Nokia 7.1 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Live)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Nokia 7.1, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Nokia 7.1 Black Friday Deals 2021

Nokia 7.1 Black Friday
In this article, we will show you the complete of Nokia 7.1 Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Hi there this is ranjit anna in this video we’ll be doing the unboxing and have a first look at this nokia 7.1 and this is the latest smartphone from nokia and I purchased this guys from amazon and that’s not a review and I purchased this one and it’s certainly a slight premium that you are paying for the nokia brand like we do for samsung brands. Let’s see what it does as you can see it’s having newel snapdragon 17 soc and for example earlier.

I had reviewed the nokia 6.1 plus the camera was the weak point but here from the hardware point of view looks like the camera is a good one real one it says 12 plus 13 megapixel with optical image stabilization and zeiss optics and front facing is a 20 megapixel shooter but let’s see how’s the performance anyways guys i’ll leave the links in the description area of amazon if you want to buy it use my link it helps the channel. Let’s move this out and this is the device itself. I opted for the blue color well so but it looks like mostly black as you can see from this one if we take this out they call it the blue but this definitely looks like black and again it’s having that glass back front and back so. I mean got to be careful with this glass but let’s see what else doing here do we get a case in the box so nothing over here some pamphlet and stuff looks like accessories will be here so looks like note case in the box they should have given a case these glass box can be a little bit fragile so we have a USB type-c cable here and what else we also get a headset so that’s a nice thing and this is the charger.
I believe it’s a fast charger than you’re getting so indeed we are getting a headset so that’s actually nice as you can see and the quality of the headset looks to be nice these are in your earphones that we are getting and we also have a single button with a microphone here to take our end calls so that’s what you’re getting and in some extra ear tips oh that’s nice and that this is the power brake and again it’s a nokia branded power brick guys and this is supposed to be a fast charger that supports fast charging at 9 votes at 2 am so 18 what charges that you are getting in the box so this is what we get and the box and let me keep these things to the side so here is the handset itself and as you can see it’s just a slab on the bottom it gives us the nokia branding but it’s subtle. I would say and on the back again it has that dual camera set up with zeiss optics fingerprint scanner nokia branding and obviously it’s android one device so stock android so update shouldn’t be a problem.
Let me give you a physical overview this is actually in a different tone as you can see 3.5 MM headphone jack and you get this silver tone it’s aluminum frame that you’re getting over here and we have the volume rocker gives a good field so the build quality looks to be good volume again this is the power on/Off button and bottom. I went for the speaker this is the type a USB type-c port main microphone and on this end just the same rate. I believe it’s a hybrid but let’s look at it and you’ll celebrate yes it’s dual sim hybrid case so you can put nap to nano sims on one nano cell and a micro SD card slot and regarding storage it comes with 64 gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of ram. Let me just power this on and say android one and by the time it actually boots up and I set it up.
Let me give you a configuration overview this nokia 7.1 is having a six point one eight inch ips lcd screen in the 99 aspect ratio it sparked by the new snapdragon 710 octa-core processor it has the new adrenal six one six gpu it comes with four gigabytes of ram and 64gb of internal storage its dual sim high brain moving to the camera it’s a dual rear facing camera 12 megapixels that’s at f one point eight and 13 megapixel camera which has optical image stabilization moving to the front-facing camera it’s a 20 megapixel at f 2.0 it also has nfc support and a 3,500 milliamp hour battery so guys. I have just finished setting up this device and the setup took quite a bit of time there was an update of 238 MB and it took almost 20 minutes to install and as you can see it’s still doing some stuff so yeah this is the interface that you get. I mean it’s stock android interface that you get and as you can see so again it has the new android pi and the same ui that you get on the gesture based navigation you just this to get to the recent apps and you just swipe all the way to get to all your apps this is the same thing that you’ll find on even the nexus device and again on the left you have the google now pane if you go over here you have the quick toggles as you can see and if you go over here and let’s go to system and if we could about the phone as you can see it’s the android version 9 that you are having on this one that means it has the android pi that you are getting with this one so that’s regarding that and again as it’s a nokia device generally in updates you shouldn’t have a problem and even generally in security updates a it’s not an issue and our that 64 gigabyte to store it as you can see fifty point three five gigabytes of spaces what you would get depth so this is regarding the storage and in only only one variant assault that comes with four gigabytes of ram and the 64 gigabytes of storage and I mean it’s stock android experience you are paying certainly paying that premium for the nokia and also that stock android without any bloatware as you can see none of the bloatware is there so that’s actually a nice thing but again. I feel the not as slightly on the bigger side then should have gone with a slightly smaller or not it’s unnecessarily big in my frank opinion.
Let’s also check the fingerprint scanner it is here at the back but again it’s so flush in this that it doesn’t give a feel so here initially you might find it’ll slightly difficult but again once you get hang of it as you can see it is very responsive and fast so it’s not an issue but it’s just that it’s too flush here with the back glass so that’s regarding the fingerprint scanner on this one and big thing with this device is going to be that camera on this one that dual camera it says eyes off take it also seems to have optical image stabilization. Let’s actually now look at the camera on this one and if we fire up the camera. Let’s see their interface first I’m just going to. I love everything so it says swipe off to enable the pro mode and so and collapse the pro mode and so yeah those are the options so this is the phone interface that you’re gonna get as you can see. Let’s just use this one for now so you have that tap to focus and it also adjusts the exposure and the shutter speed is fast as you can see no issues over there and we also you can go to the pro mode like this or you can also go like this if you want so you have that manual mode and promote over here you also have the life bouquet so that’s interesting so you can actually. Let’s do this and background as you can see you can adjust it on the fly how much you want and it took the snap without any lag as you can see.
I believe that is all due to this new snapdragon 17 soc as you can see we got that background blur very easily so that was nicely done in my opinion and let’s see we have the panorama mode and this all these other modes and video. Let me see it should support 4k but let’s see if we go over here to the set resolution rate full HD it said but yeah it does support 4k as you can see front camera is only up to 1080p so that’s regarding the video let’s also just quickly just look at the front-facing camera it’s a 20 megapixel shooter. Let’s have a look and as you can see it took the snap actually pretty quickly like this and we also have the boogie mode with the front facing camera so exposure it’s going a little bit crazy but yeah we have that more. Let me do one thing guys let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you get a better idea but before that here is a word from the sponsor of this video that is maybe dot in maybe thunder beat bluetooth earphones look stylish with metallic body you can take phone calls and it supports passive noise cancellation the you hooks fit securely and stay in place even when you are working out or running with qualcomm csr bluetooth I see the music quality’s amazing and has created a free life it hd stereo sound with super solid bass it support optics connect with lossless wireless audio use coupon code gig in and heath 15 at maybe dot in to get 15% discount on all of me we product see link in the description below for more info so taken with the rear facing camera and as you can see now done lighting conditions the rear facing camera does an incredible job the shots that. I took almost every shot came out actually it really good and these are with the front-facing camera. I feel it does were sharpening and the background is overexposed at times with the front-facing camera these shots.
I took indoors with the front-facing camera again. I had the same problem of sort of overexposure this was taken with the rear facing camera or regular mode and this was taken in the portrait depth mode and these are again sample shots taken and indoor lighting with the rear facing camera the rear facing camera even in indoor lighting conditions as you can see does a very good job some samples with the front facing camera and artificial lighting conditions and again here the white balance is sort of off with the front facing camera and this was in the pookie mode recording this video with the front facing camera of the snow kia 7.1 and I’m recording it at 1080p and the audio that you are hearing is also why it’s internal microphone so this should give you an idea how was the video exposure when you shoot a video with the front-facing camera of this nokia 7.1 again recording this video with it now with the rail facing camera and I’ve set it to 1080p not 4k but just moving around objects to give you an idea how it focuses and stop and let’s also walk because it has optical image stabilisation and it might also be doing electronic image stabilisation looks like that as you can see I’m just walking normally guys and the video looks to be stable you guys let me know how is the audio capture the audio also has been captured while its internal microphone so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this nokia 7.1 what do you guys think about this device this is selling in india for rupees twenty seven thousand so what do you feel about the same. I frankly feel they should have actually given a case in the box because most of the other smartphone vendors are giving that and as you can see already.

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