SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine Black Friday Deals 2021

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SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine Black Friday Deals 2021

SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine Black Friday Deals 2021
We’re sewing enthusiasts worldwide enjoy innovative concepts that make so it easy and great fun congratulations on the purchase of your new Singer sewing machine this instructional DVD is about getting to know your sewing machines and the basics of machine sewing you’ll see how easy it is to achieve professional results on any of your sewing projects

let’s get started these machines certainly stand up to their name of heavy duty you can sew multiple layers of denim canvas and leather with ease you will need to change the needle to a size 16 plus denim needle for the denim and canvas for the leather we recommend a leather needle and you may benefit from the use of an optional Teflon foot these heavy-duty machines although lightweight are quite the workhorse with the sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute they are suitable for the home solar – so anything from clothing home decor and extra heavyweight fabrics you will be surprised how far you can push the boundaries with the singer heavy-duty machine let’s get started your new Singer sewing machine is equipped with stitch programs that cope with all modern fabric types all stitch types are shown on the front and can easily be selected with fast collection dials connecting your sewing machine the foot controller plugs into the side of the machine and then into the wall socket turn your machine on here with the power switch free arm flatbed conversion your machine can be used as a flatbed or converted to a free arm it converts into a slim free arm machine in seconds simply by removing the accessory tray to remove the accessory tray hold it firmly and pull it off to the left the free arm area makes sewing hard-to-reach places or tubular areas like cuffs or trouser legs extremely easy the accessory tray includes a compartment for convenient storage of all machine accessories for ordinary sewing keep the feed dogs up for freehand embroidery sewing on buttons and darning drop the feed dogs remove the accessory tray the feed dog lever is at the back of the machine to lower the feed dogs slide the lever to the right to raise the feed dogs slide the lever to the left the feed dogs will come up when you start to sew presser foot lifter different positions the presser foot lifter lets you set the presser foot in three different positions in lowest position for sewing in center position for placing the fabric under the presser foot and removing it and for changing presser feet in highest position for removing extremely thick fabric layers changing presser feet changing presser feet is incredibly easy make sure the needle is in the up position raise the presser foot lifter and push the presser foot release button to remove the foot place the desired foot on the needle plate aligning the presser foot pin with the foot holder lower the presser foot lifter to snap on the foot changing the needle it’s absolutely important to insert the needle correctly that means with the flat side toward the back to change the needle raise the needle bar to its highest position loosen the needle clamp screw with the flat screwdriver remove the needle and insert the new needle push the needle up as far as it can go and tighten the needle clamp screw with the screwdriver different types of needles are available for different types of fabrics stretch needles for example with a ballpoint for easy handling of stretch materials or an extra-strong jeans needles for convenient sewing of denims needles come in various sizes to a smaller number means a thinner needle which is used for lighter weight fabrics a larger number means the needle is thicker larger needles are best for medium or heavy weight fabrics needles should be changed regularly it is recommended to use singer brand needles in your singer sewing machine to wind the bobbin first place the thread on the spool pin and secure it with the spool pin cap slip the thread under the thread guide maintaining tension on the thread with your right hand and wind it clockwise around the tension disk you put the thread end through the bobbin like this from the center and then out through the hole on the bobbin place the bobbin on the bobbin winding spindle push the bobbin to the right this will be touch the hand wheel which means that your needle won’t go up and down while you’re winding the bobbin hold the end of the thread and then step on the foot controller the bobbin will begin to film stop to trim the thread tail continue to fill the bobbin it will stop when it is full push both the bobbin and spindle to the left this will really need ‘el automatically for sewing now remove the bobbin from the bobbin winding spindle then cut the thread Baban insertion raise the needle to a Tyus position raise the presser foot remove the bobbin cover plate by pushing the release button to the right insert the bobbin making sure the bobbin rotates counterclockwise when pulling the thread put your finger on the bobbin pull the thread to the left and through the knotch making sure the thread runs between the bobbin case and the tension disc then pull the thread towards the back of the machine and replace the bobbin cover threading your machine is very easy to thread just follow these steps to thread the machine correctly first raise the needle to a highest position by turning the hand wheel towards you continue turning it toward you until the needle slightly begins to go down again this will raise the take-up lever to its highest position raise the presser foot lifter this is important because by raising the presser foot lifter the tension disc is released so that the thread will go into the tension properly place the thread on the spool pin and secure it with the spool pin cap if the thread spool has a groove on the edge place this end to the right so your thread doesn’t get caught whilst sewing bring the thread through the upper thread guides like this thread the tension by leading the thread with your left hand down the right channel and then up the left channel bring the thread downward and then slip it behind the horizontal thread guide and bend the needle clamp guide located just above the needle for model 4411 thread the needle manually by pushing the thread through the eye of the needle from front to back for model 44:23 see automatic needle threader to make sure your threaded the Machine correctly refer to thread tension automatic needle threader the automatic needle threader makes needle threading extremely easy make sure the needle is in the highest position and place the thread under the metal guide pull down the lever of the needle threader and gently swing the lever to the back as far as it will go a small hook moves to the front through the needles I pull the thread to the right and under the small hook from below so the hook catches the thread swing back the lever and the needle will catch the thread through the needles I pull the thread to the back and release bringing up the bobbin thread before you start sewing you will need to raise the bobbin thread to do this hold the other thread with your left hand turn the hand wheel toward you which will lower and then raise the needle it is important that the hand wheel moves forward or toward you not backward or away from you as you turn the hand wheel lightly pull the needle thread the bobbin thread will be drawn up through the hole if your bobbin thread doesn’t want to pull up through this hole on your machine make sure the bobbin thread isn’t caught after pulling up the bobbin thread place both threads under the presser foot toward the back and replace the bobbin cover thread tension this is the thread tension dial for most sewing projects you can set the dial to for correct tension is important for good sewing when you sew spread accumulating on the underside of the fabric is an indication that the upper threading path of the machine is not threaded correctly remove the fabric from the machine and try this simple test remove the thread completely from the machine be sure the presser foot lifter is in the up position rethread the upper thread leaving the needle unthreaded leave the pressure put up then pull the thread toward you it should pull freely now put the presser foot lifter down and try pulling the upper thread toward you again it should resist the pulling and you should feel a significant difference in the tension if you are still able to pull the thread freely when the presser foot is down repeat this process stitch selection your machine has a variety of basic sew
ing stitches from which to choose this is the pattern selector dial on the 44:11 this is the pattern filete dial on the 44:23 always make sure your needle is in the highest position when turning the pattern selector dial it can be turned to the left or to the right to select the stitch stitch length this is the stitch length style it allows you to adjust the distance between the stitches stretch stitch selector straight stitches are only available on model 44 23 rotate the stitch length style to the S position to engage the stretch stitches stitch with this is the stitch with style it allows you to adjust the width of the stitches needle positions this is the needle position dial it allows you to sew in the left center and right needle position reverse sewing this lever lets you sew in Reverse this is the pressure dial the presser foot pressure of the machine has been preset and doesn’t require any manual adjusting for most fabrics however for very thin fabrics the presser foot pressure may be loosened by turning the screw counterclockwise so heavy fabrics like sewing on denim or canvas you may tighten the presser foot pressure by turning the dial clockwise straight stitch straight stitch is the most frequently used futility stitch for straight stitching use the general-purpose foot select straight stitch with a stitch length of 2.5 ensure the width selection dial is on zero place the fabric on the presser foot lower the presser foot and slowly start sewing after a few stitches press the reverse sewing lever and sew a few stitches release it and continue sewing at the end of your scene repeat the reverse sewing action raise the needle to at highest position pull the fabric toward the back and cut the thread with the machines thread cutter zig-zag stitch snap on the general-purpose foot select the solid-looking zig-zag stitch change the stitch length to approximately three and the stitch width to four select Center needle position the zig-zag stitch is used for finishing or over casting or fabric edges to prevent the fabric from fraying the presser foot must be placed along the fabric so the needle stitches along the left side of the fabric while over casting the right rule fabric edge the zig zag also looks great when used as decorative satin stitch simply select a short stitch lengths for satin stitching for creating special effects you can also adjust the stitch width while sewing stretch stitches only available on model 44 23 with the F selected on the stitch length dial any stitch in blue on the stitch selector dial or decorative stitch other utility stitches and their applications multi stitch zigzag snap-on the general-purpose foot select the zigzag ii on the right from the straight stitch change the stitch width to approximately four to five with the stitch length of two select Center needle position the multi stitch zigzag is ideal for attaching elastic or over casting it’s also perfect for dining tears reduce the stitch length for darning buttonholes for model 44:11 your machine includes an easy-to-use four-step buttonhole attach the buttonhole foot mark your fabric with a fabric marker so you know exactly where to sew your button hole slightly reduce the upper thread tension by moving the tension dial to a lower number set the stitch width at about six adjust the stitch length style to somewhere under one use a backing or stabilizer for fine or stretch fabrics notice the small markings on your buttonhole foot these should be lined up with the top of the buttonhole drawn on the fabric lower the presser foot so that the buttonhole centerline marked on the fabric aligns with the center of the buttonhole foot with the needle in highest position follow the four-step sequence from one step to another with the pattern selector dial when moving from step to step ensure the needle is raised before turning the pattern selector dial model 44:23 includes an easy-to-use automatic buttonhole slightly reduce the upper thread tension by moving the tension dial to a lower number set the stitch width at about 6 adjust the stitch length style to somewhere under one place your button in the back slide of buttonhole foot slide it closed until the button is firmly held in the slide and snap on the foot pull down the buttonhole lever and gently push it to the back while holding the top thread start sewing cut the top thread after a few stitches your buttonhole will be sewn fully automatically in one easy step when finished sewing the buttonhole raise the needle and fit the machine for straight stitch in left or right needle position also select straight stitch with the pattern selector dial and reset stitch width to zero with the stitch width style so three to four stitches this will secure the stitches so that the buttonhole won’t unravel for sewing on buttons lower the feed dogs snap on the button sewing foot and select the zig-zag stitch change the width style to approximately fall to 5 position your fabric and button under the presser foot so that the holes on the button are aligned parallel lower the presser foot turn the hand wheel towards you and make sure the needle clears both holes of the button if not adjust the stitch width accordingly so approximately 10 stitches across the button change the stitch to straight stitch in the left or right needle position change the width on the stitch width style to zero sew a few stitches in one hole to secure the button on behalf of our dedicated team congratulations on the purchase of your new Singer sewing machine singer more than just sewing singer standing for innovation superior quality and the markable quality for money.

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