Samsung Galaxy View 2 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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Samsung Galaxy View 2 Black Friday Deals 2021

Samsung Galaxy View 2 Black Friday
This article is all about the Samsung Galaxy View 2 Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

hello and welcome back to the channel if you’re looking at the title down below probably a bit of a confusing one take it back a couple of years back in 2015 Samsung released a device called the galaxy view 18 inches plus tablet very expensive tablet and at the time. I do remember. I was in London for an event and I heard about it my immediate response was who would ever want a device that large you can’t carry something like that around with you and yet here we are today four years later Samsung has released the galaxy view 2 and so today we’re gonna take a look at it just a side note.

I did pay for this out of my own pocket they didn’t send anything to me Samsung. I think doesn’t know that I exist so any product that I have that Samsung. I’ve paid for so what is this what makes it special what makes it unique this is and as you can probably see up here 17.3 inch Android tablet has 64 gigs of built-in storage and available LTE on if you couldn’t tell on AT&T; and the rest of the box is basically just a black husk so I’m gonna go ahead and start taking this off not sure what that’s for alright so inside of this box you start the very top with the Samsung adaptive fast charging brick although this is a little different from anyone.
I’ve used before it’s 12 volts at 2.1 amps at the max it also has the other nine-volt at 1.67 amps as well as 5 volts at 2 amps so this one is significantly more powerful than what you get with phones you get a USB C to full-size USB cable so I’m getting started documentation and a sim ejector tool on the back here and then under all this foam is the tablet itself that was a lot of additional space and packing material so here it is and its packaging go ahead and get this unveiled holy crap why yes there is a small part of me that’s looking at this and saying how and when am I ever going to use something like this. I’ll find a way and time so this is the tablet it has like.
I said before a 17.3-inch display 4k display no no full HD display 1920 by 1080 panel and just gonna go ahead and pull up the specs here so I’ve got them on hand it has an XO nose 78-84 processor in it so it’s not a high-end flagship device before. I go too much further. I should also mention this is available through AT&T; on a payment plan but you can buy it outright like. I did Samsung for seven hundred and forty dollars and I’m gonna say it again. I was curious about the original Galaxy view when it was released four years ago so when this one came out and I had the means to purchase it.
I did it is a five-pound device and I can definitely feel that from having just hefted it it does have a camera on the front of it if you can see it there it’s a five megapixel camera that can do Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames a second if that’s your thing it has three gigs of built-in RAM a micro SD and SIM card slot somewhere. I’m gonna have to find here in a minute a 12,000 milliamp-hour battery a stand that is permanently attached that kind of kicks out to the back if we can demonstrate yeah so this is the angle you get it’s either completely closed and you have this sort of an interesting book shape or it’s open that’s your option it does not flip all the way around it will break off so that seems a little bit wasteful in my opinion it would make so much more sense for this to flip all the way around and have full coverage on the back so that you can actually protect the screen. I guess that does come full circle back to the other thing that came in the package.
I don’t know if this is included just in Samsung orders or if you get it from AT&T; also but they did include this carrying case and very loud plastic so there’s the carrying case who that has a strong smell to it got some foam inside of it and some silica gel and everything but it says it’s a sleeve for the galaxy 2 it fit is the brand so obviously not Samsung branded or anything there you go foam removed everything out and ready to go this is a very floppy case.
I am curious if this is gonna fit in there and how it’s gonna work so we open the case up okay I’m just gonna go ahead and say it that isn’t gonna work it fit. I think it doesn’t you can kind of clearly see you’ve got like an inch and a half on this end where it doesn’t cover it so I guess. I will not be carrying this device around with me other than just like holding it by the back or maybe this is really not a portable device in any shape or form.
I guess continuing to look around the device it looks like these are microphones here on the top there’s a volume rocker and a power button on this side there’s a whole bunch of nothing maybe some rear-firing speakers here on the other side if you can even see this with the lighting a three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack a USB C port and this little indention would appear to be where the SIM card and microSD card will go this will take up to a 400 gigabyte micro SD card to go along with that 64 gigs of built-in storage Wow touched it once or twice and it’s already completely covered in fingerprints while.
We’re here let’s go ahead and just power the song Samsung galaxy view 2 secured by Knox powered by Android now this does have four feet on the limits very loudspeakers and we’re starting app Android going through the setup process these are my hands for scale the start button connect to my Wi-Fi Oh typing on this this is gonna be huge that was kind of big and awkward but we connected checking for updates it’s hiding in with Google two-factor authentication and we don’t have any backups found so not gonna restore anything we can protect the tablet with a pattern pin password or not now and strangely enough it switched to the other rotation for the assistant let’s skip over all the rest of this and now it’s got an 18 T logo that says set up and transfer your content set up accounts and services. I have no 18 t mobile app and nothing from AT&T;
I want to transfer so I’m going to skip that so that is one of the downsides of it being sort of an 18 T branded device is it’s gonna have a lot of ATT stuff built into it but we’re done ok got it my AT&T; is pre-installed sign in to my Samsung account and skipping past all that Samsung sign and stuff it says TV mode gets you watching quickly launch DirecTV now or your favorite video app with one swipe from the home screen this is an AT&T; DirecTV merger type thing. I don’t have either one of them so I’m not gonna be able to use that although it said favorite video app so I’m gonna assume that it will work with at least Netflix maybe YouTube those are the things. I tend to use most on my devices it is syncing apps for me apparently but there you go this is the tablet and it’s just it’s making lots of notification noise just something. I wouldn’t really expect on a device like this turn notifications down so here’s what came on it by default it might be trying to install additional apps at the same time it says it’s installing 0 out of 6 apps I’m gonna swipe up from the bottom so we can take a look ATT we got a bunch of apps there can. I remove any of them. I cannot. I cannot even disable it AT all-access.
I can disable that I can apparently disable several of these but. I can’t actually uninstall it so we’ll have to see if there’s maybe a route available or just see if they get in the way at all because if they’re not gonna get in the way. I don’t care much there’s a lot of stuff that came pre-installed on this pocket Morty’s or is that installing as a result of something else. I haven’t had pocket Morty’s on a phone in a while so I don’t know where that came from of course you do get a smattering of Google Apps as well and a few Samsung Apps as you would expect and just a ridiculously large display.
I swiped to the right and it went into TV mode double press the power button to launch TV mode swipe right to launch TV mode swipe the TV mode icon I’m gonna say it I’m not a super old man I’m getting older but I’m not that old yet but they do seem like they’re making this really geared toward the people that aren’t that familiar with a device and just won’t like something they can watch TV on in their hand I don’t have DirecTV now so I can’t do that so within the settings here. I did figure out if I go to advanced features TV mode it says it’s on but when I click on it. I have the option to pick DirecTV now DirecTV 18t watch TV or other downloaded apps so let’s see if. I can get YouTube on there is the default there we go YouTube is now the default the option for that I’m also gonna replace these buttons that’s better that makes more sense to me so now if we swipe over TV mode comes up and it goes to YouTube that’s exactly what.
I was looking for I do have to update now. I know you guys are probably curious about the version of Android that comes on this so we’ll click on about tablet to a software version it says Android version is 8.1 point 0 the Samsung experience is 9.5 so this is not using the new Samsung one UI it is possible that would get it in a software update but I’m gonna say it probably will not it’s kind of sad though this is a brand new like just released it’s coming out in two or three days and for some reason. I got mine early and yet it doesn’t come with Android Pie on it but it does say the software is up to date so that is the newest latest and greatest that’s available for it. I mean in terms of just the performance of the device. I am already noticing like every time. I go into this drawer you can probably see there’s a little bit of latency to it a little bit of lag obviously part of that’s because it’s doing a lot of stuff at the moment it’s downloading apps it’s updating apps it’s completing set up and everything but still yeah it’s still a little bit sluggish but it’s not it’s not that bad this is a device that is intended for building up your muscles no it’s intended for media consumption primarily so you can’t really expect it to be a gaming although.
I could probably see putting it up on its stand on a table or something and playing the occasional lower-powered game casual games it’s gonna be great for older people and for young kids and I hate to say it but my youngest is probably gonna end up using this a lot more than I will and it’s still installing things that I did not ask it to so I’ve gotten like Final Fantasy and eBay and solitaire yeah. I didn’t ask for it to install anything yet so it’s gonna take some time to get used to this am I gonna be able to recommend this probably not.
I am curious what the YouTube and what the video and audio are gonna be like on a device this big so go ahead and get signed in to my account head on over so I can watch one of my own videos now. I did go into the full-screen mode it says you’re using this so the back button the home everything’s hidden that’s fine in terms of the quality.
I can go up to 1080p on here so, unfortunately, can’t get to 4k but it’s not a 4k screen so that’s not really an issue it’s only 1080p this gets decently loud but the viewing angle leaves a little bit to be desired it has one position it can be in so if you have it on a table in front of you at a regular height like this table is for me you’re not gonna be able to see it very well so that kind of stinks in my opinion but still very early impressions, if you’re looking for a just an absolutely massive ginormous device to use primarily for media consumption, may be some very very light gaming because again three gigs of ram Exynos 78-84 processor it’s not like a high-end Snapdragon processor or anything
I’m gonna say this is gonna get the job done just be willing to accept the fact that Samsung is probably never gonna update it it’s gonna get slower over time but still it’s got halfway-decent speakers a nice looking bright display that’s very clear albeit lower resolution because it’s a giant display that’s low resolution 1080p is not low but it’s lower than newer phones are mixed bag on that one for 750 bucks it’s definitely a hard sell but. I will put a link to where you can find it down below. I think right now you can only get it direct from 80 or direct from Samsung so there’s not gonna be any affiliate mumbo-jumbo there if. I can find it on Amazon or B and H or something. I’ll put those links and if you use any of my links to Amazon or B and H or Best Buy or anything like that I do get a little bit of a kickback so I appreciate that but. I would not expect anyone to buy one of these I’m buying that so you don’t have to because in large part. I don’t see any other videos on YouTube that actually have someone with the galaxy view 2 in hand so I’m doing this so I think that’s where.
I’ll wrap it up for today. I’ve already been filming for almost 30 minutes let me know what you think about this thing is this just complete waste of money I’m gonna say that most people are gonna say that so sorry about that but sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith to have a ridiculously expensive media consumption device that’s not terribly powerful sometimes you just got to do it for the giggles thank you guys as always for watching hit the thumbs up if you happen to like this video subscribe to the channel if you want to get notified when new stuff comes out sorry. I had to push the ginormous tablet out of the way. I could actually see using this as like an off-screen monitor for my camera if my camera supported using an Android tablet as a monitor it does not have HDMI in it does not support anything like that that would make too much sense if you want to see more follow-ups on this or anything else like gaming demonstrations or video create. I don’t know let me know down in the comment section below but that’s gonna wrap it up for today so thanks again for the seventy-fifth time. I’ll see you very soon bye guys

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