Sonos 5.1 Surround Set Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Sonos 5.1 Surround, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Sonos 5.1 Surround Set Home Theater System Black Friday Deals 2021

Sonos 5.1 Surround Set - Home Theater System Black Friday Deals 2021
This article is all about for the Sonos 5.1 Surround Set Home Theater System Black Friday Deals 2021. Check out the latest update.

I’m tough it’s Rob 7 we’re gonna have some fun today playing with some audio specifically Sonos and their wireless system we’re gonna take it everything from the play bar to the 5.1 system including the sub to the play 1 and the new sonís 1 let’s get started all right

So sonís has really made a name for themselves by doing wireless audio the whole idea here is that every single one of these speakers is connected to your wireless network so anywhere where you have an electric plug you can have music then they take that same idea and integrate it into a system where you can actually make these speakers play with each other so you have to play ones in a room you can link them together and do stereo or let’s say you have to play ones the play bar and a sub in room you could do 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS it’ll actually talk to each other and give you an all-around system all without liars it’s something they really built their brand on and it’s something we’re gonna take a look at now so let’s just start with some general specifics about the speakers and everything they share all of these features have a power connection and an Ethernet connection if you don’t have good Wi-Fi in your house but you do have a thern net wire throughout the house you could direct plug them into your network of course I have the amplifi HD mesh router system which you can check out in the review linked above so I don’t have issues with space and Wi-Fi connectivity in our house we have 5g everywhere so all of these are just hooked up into a power outlet and then connected through Wi-Fi through the sonís Sonos app sonís works with over 80 streaming services so just about everything that you listen to can’t be covered wirelessly of course I use Spotify which is their best integration as far as music goes because you can actually choose rooms from with the spot within the Spotify app which I’ll give you a look at later sona’s also partner with Amazon to make this system work seamlessly with Alexa so if you have Amazon dots echoes in the house you can actually control your sono system through those devices we’ll get into it in just a little bit but you can actually get a sono snail with the so notes one that has Amazon Alexa built into it so you don’t have to have a secondary device in the room to control your music another aspect of Sonos that really set them apart until recently is that you could do all room listening one touch of a button if you’re listening to music in one room you can turn it on in another room while keeping it all in time you turn simultaneously in that room you could also just hit entire house and every single room that had a solo speaker and it would be playing the music that you had from your device or from your computer so let’s get into the details a little bit about these speaker systems and how they’re built in each of these speakers the drivers each have one of their own Class D amplifiers all that really means it’s just this full range digital while there’s a lot of marketing hype especially like with the play bar where they tell you they have nine of them there is no real advantage of that over having a single nine channel amp they’ve made a single Class D amplifier to a driver they’re able to make it basically like a self-contained unit that opens up a lot more possibilities for them design wise because it makes it a more compact so well it sounds really cool to say there’s nine amps in this play bar it really is for a design and manufacturing aspect and not marketing they just happen to spin it when you look at their website or hear the commercial alright so let’s try to drill down some of these speaker systems tell you what they do tell you how they’re designed and then we’ll get into the plus and minuses of Sonos and whether or not it’s a good fit for you at the heart of the sono system you have the play bar like I mentioned before there are nine drivers there’s six mid woofers and three tweeters in the play bar with each driver having its own amp for connections on the bar you have power cable optical cable and dual ethernet that allows you to hook up a direct connection to your network and then do a pass-through to a TV or other device that needed the network connection as well the optical connection is for the connection to your TV so the general gist here is that anything that plays out of your TV is gonna play through the sound well it’s great having minimalistic connections one of the downsides of having this sound bar versus some others is that with my LG c7 and my harmony remote when I turn the volume up and down.
I can’t see it on the screen because of the way you have to turn off the sound on the LG TV you’re not able to see your volume control on the screen because you only have an optical connection going from the sound bar to the TV with sound bars that use an HDMI connection they can pass through video from the sound bar and give you that volume control in other cases with other brand TVs they also allow you to keep that display on the TV unfortunately with the LG you can so you’re flying a little bit blind on where your sound level is but in all reality we got used to it and it hasn’t been you can mount this sound bar either wall-mounted with a kit flat or vertical as you can see on our mantle we have it laying flat in front of some decorative flower looking things that my wife put up there and the overall look of the bar looks pretty good it doesn’t look overly audio like you have something just glaring at you and it matches the decor that house well enough to where it just kind of blends into sight so for this sound bar to mimic a typical center Channel left and right setup they actually put these woofers and tweeters in an array and what they’re trying to do is throw the sound from the left and right channel outward to give you more of that spread that you would get from a typical 5.1 so another feature the play bar has that you actually set up through the app is true sound which automatically Tunes the play bar with the other speakers or play bar by itself in your room to get the best audio it takes care of all the timing and equalization for you you basically take your phone run around the room a couple of times with this beaming sound going and it takes a bunch of measurements as you go around with the microphone from your phone [Music] that moves us on to the play 1 the play 1 is one that you’re used to seeing from Sonos again it works through your wireless connection you connect it through the app on the bottom you have a flush mounted power cord on the back you have an Ethernet connection as I mentioned before we’re just plugging these into outlets I don’t have either net wired throughout the house we’re using Wireless to the entire system on the top you do have a couple of buttons here for play pause volume up and down I rarely use those it was really just used for initial setup to the app generally I just use the app on the phone to control call as I mentioned before with the play ones you can’t sync them together and get stereo so if you wanted to put two of these together in a room you get stereo sound you can also use these as rear speakers in conjunction with the play bar it’ll recognize those in the room as left and right through your channels and when you’re playing DTS or Dolby Digital they will act as the rear speakers in that surround sound one thing to note though if you do not have Dolby Digital pass-through on your TV you will just get PCM audio so keep that they are humidity and dust resistant so you can put them out in the garage basement you can even bring them outside as long as you have a power connection.
I wouldn’t leave them in the rain they don’t rate them as true water resistance but if you do want to use them outside in a controlled environment you can do that play bar the other components you have drivers mated with Class D amps in the play one you’re getting one tweeter and one mid woofer and then that brings us to the Sonos one the sonís one basically takes the exact idea from the play one and puts Amazon Alexa directly in the unit rumors are that you’ll actually have Apple airplay in the near future as well instead of physical buttons on the top like eat with the play one you get haptic touch along with some lighting effects that let you know when Alexa is responding to your voice they use a six microphone array with noise canceling that allows the speaker to still hear you even when you’re playing music and I have two of these in the house one in the basement and one in the garage and I can tell you that when you’re listening to music it can’t hear you it works pretty well Alexa play play next song young then there’s the sub it’s a unique design you can actually use this upright or laying flat it uses two drivers facing at each other and the whole idea is they want to cancel out the vibration of the sub so you don’t hear any rattling it actually stays still it plays down to 25 Hertz like with the rest of the so most equipment they don’t give you the full specs we don’t know how many watts each one of these Class B amplifiers is putting out but just like everything else you get one for each driver so there’s two in the zone as mission before everything is controlled through my app all the setup volume everything well you can configure like the Harmony remote Alexa and several third-party devices to control volume and changing music all of your setup tuning and everything will be done through the app on your phone what you’ll end up doing especially when you have multiple speakers like this is assigning them to rooms and then when you assign them to rooms it gives you control of each room that can actually play music separately like listen to the TV in one room you can have music playing in another and then if you wanted to take the TV and beam it to every single room which is actually great for football games if you have a bunch of people over you could do that as well it’s also where you do any other tuning by rooms so the true tune I talked about with the in the living room or even just tuning the equalizer changing the sub that handle is handled through the static part yet one of my favorite integrations is actually the Spotify app I use that a lot for audio and realistically when I’m listening to music in the house I don’t open the Sonos app at all unless I’m trying to beam to all rooms at once I just open up Spotify play the music I want choose the room I want to hear it in and you’re done all right so let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it that’s how the Sonos system works and that’s what you can expect out of each speaker how much does this thing cost it’s not cheap each one of the play ones are 149 you end up for the SONA this one has Amazon Alexis built-in CLE what that equates to is a play one plus the dot shoved into a case when you add up all the sauce in our house that comes to a whopping on audio in the house so the big question is is why so knows why did I pick it our house was not pre-wired for audio so about the only option I have that’s easy is to do a wireless system and all the wireless systems Sonos was the easiest to use and the easiest to integrate let’s go through the components and talk about it a little bit one ball the sound bar is great it doesn’t give you a true center channel left channel right channel it tries to fake it as best it can but it’s not going to compete with a true wired setup where you can actually get that spread on the left and right channels also you’re a little bit limited on speaker placement you do have to have a power outlet wherever these speakers are because they require it being internally powered with a wired system that you’re actually doing through the walls of the house you will get a better speaker placement for true surround so in a nutshell you’re not gonna get the wired speaker experience that you typically would get for it – the second is while this sub looks really good it’s not house rattling if you want that real theater sound or you really want that real booming bass that you’re gonna get from a down firing 12 it’s not happening you can have just by the design you can see that that’s not gonna be it but it does do well as it rounds out the sound that you get with the sound bar and the satellite yeah that and the fact that it won’t play with the low 25 Hertz it does give it a nice range anything below 25 Hertz is pretty low but you could see that drivers aren’t that big to begin with so even when it comes to 25 Hertz play it doesn’t give you that real like chest feeling bass what it’s really meant to do is just give you a good sounding sub that plays well with the rest of the system what this system also does well for us is it gives us audio 5.1 audio and spaces that aren’t really great for audio right now we’re sitting you can even hear a little bit of the echo we’re sitting in my living room which is where I keep this 5.1 system it’s a huge vaulted ceiling I could spend all the time trying to wire in a great 5.1 system but you’re really just never gonna get the full effect of it because you’re dealing with just too much air space so what Sonos does is allow us to not have to pre wire something that would be real crazy and without the benefit what we’re gonna personally do is wait until we finish the basement and then put our theater setup down there where it can be in a more controlled environment for up here the songs just works fine it’s good enough the other things you do have to consider is the TV that you’re using with Sonos I picked the lg c7 because it’s one of the best displays on the market it finally replaced my Samsung 8500 that I’ve been holding on to for forever the O LED display on the LG is just nothing but top-notch especially when you have it tuned however you do at the setup speech delay with Sonos because if you just do it straight out of the box when you’re watching something on TV the mouths aren’t lining up with the audio it’s it’s it’s a simple adjustment within the Sonos app or on the TV which I just did it through the TV but it is something to consider that and you won’t see volume control so depending on your TV there might be some limitations there as well because of just the straight optical connection and how your TV would handle transfer that all you the other small thing for me is as much as I’ve integrated Sonos into the rest of the house I would love to use two of these play ones a speaker component for my computer your computer sees these as Wi-Fi devices in the house but you can’t set them up as a stereo connection for gaming or for editing or anything like that so I end up having a separate speaker system just for the computer if it was some kind of way to have just like a little wireless dongle that would tie it into the rest of the system that would be really easy they do make other components that you could probably fake it but they’re also really expensive so really just a little plug-and-play that would tie it in and call it a room would be a nice addition so what do I really liked about this system one like.
I mentioned before anywhere with the power outlet you can now have audio the nice thing is it’s not through bluetooth so if you get a phone call it doesn’t kick off your music it’s controlled completely through your home network the other thing is this system is incredibly modular you can get a play bar run that for a while then add this up run that for a while and then decide you want surround sound and add two cubes if I want one speaker in my garage I’ve got one right there in my toolbox it allows you the ability to just add a little bit at a time that works out very well for people that don’t want to put the entire investment up front and you just kind of add two rooms as you go when you factor in the fact of how expensive it would be to actually wire this house for audio now since it wasn’t built with it this ends up being a deal overdue an in-wall speaker set up after the fact also out of all the speaker systems the Sonos really kind of looked the best these are going to be visible in your house especially if you’re using them in multiple rooms and while I love the sound of the most audio systems they’re really not designed to integrate into your room I remember when bose came out with those cubes a long time ago as much as I hate bose they were in tune to the fact that people are trying to integrate audio into their house without it looking like you’re in a theater room in every room you go into so when you have very simple setups like this that I even like better than anything out of Amazon’s camp or even more than that little Apple speaker these really integrate into the house nicely with multiple colors multiple sizes you can make it easy to integrate into your room without upsetting the overall decor of the room also with the Sonos app this thing is credibly easy setup it’s really a OneTouch operation on most of these speakers and to get them linked up to do the true sound all of it’s incredibly simple they’ve put a lot of investment and the software in this system so just anyone can do it you don’t need a professional installer to come to your house and set all this up literally plug open the app set it up done so who is this really for if you need easy setup and you want some quality sound this is great it integrates with all the third-party stuff we have Alexa multi-room listening the problem is is that you pay for the convenience it is a higher price than you’re gonna pay from a wired setup or even some of the cheaper wireless setups out there but what you won’t get is the heavy software integration and everything else that’s Sonos delivers so what I like a little bit better sound quality out of a system that cost this much absolutely but that’s the trade-off with the ease of use all right guys so there’s my sonís for you for everything from the play bar to the sub the play won and the sonís one with alexa integrated if you have any questions I didn’t answer in this review please send up the comment section and I’ll get those answered for you if you liked this video give it a thumbs up you thought it was jump give it a thumbs down and as always please subscribe for the to the channel for more reviews like this.

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