but this here is the shutter button this is what you use to select and also to start and stop taking pictures and foot videos and this back here is the menu button when you press the menu button it turns on the camera status screen here it shows you your video settings first then it’ll show your time-lapse settings and then it will go into video mode I’ll get into that in a minute but if you press it again then it’ll let you interferon mode press it again you get the option upper camera settings and as you’re going through if you want to select any of these you press the top shutter button to enter press it again it gives you the option to stabilize video turn on voice control and enter the connection settings which is used for connecting to the app or either of the remotes the smart Wi-Fi remote or the Remo which is the voice-activated remote and if you press it again when you’re done you can press the shutter button and that will X you out of the menu there are three modes available in the hero five session there’s video mode photo mode and time-lapse mode within each of these modes there’s also different ways of capturing the footage which are called capture modes there are several ways to access each mode to record in video mode you can just press the top shutter button and your camera will start recording video you can press the top shutter button again to stop recording and your camera will turn off you can also turn your camera around and press the menu button on the back after the camera displays the current settings it’s going to turn on into video mode the only disadvantage of this is that your camera will remain on so the standby time will use up some more of your battery than if you use just the one button push once it’s on in video mode you can just use the shutter button to start and stop recording to start recording in time-lapse mode you hold down the top shutter button for three seconds and your camera will turn on into time-lapse mode it’ll turn on in the capture mode that you selected in the settings and then you press the shutter button again and it’ll stop recording to take photos in photo mode press the menu button on the back until you see the enter photo mode option when you see that press the shutter button to enter and your camera will turn on into a photo mode.
It’ll record in the capture mode that you’ve selected in your settings as well and then you can press the top shutter button to use your camera like a normal camera where you can take either a single photo a night photo or burst photos I cover all the capture modes and settings as well as advanced settings in my book so if you want to check that out you can really learn how to use your Hero 5 session let’s go ahead and turn on voice control it’s a good way to practice using the menus and I can also show you how voice control works with the different modes so press the menu button back here and press it again until you see voice control now press the top shutter button to enter that menu and you’ll see here it says voice control off press the shutter button again to turn it on and press the menu button back here to move over to the check mark and then press the top shutter button and that’ll turn voice control on so now says voice control is turned on voice control is a really convenient feature with the Hero 5 session because it can be hard to change modes you can use voice control to change modes and also to start and stop recording to use voice control with the session you just need to first activate the camera status screen so it can hear you when your cameras off you can’t use voice control it won’t hear you if you say GoPro take a photo it’s not listening so you just need to press the back button here the menu button and once this camera status screen is activated your camera can hear your voice commands so you can change modes you can say GoPro photo mode GoPro time-lapse mode GoPro video mode you can also start and stop recording you can say GoPro start recording and it’s going to start recording video you can say GoPro stop recording and then even if you’re in video mode you can still take a photo or take a burst you just have to save the command and make sure you always say GoPro before the command so GoPro take a photo it automatically switches to photo mode and takes a photo as long as you’re close to your camera there’s not too much ambient noise around voice control works really well and you can turn your camera off using voice control you can’t turn it on but you can say GoPro turn off so I’m sure you’ll find voice control very convenient with this camera you can change some of the maiden settings on your camera directly by going into the camera settings menu just press the back menu button until you see camera settings when you see that you can press the top shutter button to enter and this is going to change the settings for the different modes you’ll see the icon there that’s a video mode if you press through the shutter button it’ll scroll through the different modes for your camera there’s time-lapse mode and photo mode I’m gonna go back to video so then if you press the back menu button it’ll move around this screen so press that it’s going to go to the capture mode to the resolution the frames per second and the field of view and go back to the capture modes and if you press the top shutter button it will scroll through the different capture mode options there’s video on photo and looping video once you’ve selected the capture mode you want then you can just go and change your settings for example I’ve got two selected at 4k you can go to point seven K at 48 frames the second medium and then move over the check mark whenever you’re done changing your settings the capture modes you select within those settings are the ones that are going to turn on when you turn your camera on into video time-lapse or photo modes.
Now I want to show you the mounting pieces that came with your camera the hero five session comes with a very small amount of mounting pieces and as I’m sure you know you can mount your camera a million different ways but this is just a good starting point here this here is the standard frame this is a mounting buckle this is the short thumb screw and this year with the rounded corners is a flat adhesive mount it’s got a flat bottom on it and this here with the square corners is a curved adhesive mount because it’s got a curved bottom on it as I showed you before your camera goes into the frame just like this and you snap down this little clasp here to lock your camera into the frame then you insert it into the buckle and you line up the holes here and use a thumb screw to tighten that connection when the thumb screw is loose you can adjust your camera angle you can rotate it back and forth to set your angle then once you get your angle set you want to make sure this is nice and tight so your camera doesn’t move while you’re filming and then this buckle here slides into one of these mounting bases or into another mounting base that GoPro makes just make sure you have a clean surface to adhere the mount to like this helmet is perfect for example because it’s smooth and non-porous and then just find a spot that matches the curve of the mounting base for example right here it fits pretty perfect on the top of the helmet even though as this holder they’re still going to be enough surface for this to adhere around it to adhere it you just remove this red liner here and that’ll expose the adhesive can be a little hard to get under this red liner to get to the adhesive but once you get an edge up just peel it off and then stick it to the surface make sure it’s straight make sure the line here goes straight with the direction that you’re going to want to be filming you don’t want it crooked because then it’s going to film crooked when you put your camera in there once you have a position set just push it down firmly try to get that adhesive to be a little tacky you want to let that sit for 24 hours and after 72 hours it’s fully cured and then of course you just slide your camera into the mount adjust your angle and you’re ready to go since the camera can be rotated in the frame you always want to make sure the shutter buttons on the top of your camera or the bottom of your camera so that you’re recording a horizontal video you don’t want to record a vertical video like people do on their phones a lot also always make sure the side door is shut especially if you’re going in the water this little gasket here is what keeps the camera sealed and if water gets in there don’t ruin your camera let’s make sure that door is shut and this little latch is slid into place also I always like to recommend the floaties just because a lot of people don’t know that GoPro cameras don’t float the floaties goes around the frame and floats your camera in case you do lose it in the water now if you’re done recording and you want to transfer your files to your desktop I recommend using the quick out for desktop it’s GoPros app and it’s a great way to keep your files organized to transfer your files to your computer just open the side door here insert the USB cable and insert the other side of the USB cable to your computer now after you’ve connected your camera to your computer just press the back menu button to activate your camera and the quick app should open automatically and ask you to import files that covers the basics of the hero 5 session.

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