Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Inch Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated)

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Inch Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Inch Tablet Black Friday
In this article, we will show you the complete Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Inch Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Samsung’s largest have s the ten-point five-inch already take a look at the eight-point four-inch now it’s time for the largest tablet so the ten-point five inches is available in two colors white and the bronze color I of here so we’re gonna take a look at both of them.

This is here to take on the iPad air in this accordingly. You get a 16 gig Wi-Fi version with a Super AMOLED to display a fingerprint sen.r and they really thin lightweight form factor this is slightly larger than Samsung’s other 10-inch tablets like the Note 10.1 or the Tab pro 10.1 inch this is 10.5 inches. Now this al. Picks up the fingerprint scanner from the galaxy s5 just like the Tab s 8.4 inch. You can unlock the phone using a swipe of your finger we al. Have an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera with an LED flash and the 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera of course this wouldn’t be a Samsung product without an. IR LED blaster for controlling your AV equipment all right. Let’s go ahead and unbox both tablets here. I’m gonna slice the tab along the side flip it over and pop this out and we should have this little drawer that slides right out. There we go Galaxy Tab s looks like it’s upside-down here for me. I’m gonna pull this up. Now it has.mewhat different packaging then before you succumb in a plastic wrapper instead it’s just this nice.rt of fabric wrapper. It’s gonna pull this out here slides right out and there we go it’s al. Upside down there we go. I al. Have lots of plastic along the edges here. Let’s go and peel that off and we have a little plastic around the camera module. There we go once again just like the Tab s 8.4 inch or the galaxy s5 we have that stippled pattern along the back along with this.rt of pearlescent coloring Samsung calls modern glam. The white version is pretty familiar. Let’s get to the brown or bronze version. Again just slice the tab here pull out the tray. Let’s go ahead and pull this out here and again it looks like the wrapper is upside down. I’m gonna pull this tab and slide it out. Just like the Tab s 8.4 inch we have this nice metallic.rt of bronze color. I’m gonna see it’s bronze it’s more of a grey color. I actually really like it’s kind of different you can see here we have that gold trim along the samsung branding all around the camera module the LED flash and along the side. Let’s take a look at the acces.ries they’ve included. We have our paperwork here as you can see we have the SMT 800 QuickStart guide we’re going to go through that in this video we allows. Have our USB wall adapter again standard Samsung travel adapter with the USB port along the side and then we have a micro USB charging cable. Again like most tablets no headphones are included. Now the white and bronze version have the exact same white acces.ry. No difference there. Let’s get to the tablets. Now of course we have the standard array of Samsung kies. We have our home button with the integrated fingerprint scanner and then we have our Android keys which includes recent apps and our back button, of course, these do have multi-functions if you look toward the top in landscape orientation you have a front-facing 2.1 megapixel camera and an Ambu light sen.r which you don’t have here is an LED notification light. Now toward the left-hand side on the top you’ll find your sleep weight power on/off button right next to the volume rocker along the right-hand side you’ll find your headphone jack along with one of the stereo speakers and if you go to the right-hand side you’ll find the other stereo speakers right next to the micro SD card slot which supports 128 gig cards now the interesting thing here is that we have a micro USB charging port along the right-hand edge instead of toward the bottom where the buttons are this is a change from Samsung’s other 10-inch tablets. Now toward the top just above the camera is an. IR LED blaster that works to control your AV equipment, of course, they do include an app for that now toward the bottom. You’ll find a pinhole microphone. Don’t cover that up now on the back we have an 8-megapixel camera with all the focusing and 1080p HD video along with an LED flash right below them now just like thee point 4 inches. We al. Have these fittings for a cover acces.ry which Samsung sells. Instead of using magnets instead that uses these friction fittings. If you look at the tab s2 the tab pro you can see that the tab S is quite a bit thinner than the tab pro you can see the buttons are pretty much the same just thin down in lengthened for the tab s toward the top you have an. IR LED blaster as you can see we al. Have our camera modules and again slightly different design but they pretty much have the same specs we have an LED flash 8 megapixels with all the focusing and 1080p video. Now on the left-hand edge you have your headphone jack along with one of the stereo speakers and you can see that the TAM pro does have a larger grille. Volume is a bit louder on the tab pro versus the tab S on the right hand side you have another stereo speaker a micro SD card slot just moved up a bit we al. Have our micro USB. I’m a cab s and that is on the bottom of the tab pro at least on the bottom if you consider the buttons to be an indication of where the bottom is on this tablet. I can see these and ER keys are about the same but the tab s integrates the fingerprint sen.r which the tab pro doesn’t now on the top you have the same 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera good for 1080p video and then ambient light sen.r now if you look at the overall form factor of the tablet you can see that the Tab s is a bit wider but al. Has a narrow bezel on each side. There’s a little less space to grip on to the tablet alright. Let’s take a look at our user and if he’s starting with a lock screen. You can see here that we have these little widgets which lime information we can swipe to unlock our tablet takes us to a pretty familiar samsung touchwiz experience. If you’re multiple home screens you can pinch in and out to edit them you can select which one you want to be the home screen you can add additional home screens as well to swipe here to add new home screens and of course if you don’t want them just drag them up to remove we al. Have our widgets here. You can add new widgets now if you guys are the home screen you can see we have these two icons which are persistent on the home screen. We have our file manager. You can see we have all of our recent files and they’re all categorized by images videos audio that.rt of thing which is kind of nice and then we have our after which is where we can see all of our available apps you can see that Samsung has loaded quite a few of them now if you swipe all the way to the right you get to this my magazine viewer which includes things like your calendar widget your office widget email widget you al. Have paper garden which is a magazine subscription service which allows you pretty much that aggregate all your magazine subscriptions and then we have here and now which is a mapping service and then we al. Have Samsung watch on which is the remote control app. You can quickly access your remote control just in this widget alone now equipped reefing includes things like bookmarks you can tap to add a new alarm select new events or add stocks to view. Pretty much a widget that encompasses all the major features that you may want to access quickly now my magazine is highly customizable. If you pinch in and out you get to an editor. You can add up to five home screens here to add additional widgets. For example if we tap on this page we can add additional widgets from the selection below. You can see news applications and if you select any one of them you can see it just starts adding them until it’s full. Each page can handle up to six widgets at once and again all these widgets are al. Customizable can actually adjust the content that feeds into them. These are live widgets which you can cycle through and you can tap on the article to get a full-screen view and as you can see here this is powered by Flipboard now of course we have our drop-down notification sheet with all our quick access toggles on the top and then we have all our notifications down here along with quick access to Quick Connect which shows us all of the available wireless devices nearby and then you can see that we have s finder which allows us to search the device or the web for anything. For example if we search
Android they’ll find our emails our bookmarks recent visited sites stuff like that or phone numbers that’s or thing you can see it breaks it all down for us you can see calendar Chrome my files settings and web search. For example if you want to access the fingerprint scanner. I have to do is start typing in fingerprint in the search box here and you can see understanding is finger scanner. If we select that takes us right to that settings panel. You can see here that we have our fingerprint manager and this is where we can set up our fingerprint. The first thing. I need to do is train one of my fingers. I’m going to use my index finger here now the next thing that’s required is an access code in case the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work. Click continue and we have to confirm that all right. That is activated now. If you go to the home screen here you can see that we have to swipe down to unlock it and it works pretty well now if we go to our drop down notification shade you can see all of these quick setting toggles which of the available features here let’s see we have a row of icons here but not all of them are revealed. You have to go up here to see all of them. You can see we have the standard array of things like Wi-Fi location our.und settings which you can tap on and off to change we have our screen rotation lock bluetooth settings we al. Have ultra power saving mode. If you tap ultra power saving mode this enables a feature which basically allows you to extend the battery life of the tablet significantly. You can see what ninety-five percent we have seventy three point five days of standby time here which is not what you get otherwise. When you turn this on it basically shuts down everything running in the background simplifies the user interface and turns it to this grayscale theme. You can see very simple you icons you can add here. You can see only the ones that are available which includes calculator Google+ and Twitter. Again very simplified interface but allows you to really extend the for this thing al. In that drop-down shade is adapt display. We have several options under adapt display. You can see we can use adaptive display which will automatically adjust the screens color temperature and brightness depending on the content you’re viewing such as movies pictures that.rt of thing you can see we al. Can select other things like AMOLED cinema AMOLED photo or basic. You can see adaptively is quite a bit more vibrant and tell you exactly how it behaves when you select it now we al. Have multi window mode which you can toggle on and off. Let’s talk about multi window mode. You can see here this is a tray of apps that supports multi window mode. It’s basically two apps running side by side. For example we can launch Chrome here and then let’s launch YouTube side by side here. You can see we can resize these windows. We can watch a video in one window and browse the web on the other window now you can see here that when. I tap on the windows they actually highlight in blue which indicates that you have ActiveX control of that window. I can al. Tap this icon here. I can maximize this window or close it. I can al. Copy text from one window to the other. I can swap between the left hand and right hand side or. I can manage more than one app in each window. Let me show you exactly how this works. For example if. I want to drag and drop let’s say the Gmail app onto this window that means if. I tap here. I can access that window again. I basically have multi or recent apps within each window. That works for both sides here and. I can have as many as. I need to. I can continue dropping as many as. I want and that feature will continue to work of course. I can al. Just close them out to act with those abs now you can al. Edit what appears in this tree. If you go to edit you can see the apps that are available that are not there by default. For example if you want the Google Play Store you can drag and drop that like. Or drag and drop anything out of here that you don’t want now you can al. Create custom recipes as well. Let’s get out of this. If you go to create here basically what will happen is that whatever windows you have open right now will create the custom recipe. You can see Gmail and Chrome. Instead of having to open up both windows every time instead you just tap that and launches both windows for you now unlike the tab pro the tab ask can’t window apps. For example with the tab pro. I have to do is tap on these icons in the multi window tray pops out into an in individual window which you can resize minimizing that.rt of thing now to bring up the multi window tray you basically just swipe in from the right edge or you can hide it you can al. Tap and hold the back one to bring it up now it’s pretty easy to inadvertently trigger this a lot of people would like to just turn it off. That’s why they have this quick setting toggle up here to turn it off and on now. I al. Have toolbox which is kind of a widget here that allows us to quickly access popular apps. You can see here pretty much disappears and goes into a translucent state and stays out of the way but when you need it you just tap on it and brings up these apps now if you tap and hold on this you can go up here to edit to change the apps that appear here. You can see all available apps now you’re limited to only five apps. I think. If you want to add chrome here you’re going to have to uncheck one of the other apps. For example let’s go ahead and uncheck the standard app or included browser and select Chrome. Now if we go to that actually we’re gonna have to click done here. Now if we go to the widget you can see we have chrome here. We can tap on that just launches the chrome window we al. Have screen mirroring which basically allows us to wirelessly broadcast the display and on your list tablet to a compatible device such as a Samsung Smart TV it al. Works really well now. I al. Have smart stay and smart pause pretty familiar Samsung features again it uses that front facing camera to monitor for the presence of your eyes. It prevents the display from going to sleep or pauses and resumes video playback with the presence of your eyes we al. Have power saving mode. If you tap on this it enables power saving this is a little more controllable than ultra power saving mode which really dials back performance. If you want to access those control just happen hold on it takes you directly to the settings panel if you click on you can control how how this behaves. For example you can dial back CPU performance screen output turn off the touch key lights or turn off GPS. All of that is controllable under here we al. Have blocking mode which allows us to say that do not disturb policy on this device. For example you can turn on right now or you can select specific times of data set for that feature to enable now else to have increased touch sensitivity. If you toggle this on it basically allows you to use this tablet with gloved hands now private mode allows us to hide certain items using Samsung Apps and you do have to authenticate either with a password or a fingerprint to enable that feature. For example over in the gallery app here we can of the photos we’ve snapped with this tablet. For example if on the hide this one this to go up here and select hide move to private right there. We can all see you the item is flagged as private. If we go to our drop-down shade here and disable private mode that will hide the item. That means if we want to access that. I am again will have to enable private mode authenticate and it will reappear of course this al. Works with things like documents music video and that.rt of thing now if we go to the after you can see we have the standard ray of Google Apps Samsung Apps third-party apps. You can see we have paper garden which is launching with the tab s basically this is a magazine subscription service which is integrated in that my magazine Bureau you can see we have web acts and remote PC which is.mething we saw with the Tab pro what you don’t have here is e meeting we al. Have hand come off this viewer
for viewing office formatted documents then we third-party apps like Dropbox and Evernote we have Business Week along with New York Times which is subscription-based you do get a trial membership to those when you buy this tablet and of course with Dropbox has a relationship with Dropbox. You get 50 gigs of storage free for two years when you log in with your new Samsung device now there’s a lot of managing options under the app drawer you can go to edit to rearrange apps or folder them you can al. Uninstall or disable apps here. You can understand this able them or hide applications that are not eligible for uninstallation you can al. Go to galaxy essentials to see all the available apps for your tablet. You can see we have the gear manager video editor lots of other stuff that’s available for your tablet that doesn’t necessarily come pre-installed now as. I said these Android keys do have multiple uses. If you double tap the home button it takes you to s voice what’s the weather like tomorrow in Detroit with a few clouds you can see we al. Have all of our suggested actions that you can use s voice for you can al. Tap and hold the home button to get to Google now okay Google what’s the weather like tomorrow in Rochester Hills tomorrow’s forecast for Rochester Hills is 79 degrees and partly cloudy now of course we have our recent apps you can see all the available recent apps you can swipe them all the way to close them our attic system you can al. Close them all or go to a task manager for additional management options you can see how much RAM are taking up of those three gigs and you can end them all to close them if you prefer it really quick hands right there now let’s al. Access your menu button. On the home screen you could tap and hold it it takes you to your home screen editor but of course if you’re in chrome just have a hole that takes you to your menu options here and of course you can tap and hold the back button to get to your multi window mode now the tab s al. Comes pre-installed with sidesync 3.0 this is available for other Samsung tablets but it launched with the tab S now. I’ve already covered this in the Tab s 8.4 interview. I’m just going to copy and paste that next s comes pre-installed with sidesync 3.0 you can al. Install this on your Galaxy phone if it’s not already installed. Basically it’s using Wi-Fi direct to communicate between both devices. You do have to launch the app on both devices in order for this to work and basically what will happen here is that you can connect to your phone and virtualize the display on your tablet. We just have to agree to it. There we go we actually had this little window here of the phone’s display which you can’t interact with just like you would on the phone itself you can swipe down to get to your notification panel you can tap on only the items to launch the app and again this is happening on the phone and just being broadcasted to your tab wirelessly now if you go to the phone you can see that it does shut down the virtualizer on the tablet but you can switch it back like.. You can’t use both devices at the same time in this mode now you can move this window around or you can minimize it like. And this will basically give you this little floating icon which stays out of the way and you can jump to it when you need it now you can go to full screen mode and as you can see up here you get your Android controls for home back and recent apps as well as menu you can jump to a web browser on your tablet if you tap this icon here and it will minimize the app for you like that. You can continue browsing on your tablet and jump back to your phone here let’s go to maximize again you can change the orientation of the display and then you can do a screen grab of the phone’s display and then you can go to full screen or minimize now as you can see here this window floats in the background. You can continue doing other things while this windows here you can al. Resize it if you prefer and you can see there latency and the display isn’t as sharp on the tablet as it is on the phone itself. The re.lution isn’t exactly duplicated here but it is scaled properly for speed and performance now the side sync 3.0 you can their phone calls using the tablet. When you’re receiving a phone call you either have the option to answer it on the phone or the tablet if you answer on the tablet it uses the internal microphone and speakers but your phone is doing all the work. It’s actually a bridge between the two devices. Let’s take a look at our Settings panel. You can see it’s divided into these tabs for quick access but you can al. Just search the Settings panel by going up here for searching. This is very nice because it allows us instead of digging through all of these settings panel we can just search for what we want. You can see we have all our connections for Bluetooth airplane mode data usage locations more networks nearby devices printing and screen mirroring under device you can see we have things like our display settings wallpapers of the lockscreen another lockscreen this is where we can modify the cards that appear here. If we type here you can see that we have weather today’s schedule today’s birthdays news.cial and email all of those depends on the information you’ve logged into your account now under the notification panel you can rearrange the toggles that appear in the drop down shade you can al. Disable or enable the volume and brightness controls now under motions you see we have things like palm swipe to capture it’s basically you tells you how that works but. I have to do is swipe your palm across the screen for a screen grab which is very useful to know now this tablet al. Supports multi users. That’s available under device under users here and. You can add additional users this up means they can log in with their own accounts and they won’t have access to your account. Basically what will happen is that you get a lock screen with several users that you can select from and. I have to do is select the user you want and access using your own password your fingerprint scan or whatever to access to the account and you can play within your own account without affecting the other users. You can download your own apps your own music you can set up your own wallpaper take your own photos that.rt of thing alright. Let’s take a look at the camera app which is pretty full-featured. You can snap a photograph you can record video pause while recording video and resume it as well you can al. Snap photos while recording video you can stop that you can pinch in and out to zoom which is just digital cropping and of course tap anywhere on the scene to focus and you can see it’s pretty quick takes clothes pretty quickly now let’s have our mode selector here. You can see we have auto Beauty face shot more panorama rich tone and dual camera mode dual camera mode allows you to record both the front-facing and rear-facing camera at the same time. There you go. You can resize it you can change the border of that thumbnail to quite a few different variations you can al. Manage your modes here. You can uncheck the ones you don’t want displayed or you can actually download additional modes from Samsung. We go to download here you can see there’s only a few they’re available such as sports shot and.und and shot. Not a whole lot to pick from. There are settings you can see we have our photo re.lution 8 megapixels is 4 by 3 6 is 16 by 9 we al. Have HD video. We have full HD 720p or VGA you can see we al. Have stabilization for both the photo and video built right in now in terms of camera quality it’s actually pretty decent now delivers excellent results in bright daylight conditions. You get excellent color reproduction excellent balance between low lights and highlights and does a generally nice job with 1080p video which is stabilized. Definitely no complaints about this camera under ideal circumstances for the course of low-light conditions it’s definitely not the best camera out there but they get the job done and with an LED flash it’s better than a lot of tablets today now my favori
te feature of the tab S is that Super AMOLED display now the great thing about Super AMOLED is that it delivers extremely vivid colors but it can al. Be tuned to be very accurate in this case the Tab s has done a really nice job tuning this display but al. Gives you ab.lute blacks because this is an emissive technology versus LCDs transmissive technology trans emissive basically means that the entire panel is backlit whether the pixel is black or not. You do get light bleeding with LCD. This makes this one of the best tablets for watching movies you al. Have excellent effects is viewing and you have those stereo speakers on the left hand and right hand side for a completely immersive experience. Definitely press overall for the media consumption capabilities of this tablet and generally speaking the vivid experience which is unrivaled by any other title of the size now in terms of our Geekbench 3 scores you can see the Tab s on the right here and the Tab pro 10.1 on the left you can see they’re pretty closely matched that’s because they pretty much have the exact same Exynos proces.r clocked at 1.9 diggers now the interesting thing here is that this is slightly better than the Tab s even though the tab s has 3 gigs of ram versus 2 gigs on the tab pro. In conclusion there’s a lot to love about that Tab s with the 10.5 inch Super AMOLED displays the only tablet this size with the Super AMOLED display and it’s definitely one of the best-looking displays you’re going to get out there right now we al. Have the stereo speakers which delivers excellent audio. Combined with that Super AMOLED display it’s one of the best media consumption tablets out there you al. Have a lot of.ftware features with multi window mode which makes us a great productivity tablet and it runs pretty smoothly on this hardware. Although. I’m never a big fan of TouchWiz in terms of its design and performance it actually does a pretty good job on this tablet. I really have no complaints and then we have those excellent cameras a megapixel on the back 2.1 megapixel on the front delivering excellent results overall and of course you have an LED flash and then you have a fingerprint sen.r now that fingerprint sen.r is still a weak point for me especially on this large cam it’s kind of hard to exactly line up your fingers especially when the tablet orientation is always changing but in conclusion. I love all the tablets.

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