Philips Sonicare Smart Toothbrush Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush Black Friday Deals 2021

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we review Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush Black Friday Deals 2021. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Today we have a really expensive toothbrush a toothbrush that we’re gonna be talking about going over what is the deal with this this is the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9700 model this is like the top and one they have so I thought I could do a quick review and discuss is this thing worth it what do you get with it and why does it cost that much now first of all like

I said the retail of this is actually 3:29 but you can get it a little bit cheaper on Amazon and other places for about 280 as the real but still that’s very expensive now of course this is a electric toothbrush and it is referred to as a sonic toothbrush that’s why it kind of goes with the Sonicare brand name and it does 31,000 brush strokes per minute or about 500 per second now a sonic toothbrush gets its name because it vibrates at a frequency that is in the audible range so you can actually feel it and hear it vibrating pretty fast there are believe it or not fun fact other toothbrushes that are above the audible range called ultrasonic but we’re not going to get into that and with the Philips toothbrushes like these they actually sweep back and forth and this is a little bit different than other brands like oral-b which has a rotating brush head it’s just another method they use and actually one of the main features of this toothbrush and what I think is one of the reasons that’s more expensive than other models is this one has bluetooth connectivity believe it or not a toothbrush with bluetooth who would have thought but this is why it has the smart at the end of the model name it’s a diamond clean smart of course we will get into the app later I’m gonna hold that off for a little while but I will say that I’m very happy with how easy it is to connect via bluetooth at least on iphone you don’t have to go into the settings and find it and click connect or any of that nonsense I was kind of worried it would be difficult you literally open the app and take it off the charging stand and it automatically finds and connects it you don’t actually have to connect do it yourself at all so I’m really happy with that so why don’t we next talk about what you actually get in the box which is a main differentiator between the other models like the 9300 and the 9500 which are mostly the same thing they just come with less things included so with this one you basically get a bunch of different brush heads you get two premium gum care brush heads which are basically just softer and four outer bristles which give you better gum care I guess it comes with three premium plaque control so that has a power tip which I guess just takes off plaque better and then there’s two premium whitening heads so that has densely-packed bristles that I guess removes stains better and then this also comes with a tongue brush head so that’s kind of interesting and here’s another interesting thing about these brush heads is they actually have a chip built into each one so when you put it on the brush it actually communicates with it so the brush knows what kind of tip is on there and it will automatically adjust the brushing mode and intensity so it will go to that by default so you don’t have to manually set to gum care mode or anything like that you can if you once switch between modes manually even if it is a different kind of brush but it is neat that it Elise knows what kind you’re using also because of this it actually lets you keep track of how long you’ve been using the brush head and will tell you when you probably need to replace it and from what I understand it’s not just a timer it also takes into consideration the type of intensity you’ve been using if you’ve been pressing too hard that sort of thing.
So it does actually calculate based on all that information when you should probably get new brush heads although they are pretty expensive they’re like each when you want to go to replace it which would be probably every three months or so and then you’d buy them in a pack online next also in the box you’re going to get a charging case so this is great for if you need to travel obviously it not only stores your toothbrush but it will actually charge it and you charge the case itself using USB so that case will hold the toothbrush handle itself and then to brush heads so if you want to switch between them and as for battery the handle just by itself without being charged supposedly lasts about 14 days so that would be more than enough if you’re going on a trip it’ll last 14 days regularly and then plus the charging case you should have no worry of it running out speaking of charging this is where it actually kind of gets pretty interesting it uses induction charging so you get the base charger thing and then you can do one of two things it comes with an actual glass so you could put the glass on top of that charger and then charge the toothbrush by just putting it into that glass so that’s really awesome and then if you want to use that as a rinsing glass you can use that as well so that’s pretty cool it’s a solid glass literally glass glass not plastic or anything or if you don’t want to use that it also does come with a plastic base with a square cut out where you can fit the base of the toothbrush in there so it just stands up directly if you want for me I actually prefer to just use the plastic base I think it’ll be easier to clean than having a glass especially because where I live there’s a lot of hard water so it would really build up if I used it as a rinsing glass like you’d supposed to be able to do and also I like that they do include this plastic thing because imagine you use the regular glass and then you drop it and break it or something well then you’re kind of screwed whereas with this you’re not gonna break the plastic unless you like smash it or something so you have a backup you don’t have to worry about it breaking and not being able to charge it so why don’t we now talk about actual features of the brush itself so like.
I mentioned before there’s different intensity levels and brushing modes so there’s a power button on the thing which starts and stops the actual brushing motion and there’s another selection button and depending on whether it’s running or not it will do a different thing when the brush is not going when you’re not brushing pressing the select button changes the brushing mode and there are five of these with this model there is clean which is just everyday cleaning there’s white which remove surface stains is like whitening then there’s deep clean which I guess just is better for I don’t know getting deeper into the gums or something it’s just a deeper clean it says and then there’s gum health which says it is better for special attention to molars not really sure what the difference physically in the motion of the brushes with these different modes but I guess they do something different and then of course there’s the tongue care one which you would use with that tongue brush as for intensity there are three different intensity and you change that from low medium or high while the thing is running so while you’re not running the toothbrush the selection button changes the mode while it is running it changes the intensity and I believe by default it’s high intensity but maybe if you’re just using an electric toothbrush for the first time or something you’re not used to it the lower intensities might be better it does actually have an easy ramp up mode that is not enabled by default but if you’ve literally never used an electric toothbrush before you can enable that where it starts out low intensity and I think over like 10 days or 14 days it slowly ramps it up to maximum when you’re using the toothbrush there’s also lots of other features for example there’s a pressure sensor so if you’re pressing too hard and I think this does vary depending on the mode then it’ll actually vibrate a little bit differently so you know and then it’ll show a purple light on the base of the things so you know okay I’ve been pressing too hard so you can relieve that a little bit also with electric toothbrushes you’re not really supposed to scrub back and forth too fast you want to let the toothbrush do the work so it will actually alert you based on the motion whether or not you’re brushing too fast and scrubbing it’ll do the same thing and warn you stop doing that you just let the toothbrush do the work also like you would expect with a lot of toothbrushes that are electric it does have a timer built-in and yet this will vary and we can talk about that in a little bit but it by default it does twenty seconds for each sixth of the math so the sides each side the front and then the top and bottom so you know you’re getting everything and then also you can do an extra 20 seconds on different parts of the mouth that you specify in the app that we’ll get to so if you know that I don’t know the top and bottom in the back need extra work your dentist told this you can put that in them in the app and then it’ll give you an extra 20 seconds on each one so you can specify a lot of that and customize it and do it longer if you want and finally one of the biggest features of this toothbrush is that it can actually detect the position it’s in and the orientation so it can track how well you’re brushing each part of the mouth and then warn you if you miss anything so when you connect to your app it will actually give you a report afterwards about I don’t know maybe you missed this side this portion of the mouth and it will show you that in yellow and also if you press too hard in certain parts of the mouth it’ll show that in purple so this is a really great way to kind of get feedback maybe you didn’t even realize you were missing parts of the mouth and then that way when you go to the dentist they’re telling you hey you know this part of the mouth is not looking that great and now you might know why you can focus a little bit extra on that part and even in the app you can actually specify three different parts two up to three parts and then the app will give you an extra time like I said before that you can focus on that area more so why don’t we talk about that and the rest of the app so like I just said you can focus on different areas and actually give a reason in the app so whether it’s plaque buildup another option is bleeding gums gum recession and then potential cavities so really the app is not just a matter of keeping track of like how many times you brush or anything like that it really does actually kind of customize it to the profile you set and anything you specify and that is really nice I like that.
I was kind of skeptical like all right what is it really use bluetooth for but it does a lot more than you might expect one thing to keep in mind though is to get the most data out of it for the reports you need to keep the app connected while you’re brushing you need to open it up because it does record some basic data like the time that you brushed on the toothbrush and then syncs it to the app later if you weren’t connected but if you actually want to get information about the position and places you missed you will need to have that open otherwise it’ll just say data unavailable now like I said before the different models or editions of this toothbrush there’s the 9700 the top model that I’m using there’s ninety five hundred and the ninety three hundred and depending on what you’re gonna be using it for you might not need the top end and there’s not huge differences between them so keep that in mind as well and actually the only difference is I’ve noticed between these models is which brush heads it comes with and which modes are available for use so for example will be ninety seven hundred and a 9500 both have five brushing modes whereas the ninety three hundred only have four it does not have the tongue brush mode but has all the ups and also as for the number of brush heads it comes with the 9700 comes with seven brush heads plus the tongue brush and the 9500 comes with three brush heads and the tongue one whereas the 9300 only comes with three brush heads and no tongue brush which I guess is why it doesn’t have the tongue brush mode but besides that from what I understand they’re all pretty much the same you know they all come with the charging case they all can use the app they all have the induction charging glass and all that so you might not need to spend the full there’s other ones that are more like in the 250 to 200 now besides the handle and the brush heads it comes with there are a lot of other brush heads you can get there are a lot of other options although it’s kind of hard to decipher which ones are which there’s a lot of arbitrary names it’s hard to figure out which ones are better but I do think that the ones that are included with these toothbrushes are the best ones some other examples are the DiamondClean brush head which comes in two there’s the regular or the compact size so I was kind of wondering why the DiamondClean toothbrushes don’t come with the diamond clean brush head but then from what I understand the premium ones are actually better than that so it’s really confusing and also another thing to know is that the standard naming thing actually refers to the size of the brush head not the like premium quality there’s either standard or compact so you might see premium standard what that just means it’s the regular standard size another example of another brush head is the inter clean so that’s supposed to be better if you need to specifically clean in between teeth then there’s also the pro results gum health and the simply clean I guess which is a base model and like I said the ones that it comes with or a premium so I’m assuming those are better and these other ones are just kind of basic or specialty ones alright so finally let’s go over my overall thoughts of this toothbrush I do like it first of all and I’m not totally sure how much of a difference in effect these different brush heads have like I’m not super sure if it’s gonna matter whether you use the whitening wand or the pro clean one I mean I guess it doesn’t hurt but me personally I they’re all gonna do a good enough job and it matters mostly to just use the one you’re most comfortable with the one you most like is the probably one you just want to use so even if you don’t want to whiten your teeth but you like the whitening one the best then just use that one also as for using it it does take some getting used to I can imagine if you’ve never used an electric toothbrush before you’ll definitely have to get used to it though I used to use another rotating toothbrush and oral-b one like a very basic model so it does feel a lot different than that that wouldn’t felt like a motor of rotating this one just feels like it’s vibrating although it does feel like it’s actually sweeping back and forth as well so you can definitely tell it’s working it just feels different and I do actually really like the main feature of this which really is to be able to keep track of how you’re brushing your teeth so I liked it it’ll tell you look you missed this part I’d be like huh I thought I did that one really well you don’t even think about it or you were brushing too hard over here and that way you can kind of just consciously and eventually get to the point where you don’t have to worry about that and then overall it was become second nature and your teeth will hopefully just be healthier from that now the other thing to know is is a toothbrush necessary and obviously the answer I think is no I mean what I was using before is like a basic electric toothbrush and my teeth were great you know my dentist says it’s good but I mean hopefully this is better and if there are some spots that I wasn’t doing so great that’s really the benefit you get out of it so if you really do care about your oral health a lot you really care about your teeth then to you it might be worth it to know exactly where you need to improve and plus it’s not like you have to get the top-end version if you know you’re not going to use all those brush heads you could just get one of the cheaper ones and buy the one you need or it just comes with some of the better ones anyway and you definitely might not need that tongue brush me personally I didn’t really find it to work that well so you could probably do without that as well and still get all the main features like the app.

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