Shark NV803 DuoClean Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Shark NV803 DuoClean, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 Black Friday Deals 2021

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

He along with their full-size upright powered lifts away there’s Elizabeth what she’s picking up is sand and cereal off of glass any other vacuum would be spewed out of the back of the vacuum itself that was a pile of coffee a pile that could be kitty litter it could be those messes that happen every single day and it’s never been a part of their power and lift away that’s their top of the line that is their best of the best sealed system this actually buffs your hardwood floors at the same time it vacuums and I can tell you from experience because the folks at shark were very kind they sent my wife and I a sample of this to use for two weeks

I’ve been a shark family for years I was blown away at how incredible this top-of-the-line vacuum is by the way in the marketplace the exact same vacuum is just hitting retail stores right now these are the colors that we’ve got here are all exclusive you won’t find those but people would be paying we’ve done a pretty good job retail wise of convincing you’ve got to spend for a vacuum well this is sharks top of the line you get their best selling accessories this is they’re powered hard floor cleaner and also their stair cleaner a true crevice tool that gives you enough length to get between the console and the seat this is their upholstery and mattress tool it’s also great for stairs and this is the brush that goes on it you then get the most obscure tool you’ve ever seen for a vacuum cleaner but when’s the last time you vacuumed underneath your refrigerator when’s the last time you’re able to get underneath the dresser or underneath the sofa that will allow you to do it because shark wants your whole house to be the cleanest it’s ever been here is the Express oh that’s been so popular since midnight over 22,000 people have been on the phone lines for their brand new duo clean powered lift away here’s a wine purple that is brand new and also an exclusive by the way this one is the one that’s most limiting wrought in 7,000 these to last for the whole day we’ve got less than 1800 only order by the way of the season this is our last shark upright vacuum cleaner today’s special value for the whole year here is the smoky rose that’s a color that our audience actually picked out for themselves we had a competition was it two years ago Elizabeth last year and they picked this color here is the ash gray and then we also have blue jeans now you want to see how effective it is please keep in mind as we get ready to do these demos we are live TV I want to introduce you to Elizabeth welcome and because it’s a power lift away yeah I don’t have to carry the full weight of the vacuum when you’re doing above floor cleaning exactly I can put all that dust right in our sealed container here right whipping in the canister never by bag yes-no bagless absolutely Debbie buck thank you you know the folks at shark they’ve been dedicated to building five-star rated product since day one I know your boss your CEO I’ve known him out for over 20 years this is an engineering firm that is dedicated to making the best products that they could bill yes that’s true and this is your top of the line yep this is the best of the best and you know what we did was we said let’s put it all together right the new technology of do a clean which we’ve just been talking about we launched that earlier and we’ll show you more that yes it looks completely different than any other vacuum because it is the two brush rolls working together then we thought well you know everybody loves the lift away where you can take this and take the canister off and go above board and get a vacuum cleaner underneath furniture we had before but now that the canister was in the way yeah the powered lift way means they just suggest what you’re saying we can go under furniture and we still have power going to that brush roll so you see that brush rolls rotating.
I can get right up under here and grab all the dust and dirt and kitty litter of cat hair whatever it is that’s underneath my chair and then snap it right back into the upright today today is kind of a precursor to getting ready for Christmas yes it is about three months away if your mother-in-law is coming over she’s gonna be white gloving the entire house it’s a better way to do it by the way the value is absolutely phenomenal this vacuum is currently at infomercial yeah and that’s sharks brilliant they know that by doing their marketing with infomercial that people are driven to the retail stores and to us as well the vacuum sells shark pet power brush that’s what I use on stairs yeah upholstery doing the top of the bed that’s normally 21:36 but it is for one day and one day only by the way your shipping and handling zip nada zilch nothing I love that I love that so let’s show some of the other great features okay that’s half a bag of coffee by the way on this floor this is not just a swivel this is like a huge swivel as you get ready to do this you’re used to this I want them to see this normally on any other vacuum there’s a plastic piece right here right and you snowplow all your dirt so watch that that brush roll it grabs the smallest of things and just pulls it in right that’s a beauty of duo clean two brushes that work and look behind the vacuum by the way nothing left behind now in addition to the swivel notice those great bright headlights right okay we already mentioned the no loss of suction canister either windfall we don’t lose suction and the anti allergens feel technology with hepa filtration that trap 99.99% of dust and particles as small as point three microns but my person what you look at this is my personal opinion but with five pets in the house by Alex and be enemy free I I won’t own a vacuum unless it’s a sealed system right I don’t care how powerful the suction is for a vacuum cleaner if it can suck it up but it can’t hold it then all it’s doing is sucking it up and redistribute it around your house flowing it back not cleaning yeah I would like you to give us a phone call if you are one of those shark owners one point two million of you give us a phone call not all at the same time though and we’ll put you on the phone and let’s talk about it because there really is this shark difference as a retailer there are vacuums and go all the way up to that you’ve seen them the fact is you don’t have to spend that much money to get your home really clean so we just showed hard for ya where most vacuums would have taken that coffee those coffee grounds and just throw it behind the back yard and certainly wouldn’t been able to get those big cereal pieces right right what I wanted I know this is a crazy floor Donna turns on the side and then right up at my thumb is where I control where I go from floor to carpet.
I’ve got hard floor I’ve got medium pile carpet always do is that for medium pile or high pile so real simple no changing of any brush no having to go get a separate tool to do your carpet and you’re right Dan this is like a crazy I was saying earlier it’s like hey you know a middle school girls party the next morning right Oh sleepover party this is the type of thing that with most vacuums they would snowplow right and push it along but you’ll again notice that dual clean technology where that bar in the front grabs a hold and and it’s a hungry living machine is a meal well here’s where else it doesn’t miss under the furniture right in the past you have you’d have to move this table well just never actually factory right well if there was food under there you might have to so what’s the powered lift away look at how low this is we put our little ruler up there to show you guys it’s only a port or adjustment so this is a super low table and I just love the fact that I’m even grooming underneath there you folks at shark and we don’t always get this opportunity but they loaned me and my wife Kelly a vacuum for two weeks and said try to beat it to death they know that we’ve got five dogs you’re good candidate and I and it’s in my personal opinion it is the most effective cleaning tool that shark has ever had and I’ve been a shark family now for more than five years Wow they rip this is your new top of it this is the one that I’ve replaced in my house is right every day you know my big cleanups my weekly cleanup back in so again this is why we in turn introduce your thing so we just go back to the story of that no one else has dual clean technology exactly back earlier this year we introduced this for the first time the ability to remove the front wall of the vacuum replace it with this soft front row layer ding right and so look at that we got those huge pieces of cereal so this is this is what tough oh yeah so cat food so it’s like medium sized right you never have a dog food mess oh yeah right I have five four-legged vacuum cleaners – hey Dan guess what that’s that’s powdery drink mix that would apply eight max that would fly everywhere it’s actually buffing the floor yeah at the same time now these two demos are actually my favorite because try this with any other backyard yeah exactly piles are something that usually you’d have to just get a little you know broom and dustpan you’d do two jobs yeah you have to do it like in two pieces this way we’re grabbing I’m just gonna grab this last bit that I saw that we left there and you missed it and that’s how easy it is with the advent of that dual clean tube thank you do pressure old technology you’re gonna be able to pick up things you never thought you would before it’s an exceptional machine now by the way we’ve had over 500 that have been ordered just in this presentation over 22,000 for the day it is the only day that we’re gonna make it available at this it’s the last today’s special value from the folks at shark on a full-size upright let me go back to the comic right sounds because one of our colors is already in danger of completely selling out here is that expresso by the way why do vacuum cleaners just have to be blase they designed all of these colors only for QVC you won’t find them on their infomercial you will not find them at retail here is the expresso over half our quantity for the entire day is already gone this is the one that’s in danger of going this is our wine purple over 7000 were brought in that’s for one day 1600 or available that is it the smoky rose it’s been so popular half of our quantity is already gone for the day as well there is no reorder this is your chance to do it the ash gray which actually that’s a color that you folks sent to my house okay there’s 2800 left in that and then we also have the blue jeans color now here’s a demonstration that will cut your workload in half normally with if you have hardwood floors you do three jobs.
If you’ve got bulk anything that’s big you’ve got to come back with a dustpan something like that always leaves that line a dirt yeah look at that I left it there’s that line of dirt then you vacuum but there’s always that fine particulate that’s left over so you wind up spending money on these replaceable buy another pack yeah you know dusters that are out there because it’s a year it’s a three part job you know it’s shark we set out to make a better vacuum and when we came up with the idea not we but but engineers a brilliant people who came up with that they’re not here I say we take great let’s take ready for the little fishy crackers and fry how many times have you seen your old vacuum that attempt to get a paperclip up oh forget it 20 minutes yeah forget it look at the shine like auntie this actually particulate so you just did all three jobs at one time which if I did my math correctly that means that you just cut your workload by either a whole bunch no two thirds let’s do that anyway you know here’s how it works instead of having that just a little wall in the front of your vacuum you’re gonna have this soft brush roll and that allows you to capture the big particles like you’ve seen here almost like a street sweeper right it just pulls everything in and the second brush roll works together then to pull everything into the vacuum itself and by the way works on floors and carpets that way it’s pretty exciting the powered lift away means you always have power see the brush roll there it’s moving even under the furniture and the sealed system so important as we’ve been saying not just a HEPA filter but an anti allergen seal system of course we’re gonna give you the shark suction that you’re so familiar with back there top of a Lima shaft by the way you got me in trouble with my wife uh-oh what happened well the day that we got the shark cuz you and I we’ve talked about dual cleaning technology before but it’s ever been and you’re full sized alright okay so I was grabbing stuff from the pantry dumping it on the car by the way the wife is over there oh wow yeah she’s been watching me do this for you know for 28 years so I was always dumping everything you do a demo on the infomercial with nope meal right they’re not we have wonder where we have a pile I hate oatmeal oh so there was an ulterior motive and I’m just dumping it all over the carpet how can you do that yeah it is really exciting because it picks up things normally you can’t and here’s something you asked me about i brag on this one please okay every one of us who have multiple pets how many dogs do you have how many cats you have back to now – okay we’ve met by dogs anybody who’s got multiple pets when you’ve got any type of a beater bar it will clog you can’t prevent it hair will eventually get caught up in it so what do you do with every other vacuum that I had seen before you flip it over like a pair of scissors try to watch this you struggle with tools or whatever right now this will still eventually clog if you’ve got five yeah that’s my clog he means hair I’ll get wrapped yeah putting on in two seconds suction won’t clog I now have access to this you pull it right out pull straight out there you cannot pull this out quickly undo it wait wait you don’t need that look you have a built-in tool right there you can see not yet hahaha of course then I get it open okay it’s right here it’s like it’s easy to miss that’s why we want to show everybody isn’t that the coolest and line it up – yep you can also ask me just make sure you get it lined up on that side yep backwards that’s the first yep but you also have access to this right here you just push the button and it pops completely yes Schmidt see yeah just an official vacuum cleaner turn yeah your washing you can wash it even but just make sure everything’s dry before you put it back together is that not break this this is the demonstration of that dual clean technology we actually set a GoPro underneath a glass top table and the reason being you’re not gonna be usually be vacuuming class but it shows you that is actually buffing the surface as its cleaning yeah from the underneath shot it’s really great damn cuz we can actually see.

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