Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 7.2.4Ch Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 7.2.4Ch Soundbar System Black Friday Deals 2021

Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 7.2.4Ch Soundbar System Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 7.2.4Ch Soundbar System Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

The Nakamichi shockwave elite 7.2 soundbar system and we’re gonna get into it right after the jump and I’m back now if you’re new to the channel and you want to learn about 4k home theater and audio products and how to set them up properly you should consider subscribing because I’m here to help and don’t forget to hit that bell so you get notified.

When I do a live stream to answer your questions or when the next video gets released well now that all that housekeeping is out of the way let’s get into it alright ladies and gentlemen so today we’ve got a surround sound system by Nakamichi now if you haven’t heard of the name Nakamichi they actually used to make some really high-quality tape decks back in the day I remember my dad had two Nakamichi tape deck that he paired up with his Bang & Olufsen receiver and speakers and like I was a teenager so I was you know putting everything in there from Metallica Ozzy Osbourne to Janet Jackson and you know you name it I was listening to a bunch of tapes on that Nakamichi tape deck so I’ve heard of them before had experienced it with them before but they’ve actually kind of changed focus and now all they’re doing they’re just making high-quality sound bar systems I do want to take a moment to thank document you for sending this over and sponsoring this video so thank you guys very much for that appreciate it and if you’ve been part of the channel or watching you guys already know I’m not a huge sound bar fan but when Nakamichi approached me about reviewing this sound bar I was intrigued as this does have surround speakers discrete surround speakers and it has dual dual eight inch subwoofers that are wireless you know so you know setup shouldn’t be that difficult and I was kind of blown away now I do know the Nakamichi brand it is a quality brand from back in the day and I was really interested in checking the sound bar out when they contacted me so if you guys are looking for a sound bar that’s a little bit more than just the sound bar as a surround sound bar system whatever you want to call it check out the shockwave elite 7 point to link is down the description alright well enough talking let’s go see what’s in the box yeah alright first things first this box is pretty heavy so make sure you have some assistance getting it up the stairs or wherever you need to because this equipment is fairly heavy as far as literature goes you got two QuickStart guides and you get a wall mount template and a warranty card alright inside the box we have three power cables one for each subwoofer and one for the soundbar a power adapter for the sound bar optical cable high speed HDMI cable we get a red or right side RCA cable to connect the surround speaker to the right subwoofer and we get a white or a left side RCA cable to connect the left surround speaker to the left subwoofer auxilary cable we get two triple A batteries a full function remote control that lights up that’s pretty awesome and wall mounting hardware all right just give me a second to get all the pieces of the system out and on the dining table and by the way these subwoofers are pretty large now the entire system consists of the soundbar to surround speakers two wireless subwoofers and a remote control.
Let’s first check out the sound bar now lengthwise the sound bar comes in just under 45 inches it’s about three and three-quarter inches tall and about three and a half inches deep on the front of the sound bar you can see six four facing drivers every pair of drivers is its own channel we have two drivers for the left two for the center and two for the right channel in between the center channel drivers we have the LED display right underneath the Nakamichi logo on the far left and right we have the left and right ambient effect drivers which create a 35% wider sound stage moving to the top of the sound bar we have power input demo and volume up and down buttons on the back of the sound bar we have different sections and starting on the Left we have the power input port and the left side wall mount location next we have an audio input section consisting of optical coaxial auxilary and USB input for digital files and for more updates to the right we have HDMI inputs 2 & 3 which support 4k HDR and hdcp 2.2 and finally to the right we have HDMI AARC HDMI input for and the right wall mount location alright let’s move on to the surround speakers here we have dual 2-way discrete surround sound speakers to create a spacious and dynamic surround sound experience let’s flip them around to the back you can see each surround sound speaker has two wall mount locations and at the bottom we have the RCA inputs which will be fed from the corresponding subwoofer I’ll quickly demonstrate how to connect the speaker’s just use the right angled red RCA cable for the right surround speaker from the right sub woofer same thing on the left speaker you just use the white RCA cable and connected using the right angle side and connect the other end to the left subwoofer alright let’s check out the subwoofers both subwoofers have an 8-inch downward firing driver and a three-and-a-half inch rear firing port let’s check out the connections on the back now these subwoofers are identical now at the top on the left we have the pairing button and pairing LED next to that we have the USB port and its corresponding led for firmware updates in the center we have the left audio output and the right audio output on either subwoofer at the bottom we have a power switch and power port for both subs [Music] so what I’m gonna do here is I’ll turn on the sub so you guys can see the pairing LEDs flash and then they stay solid blue when they are paired to the sound bar now let’s connect up the surround speakers really quick so you know what it looks like just plug in the white RCA to the white RCA on the back of the left subwoofer plug in the red RCA into the red RCA on the back of the right subwoofer and connect them to the corresponding surround sound speakers so this is what it should look like when you’ve done it correctly all right let’s take a minute to place these speakers around the room here’s a diagram of what Nakamichi recommends for setup in your room now this won’t work in my living room so I’ll do my best to set up the system correctly within some varying degree first.
I have to replace my current surround speakers with the Nakamichi surround speakers and I also have displace the subwoofers in places that work in my room and that kind of comply with the setup diagram now don’t worry if your subwoofer is far away from your surround sound speakers Nakamichi gives pretty long cables to connect the subwoofer to the surround sound speaker so here’s where I’ve placed the subwoofers and surround sound speakers in my living room the next thing I need to do is move my towers and set up the sound bar with this Vizio m-series I have in for review it’s highly recommended to use an HDMI a RC connection but if you really need to use optical let’s run through that very quickly connect one end into the sound bar and you should hear a click on the back of the video the flat part of the optical connector needs to be facing the rear of the TV again you’ll hear a click and if you tug on the cable or connector it shouldn’t move out very easily so now we have to do a few settings on the vizio tv so on the vizio press the menu button scroll down to audio first at the very top turn the speaker’s off and I went ahead and set the digital audio output to bitstream which is down at the bottom I jumped into the YouTube app on the TV and I get all the sound coming from the Nakamichi and not the vizio now let’s set up HDMI a or C okay so we need to use the high speed HDMI cable that came with the sound bar and plug that into the HDMI a RC port now we need to find the HDMI a RC on the back of the TV looks like on this Vizio m-series that’s HDMI one so that’s where we’re gonna need to plug in this HDMI cable now this changes from manufacturer to manufacturer so you’re gonna have to figure out which HDMI port on the back of your TV is the AR see you could be HDMI one it could be HMI too could be HDMI three could be HDMI four don’t know but if you have a question about it go ahead and let me know and I’ll help you figure it out all right that’s the video now we’re going to plug in other devices like the Xbox one X and the Cambridge Audio CX UHD 4k player you’ll notice when you change the input the center display is bright and legible but if it is too bright you can dim that display to your liking as far as the TV’s audio settings I do not have to change them when using HDMI Arc as well as optical it’s the same for both alright everybody so now I’ve got everything set up and I jumped into the Vudu app on the TV and jumped into Lord of the Rings you guys know I like that movie because there’s a nice like bass drop right at the beginning and we’re gonna get into that demo in just a little bit but I do want to let you guys know that the surround sound speakers do a great job in that first scene where Frodo runs it to Gandalf and they’re just kind of talking and you know messing with each other you can hear like all the birds and the other things in the background just you know right behind you right next to you it’s really cool and something that I don’t really expect from a sound bar you don’t I mean so good job there Nakamichi so right now we’re just gonna get into a quick audio demo I moved one of the subwoofers onto the coffee table so that you guys can see the you know excursion of the woofer in a quick quick scene it’s that very first scene Lord of the Rings you know there’s a big sine wave bass drop so we’re gonna kind of cut to that right now and if you are looking for a longer demo I do have a companion video to this video it’s gonna be comparing the TV speakers you know playing John wick the bath house nightclub scene you know go back and forth between the Nakamichi speakers and the TV speakers and you’ll get a great idea of exactly how much more sound is the room and how much better the viewing experience is with this Nakamichi sound bar system alright so let’s get into that demo I’ll see you on the other side some of the King took up his father’s sword [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] wasn’t that cool I thought it was kind of cool I just loved that scene so it’s great to hear what these dual eight inch subwoofers can do and there wasn’t any lack of bass when seated in either position on the couch you know there’s either the loveseat or the sofa and since the subwoofers are like you know next to either of them it’s actually pretty good you know for keeping a nice even base let’s get into another cool feature and that’s DTS X now this doesn’t do the ceiling bounce and if you guys seen my other videos the ceiling bounce does not work at my house due to you know I got a wood ceiling up there and it’s all like slanted and stuff so it’s just not gonna work now this uses a simulated DTS X and there’s actually a DTS X volume up and down like for the effect on the remote and well we’ll get to the remote in a little bit but that’s very handy because you can kind of dial in exactly how much of that simulated height effects that you want so I popped in the DTS X demo disc and the one demo I watched a few of them like the fast and furious one and the Harry Potter ones and the one that I liked the most is a battleship clip one if you guys have that disk you guys know what I’m talking about like it’s awesome like there’s this stuff flying around all over the place and even though it wasn’t like having speakers up on the ceiling like I have my high channels if you guys didn’t know I have a five point one point for setup and it’s not exactly like having the high channels there it does a great job of you know mimicking that effect so I gotta give it up.
I’m liking this sound bar system so far all right now let’s take the sound bar and connect it up to my iPad via bluetooth first we need to select the Bluetooth input on the remote and then open up Bluetooth settings on my iPad at the bottom you can see shockwave and all you have to do is tap it and after a few seconds it is connected to my iPad so now let’s move the camera aside and play a little audio demo of the techno dad theme song forever I’ve set the audio recorder in the main listening position on my couch for this demo and also I did the same for the John wick demo linked in the description box below [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right pretty basic pretty straightforward the Nakamichi streams music from my iPad or actually whatever from my iPad to to the speaker via bluetooth and I’m not sure if you knew or noticed everything is connected meaning if I put the volume up or down on my iPad it changes the volume on the sound bar and it also displays that volume on the TV as well since we’re still using the HDMI a or C alright next let’s check out the remote control because nakamichi did a great thing in designing a full function remote for us consumers to use now this remote control is almost button per function and its laid out it is simple and easy to understand wave so at the top we have power and mute buttons and then we have transport controls for any Bluetooth device that is attached which is very handy and I was able to move backward and forward and pause and play tracks from my iPad using this remote next we have the input selection area and it even has two system memory buttons for quickly recalling your preferred settings you can choose different DSP modes like music movie night clear voice entertainment mode which cycles through sports news game and you can turn off all the DSP if you wish as well below that we have a set of menu and buttons along with info return and DTS X affect adjustment below that we have the main volume and base buttons the room size button is there so you can dial in what kind of room you have whether it’s small medium or large the led dimmer button can lessen the intensity of the front LED display now at the very bottom we have some awesome buttons that I’m really stoked to see this on a remote we have buttons like Center volume up and down treble up and down and here’s another important one lip sync adjustment I’m so glad they put that on the remote control you can even turn your surround speakers on and off in this section as well there’s no doubt in my mind that Nakamichi has made an awesome remote here that’s got all the functions that are necessary especially that bottom section I was turning things on and off I was raising the level of the side surround speakers I was raising and lowering the treble the center channel it was great you have a lot of flexibility and that remote is really top-notch all right so after all that what can I say look if you’re in the market to get something to up your sound your TV’s movies games just kind of sound a little weak and you have let’s say less than the Nakamichi shockwave elite 7.2 system is really one to look at and it’s kind of a no-brainer you’re gonna get a huge amount of sound increase from it and it’s actually gonna work well because you’ve got surround sound speakers now if you have a sound bar that doesn’t have surround sound speakers and you didn’t really want to jump into a full-fledged you know AV receiver you know speakers and cables all over the place and you wanted to just kind of get your feet wet this is definitely a good option there as well.

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