Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope Black Friday Deals 2021

This article is all about for the Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope Black Friday Deals 2021

Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope Black Friday Deals 2021
I’m going to assume you’ve read the manual you’ve familiarized yourself with the parts and you’ve got it – pretty much this level of assembly already so there’s two things you need to do before you go outside and start reading the night sky the first is balancing the telescope and then the second is aligning the finder scope

let’s start with balancing the two lock knobs loosen them and you can move it east to west along the right ascension axis here and then north and south along the declination axis here to make sure it’s balanced just tip the telescope off to the side don’t let go and basically removing hands for a second see which direction the telescope is going to be falling see so right now I’m pretty close but obviously it’s falling in this axis right here right ascension and what that means is my counterweight is not heavy heavy enough to balance it so I’m going to loosen it here and slide it back down the shaft right there and I’ll try again there we go it’s not it’s not moving in that one direction now it is slowly moving up in declination which means that the back of the telescope is a little too heavy so I’ll loosen the two screws on the Rings and I can shift the telescope down in the Rings well actually I want to shift it up in the Rings a little bit loosen that shift it up a little bit about right there lock it back down and then try again now I went a little too far now so the scope heavy so just go back and forth until you find the right balance point make sure you put your finest scope on your eyepiece on there because that way it’s going to be on there when you’re using the telescope I’m probably pretty close right there we go so next is the finder scope if the finder scope is not aligned you will never find anything in the night sky it’s impossible even with a low power eyepiece the field of view is pretty narrow compared to naked eye so it’s difficult like looking through a straw to find some object in the sky I like to do that during the day the first time it’s going to be the hardest because you can’t use the finder to aim it so look off in the distance find a tree or a power pole something about a quarter mile or more away and point the main telescope added a man out there is to pretend here use the slow motion knobs east and west north and south here to get the corner of the building or whatever target you’re using in the very center of your IPs once that’s done look through your finder scope and you’ll notice it’s probably in there but it’s not on the crosshair when you just slide the finder scope on it will not be aligned it’ll be a little bit off from the direction that the main scope is pointing so just use the two screws on the side of the finder to adjust it to get the crosshair right on the same thing you’re looking at in there you might want to go back and forth a couple times just to make sure you didn’t bump the telescope in your novel again looking at the corner of the building once that’s calibrated then you’re good then you can use the finder scope to find something in the night sky and you can be assured that it will be in the center of the eyepiece now the mount itself has to be polar aligned in order for it to track in the proper direction so if you look down on the bottom of the telescope here you’ve got this right ascension axis that’s the direction that the Earth spins east to west and just imagine a line drawn through this axis up into the sky that has to be pointed a Polaris all the time no matter what you’re doing so I can be looking to the south here I can be looking north if you notice wherever I’m looking straight overhead this is still pointing in that one direction that’s where Polaris is that’s where the North Pole is so in order to do that look on the side of the mount on the very bottom and you’ll see the latitude scale from your point of view it’s on the backside but it’s a scale from zero to ninety degrees that’s the height of Polaris for your location here in San Jose Cupertino we’re at 37 degrees north latitude so first level your tripod make sure that the legs are roughly level so you just have to high quality there’s nothing perfect get that level and then loosen the knob on the side and you can adjust the latitude scale up and down suggesting this axis here until you get it to 37 degrees right up there lock it back down now you know you’ve got the right height for Polaris for your location you also have to move it left and right so it’s looking around a player so let’s just say I’m a little off from Polaris will say Polaris is right there that’s basically north so you have to find compass direction north and then move the telescope so that polar axis is pointing north and now at 38 degrees latitude lock it down and your polar line what that means is when you find something in the sky so let’s say now I’m looking at Jupiter and you lock down the knobs the right ascension axis here just by spinning this one knob it will follow the object as it moves through the sky because the earth is only rotating and that one axis so as long as you’re polar lined one knob to recenter things if you’re off if let’s say you pointed this polar axis eastwards you’ll find that when you try to follow something you have to move both knobs in random directions and it’s much more difficult to to locate objects and to keep them in the view so using the equatorial map properly having it pointed northwards and just spinning the one knob in the one direction makes life a lot easier so to view objects in the night sky you’ve got your eye pieces and the eyepiece has changed the magnification this scope comes with two a twenty five and a ten millimeter Plusle it’s the opposite of what most people think the higher the number on the eyepiece the lower the power the way you determine the power is it’s the focal length of the telescope divided by the focal length of the eyepiece and it’ll say it on the side of the telescope this is a 650 millimeter focal length so I know that off the top mine at 650 divided by 10 that’s 65 millimeter 65 power at the high power and then the 25 millimeter is a little lower so that’s like 26 power so start with your twenty five-millimeter start with the low power eyepiece in order to find the object you want pop the 25 in let’s say Jupiter’s over here I’m going to loosen the knobs manually move it to about the right area just by eyeballing along the tube then I’ll use the finder scope to get closer I should see the object in the finder get it right on the crosshair then lock the two knobs down and look through the eyepiece it should be somewhere within the field of view as long as your finder scope is aligned you can find to the positioning using the knobs right Ascension and declination until you get the planet right in the middle of the field now at 26 power Jupiter is not going to look like too much you’ll see the four moons around it but you won’t see the cloud belts on tripping us to low power so now it’s time to pop the power up as long as the planet is centered pull out the low power eyepiece put the high-power one in refocus a little bit until you get a nice sharp image and now you’re viewing more plenty detail as you’ve gotten closer to the object itself there are ways to enhance that even further you can always get different eyepieces one of my first suggestions is a Barlow lens it doubles the power of any eyepiece so just pull your eyepiece out once you’ve found it pop the Barlow in put the eyepiece back in and now you’ve got twice the magnification so at starting at sixty-five power now you’re at 130 power and the plants really come into good detail at that magnification if you’re looking at the moon we have a moon filter it just threads on to the bottom of the eyepiece here and knocks down the brightness of the moon it’s like going outside on a sunny day without sunglasses it’s not going to damage your eyes but when you see a very bright moon with a large aperture like this it can wash out the details so I’m gonna filter is a nice handy accessory to have one other tip I have about viewing deep sky objects instead of viewing planets you can’t see those objects naked either a little bit harder to find because they’re fainter but I hear a lot of people say it’s because they need more magnification well that’s not true most each guy objects are very big in the sky much bigger than the area covered by a planet moon Andromeda for instance the andromeda galaxy you can stack many full moons across
it and you wouldn’t fill up it’s like four or five full moons and even that’s probably not enough so you don’t need high power to see the galaxy you need a very low power and a very wide field of view so while you use the barlow and the high power eyepiece to zoom in on the planet you want to step back and use the twenty five-millimeter for many of the big deep sky objects so the twenty five-millimeter locate Andromeda and if you’re in a darker sky site away from the city lights you’ll find that it goes across the entire field of view and might even spill out past the feeling so low power for most deep sky objects and high power for lunar and planetary detail alright so there you have it the space probe 130 st that’s a good overview for some tips and techniques for getting the most out of it I will suggest please read the manual front to back that will familiarize yourself with all the workings of the mount the different parts the pieces and then just getting some experience with it under the night sky starting with low power going to high power you’ll get practice you’ll get experience you’ll learn what objects look best at what magnifications and pretty soon you’ll be really enjoying the the view through your new telescope and seeing what there is out there this kind of see thank you very much clear skies

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