Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Live)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Samsung Galaxy Book 2, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Black Friday Deals 2021

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Black Friday
In this article, we will show you the complete Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Perhaps one of the most interesting complaints about the new surface pro six and even surface go is the fact it doesn’t support Windows 10 on ARM instead they’re old-school intel processors but that’s kind of ok as Samsung is stepping in with a galaxy book 2 and to be honest it’s basically the surface pro but running a snapdragon 850 today I’ll tell you whether or not it’s worth it or not stay tuned all right before we get started/

Let’s talk a little bit about Windows 10 and ARM it’s one of my favorite topics and the Samsung galaxy book 2 is the first to hit the market with the snapdragon 850 and that’s pretty significant because I’m going to just call it now the snapdragon 850 is going to be the transition chip this is the one that we’ve been waiting for it’s not the most powerful out there if you’re still running a core i7 obviously that will beat it but this is the chip where if you were to use it. I put it in front of you didn’t tell you it was a snapdragon you probably think it was just a regular intel processor it’s getting that good now it won’t be for everybody but like. I said this is the transition chip is the one that actually feels most like an intel processor now this device is positioned for basically mobile people who are working in enterprise business first-line workers also millennials and whole nomadic experience of taking a device with you wherever you work also the gig economy. I can throw out some other terms here if you’ve left that is kind of you know popular out there in a mass culture but you get the idea this is for the people who want no compromises and want to take a device with them Simpson believes the time is right now especially with the prices falling and all the available options here with carriers don’t forget this launches here united states on 18 t Verizon and sprint in November can that carrier package is going to be a big deal but before we get any further.
Let’s give you a quick tour of the hardware and show you what you’re getting taking a look at the design of the galaxy book 2 and it is a premium build and experience you’re talking all metal chassis is here. I really like this modern design it has curved edges but then they slice it on the sides which give you a nice flat look and it’s just very comfortable to hold and it looks great too coming around to the right-hand side we have two USB type-c ports one of those is a 3.14 data the other for power and charging this is the first time.
We’re actually seeing two type-c ports on a snapdragon device for windows and it’s really nice to have obviously you can use one for charging and you can use the other one for your peripherals works pretty well no thunderbolt 3 remember that’s an intel technology that won’t work yet what snapdragon so you just have to make do with a 3.14 data turning over here you do have the speaker and it’s a cool little notch these are akg tuned speakers Samsung has a long partnership with that company and actually they’re very good speakers they’re not quite front-facing.
I would have preferred but they’re still positioned very well and they sound excellent turn to the left-hand side you have the other speaker and you also have the sim slot along with a micro SD card now. I should point out this is not an ISOM device we’ll talk a little bit about that later as to why that is but this is just a standard sim that you’d get from your mobile carrier so no isa mobility but you do get expansion there if you need it one things.
I want to point out that samsung did they made a cool notch here for the kicks and makes it really easy to find and basically flick out with your finger it’s a really nice design something that’s a little bit more pronounced than the surface one and it actually works very well here are you looking at the top of the device for the rear you do have a fingerprint reader on the back here now that’s pretty weird. I asked him something about that why he didn’t do windows hello for infrared and they said well they were concerned about orientation and how you would hold this device and use it they also pulled their customers and basically found that the fingerprint reader was pretty good so it’s an okay design. I don’t mind it. I still think her windows hello camera would have been better but. I don’t really have too many complaints just have a rear 8 megapixel camera here it’s a pretty good one as well it is Samsung technology after all and they do make pretty good cameras you can also see the antenna lines here built into the chassis you do need to have a separate material from metal to allow that WI-fi and lte to work and so that’s why there is a color distinction here all right. Let’s talk a little bit about this kickstand so this is a huge change actually for Samsung who traditionally had the origami sort of design for the previous galaxy book it was a leather foliot that sort of you would have to configure and you switch it out for what is essentially the surface pro 4 services pro 5 the surface pro 6 kickstands it’s very similar it does have a little bit of a flex here that.
I don’t really care for but it’s overall it’s pretty sturdy but it does go to the full way so you can just like the surface you can put it into any position it’s very easy it works well it’s a little thinner than. I would like but. I really not make a place they did a really good job here and compared to the origami version it was just terrible if you want to use it in your lap this is just such an improvement I’m glad that companies are finally just caving in to the fact that the surface pro is designed is probably the most ideal one and that’s what Samsung did here and it’s better off for it now looking at the top of the device nothing new or unique here we do have a power button and a volume rocker, as well as two microphone holes, turn to the front of the device you do have a 2.3 inch super AMOLED display this is full hd plus also known as 2160 by 1440 so not quite as high as a surface pro but this is higher than what we’ve seen so far for windows 10 unarmed devices obviously. It’s a very good display super AMOLED is really awesome better than lcd your blacks are true black here which is why?
I chose this background so the colors really pop now. I haven’t been able to actually measure the brightness and accuracy of this display yet because it’s actually kind of hard to get a color image to work with it so i’ll try to follow up later with that having a little bit issue there but it’s a very bright display. I read out many complaints it does auto adjust for brightness too that is off by default but you can turn it on and it actually is a little aggressive but it does definitely save on battery life don’t forget this would be the biggest drain on this device is this display so you probably wanna be a little conservative on brightness you also on top here have a 5 megapixel front facing camera it’s a very good camera it does very well in low light which is what you’d want for conference calls no complaints there very good design she also point out the bezels they’re not the thinnest in a world they’re also a little bit thicker than some people like but don’t forget this is supposed to be held as a tablet and a lot of companies still believe in this idea that should be basically as wide as your thumb you may disagree with that at least with the amoled display it blends in pretty well.
I should finally mention that that is a three by two aspect ratio that’s the same as surface pro I’m a huge fan of that one and I’m glad to see samsung using it here ok taking a look at the keyboard pretty nice design here it’s a little it looks like plastic it is plastic and you know it feels like plastic so you don’t get too Alcantara that surface pro uses it looks a little cheap in my opinion but it doesn’t feel cheap it’s a very good typing experience very good key travel here they are backlit so you do get to control that and they auto adjust and all that there is actually a little power sensor over here that helps do that through the pogo pins it does get a little bit warm here. I asked him talked about it they said it’s normal but you may feel a little bit of warmth here and that’s just a side effect of the backlighting for the keyboard you do have a precision trackpad a little bit more narrow than. I would like i’d prefer to a little taller but obviously you see there’s not a lot of room here still it’s a very good trackpad really had no issue with it precision drivers can’t ask for more than that very good typing experience again very similar to surface so it does have magnets we can lay it flat or stick it up to the display again.
I think this is the ideal form factor and design here so I’m really glad Samsung decided to make those choices. Let’s talk a little bit about this pen the Samsung s pen so this is Samsung’s proprietary technology included in the box that comes with this kind of weird holster and the reason for this. I think is so you can put it on the counter like this and it won’t roll away it doesn’t really do anything else it does fit in there nicely though and it doesn’t fall out which is really cool it’s also just a way to transport the pen now it is magnetic and sticks to the side here it’s not the world’s strongest magnet and. I kind of complained a little bit about that too Samsung they told me though they don’t really expect people to put this on the device and transport it like that it’s more or less if you’re at a meeting you just want someplace to put the pen you can put it there so in that very strong magnet spot.
I mean gets the job done if you use the Samsung galaxy note 9 or note 8 is a pretty familiar experience I’m actually glad to see it if you hold the pen over to the display and you tap the button you get this little pop-up which is really nice this is exactly what’s on the note 9 you can create a note view all notes smart select screen right and show window really neat port that Samsung has done from its phone experience over to windows 10 pcs in terms of using the pen Samsung has gotten a lot of accolades for how accurate and smooth the pen experience is on their devices and that is definitely the case here. I really enjoy using this pen it’s just one of the best out there it’s very smooth use picks up very well now the curious I’m using an app here called scribble it’s actually a third-party app but just one of my favorites on the store right now but in terms of just drawing taking notes one of the best pens and yeah. I mean that in comparison even to the surface pros pen. I think this is actually almost a better experience very good palm rejection on here really no complaints at all about it if you’re looking for a really good device for taking note on for even drawing well.
I think since I’m did a very good job here with its s-pen all right let’s talk about performance as I’m sure most of you are really curious about that it’s a little hard to discuss obviously we’re talking about different architectures here for processors and it’s different ways of looking at it and even measuring it so we’re gonna use geek benches one of the ways we can do it geek bench 4.0 actually 4.03 does support ARM processors and measuring so that’s what we’ll use here now in terms of running actual ARM apps on this that is the entire operating system core soft office edge all the inbox apps like mail and news and weather stuff you download from the store so he does very well on single core score this will beat the current surface go so it’s faster than the pentium processor or things that really interesting is in multi-core score the pentium is a dual core processor this has way more cores than that so you’ll get performance here that is similar to an intel seventh generation core i5 processor that’s right so that’s really kind of hard to look at when you’re measuring things what does it compare to as far as an intel chip well like. I said faster than the surface go then single core and as fast as a core i5 from a couple years ago now where things take a hit is if you’re gonna run win32 apps.
I did stuff outside the store so for instance you want to install chrome still the story here is pretty good or at least better than what it was with the snapdragon 835 so for a single core score you’ll get something is faster than a surface 3 that is an atom processor so not very good experience but again the multi-core score is gonna be much better this is still faster than the surface goes multi-core score even when emulating 132 apps and that’s actually really important because the overall experience here feels very quick and. I think most people be okay with it but yeah you’ll still get a performance in if you choose to use chrome over edge that’s your decision. I still think edge is worth checking out especially on this device but just remember if you do use something like that yeah it’ll be a little bit slower but by no means terrible and it’s significantly better than the snapdragon a 35 was so they have done a lot of performance improvements here alright let’s talk about battery life here so samsung is quoting 20 hours which is obviously a little unrealistic that’s a video loop test whereas real world is around 12 to 14 hours at me seem disappointing to you button device this thin and light 2.4 pounds just over one kilogram makes you’re very happy with that okay this has lte onboard it’s actually now running a better screen than we saw it in the previous generation so super amoled does require a little bit more power here but overall it’s a very good battery experience you can tweak that a little bit if you turn down the display which gonna be the biggest drain here but overall a very good battery experience it is still about 4 to 5 hours more than what you get out of a surface pro so that’s actually a pretty big improvement over what intel is offering these days. Let’s bring it all in so. I’m a huge fan of windows 10 unarmed I’m just a big believer in this form factor this design and this technology. I think it’s getting better the snapdragon e 50 is exactly what. I expect it to be it significantly improved relief 35. I think most of you if you were to use this device wouldn’t be able to tell it’s running a snap sure. I can it’s just that good there are still obviously some compromises now.
Let’s talk about the price here nine hundred ninety-nine dollars for this you’re going to get the whole device the keyboard the smartpen and the rapid charger we’re just the same charger you would use on a Samsung Galaxy phone we’re just really convenient to use that whole type c fast charge is really cool now. I talked to Samsung about this price he needed a lot of market research on the previous device that people were willing to pay and they said that this is what they came up with. I think some people went in regard it’s too expensive but then again the people who were going to go for this device. I don’t think will mind paying for it it does offer a lot of functionality. I’ve been using the surface pro six extensively lately and compared to this device these are very similar this really does feel like a surface pro six just running windows 10 on ARM and using a Samsung s pen it’s just the four factors the same the kickstand is very same the typing experience is the same obviously the alcantara in the feel of the surface pro is a little bit better and higher quality my opinion but something did a very good job here mostly because it kind of toned to the line on the design here and then it tried to think outside the box too much that makes it a little bit of a boring device in some sense too but if you’re just want something that works well get you really good battery life like. I said it gets about one and a half times more than what you get on a similar intel system well this is going to be your device in fact.
I’m gonna be using this device later today on a small trip while be on the train and need lte so it’s a really cool experience for those who can afford it it’s still too early probably for some of you but snapdragon 850 is a huge step in the right direction and we really glad to see Samsung releases device there are some other bits here you should be aware of for instance this will be sold through 18t Verizon and sprint starting an 18 November second the other carriers a little bit later in November it’s not really simba locked although it kind of is they did tune it for us carriers so it’s not quite a global device I’m not sure what’s gonna go on with global for Samsung they haven’t been really talking about too much here. I did throw an 18 t card in this. I did throw Verizon card in this that work totally fine no compromises there now. I did ask why there’s no e sim on this device and there’s some controversy going on here if you don’t know our carriers are a little reluctant to support ISOM because it gives you the freedom and choice to do whatever you want and. I think Samsung is playing ball here with the carriers the trade-off for a Samsung is this will be sold on shelves at those carriers and on their websites so they get a real unique presence versus just buying your rectum Samsung or Microsoft which is how the previous snapdragon devices mostly worked so in trade of ecm you do get a more visual presence for its device in us markets which I think is actually pretty important but if you’re looking for that device that will run globally and run with ECM well this is not quite it.
We’ll have to see what Samsung does later on. I think they do want to support it but they also wanted to get this device out into the market as much as possible overall though. I’ve been very impressed with the Samsung galaxy book – it’s exactly what. I expected and if you really like this form factor and why lte everywhere as well as the instant-on abilities of this device while you should definitely check it out alright there are some quick thoughts on a new Samsung galaxy book 2 goes on sale united states in November on 18 various carriers and if you want more information about this device make sure you go to the description below as we’ll have links for it if you liked this video give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching take care, everyone.

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