One Plus 7t Pro Black Friday Deals 2021 (Live)

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OnePlus 7t Pro Black Friday Deals 2021

OnePlus 7t Pro Black Friday
In this article, we will show you the complete of One Plus 7t Pro Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Hey, what’s up guys the one plus 70 pro is the highest tier model of the one plus 7 lineup but there’s been some criticism that the improvements and future are over the other models is pretty tiny so what’s the deal and is this one worth setting your sights on and will for gsm arena.

Let’s take a look at our full review the one plus 70 pro has a curved glass design quite common to smartphones these days with a rounded aluminum frame looks-wise is quite similar to the one plus 7t pro our 70 pro is in the new haze blue color and the frosted finish is quite stunning just to note that this is the only color option available there is a transparent case included in the box but if you want to really mix up the look of the phone. You’ll have to buy something all paik although there is no official ip rating oneplus has taken some measures to protect the phone from water so it should survive if you accidentally drop it in water but hopefully you don’t need to test that one of the biggest differences looks-wise from the oneplus 70 is the camera setup here you get a more traditional vertical stripe another difference is on the front as the 70 pro is bringing a bezel as all screen look with curves on the sides this is possible thanks to a retractable selfie cam which is trendy these days the oneplus 70 pro’s 6 point 6 7 inch amoled screen is curved like those you’d find on samsung’s flagships at quad hd is the same resolution as on the one plus 7t pro it does share the same 90 hertz refresh rate – this means that moving elements will look and feel more fluid and there is support for higher frame rates in content and games the display looks gorgeous with deep amoled blacks and colors are quite accurate brightness is decent at 430 minutes and it boosts up to 600 nits in auto mode when. It’s sunny it isn’t as bright as some of the competition though there isn’t an always-on display but an ambient display that activates when you lift or tap the phone but if a notification does come in it will flash on to the screen for a few moments under the display sits the optical fingerprint scanner and this is one of the best I’ve tried yet.
It’s incredibly responsive and accurate just needing a light touch to wake up and unlock the phone the pop up camera works well and is fast and responsive for face unlock just remember that it isn’t as secure as a fingerprint the one plus 70 pro has a stereo speaker setup with the earpiece acting as the second speaker quality is great the speaker’s scored an excellent mark on our loudness test and output is rich and balanced if you’re using headphones. You’ll need to use the USB-C port to the plugin since there’s no headphone jack you don’t get an adapter in the box either.
We tested with a passive adapter. We found that sound with headphones was clear and accurate no loudness was below average one other feature I would have liked to see here is expandable storage you do get 256 gigs of UFS 3.0 storage onboard but once you run out that’s it the one plus 70 pro is one of the first phones to come with Android 10 out of the box on top of this is running the latest version of Oxygen OS which isn’t wildly different from stock android there are a few differences though and one of them is a customization menu that lets you change the look of the home screen and the app drawer something unique to one plus is what it calls the shelf.
It’s a page that you can set up with app-specific shortcuts like creating a contact or taking a selfie there’s also a zen mode basically a souped-up do not disturb you can set it on a schedule and when. It’s on you can’t use apps and you can only place emergency calls another useful feature is the recorder you can capture what’s happening on the screen or audio from a call or the microphone the one plus 70 pro brings the most powerful android chipset right now the snapdragon 855 plus. It’s basically an overclocked snapdragon a 55 and on paper it should deliver around 15% increased peak CPU performance in benchmarks this is about what. We saw though in gpu tests. We did see its performance fall behind some competitors due to the more demanding qhd screen regardless of real life performance is excellent in games run great without thermal problems. It’s hard to really feel the benefits of the plus next to the 855 logo but if you’re looking for the latest chip the 70 pro delivers po wering the phone is a four thousand eighty-five million power battery and battery life here is excellent with this screen refresh rate set to 90 hertz the phone’s cord endurance rating of a hundred hours and a proprietary battery tests when.
We switch the screen to sixty hertz. We didn’t see too much of a boost with a score of a hundred and three hours so 90 hertz seems pretty optimized the oneplus 70 of pro uses the new warp charge 30 t just or charge 30. We were able to charge from zero to 60 percent in half an hour but thanks to some retuning of the charging process here you get faster charging in the upper range of the battery the one plus 7t pro brings a triple camera setup which contains a 48 megapixel main camera the quad bear filter a 16 megapixel ultra wide camera and an 8 megapixel 3x telephoto canon. It’s the same setup as you’d find on the one plus 7 pearl except for the location of the laser autofocus off to the side photos from the main camp come out in 12 megapixels and in daylight they are excellent there is incredible detail top-notch contrast balance sharpness and wide dynamic range 3 x zoom photos from the telephoto camera are equally spectacular resolve detail is brilliant as is the sharpness and dynamic range and colors are true to life daylight photos from this ultra wide camera are among the better ones. We’ve seen with decent enough detail and low noise colors are mostly accurate and contrast is excellent while there is an automatic distortion correction to take out the curves at the edges of the frame if you opt out of it.
You’ll get sharper corners oneplus has upgraded the ultra wide camera on this model it can focus on close-up objects to take macro shots these look decent but we weren’t impressed by the level of detail portraits can be taken with either the main or the telephoto can no matter what you use they are excellent subject separation is great there’s more than enough detail and the d focus backgrounds look convincing at night the 70 pro’s main camera does a great job thanks to a bright aperture and ois images come out well exposed with loss of detail accurate white balance and low noise one plusses night mode is called night scape and it brightens up the photos even more it improves detail to capturing things the naked eye can’t at night photos from the ultra wide cam are dark blurry and noisy you can turn on night scape mode which will brighten up the photo but there is still plenty of noise and not much detail zooming in a darker scene will give you output from the telephoto cam rather than a crop from the main cam if there’s some light available you can end up with some decent yet noisy photos let’s move on this selfies taken 16-megapixel pop-up camera they do come out a bit softer. We’d like but they have excellent contrast colors and dynamic range videos taken with the rear cameras at 30fps have always-on electronic stabilization it adds smoothness at the expense of some sharpness and a narro wer field of view there’s also a super steady mode which uses the ultra wide camera it gives you an even smoother result kind of like an action cam 4k videos can only be taken with the main camera the result is excellent with great contrast in the nemec range and high quality stereo sound you can shoot video from the telephoto and the ultra wide cams only in 1080p quality is good though with low noise wide dynamic range and decent enough detail one feature advertised by one plus is 960 fps super slow-mo video in 720p but this will come with a software update for now 480 fps will have to do so that’s the oneplus 70 pro you get a beautiful glass build a high-res 90 hertz curved oled screen without a notch excellent battery life with fast charging stereo speakers a killer chipset and some great camera performance all in all some really impressive stuff you do have to settle for a few shortcomings like the missing headphone jack and the lack of 4k video want anything but the main camera but probably the biggest issue is that you can find most of the same features in the cheaper one +7 pro so with all that said is this phone worth getting I would say it does deserve a recommendation. It’s 750 euros it isn’t cheap.

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