Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Two Way Talk Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we review Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Two Way Talk Black Friday Deals 2021. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Two Way Talk Black Friday Deals 2021

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Two Way Talk Black Friday Deals 2021
Today we’re gonna be talking about the ring stick up cam so stay tuned hey what’s going on guys today we’re talking about the ring stick up cam battery the reason I went with the battery is because I’m gonna be putting this one above my front door and I don’t have a plug that’s close by the closest one’s about 15 feet I don’t want to be running power cables up blowing the side of the house and that’s just gonna look ugly for me

I went with the battery version they also have a wired version and you can’t connect a solar panel if you want it to be completely self-sufficient and don’t want to have to worry about charging this guy yet so with that said that let’s start talking about the camera and what it is what it comes with what are some of the options alright so this camera is pretty self-sustaining not a whole lot comes with it it’s connected to its mount slash stand so there’s not a whole lot of accessories to go along with this guy which is a good thing you’re not having to dump a bunch of extra money into it after the fact so I took a look in the only accessory that ring offers right now is the solar panel and that is only going to be compatible with the battery version because it’ll be charging up that battery if you buy the wired version you can not use the solar panel because at night time you’re not gonna be able to use it since there’s no built-in battery with that so this camera does come in two colors it comes in black and white I’m with the black version cuz I’m gonna be putting mine outside under the eaves it’s a dark brown up there so it works perfect for that but it also does come in white White’s gonna be more for indoor use but it’s nice to have that option alright moving on let’s take a look at the box and see what this camera has if we take a look at the front we see that it has a 1080p HD video with 2-way talk it has motion detection which is pretty standard nowadays this one being the battery comes with the quick release battery pack and it is a Wi-Fi connected which is obvious being a wireless camera flip it around to the backside we can take a look at the picture up here it shows the three different mounting positions so you got ceiling wall and just sitting it on a tabletop there so highlighting a few more things on the back of the box it does come with night vision you can adjust your motion sensors it has 115 degree field of view and it does come with 30 days of the ring protect plan which we will go into more detail later in this video all right now let’s take a look at all the hardware in the box alright guys you know I don’t like traditional unboxing so let’s open this guy up and see what comes in the box alright so here is what comes inside the box we have the orange power cable that’s used for charging the battery here we’ve got a bag of screws that has security screws for the base cover mounting screws to attach to the wall and then also anchor screws if you’re going to be going into stucco or brick we have the drill bit here for those wall anchors for going into stucco or brick next we have the screw driver that has a Phillips head or if you reverse it a Torx head on the other side down here in this bag we have the security screws for the battery cover on the bottom and then we have the camera itself now the camera you can see comes on a stand which can be a stand or it’s used for mounting so there’s not a whole lot that’s going to be coming in this box here alright the first thing that you’re going to want to do when you open this guy up is you’re going to want to charge the battery so we are going to plug this guy in right here and to charge the battery you are just going to plug it in here you’re gonna see the light indicators we’ve got amber means discharging green means it’s getting power and once the ampere goes out at solid green then you know your battery is fully charged now keep in mind the battery does take quite a while to charge up I just let mine charge overnight and it was good at the next morning all right setting up the camera is super easy all you’re gonna do is you are going to pop off the base of your camera slide the battery in there see a blue light right here that is gonna start flashing and then what we’re gonna do is just load up the app you’re just going to follow the on-screen instructions all right so let’s take a look at the app itself we’re gonna load up the Ring app here we can see the camera that I have installed so this is as of a minute ago this is the front of the house looking down at the front door ring now has a new interface when you click per camera so we’re gonna click on that right here and we can see that we’ve got this timeline that’s really cool so let’s jump to a day here that we had some activity it’s going to up a previous day and then I could just scroll through them just use my finger scrolling through it I can see all the activity of everything that’s going on that night so I can essentially fast-forward through something or slow down on something if I wanted to I can hit the star button or the trash button or do all that kind of cool stuff with that I can also hit a live view here so if we hit live view it’s gonna jump to what it’s seeing at the front door right now if I want to get to all of the settings up in the top right corner is the gears we’re gonna click on the gear and here we can look at all the settings for that camera now this is where you’re gonna see a battery life if we go through the different buttons below we can hit the event and this is gonna allow us to look through the events filter through at different events and stuff that’s happening there so that is event history you can check device health link to charms I don’t have any link charms and those are the little devices where you can link it to little sound boxes that you can just plug in around your house so if you want it to send a chime I mean that’s mostly going to use bees for the ring doorbell but you can also attach them to this camera here motion settings here you can go in and set your motion zones frequency how often it’s coming up so here you can schedule when you want to get alerts so say I only want to get alerts when I’m not in the house so if I’m at work maybe the middle of the night those are the times that I want to get alerts when I’m home and I’m active so maybe on the weekends don’t send me alerts app alert tones so you can go in here and pick a chime that you want to happen on your phone so if there is motion detected you can have different chimes happening on your phone in addition to the text that you’re also getting but the app is pretty straightforward you’re not gonna spend much time in settings mostly you’ll just be working in the timeline here that you see all right so let’s talk about the three different mounting options so the first mounting option that we have here is the tabletop so this is essentially having the camera just sit on the stand the stand is a nice sturdy stand for you to put this thing anywhere you want to now this is obviously gonna be the least secure you’re not mounting it to anything so if you do stick it anywhere you’re kind of more relying on the ability to hide it as opposed to mounting it securely to a wall or to a ceiling alright so I want to show you guys how easy this thing is to ins all first I’ll show you the vertical mounting now I didn’t want to put holes in my wall so I did this outside on the back fence so let’s jump to that footage right now okay so I wanted to show you guys how to mount this to a wall whether it’s gonna be indoors or outdoors we’re here at my back gate and there’s something that you are gonna want to change with this so to flip this around since I don’t want this rubber to be on the wrong side what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pop this cover off here and set that up there and I’m gonna want to move the rubber to the other side so we’re trying to do is just peel it off he’s got molding on it so you can only put it one way but we’re just gonna put it to the other side here flip it around okay we’re gonna push it in there so that way when we mount it to the fence like this the rubber is gonna be in between and not scratch anything up or ruin the device here so mountainous to a vertical wall is really easy to do what I did is I drilled a pilot hole right in the top Center put in the first screw which allowed me to keep the camera in place i leveled it out using the bubble level and then I drove the other two screws in there you just pop on the cover I flipped the screwdriver around to give me a via Torx bit put in that security
screw and I was done I can then bend the camera up put it into position turn it left or right any way I want to do it the camera was really easy to set up now the next install that I have here is I’m actually gonna be putting it in the spot that it will be staying above the front door for this one it’s a little trickier because you’re trying to hold the camera in place and get all the screws tightened at the same time so this one was a little bit more difficult especially with the eaves for myself being at an angle but what I did is I held the camera base up where I wanted it to be I actually took a pencil and I marked out the holes that I needed to pre-drill I wanted to pre-drill those to make those a little easier for myself pre-drilled those guys stuck the camera up over the holes and then I was able to just easily screw all of those in from there you’re gonna do the same thing you’re gonna put the cover back on use that security screw to lock it up so that one was easy – alright now let’s talk about the experience of the camera I was very impressed with the quality of the picture it was the pictures very vibrant I felt like 115 degree view was perfect for me I was able to get everything I needed in there and not have the picture look stretched or pulled in anyway one thing that I wasn’t that impressed with was the sound quality of it but in its defense my cameras up high I mean this has a 2-way communication like the ring video doorbell so instead of something that’s right in front of the person who is pushing the doorbell where you can talk to somebody it is now five six feet above their head so I guess it’s a nice feature to have you can talk back and forth with a person but in reality for the way that I had it positioned it wasn’t that great when standing at the door it was hard to hear what the person was saying from the camera and vice versa I had a hard time hearing somebody at the door without them speaking up and talking louder so that’s a feature that I feel is a little more gimmicky than actually useful now the next thing that I noticed and I know that I’m a special case because I am putting my camera everywhere I’m I’m moving locations I’m utilizing this a lot more than probably most of you are going to where you’re just gonna put it up and just be done but because of making this video I have this thing everywhere I’m twisting it I’m putting it to all extremes as far as angles and turning it and doing that I noticed that when I would try to rotate it again it seemed to get loose and I wasn’t able to get it in a precise location that I wanted it to I was sorting to get pretty frustrated with it I then discovered that the that it does have screws on the back of the mount where you’re adjusting it and also on the sides that for me just needed to be tightened up now once I tighten them too tight the camera wasn’t able to move at all so you kind of had to find that sweet spot to lock in that ball joint to be able to get the camera you wanted to and then I finally tightened it all the way down to just lock that guy into place so if you’re having trouble fine tuning your mount just know that you can loosen and tighten the screws to really get the angle that you want to so one important thing to note about the ring system and this camera and this is something that I’ve talked about in the video doorbell video that I did and that is that essentially these cameras require a subscription now nowhere on the box does that say this if you’re at a Costco because I know Costco is having some great deals right now and you know this may be something I want to and you take a look at the box and you see okay everything looks fine there’s nothing on here that says you also need to pay a subscription on this I found that they actually do mention it but on the back of the box here it calls it a ring protection plan now for me I thought that that was some kind of warranty some kind of protection warranty something along those lines that is actually what they call their subscription plan so on the back of the box that says it comes with 30 days of free protection plan now the subscription isn’t too much it’s a month per device or it is a year per device and I think that when you get up to a certain point you can pay a flat and that covers up to a certain amount of cameras so if you do have a ring video doorbell and a couple of cameras you can just get a like a bundle subscription that’ll just be ten bucks a month or I think it’s a year so that is an option now I don’t think they advertise the subscription is required because essentially if you choose not to do the subscription you can look at your cameras live feed so you can open up the app load up your camera watch a live feed from your camera and you still do get push notifications so if there is something that happens in triggers and says something’s going on at your door open up that app hit the live feed you can see what’s going on at your door the problem is you don’t know what happened before that and also there’s nothing being recorded to the cloud because you have no subscription so there’s also nothing you can go back later and view there’s nothing to download you can only look at the live view if you do not have a subscription so is this subscription required no you can still use the camera you can still look at the live view if you want any of the features that make this thing worth having you need the subscription now that’s something I wish ring was a little more transparent about whether it be on their commercials or the box I mean just let me know if I if I know going into it that there is some kind of subscription fee I’d find with that a month that’s not that expensive especially when you’re comparing it to a professional system like ADT something along those lines this is obviously gonna be a much cheaper option I just didn’t like how there’s nothing mentioned about it on the box now if you search online you know I’m there’s probably lots out there that says oh you also gonna need this but I would that it was at least mentioned in the advertisement overall I really like this camera the picture quality is good the field of view is perfect for my use the camera is battery-powered which is exactly what I want love the versatility of the mounts there’s not a lot of extra accessories extra power cables extra batteries I mean I guess you can buy extra batteries if you want to but you don’t need all of that essentially you can buy the camera pay for your subscription put it up there and you’re done now I’d say this is a good buy I would recommend it and I would say you guys are probably enjoy it too so let me ask you guys what do you think of this system from the examples that I gave and the stuff that I went over is this something that you would consider buying how do you think it compares to its direct competitor Arlo well.

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