NZXT H510 Black Friday Deals 2021

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NZXT H510 Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case Black Friday Deals 2021

NZXT H500 Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you complete of NZXT H500 Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

Before T Leigh I thought was a really great revision of it already great on a mid-tower mid-sized ATX tower if you will and I feel like the H 500 is the next logical step in the ex 340 lineups right so obviously it’s not keeping the s name I’m switching over to the H series from NZXT.

It does have a lot of those s3 fortyish features and that’s why I’m so interested in building in this one and giving you guys a thorough overview of the chassis so what we’re gonna do is talk about the cases features and also building it with these parts here so we have a III 70 platform where use asus motherboard and 8700 k straight power 11 power supply from be quiet we have a GTX not GTX and r-tx 2060 and then we have a 500 d SSD and then some other NZXT goodies to make our case tire build look rather pretty so starting first with a few of those cases features again very similar to the s340 elite I’m going to put the glass panel on so you can see how easy that is to install I really like what NZXT is done here all you have to do is slide the panel into kind of a basement roof if you will there’s a part of this that sticks out just a little bit it’s a perfect lip for this glass panel to slide in and then all you gotta do is press it against the chassis it clicks into place and then you have one thumb screw up here it’s captive so it doesn’t leave I need to screw everything into place like so a very simple installation only one screw again and it’s a thumb screw so you really don’t need a tool other than your fingers so again this tempered glass panel doesn’t go all the way down you do have the basement protruding so it does comprise part of the left side panel but I want to talk next about the inside we have these again these are modular SSD trays that’s a nice addition unless you’d be flexible with where you want to put these you just snap them into place move them wherever you want or just take them out outright if you’re not feeling the basement mounted SSD thing we’d also have a dedicated VGA supplemental power cable cut out here which is great for running cables to the graphics card you don’t have to worry about stuffing them further back in the case just having the cables hanging across the entire GPU shroud really doesn’t look at all that appealing so this cutout is nice to see we also have the famous or infamous depend on how you look at it cable shroud and this cable bar is actually a good touch in this case.
It’s not overwhelming like it was in the H 700 I and I’m glad that they kept it kind of subtle the same way to the s340 had this it actually kind of extends over the basement as well but again it’s it’s very secluded it’s pressed basically against the roof of the basement so it’s not going to get in the way there’s space upfront for up to a 280 millimeter fan radiator combo which is great there is no way to extend that further down those so only up to a 280 you will not have 360 ml rat or fan support at the front top of the case is pretty straightforward just 2 USB 3 ports actually some detail here that NZXT hit on was the purple accents it looks like purple mice on colorblind USB 3 ports that’s kind of cool purple as NZXT color you guys don’t know that already we have headphone jack microphone jack a hard driver just a drive LED indicator and also a power button with an LED ring around it it’s pretty much it for the first half of the case I don’t recommend placing a radiator up here it’s gonna be pretty tight might conflicting some motherboards that especially beefy heat sinks other than that though pretty much bare you’re not gonna have to 80 ml or 240 mil fan rad support up top mainly because of the cable bar so that’s a trade off with a lot of NZXT cases it’s not gonna hurt too much though unless you’re really going for like an all-out custom water-cooled build you probably want a different case in this one anyway no one to the right side of the case it’s kind of a mixture blend if you will of the H 700 I or the H I series and the S 340 elite so you do have these cable channels here which you’re good for routing things like your USB 3.0 some fan cables not the best though for the 24 pin these channels are kind of small for a lot of those cables and if you have custom extensions or just full-on custom cables it’s it’s really gonna be tough to get all these to fit in here so you might just want to stick to using the cable bar for that route and then using these for the smaller cables like the fan cables and USB 3 or 2 right side panel installation is a little unorthodox but it’s actually pretty cool how they’ve done this so a lot of those you know cheaper cases you have to slide the panel on from the back that can be difficult to do when you have a lot of cables back here so when in 60 is done instead if it included little notches toward the front and basically the entire panel acts like a door kinda like it’s hinged and all it does is swing into place from the rear use the two captive thumb screws to secure it and you are good to go so it’s not gonna simplify the process by any means at least when it comes to the time it takes but it will make kind of pushing all those cables against the rear of the motherboard tray a lot easier by nature of its design last few things we’ll touch on we have the hard drive cage it supports two hard drives it can be slipped further toward the back so depending on how much space you have how big your power supply is this is pretty flexible and you can slide it on the bottom it’s just screw it into place with four Phillips screws and then the power supply side does have a dust filter that is removable from the back that’s again pretty straightforward fairly conventional I do want to swing the back just for a second so you guys can see this is a seven PCIe slot case so it’s by definition of mid-tower I know no dedicated bracket which means you’re gonna install the power supply from the right side that’s okay.
I know the bracket was a nice touch and I you load things in from the back but it means that you don’t have to fund your cables through here as well which was an issue with the cases with dedicated brackets so I don’t mind missing that but you do have the mounting points again like most cases do you have a PCIe bracket shield or they want to call this a lot of the more expensive cases have this so it’s nice to see in the age 500 and then we have two 120mm fans I’m not going to talk too much about these were actually gonna swap these out they’re not they’re not very great they do get kind of loud and they don’t have pwm support so NZXT is just saying hey if you don’t want to spend extra money we got two cheaper fans in here but obviously if you want something that’s quieter that’s gonna have PW support you’re gonna want to swap these out definitely now be H 500 does have a dedicated standoff to kind of guide the motherboard into place so you don’t need to put a screw here you just need to line this up with the hole on the motherboard and you’ll be ready to go also something that I’m really glad NZXT included work these zip ties these are really nice if you want to be very particular about your cable management at the rear then you’re gonna want a lot of these and NZXT includes a lot of these so good on NZXT for this I really like this we have HD audio we have a USB 3 cable and we have front panel oh wow ok so this is cool so this cable is I’m not sure what it’s including it looks like it’s including the power LED cable set also a power switch and the hard drive LED cable set all-in-one header check that out that’s super cool so that means we don’t have to worry about the nitpicking the very fine wiring with those small little cables Wow look at that I’ve never installed front panel cables any easier than what I did just there I hope more case manufacturers do this now usually you want to install the CPU cooler before you actually get them or in the case but we got a big cut out here at the back of the H 500 just gonna slide this in and we can install the rest by laying down the case another thing I just noticed there’s a super large cable cutout hole here for routing any cable that you want to be wrapped around the back of the motherboard from the top which is really convenient there’s not just like a small hole here so to remove and install this fan bracket upfront it’s pretty straightforward similar to how you would deal with a top mounted bracket you just have to get it into position and then captive thumb screws again.
I love captive thumb screws you can secure it like so and again you have to do this because you can’t remove that front panel it’s completely bolted down to the rest of the chassis so you have to have that bracket there in Zechs you thought of that that’s good and we have those two 120s up front now you know honestly I can’t believe in zxt trusted me with another huge product after the last time I basically blew up two power supplies thinking that the U plus was at fault definitely wasn’t not whoa this is magnetic that’s really cool you could mount it anywhere yeah I’m just gonna put my q2 right there it’s all good or I’m gonna put on the outside on my case just like that or really anywhere all right I’m a little too intrigued by something this simple Hey Ya pizza place thank you all right now just finishing up cable management here on the right side I want you guys to see you really took your time up here you can make this look several types especially toward the front definitely glad that we have this much space between the PSU and the hard drive cage I kind of just stuffed all the extra cables underneath here and it kind of looks oh I think it looks decent considering I’m not like you know picking out cables that are you know a certain size so with any remaining cables you just have to kind of figure out where they go let’s do the right side panel test we just squeeze it on like so piece of cake that hinge definitely helps yeah I could tell this would have been a bit more difficult if we had to just slide it toward the front in a conventional case and there we go everything is all tucked in it’s a very nice install I like that idea plaid NZXT one with that for this case now the last thing we need to do I’ll show you guys the front here is install the graphics card so I have the Supplemental VGA cable hanging out here it’s just a single 8 pin and I have the hew two here as well as the solid-state drive everything else is in place I believe so let’s get the graphics card installed okay I’m good to go there and let’s connect this actually just ring enough there is not a connection on this side we actually have it back there we’ve definitely got some slack so plug that in see if we can stuff the rest of this cable in we’re not using custom cables so I’m trying my best here to make do with the stock cable kit but they are black sleeve so that helps with this scheme I know if you notice we haven’t installed Ram yet and that’s because I’m not sure what kit we’re gonna use the only we could go with something just bare-bones black but I think this needs to be a little more over the top this is a thirty six hundred megahertz kit and 32 gigabytes in total overkill for most gamers gonna fill up all four slots more of an aesthetic thing at this point so I think it looks pretty clean this cable here is kind of pissing me off but there’s really nothing we can do about it let’s just just kind of hang in there I think a second car would look really nice it’d fill up that extra space but anyway all right let’s power this thing on and see see what it looks like there you go ease of installation it’s a lot better than the fourth um screws on the corners let’s cross the fingers hey the only thing is we can’t change the the g-force color so I think we’re just gonna have to go with a white and green color scheme which that’s fine I’m not upset with that yeah ethically everything looks good in the build another thing I really like about this case is the fact that the tempered glass panel is pretty much like a hundred percent transparent there’s no tint to it and that’s a pet peeve of mine when you have a really dark tinted glass panel you can’t really see the components inside just the LEDs so in this case you can really see all the components especially with an RGB strip in there and RGB fans so let’s get the colors coordinated and then we’ll take a few more b-roll shots and we’ll conclude the video so just so you guys you know you see a video probably approximately ten to fifteen minutes now him building the piece team yeah it took him forever five hours it’s not even a custom dude okay so everything is up and running I’ve already installed Windows 10 install all the drivers I even installed cam because I wanted to use the u2 and control the crow rig h7 quadroon me also wanted to control the RGB strips.
I can do that up front but now that I bring the PC over here I can’t even open the software I double-click the icon nothing happens it’s not running and task manager even if I go into the the root file folder and try to open it that way nothing it’s not to reinstall cam it’s not the most mature software in that sense so they struggle with cam is real but the struggle with the aged 500 is non-existent this is actually a very easy case of Billa to build then I am very impressed with the overall quality of the case and I looked up it’s a really good deal for this I would say this is probably the best case in its category so for that I’ve built in so that’s my take on it I hope you guys enjoyed this like I don’t know it’s a different type of video and I just wanted to be a little different this time and give you guys a different perspective I wanted to build in at firsthand and tell you how I just fared I guess there in the process so if you want to see something like this in the future let me know in the comments below I’ll appreciate all the feedback that you guys give negative or positive I’ll be sure to check it all out because we’re gonna get serious about case reviews in 2020 setting up a few contracts are gonna try to be very consistent with how we do things I did not address air flow and that’s because I’m saving that for a separate video although there are a few other tech tubers have already covered the air flow properties of this case it’s not the worst it’s not the best but it’ll do for a case that’s how I see it so you guys like this case like the video let me know biggest when it comes up.

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