Samsung 4K Smart LED TV 55" UN55NU6900FXZA Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Samsung 55″ UN55NU6900FXZA, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Samsung 4K Smart LED TV 55″ UN55NU6900FXZA Black Friday Deals 2021

Samsung 4K Smart LED TV 55" UN55NU6900FXZA Black Friday Deals 2021
This article is all about the Samsung 4K Smart LED TV 55″ UN55NU6900FXZA Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

We’re looking at the 55 inch Samsung UHD 4k Smart TV this my friends is an affordable 4k TV thanks now to the fact that have come down and throughout the Black Friday season that. I call it you can snag yourself a really great 4k TV if you do your research this particular little. I guarantee you guys it’s a catch now me personally. I like to leverage the box itself as a safe surface to install the feet on the TV that way you know for sure if you can keep it in this protective covering until you put the feet on and set it up that we can ensure you don’t scratch our screen and again.

I know professional TV installer these are just my personal tips but you know. I would recommend checking the professional installation guy you know online on YouTube or check the manuals but this is just me any way you know to leverage the box if you can write as a surface so on this-tv we do have HDMI one here HDMI – we have a LAN port so that’s rj45 LAN port we do have antenna in here so we’re no regular cable input right here we have our USB port here which is a 5 volt 5 amp feed as well and it’s USB and here we have a digital audio out which is optical so this is important if you have a surround sound system this does come with a digital audio out that you can use and of course here is our power port here so you just plug here a power plug into that and you are good to go ok so now before. I turn this TV back around we turn it on and actually get to the real fun part. I just wanted to quickly talk about cue LED verses or LED technology this particular TV and most affordable sub for King TVs that you get today will be based on cue LED technology so the Q stands for quantum and it’s actually a quantum dot which is actually an additional layer within that LCD sandwich and why when? I say LCD sandwich what it is it is based on the older LCD technology but what if then this quantum dot is an additional technology that they’ve added as a layer within that but although what cue LED is it’s actually a transmissive technology where you have your LCD layer. Where you have your dots right on but then in order to get those dots to light up, you have an LED array in the background that actually lights up and actually luminance those dots. So that’s transmissive technology where you have the backlit LED a source actually lighten up those quantum LCD dots right so that’s cue LED now if you have deeper pockets and you’re willing to shallow more for all that technology good for you so the o is organic so organic LED technology. What that is is an emissive technology right and what that means is that those little pixels those little dots when you actually apply a car to those dots they emit light themselves. So there’s no need for that backlit LCD re um so apparently with all F technology you get a much richer human experience deeper blacks better contrasts the colors pop out even more but you know what’s good for you so if you’re gonna for dad good go for it because all that technology does look nice however you got a key technology you know if you’re into 4k gaming and you know sports and stuff and you want a good budget TV like this to trust me the quality of the graphics and the screen on this particular model and on similar models are great so that’s this one to give you a quick overview of Q LED versus or LED now if you want to learn more about it.
I will eventually get around to doing a blog on that technology and it will have a link below the screen is where you can check out the link to that blog speaking of links there will be a link below this where you can actually get these off of Amazon it’s an affiliate link. I can just go check it out and yeah this is the time right Christmas season my friend TVs are hot so that’s the power cable. I’m gonna plug in the back of the TV so here’s the power cable this is of course oops North American clubs in the back of the TV pretty straightforward and here’s the remote a typical Samsung remote all the bells and whistles that you normally find over there nothing new nothing surprising okay and here’s the back of the remote to triple-a batteries so. I’m gonna use the ones that it came with for now final set of doing ourselves or energizer the leader goes in and we’re good to go so, guys that’s my review of the 55-inch UHD culture a smart TV from Samsung 4k content great for watching TV movies Netflix you name it now, of course, this TV’s perfect for gaming as. I said and yeah so if you’re doing a Christmas shopping this is the Black Friday season you can check this out on Amazon. I have a link below the screen if you’re interested in this TV and. I do as. I said. I already have time to do a blog on this to give you some more details on my experience with this TV so happy shopping guys bye buddy hi guys so. I hope you enjoy that last video so a couple of things before you leave number one subscribe to this channel right now click on the button that says subscribe below this channel right now and number two like this video if you like it be honest and number three. I want to hear some comments from you so let me know what videos you want me to do no product if it’s a game just leave a comment below and let me know that way. I can give you better content going forward now one other thing you should subscribe to and should also check out the links below this video too because. I have links to we can get all the products that you see on my videos online at great deals as well as links to my website as well so bike you know going checking up legs by definitely subscribing you also would be understanding. How you can be eligible for for-forgive aways alright so. I’m gonna be doing all kinds of cool giveaways on stuff like what you see behind me you know Gameboy accessories you name it and that’s another thing as well in the comics.

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