PANASONIC LUMIX ZS200 15X Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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PANASONIC LUMIX ZS200 15X Leica DC Lens Black Friday Deals 2021

PANASONIC LUMIX ZS200 15X Leica DC Lens Black Friday Deals 2021
This article is all about for the PANASONIC LUMIX ZS200 15X Leica DC Lens Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

Today I thought we would explore what you can see behind us the beautiful downtown region with this the brand new Panasonic zetas 200 now I know that when you see a one-inch compact camera like this it screams travel photography and stuff but you know we’re back home and I thought why not see if this can also be just a compact little companion camera for the day

I’m going to do some street photography with it and explore the brand new zoom range that we have on the brand news at s200 so it was about two years ago when we reviewed the originals s100 I had a baby strapped to my chest that whole video you should watch that one it’s a fun one and we were really intrigued by that brand new camera because it had a 10 times zoom with a one inch sensor but it was still compact size you have to keep in mind that pretty much on the 1 inch market you’ve either got tiny cameras with three times ohms like the rx100 series or you’ve got big cameras with huge zooms like you know the episode 2500 for example and we figured by this point now especially off the success of the Zenoss 100 we’d be inundated with compact 10 and 12 times zoom cameras in the 1 inch series but panasonic still the only player in town so this said s200 still gives us a very pocketable cameras you can see it fits right there but now I’m getting about an almost 15 times zoom out of this thing so very impressive and I want to see if this lens is gonna give us any more advantage over those small cameras now normally if I was shooting the Panasonic I’m using a G series for Street shooting I mean I like having a manual zoom I can just click the camera and zoom it and I’m ready to shoot so turn on time for a camera like this how effective is it going to be as we get out there trying to take pictures of people while turning the camera on now our response is you know pretty slow and that’s just the unfortunate thing I’m going to probably instead walk with this camera in sleep mode just leave the lens out let it shut down after a minute of walking around say battery life and then when I want to shoot I can just hit the shutter and start shooting but otherwise this retraction of on and off it does eat up a bit of time here I’m going to turn the lens off here and wait for it to go away so yeah that is one of the downsides with a motorized zoom that being said with Panasonic I can at least set it so that remembers the last zoom range I was at so if I turn the camera on I can either have it start at the wide-angle and zoom in or have it remember what I was using the last time so that helps a little bit but I feel like I might be struggling with that delay slightly for most travel and family stuff you won’t even notice it so I’m shooting some white snow here but of course I do have light coming in and I want to take a shot here but I’m finding that with a 2,000 of a second maximum mechanical shutter that can be a little bit limiting so I’ve set the electronic shutter to auto and it will automatically engage it if it needs more now it’s jumping up to 4,000 of a second to take the picture and that’s handy.
I’m not moving around so there’s no problems there still I would say a camera like this would really benefit from having a built-in ND filter not just for photos but for a navigable video that I want to shoot as well because this camera does great video and of course there’s a distinct lack of filter rings on these motorized zooms I don’t know if there’s space in there but I do wish it had it all right so we’re heading down the bridge to Chinatown I just want to take a look at these two photos that show the extreme range on the lens on the zetas 200 a brand new 24 to 360 millimeter range it’s convenient and I think Panasonic is doing it because they’re capitalizing on the fact that no other manufacturer seems to wanna touch this kind of camera and there might be a good reason for that because unfortunately there are trade-offs when you go with the lens range like this your aperture choices are limited and this lens is now a three point three to six point for when you consider that the aperture maxes out at f/8 at the tightest you basically don’t have a lot of creative control with this camera when it comes to aperture choices you know take a look at Panasonic’s LX 10 that’s a 1.4 to 2.8 at the widest aperture possible and you know those are nice because with a one inch sensor you can play with depth of field you can get soft backgrounds and you have options when you want to gather more light with this camera especially more than any compact that they’ve made you’re very limited in depth of field control and light gathering capability so this becomes definitely more of a tool of convenience having that big zoom range and I just want you understand that before you buy this camera that’s the trade-off it’s as you can see here in Calgary we’re very festive it’s not quite spring yet so we can still keep Christmas decorations up don’t judge us look the signs still there so you still can’t park a Ford Fiero that’s a nice memory back to our old videos hey Jordan although there’s no color ring so it actually maybe it looks like you can’t park one and now I’ve got another one over here don’t park I don’t know 90s era muscle cars no Dutch challengers or Ford Fieros in Chinatown so I still don’t have a flip-out screen which means I can take selfies of my shadow which is always cool and it doesn’t look like I’m holding an SLR up to my face but if I want to do selfies of myself it’s not gonna happen so you know I know that would been a nice change from the Zen s 100’s they’re trying to keep the cost down this is already a camera just certainly not what I’d call affordable and they want to keep the size small when a flip screen kind of makes it bulky but I’m still waiting for a nice one-inch vlog camera like this I mean Panasonic they make headphones they could certainly do like a Bluetooth connection to bluetooth headphones that would mitigate having a headphone jack on here maybe give us a small mic jack or really good internal shotgun microphone built in and we have a vlog camera I’m gonna keep waiting so we’re actually getting incredibly close macro closer than the Zen s100 now when I tested that the camera did something interesting though it gave me very similar macro at the wide-angle range as well as zoomed in telephoto so I’m gonna try that now I’m gonna step back here using the long lens okay we’re not getting nearly as close a shot not even close but I would still say that wide up I’m getting something about you know in life-size about two inches across in size as my whole picture here.
I’m getting something about the size of the camera as my whole picture so it’s still not bad I got lots of working distance and you know if you use the close-up you can actually get some nice soft backgrounds just gotta work the lens right and – one of the things I wanted to mention that improvements we’ve got a nice dial on the front of the lens here this could be customized to do many things so I like that as well and then the viewfinder now there’s thatís one hundred out of view finder I’ve very important on a camera like this where you’ve got a big zoom because holding it out like this even with the five axis stabilization is just not very stable so I like that I can bring it up to my face here against my head and I can get that stability and it’s markedly improved in resolution over the Zenoss 100 we run up to 2.3 million dots and actually looking through it it’s very sharp and it’s very clean you also have a 60 frames per second refresh rate if you want so that helps as far as avoiding any sort of weird lag and stuff like that now when you pan you are gonna get rolling shutter and you might even start to see some color shift a little bit so I guess if you’re doing action in sports you might find that distracting but overall it’s a nice improvement I am still gonna say though that it is very small and it really suits people who don’t have to wear glasses I’m having no problems I can get a nice tight seal a nice close-up but if I had glasses I’m probably gonna get light and stuff in there it’s not going to be as nice to use so of course there’s always that moment where you leave your camera on self-timer and then the next photo you take you find you have to wait I’m sure that happens to all of us right please tell me that there it happens to all of us I was using self timer because he’s propped up the camera really quickly on a tripod and we just wanted to show lens sharpness so I tested this both at the wide-angle and telephoto again this is pretty low-key non-scientific stuff but we found on the zetas 100 that although the wide-angle is quite decent the long lens was pretty soft and you know I’m seeing a very very similar thing here at the wide-angle corner sharpness is starting to get lost even at six point four and at the telephoto range I shot that at six point four I don’t have a lot of choices I’m finding it somewhat soft all over again these are more compromises when you’re fitting a big zoom like that into a small camera now I’m sure distortion is pretty bad on this too but the fact is the Zenoss 200 it’s gonna do a great job getting rid of distortion in JPEGs chromatic aberration is well not really an issue and looking arose when I process them again distortion probably won’t be a problem but overall sharpness this lens isn’t gonna win any awards now of course when you look at the status 200 it does very much look like a point-and-shoot camera and yet it has some pretty powerful auto focusing capability first off it has Panasonic’s dfd auto focusing system I know we’ve talked about that ad nauseam on other videos suffice to say it works great it’s very fast but I now like that I’ve got an A f AE lock button on the back here and really nice customizable controls for the touchscreen and for setting up groups I’ve been shooting this just autofocus on with my thumb on the back of the camera.
I turned off out of focus on the shutter this is exactly what I would do on a wildlife camera and a much higher in application and you know long story short what this all lets you do is take a camera like this on something like Safari for example or bird-watching and even though it’s a casual camera I know that I’ve got controls if I want to use them that will help my success rate at getting those very critical shots now on top of that the camera shoots 10 frames per second with live view but it is still the kind of live view where you’re totally a couple steps behind so although it’s a quick burst it’s not very easy if you want to follow moving subjects however we do have 4k standard photo modes here so I’ve got my favorite which is the pre burst where I can just watch amazing things happen hit the shutter and know that I’ve captured that moment that I really want to capture even if my timings a little bit off albeit at under 9 megapixels but who needs more than 9 megapixels in the ages of Facebook and Instagram ok so this is the video portion of our talk now Jordan yep we’re shooting in 4k 24 right now right yeah at 24 mil equivalent I wouldn’t think we’d have to be this plus why are you so close to me but there is a pretty heavy crop when you’re shooting 4k yeah wide-angle goes to 36 mils but even at 1080 you’ve got a 30 mil wide yeah it’s not ideal for what we’re doing and of course we have a flip screen so I’m assuming we’re both in fried yeah and the audio is probably going to be pretty rough right now yeah we are you know just using the built-in mic on at some wind yeah it would be nice to have a mic check on one of these cameras I do want to say we are shooting handheld so I’m sure it looks terrible and it’s a 24 frames per second but you don’t get 24 in 1080 interesting and a weird decision but to get away from this terrible vlog style footage let’s look at the slow-mo I shot because it does do 120 frames per second slow bow in 1080 ya know that’s not bad at all you mean go all the way up there and do the wrap up out of breath you okay so as you can see we’re only at the middle of the stairs not the top because that’s what good couples do it’s called compromise and I had a lot of fun with these s200 today I mean to me I would still consider this a very high-end point-and-shoot you know it is different from an Rx 100 or a Panasonic LX 10 because although we’ve got the one-inch sensor this new lens gives us convenience it gives us zoom range but it doesn’t give us a lot of depth of field control or low-light performance compared to the other cameras still you do get the excellent dynamic range that’s inherent in one inch sensor cameras you know rounding out this camera you get excellent battery life for its size 370 shots they’ve added a new monochrome mode which is beautiful it’s just like high contrast mode but overall I think this camera is still gonna suit people who want a classic travel camera or compact camera and frankly nobody else makes anything like this to their credit though Panasonic isn’t taking advantage of that they’re giving you some nice new features here overall I think this is excellent for somebody who just wants you know a better image quality something that has that genocide quad that just that a phone or one over 2/3 sensor doesn’t give you or perhaps if you are gonna go do kid sports or safari for example the new auto focusing features and capabilities here excellent this camera is a very capable fast camera.

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