Hoover FloorMate Deluxe FH40160PC Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Hoover FloorMate Deluxe, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine FH40160PC Black Friday Deals 2021

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine FH40160PC Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you complete of Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine FH40160PC Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

The fold down handle makes storage a snap it is great and it does indeed make it a snap now just to clarify this is only for hard surface floors is that right surface floor is only and we have it for you in two colors the blue and the red fit I will also tell you this is a clearance store and what that means is we’re down to our final quantities in this we know

we’re not gonna be able to go to reorder on this we want to be able to take advantage of this great technology and bring it to you at a really great clearance you’re getting a top shelf item at a rock-bottom but if we lose a color we lose it for good we do don’t want to miss out on this so where are we going to be getting it so the reason I was so excited to be here today and why are we here in a Gift Show because you think we just finished Thanksgiving our floors took a beating typically the old way we cleaned our floor let’s go over here was to take them up and I’ll let you if you don’t mind would you call them sure okay so we’ll take it the old-fashioned way this is a hard surface right what we did is we took take turkey gravy basted it on here and cooked it so that you can see with a regular mop what happens you know we’ll clean wasted all that turkey gravy they did but you know what it’s to prove a point while writing our dirty water into clean water and I just want to show everybody when I’m talking about when I say it’s baked on there this with a scrub brush alone doesn’t do anything Wow when you take the formate and I’m going to just it’s as easy as vacuuming three different things I’m going to put it right on wash mode to start you push the button you push down here just to get it started and watch what happens we’re going to go forward and what it does it cleans washes scrubs and then incredibly dries in one pass so that floor that looks wrong really isn’t and yet at the same time look at that where that mop was I can dry that right up and I’ll just finish right over here with this section and to show you what? I’m talking about this is the proof turn that over it’s not only dry but it’s clean in one pass and it does it really with this technology it’s four sets of scrubbing brushes right okay and what they’re doing is they’re turning back and forth in a way that you know the old story of getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing you don’t have to do that anymore now you let the Machine do it for you so imagine there’s the scrubbing brushes you just basically push the button that puts the solution down and on any hard surface this cleans scrubs washes and dries in one swipe well I’ll remind you again clearance pricing means just that we’re down to our final quantities we’re looking to clear our inventory to make room for new goodies in the warehouse and that means you’re getting this really fine top-quality floor Clear Fork floor care machine he’s happy to say up to three hours um but then and do it at a rock-bottom so we’re talking about ninety-nine ninety-five and this is amazing now.
We’ve got a ver, oh and we are quick to value story to tell you about unbelievable buying this at retail. we’ve got it today at ninety nine ninety five as I mentioned and five easy payments and you can’t find that scrub mode anywhere else and I’m going to show you that when we get to the ceramic tile so what we did here is we built a really extreme demonstration so that people could see how it works from the bottom up cheaper so here’s a piece of glass there’s a mirror down below the mirror is going to show you what we’re doing both in making the mess and cleaning it so there’s tomato juice okay that would be tough on anything to clean up right if you think about what was down on our floors this past week there’s a mess and here’s some good sticky chocolate syrup now watch what we do here typically you just step on the handle right hit start we’re in wash mode and take a look at what those bristles are doing as we go over and we’re going to come back in one pass and I’ll go forward and get that other piece and if you hear that squeegee that is what you call squeaky clean and we were talking about this before this is glass could you imagine not only its dry but it’s clean you can’t hide that anywhere and nothing does it like FloorMate the last time you and I presented this yeah which was the first time it was on clearance okay we had a woman Colin who said she cleaned homes professionally she clean what I’m sorry homes professionally and women yes you’d this in the kitchen what she showed everybody was what’s really neat in the technology beside the fold down handle is there’s a clean water tank right right here and then there’s a dirty water tank and you get two bottles of the FloorMate solution which is enough to clean about 30 kitchens okay you get to really try this out but take a look here now this is one of the most challenging surfaces to clean right this is a ceramic tile and to give you an idea we spray this with Kitchen Bouquet which is a sticky substance it’s some rated on it’s a Browning liquid right so okay so now watch this now I’m going to go in this scrub mode and turn it on scrub mode is very quiet and what’s happening is all we’re going to do here is we’re putting down the solution and water we’re letting the unit do some scrubbing all by itself okay and you saw me scrub that with a scrub brush and if you’re working any harder than this then you’re gonna work hard way too hard so now watch you ready I love this look at that one pass and this is the test that I the caller was tell me about she walks around after she cleans the floor with her white socks just to show everybody at home that it’s clean it’s clean it’s dry you’re ready to go right away and you can’t find this with power scrub mode anywhere else whether you’ve got hardwood floors and remember you can use this on your hardwood floors provided those floors are sealed correct so it’s important to know sealed hardwood this one is special brushes that are white and green for hardwood exactly we you can use this on tile you can use this on vinyl flooring you can use this on just about any hard surface floor material yep and I’ll tell you it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about gift-giving but think about how much time you’re saving someone from having to get down on their hands and knees and scrub or getting on an old manual mop and after that back-breaking mopping this is going to do the job for us I mean has this ever happened in your house you know it’s here’s that ceramic floor by the refrigerator we’re making breakfast out comes the orange juice out come the eggs out comes the milk and all of a sudden it’s all on the floor this also has a dry mode.
I don’t need to scrub that initially I just need to dry it so watch this I’m going to put it on so a great big glasses bill Millie verbal how versatile this machine is and what it does for you that’s gone just like that that’s crazy so quick so easy now there is no heat in this machine is that correct that’s correct if you want to use hot water you can you can okay but then if you want to use the solution you can if you just want to use water with those scrubbing brushes you can as well perfect before we go back to the phone lines what we’d like to do is remind you of the value story here and if you went out to retail to build this same offer do you would be paying quite a bit more for it in fact at retail we’re going to bring that down by over half ninety nine ninety five is your clearance but only while our supply lasts in the red and only while the supply lasts in the blue and then if that weren’t compelling enough we’re gonna give you five more reasons to be excited about this and they’re all called easy pay and this is not Eric a brand we’ve never heard of no this is hoover they’ve been in business about other brands for 110 years they are headquartered in ohio and they’re a wonderful group of people to work 600 of these already gone in this presentation alone everybody is grabbing theirs and why not let’s welcome Nancy in California Nancy how are ya wonderful why does he know Nancy do you own the Hoover FloorMate yes I do it’s my most prized possession I’m telling you it keeps my house nice and clean and smelly nice what type of floor isn’t using it on Nancy I use it on the kitchen floor and I use it on the Peugeot it’s really fantastic I have a friend who’s a vet Arian and she came into my house and she kind of whispered to me and she said how do you keep your house smelling so nice I have three dogs and two cats up and so I told her and showed her I said this is this is the only thing that keeps me saying I can pick up anything and clean it all up and it’s it’s nice smelling and my house is great that’s great to hear so tell me the very first time you used it okay like everybody else who I’m sure was a little skeptical when they heard about a hard floor cleaner what was your reaction the first time you went over your floors and saw what you picked up I couldn’t believe when I stucked up there’s an incredible job yeah absolutely amazing it makes you feel good because you know your house is clean yeah and isn’t it true when you walk in your socks when you’re done it’s dry it’s no more wait for the kitchen to dry and it’s cleaned right on the bottom of your socks right away right away and also like you said picking up those spots when things happened right away yeah oh it’s great I’m so glad it helped you out indeed well Nancy we’re going to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and so glad you could be a part of our show today thank you thank you Happy New Year merry Christmas to you thanks Nance bye-bye we’re very very busy on the phone lines and to Nancy’s point the solution has a wonderful clean fresh scent fabulous stuff yes clean scent so Nancy talked about my love at home I have three dogs and my daughter was in visiting for Thanksgiving and she brought a fourth dog oh so we had dogs in and out and we had the Thanksgiving snow and we have a mudroom and this is kind of what it looks like in fact if I said to you so what type of floor is this David I don’t think you know but I’m going to show you it might be time Susie so watch this again a watch the floor watch the floor mate and watch with this action now I’m in wash mode right now which I’m just going to go forward I’m you can see the mud this might take more than one time maybe not but take a look at what I’ve done in one white it’s clean it’s dry it’s scrubbed and you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees in fact I love the Hoover commercial it says America get up off your knees there’s no reason to do that anymore and it’s as easy as vacuuming as you can see here I’m going to clean this entire matter able to vacuum yes you can now power scrub your floors and dry it Wow and scrub it and look at that this floor which was a disaster I’m just going to thin shut up you can see I mean I don’t even want to know what you had on there some odd was it my out of the mud room look at this it’s not amazing and that’s what it should look like and we cleaned that in land in the milk at that what was on that floor that’s what was there and now that’s what easily gets disposed of I will tell you very very busy on our phone lines 1200 are gone.

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