NutriBullet Rx N17 1001 Blender Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we will show you complete of NutriBullet Rx N17 1001 Blender Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

NutriBullet Rx N17 1001 Blender Black Friday Deals 2021

NutriBullet Rx N17 1001 Blender Black Friday Deals 2021
Today I’m going to be taking a look at the nutribullet rx okay so I just want to get something out of the way I normally don’t review kitchen tech on my channel blenders just aren’t that exciting that is until I got the nutribullet and after trying this blender out for a while I I think it’s worthy of a video

let’s go ahead and start off by showing you what comes in the box so as you can see it comes with a really nice recipe book and I’ve looked at some of the recipes in here they’re actually pretty good I haven’t made them yet but they look pretty tasty then it comes with a huge 45 ounce mug beer mug I guess you call it it’s big this is what I use to make my shakes and it’s really nice to have the extra room so it doesn’t overflow it also comes with two thirty ounce mugs with handles these all have handles it comes with a 1 litre soup mug jar with a two piece top this is strictly for making soups it comes with two of these lip rings I don’t know if that’s the official name but that’s what I call them these will actually go on top of the mugs they screw on and then you can drink at them so gives you a nice smooth surface it comes with the extractor blade and give you a shot of that gear it’s actually really beefy it comes with a blade removal tool and the way this works is it just locks into the blade and then when your cups on top it helps you to tighten and loosen the cups from the actual blade because you want these pretty tight when you’re using the blender it also comes with a blade cleaning brush it’s kind of nice it comes with a resealable lid just one and then we have the 1700 watt 2.3 horsepower motor and in my opinion this is the most important part of this product because basically if this motor burns up then this stuff is almost worthless you know I mean you just got a bunch of plastic cups and I almost forgot you also get a user’s guide has some recipes tells you how to clean everything and operate the unit okay so I went ahead and set up some of the blenders that I own starting from the left is I believe the original magic bullet next to that is the 600 watt version of the nutribullet and then the new nutribullet rx and to the far right is the Blendtec blender which i think is one of the best blenders you can buy period in fact if you haven’t heard of the Blendtec I suggest you go on YouTube do a search for a series called will it blend because they literally take Nike tennis shoes and cellphones and they that blender will blend them so it’s pretty incredible but anyway I just wanted to set these up so you could kind of get a feel for the size difference between the three nutribullets and then an actual blender now if you’re wondering why I would buy all these blenders the reason is I work out like a lot of people and after my workouts I enjoy having a protein shake smoothie and you know I’ve always lent out and spent on blenders and because of the type of shakes I make I put a lot of ice in they last six months to a year and they burn up that’s why I say the most important part of a blender is the motor so anyway after spending I don’t know how much money on on junk blenders I decided to buy the Blendtec and I believe that was about when I bought it I’ve had that probably seven or eight years so you know that was a good chunk of change for a blender but I had never been disappointed with it the only thing I noticed if you blend too long it’ll kind of melt your eyes and you won’t have a smoothie type consistency anymore it’ll be more watery now I was totally happy with my Blendtec but my wife didn’t like using it she said it was too heavy and and just too inconvenient so she bought a magic bullet which was the first small one on the left she started using that and you know I thought man that that’s too small and wimpy for me that’s not gonna do anything and yeah it’s good for mixing up vegetables or making fruit drinks put a couple cubes of ice in there and it bogs down but you know it works and it’s still going so then she went and bought the 600 watt nutribullet and one day I didn’t feel like pulling my Blendtec out so I grabbed it and I you know I used uh my hand well this isn’t bad it blended up my my smoothie pretty good and yeah you know like I said it did the job but the one thing I noticed is if I put too much ice in it it would bog the motor down so much that after a while if I kept running it trying to chop the ice up it would literally blow the thermal switch inside which would shut the motor down until it cooled off enough to where the thermal switch would turn back on so but you know because I liked it I kept using it I kind of used the Blendtec less and less and after about a year and a half of using it the thermal switch finally wouldn’t turn back on so I ended up buying a new motor which is the one we have here and that’s one thing I have to say about nutribullet is if your motor goes out you can just buy a new motor I think I paid for the new motor so it’s a lot less than having to buy the whole kit with all the new cups and everything so anyway long story short I’ve had this motor on this on the 600 watt nutribullet going on about two years it’s running less and less and it’s it’s kicking the thermal switch a lot faster so I know it’s dying so that’s what prompted me to buy the bigger nutribullet when I saw that big motor I knew that thing just had to be better than the smaller motors so not only did they come out with a much better and bigger motor they’ve also changed the way the nutribullet works so for one thing the old nutribullets see here they have these little little slots there’s three of them and the way it worked is there’s supposed to be tabs on the cups well my tabs all broke off so I was literally using a pair of scissors to turn the motor on on this old version so to me that was one thing that I was glad to see that they changed was those little tabs I’m another thing they changed was the gear system so on the on the old ones they used rubber gears on the blade part and then on the nutribullet the motor there’s plastic gears inside I’m not going to show you that because it’s a little funky I’ve used this thing a time but anyway on the new nutribullets like I showed you earlier they have a huge gear and that fits into another metal gear inside of the motor assembly so that’s a much better system to drive the blades than that the plastic so another thing I wanted to show you is they’ve rubberized this hole inside so it’s gonna make it a lot easier to clean you’re not going to get you know a bunch of junk sticking to it and if it does it’ll clean right off it has these two little switches here that are pressed down when you put the the blade assembly in and they’ve also added an external on/off switch right here what you’re supposed to do is leave it on and then when you put the cup in once it once it seats it’ll turn on and it’ll it’ll run for a minute and then it’ll slow down and then it’ll run for another minute I made a smoothie in this cup and I had this much ice in it and all my other protein and and things I put in my shake and within a minute it blended the smoothest shake I’ve ever had better than the blink tag so I’m pretty impressed with this nutribullet rx so far okay so now it’s time for a blend off between the Blendtec and the nutribullet rx what I’ve done is I took the nutribullet mug I filled it up to the max dumped it into the Blendtec and then I did it again I fill it up to the max I’m gonna try to start these bolt at the same time or as close to it but I’m gonna let them run for about a minute and see if one blended better than the other if they’re about the same so let’s go ahead and do that  okay so I couldn’t get the blendtec to start right away I haven’t used a front while what happened here was the the ice just kind of I don’t know if there’s not enough water in there or what but it was just kind of spinning like there was no air so I’m gonna go ahead and start it again and the Blendtec and see okay so what’s happening is there’s air it’s pushing the everything up and it’s just spinning so I probably have too much ice they both actually did a really good job with the ice if you have more liquid in there it probably would form that air fire you can see the air pocket form but it’s like slush I mean it did a good job I think the Blendtec might have done a little better but it actually looks a little chunkier so now like I said the nutribullet really gives things down to a v
ery smooth consistency and this is exactly kind of what I expected that the Blendtec it’ll blend it it’s got the power the nutribullet just it just blends things smoother I don’t know why it’s just the way it is one thing I will say is this is way louder than the Blendtec you probably can’t tell on camera but the nutribullet rx is very loud I can’t imagine running this for seven minutes making soup it Drive mean it crazy you’d have to wear earplugs but you know for a smoothie it’s colorful and to me it’s easier to use this than the Blendtec now if you want to you know blend up a tennis shoe or some this is the boy right here this is the Beast but I think I’m gonna really like this blender and for just making smoothies and shapes it’s perfect so that’s gonna wrap it up you know this probably wasn’t a great comparison for the power but it does show you that it’ll take ice it’ll turn it into slush.

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