Samsung BD J6300 3D WiFi BluRay Player Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we will show you the complete Samsung BD J6300 3D WiFi BluRay Player Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Samsung BD-J6300 3D Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player Black Friday Deals 2021

Samsung BD J6300 3D WiFi BluRay Player Black Friday Deals 2021
Samson smart Blu-ray player plays 3d it’s got built-in Wi-Fi screen mirroring and you can plug in USB devices and hopefully that means a hard disk so what we get the manual with some batteries for the remote control which is also backlit it’s quite nice

I’ll make that out and then we’ve got the player it’s quite sexy looking now five actually it’s got this like corner piece that looks pretty cool okay it’s got this is Wireless I will connect two different apps it’s also got Smart Hub USB which is yet a smart USBs in there on the back HDMI Network you can connect to a laptop computer your root Rooter and then the optical out sound okay there’s my drive set up in between clicks my sound bar and into my projector some on so now another hope you get to the menus and go through setting up my Wi-Fi an option to be able to use ups in the menu would be quite useful where you can just select it to press the button on the video and it would connect connected NIC’s fact I’m actually uploading my laptop slow some of this down, as usual, don’t bother reading the terms just getting on with it well go for that for now can always change it later I should think now ah you’re going to connect the USB device so, first of all, you need to pull that out then it folds down and then you get your USB cable I’ve managed to get the device in on there we’ve got I want to choose videos it’s quite fast miracast working really good what’s up guys feasting here from tech news with an unboxing of the Samsung 4k UHD upscaling smart blu-ray player with streaming services so this will run you about you can find some deals get down to about 75 so this is this comes with Netflix Pandora YouTube Hulu Vudu and yup TV so this has built-in Wi-Fi 5 gigahertz dual band upscaling to 4k and it has Smart Hub so on the front that’s pretty much it let’s go to the side pretty much the same just shows you a picture and here it says smart 4k it’s all the same around all the box so I’ll get some scissors and open this up so I got scissors so it’s just a piece of tape on top to pierce it probably open it up from here alright so once you have it open up you can see the user manual and some styrofoam supposed to spin us back so you got your batteries for your remote you’re using manual probably not going to need that you got the batteries a nice remote that they use for the TVs and streaming players you have your AC cable goes pop this out comes with some styrofoam detecting shipping clean this up real quick okay so this comes in a plastic super packaging to protect it so here it is right here you can see on the top it has some plastic on it for protection so 3d blu-ray Wi-Fi 1080p half upscaling for K DVD all this stuff so blu-ray and DVD this can play you have a USB port for plugging in devices and your DVD slot the function keys on the top around back you see you have your Ethernet wireless LAN port your digital audio out for optical and HDMI out on the bottom you just have some grips to keep it in place so let’s see how long this wire is just take this twisty tie off real quick alright guys so got it off Samsung branded one so as you could see Swire it’s pretty long it’s about 5 feet long it’ll reach your cable or your wall outlet so you won’t have to worry about getting an extension cable but if you need one you just pick one up at Best Buy okay so here’s a user manual just your usual user manual that comes in a bunch the languages tells you how to use it but it’s pretty easy to use it has wireless Wi-Fi so you don’t need a LAN cable but if you want one I’ll show you how to use it and stuff like that setting up the multimedia player okay so here’s the remote comes in packaging some plastic just rip it up so that’s perforated so you can get that out if you want to here’s where the battery son so let’s pop these batteries huh hi guys I got some scissors just cut this off it’ll pop out easily okay so once you pop the plastic off I’ll show you with and stuff so here are the batteries they’re just standard triple-a batteries so you pop them into their own pretty easy and you can get this thing up and running so once you pop these in you put the back panel back on it’s pretty cool snow clips or anything just push that in and push it out so it looks SS these buttons are glow-in-the-dark yeah they are so I’ll shut the lights off and show you how that works Oh guys these two shine pretty bright so if you’re in the dark and watching a movie you’ll be fine you’ll be able to find your buttons so I have a completely dark in my studio right now and you can see you can still see these buttons so if you’re watching a movie in the dark you can see these buttons and be able to change the settings like paw.

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