Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Logitech Z906 5.1, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System Black Friday Deals 2021

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete of Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

I will have ever owned or bought on my own and I am so proud to unveil it to you guys right here right now and this is one special review for me so let’s get to it today I’m pleased to announce that I have the most special thing ever I’ve been waiting so so long to acquire this and now I finally have it the Logitech c910 watts of pure THX certified power along I think it has Dolby Atmos as well Dolby Atmos

if that’s the correct way so I’m gonna let the intro play and we’re gonna get into unboxing this big boy all right let’s get to unboxing this thing got my nice knife right here if you want it the description will be well the link will be in the description below so let’s get to it you see the box is so big I couldn’t do it in my usual place I have to do it in my office space for Spacey topics but nonetheless let’s get to it and now let’s get to the pull-tab so before I open it as you can see here like I said it’s a thousand watts it’s a 5.1 channel surround sound technically gaming speaker but you can use it for music and everything else you know it’s not just dedicated to gaming but you you know how it goes so here we go this is a big moment for me you see before this I had the Logitech c6 two-threes and that was my that was the speaker you kept seeing in the back of almost every review except for this one so not the white one of the blocks B so let’s open it up here we have a couple of setup guides maybe the warranty and whatnot if I left it aside now this does cut this does come with two year limited warranty from Logitech just in case something goes wrong oh and we’re greeted with the subwoofer first nice so give me a sec let me take it out and get back to you okay this box isn’t a what this portion of the box so I’m pretty sure this has all the satellites in it as well as the controller so we’ll take that out of this hair and get this subwoofer on the table now I’m gonna try and measure it because I never really knew the size of these subwoofers pretty sure that’s not the correct way to measure it.
But hey I’m gonna try oh there it is not so pretty Wow look at that this is a big boy now let me get my tape measure and say yeah it’s a clothing take matter then why use for Spacey but nonetheless it’ll work so let’s see here we have close to 12 and a half inches in length and 11 inches and width and it is about eleven and a half inches tall boy moans outside here you can see this is a ported box this for those of you that don’t know ported boxes there’s there’s porta boxes and then there are shallow mounts porta boxes are the ones with the giant hole in it obviously and it lets out air to give a more louder stronger base frequency if you have a shallow mount it does not have a port and that base is then produced more sharply more strongly more pronounced this is just you know to make everything seem a lot louder if I’m wrong you can say it in the comment section below I’m not gonna say anything you know now for the sub itself I’m pretty sure this is not how you measure it but we’re gonna try it so I’m gonna measure from the beginning of the mesh here because I know it’s not gonna be over there there oh it’s roughly about eight to eight and a half inches so it’s a big subwoofer compared to the Logitech z6 two 3s it’s a little bit bigger I enjoy that I enjoy that a lot now filing over to the back we’re gonna see all the main components back here for all the main plugins because I believe the amp and everything is in here so you’re gonna see regular speaker components to plug in 2 we have the console the console I’ll show you in a bit it’s the one that controls the volume controls which speakers are playing etc etc you have different connections here you have two optical connections RCA auxilary I believe it’s these two combined together I’m not sure how to use these but this is the main auxilary here when you want to plug in in just a regular little B cable this one I’m not too sure of and I I know what it’s for but I technically forgot what it’s called but besides that it’s about this heavy mama to the side and open up the with that now according to the Box subwoofer has 165 watts well the whole system is a thousand watts RMS which is root mean square that is 500 so we go most of the time for speakers you go based off the RMS the RMS is 500 watts for the entire system peak power is a thousand watts each one of these satellites have 67 watts each and the subwoofer is 165 now before we get to the actual speaker I’m gonna go here through remote this is the remote to control everything to control through the console itself so file that on sub 4 hold this out aha batteries nice let’s go here now here we have some okay we have some speaker wire here now it’s gonna come with a lot of speaker wire these are mountable by the way if you didn’t know that these are mountable going in the back here you can see there’s a mounting screw right there well that’s it I’ve been bit so we’ll all of a speaker wire side this is the black and yellow and well I guess they mixed up everything together the black and yellow auxiliary with the regular auxiliary cable as well now going right here this is the big boy this is the console so give me a sec it’ll it’ll be a second for you but just give me a sec and I’ll unwrap this and show you what it looks like properly and here we have the console here and now I want to go get one of my big recording lights or studio lights just so you guys can see this a little bit better because I shot this already but it didn’t come out well so we’re getting closer you can see this has input right here and at the bottom is off so now what the inputs are I’m pretty sure it’s for the inputs in the back like the two optical ports the RCA s and the that one little red port I forgot the name for as well as that yellow and black 3.5 millimeter jacks in the back and I believe this is yeah this should be the button to switch it you see it says input so you keep switching through there now here it says this is stereo so this is 3d stereo 3d meaning all 5.1 well the point one is for the subwoofer so all 5.1 speakers find speaker 1 so poor fool be gone here you can clearly see it says 4.1.
I’m guessing the 4.1 would be 4 speakers without the center channel which should be this one right here for speakers without the center channel and the subwoofer is playing as well and then down here is just 2.1 so the two front channel right and left with the symbol for itself on this side it’s going to show you which one is up so the big square is the subwoofer these two are the rear satellites please excuse the noise these are the rear satellites this is the center channel actually know now that I think about it this is right and left this is the right and left satellites number one number two the center channel and then these are the rear right they’re level I’m not too sure about yet and mute this is a new plan just a muted this the IR IR blaster or IR port receiver for the remote and a basic volume knob so we’re gonna put this to the side on the top of these subwoofer and start getting into these satellites here now I’m not gonna open all in front of you because the majority of them are the same I’m just gonna open up one satellite one of the four as well as the center channel to show you the difference between that so let’s get to it that works too and see we said no upon taking this out this has quite a bit of weight into it like it it’s actually actually heavier than I thought now in the bottom if you’re just placing it down it does have rubber feet so that you can lay it like this on the table or a counter top or any type of TV stand if you use you can clearly see inside there’s the driver and inside I’m guessing it’s a mid-range component speaker if it was a coax that have a tweeter somewhere I don’t know I don’t know if this is the tweeter just because it has a little bit of space in between you but I doubt that so from what I’m seeing it looks like just a basic mid-range component speaker but nonetheless it’s probably gonna sound really really good so we’ll put this down and I’ll show you what the center channel looks like since all the other satellites are gonna look the same as this now the only difference between this center Channel and the rest of them is that obviously it’s the center channel it’s when you sit like this the rubber feet on the bottom here in the back you’re gonna have your connections just like every other speaker positive and negative and and again like I said it is mountable so if you want to mount this on top of anything like if you have a mounting jack and you just mount it and put it up you can put it up on the wall it’ll sit there and this also has 67 watch each one of these five have 67 watts like I said before and the subwoofer is 165 so if you’ll give me a little bit it’ll be one second for you I’m just going to plug up everything and give you guys a full sound test alright guys I have the speaker well sort of set up this is not really how you’re supposed to set up a 3d system but just for the time being for test purposes I’m just gonna leave it like this I have the subwoofer located on the floor below and I’m just gonna go through some of the cycles and whatnot I’m not gonna lie I already tested it before I made this portion of the video and yeah honestly forgive me if anything is distorted because this thing gets loud and when I mean loud I don’t mean okay it’s loud it’s nice I mean this thing gets loud like THX certified hell yes hell yes 100% this thing is loud this thing is movie certified excuse all the mess back there that’s from the Spacey traffic side of things the clothing part but you guys just got to hear it for yourself now I’m going to go and cycle through some of the stuff on the console right here so right now it’s on input one that’s where the auxilary is currently I’m gonna leave that as is I’m gonna cycle through 3d 4.1 which is what I presume correct because it does give you a visual representation over here 4.1 is this this that and that along with the subwoofer 3d includes the center channel down here and 2.1 is just this channel and this channel in the front right and left that’s it with the subwoofer other than that let’s get to the sound test of this amazing thousand watt speaker system so so I’m going to be playing first since I need to leave the cable over there the song I’m going to be playing first is something that I’ve already played before for the Tron smart speaker review if you guys haven’t watched that link will be in the description below I’m going to be playing falling not falling sorry falling by Safa reels I’m guessing now all the music will be in the description below just in case you want to check it out so let’s get this started oh and it does come with it included remote sir now I place the microphone away from the speaker because I’m pretty sure I’ll try to help with a little bit of distortion but it’s not gonna help with all the rattling behind me if you in case in case you heard that this subwoofer is really something it is punchy and look at this look at this it’s this level here there’s a button here that says level when you click it that’s the subwoofer it’s not even max this is not even max I left it there as a matter of fact it came let’s see from the factory it came here half way that’s half way so I’m guessing one two three four or five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve okay half way is six man oh my god just leave it on seven you don’t need to go any higher than that you go higher than that then you’re probably gonna rattle the entire house your entire house it’s just so good and just listen to that clarity listen to this I mean wow it’s amazing what this speaker really really can produce right here right now with just an RMS of 500 watts full peak power of a thousand watts if you’re in need of a speaker system this is the one to go now here comes the bad part the bad part is like.
I said I’ve been waiting for the speaker system for quite some time okay it has always been anywhere to 399 on Amazon and every time I go to check it it’s always got 10 maybe 15 left people are buying this thing like there is no tomorrow this thing is amazing now the only reason I have it now is because out of the blue out of nowhere I’ve never seen it go this slow before and I doubt that that sale would ever happen again but I was able to acquire this brand new on Amazon that is the only reason why I have this in front of me now I jumped on the deal I said this is not gonna happen again I jumped on the deal and got it now if you have 399 to spare to spare or whatever the case is please please consider getting this this thing is amazing I’m gonna go and play another song for you right now for you it’ll be a second just give me a minute now this next song is called dream forever it’s by a whole bunch of people link will be in the description below and just enjoy just enjoy tea my see again guys if you have the money to spare and you’re looking for a speaker system the is right for this compared to buying some big-boy stuff you can buy a blu-ray player separate or if you have a Playstation or an Xbox that’s already a blu-ray player so you don’t even need to buy one of those anymore like back in the day just to get all a thousand watts and stuff if you’re looking for gaming company if you’re looking for a gaming version of speakers you know you have the money to spare this is it this is it 100 percent like I said on the box itself it also says that it is made for gaming logitech made this for gaming but other purposes is there to watching movies on this it’s gonna be phenomenal you’re gonna feel like you’re in an actual movie theater the music that comes out of this the sounds the bass the trebles the mids the highs crisp clean strong it’s it’s a 100% win this is a 10 out of 5 this is this is a fantastic if you really are looking for something this is it I’m gonna give you guys one more song and then I’m gonna close off the review from there okay this next one is called while we lose and it’s one I’ve played before a long time ago I’m gonna replay it here because it’s got a good good drop well I think it’s a kind of good job so well you’ll be the judge for yourself sorry about that the only reason it went low and I started lowering the volume after that but whatever excuse that only reason it went low is because I got an email came in but um I mean what more can I say guys there’s there’s no more I can say there’s no more it’s it’s good you know it’s good you’re hearing that it’s good I don’t know if the music is distorted or not if it’s distorted then that means one this might couldn’t handle it and two that means this speaker is not only really loud when it sounds really really good.

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