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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller black Friday

This is the smartest device in my house no no no not this that’s my circuit breaker panel and not this although that’s pretty smart it’s cool but it’s not what I’m talking about this is the smartest device in my house it is my ratio smart irrigation control and I never thought they could make the smartest device even smarter but they did Version three.

I’m going to tell you all about it hey I’m trying to record here will ya [Music] alright quick update on dang get a rock nothing to see it man you can hear it holy crap anyway update on the clematis look at the way this thing is growing like a weed man jeez let’s try this again [Music] welcome to handy dad TV I’m Chris Hyder your virtual dad in the cloud and today I’m gonna talk about my smart irrigation control this is the ratio version 2.
I stood here two years ago in this very shop and explained how I upgraded from a normal electronic control to the ratio and why I did that and what I got from a smart controller I’ll link to that video right up here let me talk about the new control that I got this is a ratio the ratio is an intelligent controller I went to this because all I had for intelligence in my previous timer was really the time of day knew which day it was I knew the clock it knew which day it was it could do odd and even you could set up multiple schedules so you could have if you seeded one area you could have that one go even more often than others but it wasn’t intelligent and what I mean by that it wasn’t a smart device meaning you can use your cell phone to control it or program it.
I couldn’t do that I had to do it right through the panel and the buttons were starting to go nuts on it so this was an improvement because you use an app on the phone to do all of the programmings, in fact, there are no buttons whatsoever on the front of the Rocchi oh version two and that is one thing that they changed in version 3 but back to version 2 both of them get weather data that’s the real cool thing about ratio weather data not only to predict when it’s raining out but even more so I want it to water when it needs it not water when it doesn’t and to really get my grass growing good and really get my plants growing the best they ever have instead of me trying to guess okay 15 minutes a day for each zone I guess that’s enough another cool feature in the ratio is that you select your weather station and the weather station that it had for me is actually decently far enough away that it’s a kind of a micro-climate it gets a lot colder at night so I decided to use a different weather station that is basically on this other list called the personal weather station list and I found one that’s only a like a mile away from my house and I was able to check that weather station out and see that like it’s recording precipitation data and that it probably will be a good fit for my house.
I just thought that was so cool that there’s random people out there that set up these weather stations plug them into the internet and share this data for all of us to use so once the ratio starts watering it you can start looking at your data and all your usage stats and I love that I love that it has all these charts and graphs and it’s almost information overload but I think if you’re buying a smart sprinkler controller you’re already kind of a geek so this is just right up your alley that it’s going to show oh you’ve used this many thousands of gallons of water and oh it watered less this day because of this and that and I just love it I love all the details I love the charts I love it all and even the soil moisture thing is not a secret you can dig into each zone and look at the details and see each piece that it’s using to calculate what the soil moisture is and even see a graph of the soil moisture in that zone the app offers you everything you think you should have in an app right to be able to manually blogger zones start stuff stop stuff change the schedule anything you can think of you can do inside the app so I touched on the EPA WaterSense certification thing a little bit but I think I want to harp on it a little bit more because in my County.
I can get a 50% rebate if I jump through the water companies hoops so they send someone out to your house and like survey and look at your your setup I have to have four zones I have to have a thousand square feet of landscape and I think I qualify for all that stuff but you have to have them come out before you install it so they look at your old sprinkler controller and then they look at your new one and then you of course you have to fill out some forms and mail them in and I don’t know it’s it’s a couple of Hoops to jump through for but for 125 bucks of free money for something that you’re already going to do it might be worth it for you the one place that really shines for me with the ratio is the geekiness thing it has the open API it has all this data that you could take into your own sir build your own things around or create your own dashboard with which I just think is awesome I might not end up doing any of it but just the ability that it’s built in that it’s there for developers and anyone to take a hold of is awesome and then if you’re really not a programmer or developer type person you can go into if this than that and connect your ratio turn it on connect it and then you can start to connect it to other smart devices so you can do something like if the ratio starts watering log it to a spreadsheet or send me an email or light up the light bulbs in my bedroom to turn purple so there’s almost these thousands of possibilities that you could do for when your ratio turns on when your rat turns off when it skips a day to like notify you or interact with the world some way so in conclusion the rat geo is going to save you money it’s going to save you time you’re it’s going to save you peace of mind because you’re not going to be worrying about your sprinklers anymore yes set it and you forget it how great is that the data is completely transparent it’s accessible you can dig in you get these awesome dashboards and tells you all this information you can customize every little bit of it you know my only real criticism the ratio which isn’t much is that 16 zones it’s probably overkill for most people at this time so they’re probably going to release the 8 zone version that’s going to be a hundred bucks cheaper but they’re kind of waiting on that to you know get the first flood of people that are into getting it now and then who knows maybe six months.

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