Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Wireless Headset Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we review Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Wireless Headset Black Friday Deals 2021. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Wireless Headset Black Friday Deals 2021

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Wireless Headset Black Friday Deals 2021
I missed you there’s listening to this new pair of headphones then I’ll be reviewing today the number one headphones on Amazon the mpow zero five nine foldable over-ear BlueTooth headphones hi friend if you’re new around here my name is Oliver I like to talk about idea for video as well as video production in general and composing composing is a big one that’s coming back so anyway if you’re new around here

I’d love to have you join the famine subscribe and stay up with what we’re doing on this channel any of you who’ve been around for a little bit know that I love headphones and in fact I have lots of headphones probably too many headphones for one person everything from open back to close back to bluetooth and everything in between so this company called M pal decided to send me a pair of their headphones and they gave me a choice between either either in-ear or over your Bluetooth of course I chose over ear and I do want to make one clarification this product right here the zero five nine over ears are not the number one Amazon selling headphones that is M pals in-ear bluetooth headphone that’s number one on Amazon these are like number thirteen so they’re still way up there at the top of the top of best selling headphones so it’s worth a review you know it’s like what is it about these that’s making the masses buy them so anytime I get a new set of headphones I want to evaluate it based on three parameters kind of like I do with microphones how does it sound how does it function and what does it cost and with those three parameters you can really nail down what kind of headphones you want so what comes in the box when you first pick up these headphones is and the actual headphones it’s themselves a USB charging cable as well as a 3.5 millimeter audio cable and a bag a carrying case to keep them in which is super cool some of the stats about them is they say that they have – I do they are advertised as being noise canceling hands-free calling they have a battery display as well as a 33 foot range 15 to 20 hour listen time four hours to charge it to full capacity which is a 420 milliamp hour battery inside of this so first thing before anything else we’re gonna look at is how does it sound and this is of course subjective this is headphone – headphone but for me I’m not going to compare these two you know my open-back headphones that I have the HD 650 s by Sennheiser nor am I going to compare them closed-back passive headphones these are bluetooth headphones which means to really properly do apples to apples I should compare them to other Bluetooth headphones and specifically I want to compare them to Sonne wh 1000 x mark – because I own this pair of headphones and these are at Target I bought them at Target why I’m quiet target because I was there and I wanted to buy them when I was there now these have basically the exact same features as the m50 5/9 what in the world would make these worth 10 times these you could buy 10 sets of these for this right here so what makes these so better or what makes these so not good we’re gonna find out so plugging right in let’s just go ahead and start the listening process okay pop these off so let’s start with the sound quality from the M pals that is not terrible it’s actually pretty decent I don’t know if you remember back in the day I talked about the tascam th o twos which is a set of clothes back passive headphones they came free with a couple dr2 nails that I bought last year those were passive closed back headphones and these sound much better than those did now in any cheaper headphones it’s like a bunch of frequencies kind of bunch up in the low mids especially when you listen to hip-hop music many people won’t even notice it because the Apple earpods are very similar and that they’re they’re cheap like that they sound cheap they don’t sound big one of the ways I can distinguish between you know a cheaper headphone driver and a more expensive nicer higher impedance you know just a higher quality driver that’s in the ears is how big does it feel like how big does the sound experience feel to you with these you feel pretty tight like it’s just right on your head and that’s so typical for Bluetooth headphones but you know if I get into the HD 650s it’s like I’m in this massive orchestral room whereas like I just you know like SN Heiser HD 280 Pro is gonna sound bigger than this does they’re kind of up on your ears that sound kind of tight and compressed and compressed in the sense of like there’s all the frequencies are trying to fit through a smaller hole that’s the only way I can describe it but the clarity is good I mean I listen to podcasts on these I go for walks at night listen to podcast on these I will listen to music on these I’ve taken them multiple times on those walks just to listen to music as well as listening in here and I’ve had them for about five days and I’ve tried to listen to them as much as possible to just get a sense for how they function and how they sound so the sound is not bad and it’s like how can I compare it to other headphones as Bluetooth headphones go I’ve never really given Skullcandy or JBL or Plantronics a fair chance at this I’ve listened a lot to the Sony wa2000 X Mark twos as well as the Bose QuietComfort 35 Mark 2’s and as well as whatever dr. dre beats iteration is out I was at Target the other day and I was just listening through these to try to compare those they’re all high-end and they don’t sound great with the Bose wins it is the best sounding pair of headphones in that category right behind that is the sony wh mm x mark twos what’s a mouthful but the sony’s are great and i i bought them because they have better functionality in my opinion than the bose even though the bose has better noise cancelling and better audio quality in general and then all the way down here is going to be the is going to be the quality of the M pals 0:59 over ear bluetooth headphones not a huge dish diminishment in audio quality but a massive diminishmentso that’s interesting there is a law of diminishing returns the more you pay the marginal benefit you actually get for what you’re paying for so moving on to how does it function this will bring us a little bit closer into why there’s such a gap there these M pals are advertised to be noise cancelling up to four times it says I’m not sure exactly what that four times is referring to but these do not have active noise canceling technology they are just an isolated set of headphones so when you put them on everything does decrease quite a bit I hear a lot less this feels like putting on a set of my HD 280 pros it’s really good insulation in isolation from the world around you so when you’re listening it’s hardly you can hardly hear anything outside of you and that’s excellent but they’re not noise cancelling I just want to say that they are isolating there is no active noise cancellation as far as I can tell there was no way to trigger that on or off so I just the way it sounds on is the exact same way it sounds off so that’s important to make that distinction now the Bluetooth connects great it connected right away to my phone and then every time I would turn them on it would connect right away to the phone just like the Sony’s do it was all excellent I never had a range issue at the furthest I went away from them was like 20 feet for the range goes much further than that I had a little bit of a crackling issue that happens sometimes with cheaper Bluetooth technology but these performs so much better than the pair of Plantronics in ears that I used to work out in overall the Bluetooth functionality and connection was 10 out of 10 now does bluetooth diminish the sound quality yes and there is it there is different ways that bluetooth is transmitted and that is over my head out of my league and we’ll get into that but I assume there’s ways to save cost there where some of the higher-end headphones maybe sparing no expense who knows I didn’t dig that deep they just don’t care that much but I also did a side-by-side comparison between the Sony’s and these plugged in actually with a jack and it does sound a little bit better marginally better because like all headphones you can use these passively if your battery dies you use that audio jack plug it into anything and it sounds just normal it’s not gonna do anything special I connect with bluetooth though Sony’s do that all the toothed headphones can be used passively so on the side of the IMP out here you’ve got your phone call button your power button your play button your
pause button your your plus and minus for volume and your skip tracks and that all works excellent the volume is independent of the device you’re using so you got to turn these up to max and then use it on your device all worked fine so functionality was fine now the actual build of these it feels kind of plastic II kind of like a cheaper plastic material we’re with the Sony’s I mean this is like world-class like high-grade plastics and some metals up here I mean just well build the way these things just move around and you know these they just are so soft they’re like clouds on your your ears and they feel great and I’ve listened to these for hours at a time where these are probably listened to for about an hour and a half at one time and they did not hurt my ears one bit they felt great they’re incredibly comfortable so that’s just you know excellent right there they just feel like it’s a little bit cheaper material and again it’s not like we’re cutting corners for quality as much as we’re cutting corners to save you money that’s what mpow seems to be doing here in that law of diminishing returns we talked about what in the world are you paying for for dr. dre beats for sony’s for boses at the high level the brand the electronics you’re not paying for the sound quality I guarantee you if this was not Sony and these were not Bluetooth not noise canceling if this was just a pair of headphones with this quality of sound in them if they were Sony’s without any of the technology but just headphones they’d be and that’s just because they’re Sony but they don’t sound that good compared to other headphones they’re just bluetooth and they’re like a touchier and they just started playing these on the other hand it just blows my mind that you can get Bluetooth that works sound quality that doesn’t suck for I mean I just understand a lot of people don’t want over your headphones and that’s why these are number 13 on Amazon but mpow is just crushing it for the consumer listening market if you don’t care that much about sound quality you will love these pick up a pair of nfl’s they are phenomenal for the cost so to clarify here and pout did not pay me to make this video nor did they ask for any sort of an opinion they just unbiased Lee asked me to review them I said yes they gave me a pair as a gift so now I wasn’t paid that I was gifted a pair of these empaths that I get to keep or give to someone in my life who needs a good set of cans so thank you to empower for letting me do this that’s all for this week’s edition of the audio gospel if you will go buy some n pals there’s a link in the description below which will take you to Amazon where you can buy them in any country you live and get them shipped right to your door for don’t delay buy those headphones today now here’s the thing a lot of you in the production community that don’t really know about headphones I wouldn’t recommend these for monitoring in the field you just don’t hear every frequency go for something like the sennheiser HD 280 pros or anything from there you don’t want anything less than that quality wise if you’re gonna be recording audio and care about audio in the field these are consumer grade all across the map and that’s what they’re made for they’re not made to be professional that’s all for today thank you so much for watching and being part of the family you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next one and I will see you next week.

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