NZXT H700i ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we will show you complete of NZXT H700i ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

NZXT H700i ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case Black Friday Deals 2021

NZXT H700i ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case Black Friday Deals 2021
All right people so my system inside the NZXT H700i has been assembled let’s see how it plays out in terms of configuring its own fan profiles based on temperatures because of that built-in device that controls both RGB lighting and the fan curves and see how the RGB lighting interacts with the Krakken x52

I have installed in there because it’s all controlled through the cam software and I’m hoping that it’s nice seamless integration that lets me do all those things from one piece of software so let’s check it out right after this creativity is fueled by the best instruments it doesn’t always come easy and in the process you often realize how important quality is the Rd 400 bio CC gives you quality and speed with M de tu interface the Shiban and flash and a pci bracket making it possible to focus on what matters invest in storage that makes a difference with a 5 year advanced warranty alright so welcome to my full review of the NZXT  H700i if you guys want to see the initial impressions video and the overview of the whole specs situation check it out over here but for NZXT is trying something new because of that built-in smart device which is basically a hue plus which is a lighting control and a grid plus which is a fan control built into one and those two things combined sell. I hope that we’ll see a version of this case without the whole smart features for people who are not really interested in the whole adaptive noise and fan curves and stuff like that and just want to have the frame as is and so the smart device I’ll call it the hub it’s a discrete unit installed on top behind the bracket with this cool perforation pattern it is powered via SATA and you must connect it to the motherboard with a USB 2 header and since I’m also using the kraken X 52 that also requires a USB 2 header and also the front io needs to be connected to the motherboard you have to keep this in mind because my motherboard only has two USB 2 headers and therefore I had to keep the front IO disconnected for the other two things to work properly there are three fan channels connected to the hub each with three fan headers so in total you can have up to nine fans all controllable via the smart device the RGB strip is at the top it’s already pre routed and it has an extra plug that looks like a standard 12 volt RGB connector but it is not it only works with NZXT Zone RGB strips that must be purchased separately and so it does lock you into the unified cam software which from a convenience standpoint I can see because you have fan control and lighting control and all these other things that are built into one but it’s not without its issues for example there are 26 pages of reports from users many of which I’ve experienced myself not with this one but with previous versions of crack and coolers and this can be a major deterrent to avoid the age 700 I with the smart device luckily my experience throughout this review with cam with the age 700 I has been flawless I have not had any issues with updates and installation and it recognizing all the things that they’re you know installed in there and the only point of alarm was when the middle channel for the fans showcased zero rpm but I realized that it’s because I have nothing plugged into that channel on that fan splitter in terms of lighting I do love the sync option with the Kraken but you know I don’t agree with the placement of that LED strip at the top so I initially thought that the blackout edges on the glass would hide the bright LEDs but they’re annoyingly visible with each harsh LED piercing right through that glass when viewed straight on you know interior lighting for me is supposed to be ambient and this is kind of a Miss on NZXT part also because the LEDs don’t spend the entire top portion of the case it kind of stops behind the bracket so to me it doesn’t look complete and now I want to touch up on the internals and the assembly so this cable management bracket helps to add character to the inside but you know the more I look at it the less I like it partially is because of the color so you have to approach your whole Hardware build with that in mind so color coordination has to be on point but it’s really kind of in-your-face and kind of cuts the interior into halves it does have two mounting positions and can be removed completely toe and the spacing is perfect for pee-yew clearance but I find it too tight for the thick 24 pin cable and this angled top portion even with my radiator at the top it just doesn’t feel right but this spacing is there and it’s large enough to allow tubing to pass through from the front if needed and you can see that in Paul’s build of the micro ATX version of the case so thanks Paul looking at the rear this is one of the best pre routed cable systems ever on the case because of these plastic channels to guide and organize cables accordingly this is very much needed because the rear side panel sits on this tooless hinge and so making sure everything is flat as possible is very important to close the panel properly so I left things a little bit bulky just to see how the panel would handle it and with a little bit of force it closed and it’s not pumping out unless I push that release button on the interior the perforated power supply shroud is very nice because you can maneuver those SSD caddies but it may reveal colored cables underneath so be careful with that but otherwise it’s a clean and hassle-free assembly all right so now I’m setting it from the cam software and we’re gonna do this together and from what I understand it’s supposed to cut of give the system some load and see what happens with temperatures and then adjust the fan curve accordingly I am still curious about how they’re determining in the noise level of the system currently it’s saying like 52 to 56 I doubt there’s a microphone there so it must be calculating it based on the fan rpm all right so the idle baseline has completed it says dude I should load into a game and keep the CPU greater than 20% and GPU greater than 50% all right let’s I’ll tap out so I’m at only 7% game running I don’t think I’m in the parameters of at load situation I might have to launch it to pop G for a little bit more intense gameplay alright so now I’m playing pop G everything on ultra and one thing I noticed is that as soon as I launched it through the game and we were in like the spawn screen this turned purple and we haven’t seen it purple just yet so I’m thinking maybe this is the indication on when your system is actually being fully stressed out so whereas in csgo I was cycling between green and red let’s see what we are on cam software okay I’m with 90% its excellent all right see the problem is it didn’t tell me when the first step of the calibration process was complete in the preset so now in step 2 and my system I think they’re telling me that they’re stressing it out right now so I have to maybe exit the game for it to continue doing its thing okay so it did wait for me to exit the game so we can do its own stress test all right so 35 to about 40 minutes later the whole thing is completed in the calibration department so both the stress and the idle tests are currently calculating and I’ve already changed my shirts and you know what I’m thinking that in this time that I’ve spent just waiting for this thing I might have been better off setting my own either performance or the silent curves that already preset in the cam software already but it is an exciting idea as a concept of the fans knowing how much they need to spin up based on temperature the cool thing is that the whole adaptive procedure is that it will learn based on what you do and change those curves accordingly so that you have the quietest and coolest system possible but I feel like that’s already built into the cam software with those silent and performance profiles that’s I doubt that the adaptive thing is very much needed so it looks like we have a little bit information about the calibration process in the adaptive situation so with idle situations this is sort of our preset here whereas so the fan the rear fan is not spinning at all and we’re not gaining any noise reduction and then the front fans are actually a little bit faster than that my preset so here’s our data when you go into the load situation so the thing is known GPU or CPU temperatures are different from my preset but you can notice that the noise levels has redu
ced I don’t know exactly how NZXT is calculating this but I’m assuming it’s based on the RPM of the fans the front three fans are spinning a bit slower and then they’re reducing the fan the rear exhaust fan to zero rpm I’m guessing they’re determining in that it’s not needed anyway based on the temperatures so therefore you get this noise reduction now of course the temperature in the calibration process will be different per system basis but it’s funny to me that the rear fan isn’t even spinning but as I just jumped into the game and you know the load both in the CPU and the GPU has increased the fans are working in more harmony to cool the whole system so yeah that makes sense so I’m looking back at my entire experience with the h7 100 I I think the shell is excellent in terms of the airflow it’s you know it’s a bit more restrictive obviously because of the paneling and that is a reflection of its design even toward the perforations on the side I feel like or adequate enough for the intake because of the three fans and the exhaust is not really an issue at the top because of the spacing between the fans and the top panel and with the whole conversation about adaptive machine learning acoustics versus temperature I think only time will tell to see if users stick to that and they like that approach you have to be logged in into cam for it to work properly it does not work offline so that’s a deterrent to some people but I also feel like those presets are much easier to set and you don’t have to wait patiently for the whole calibration to proceed although it does turn off one of the fans as you guys saw at idle situations and ramp things up based on load and CPU and the GPU and those temperatures as well so it is taking the entire picture into consideration in terms of temperatures and acoustics so I guessing in in that regard you are saving a little bit on the acoustic side so the system being a bit quieter but in the general scheme of things is it really necessary and so this is a perfect segue into my conclusion I want to hear what you guys think about this whole cam software in this direction that NZXT is taking in terms of just doing the whole automatic thing so you don’t have to worry about temperatures and noise levels of your system is that something you guys are interested in or you prefer to do it manually you know those performance and silent profiles and custom fan curves let me know in the comments below I think there is a place for adaptive fan calculations in a smaller which is why I’m excited to review the micro-atx an ITX versions of this case but on a bigger scale like this I really don’t see the point on having that really fine control of you know fan rpm based on the cue sticks because usually in a larger case you have a bit more airflow to deal with and usually temperatures with that many fans inside the system are not an issue and so that is it for me make sure to subscribe and watch this other relevant content here

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