Landing Leathers Men's Air Force A-2 Leather Jacket Black Friday Deals 2020

In this article, we review Landing Leathers Men’s Air Force A-2 Leather Jacket Black Friday Deals 2020. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Landing Leathers Men’s Air Force A-2 Leather Jacket Black Friday Deals 2020

Today we’re gonna do an unboxing of the landing leathers men’s a force a – leather flight bomba jacket I just picked this about this yesterday and it’s gonna be in the brown color so let’s open it up and check it out okay so let’s open it up the big knife this is what the package looks like package looks like this game and kind of what it looks like came pretty packed so let’s open it up Brown got this from I’ll give you the link below where you can you know using my lips below let’s check out the brown color I reckon it was you know they have two options in this they have the the regular Brown and they have the distressed distressed Brown as well but then I figured I’ll just go with a regular regular right so this is what it looks like here oh man the leather is soft really soft um picture I mean I have a black leather jacket on right now Tommy Hilfiger jacket but this leather is really soft the top it’s what it looks like man the leather is really soft and it is a pretty dark it is still a brown color though I mean I got a black jacket on right now so I can tell the difference but kind of I’ll take it another shot during the daytime I just didn’t want to wait to open this up so this is what it looks like that’s kind of open up the stuff let’s just open up some more pretty excited about this [Music] qualities of the zipper is amazing nice smooth zipper and this is what I wanted to see the American flag on this jacket right this is kind of the key selling point let’s open this thing up and here we go guys Air Force leather airforce landings leather leather jacket it’s got the American flag that’s awesome yeah man I’m excited about this jacket you know so I got a pretty good deal on this it was going for like 149 bucks at Amazon so I picked it up definitely I can see the blue panel the thing I really liked about this jacket is you can see is the pockets right so it’s got this flat foot so it’s got this nice flap over the zipper and it’s got this dual pocket so you got these side pockets these side pockets right and it’s got these top pockets so that’s what I really liked about it and you can’t see you can’t see kind of like the brown texture on this this jacket it is really nice color the leather is soft I just can’t wait to put this on and try it out so I thought this is a pretty good deal I wanted to get kind of like the a2 bomber jacket I really have a black leather I just wanted to do the brown it just looks fantastic I’m gonna try it on it’s kind of post some pictures maybe when I might try it on I got it’s looks like it’s made in it looks like it’s made in I don’t know it doesn’t say made in China or made in China 75% polyester 25% cotton but it’s 100% genuine leather from the outside okay guys so it’s a really soft leather compared to my book the Tommy Hilfiger jacket right now which is really really thick leather it’s got these things on the top these whatever these things are it’s got the clip on kind of the button-down collar and kind of that’s kind of the jacket on on Amazon and yeah I’m excited about this I’m gonna put it on and let’s see how it fits so what the jacket looks like on me very comfortable you can see the brown shade of the jacket definitely see the brown shade of it and it just fits really good I got got lots of room on the jacket fits good it’s not too tight yummy it’s just a nice fit it’s a nice fit I like it I just like it the way it fits comfortable it doesn’t smell there a lot of comments on online as it gonna stink it’s gonna be a strong smell but no this is what I like I like this true pocket thing right it’s kind of got this this chick pocket thing put your hands there and then kind of got this pocket here it’s pretty cool it’s nice convenient my leather is nice and soft I just look I look forward to wearing this jacket and kind of you know growing you know getting it faded and all that good stuff nice brown color that’s good alright thanks for watching guys have a good one check it out

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