Sony Alpha a6300 Black Friday Deals 2021 (Updated Today)

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Sony Alpha a6300 Black Friday Deals 2021

Sony Alpha a6300 Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete of Sony Alpha a6300 Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Everybody loves a good camera video but I think a lot of the times they also forget that cameras are tools and you don’t necessarily have to be consistently upgrading these things to have the best content out there it’s more about how you use your tools to be able to make the best quality image and on top of that another thing to consider is that if you go out and buy the newest camera that isn’t necessarily going to be making you more money and that’s partly the reason.

Why I haven’t upgraded my camera and why I’m still using the sony a6300 more than two years after its release date I’ve been using it for real estate video photography and pretty much every one of my youtube videos for the last two years it’s been my sole camera and workhorse for freelance video and my YouTube content creation and it has not let me down once and that’s why if you’re in the search for a new camera I still think the 860 300 even two or three years later is still a very very good option and a lot of people are gonna tell you to consider the a 6500 I’m gonna tell you to not because if you look at the point it’s about more used on eBay right now and it’s sitting out about 900 to I don’t think it’s worth that upgrade because the aged 6300 is selling for 600 used right now and that’s a steal if you ask me because the only upgrades that the a 6500 will really get you is in body image stabilization which can be solved through an optically stabilized lens the one I’m using right now is the sony 10 to 18 this thing is phenomenal and it has optical image stabilization so that means that you’re still gonna get a fairly steady shot especially at the wide-angle this thing is without having to pay that 860 500 and pretty much the only other benefit i could think of with the 860 500 is the grip and build quality it’s just ever so slightly better and that’s about it I’m gonna be honest with you guys I’ve used both cameras and I think that a 6300 is way way better for the after using any camera for such a long time you start to learn the ins and outs and how things work better in certain situations but with my experience I’ve learned that the a 6300 isn’t the perfect camera but the same could be said for literally any camera ever produced there is no such thing as the perfect camera just like there’s no such thing as the perfect smartphone it will never exist every single creative person is gonna have their needs and wants out of a specific camera and some of those are gonna work better for them and others aren’t for me personally I think Sony is killing the game right now and the features that they’re offering is amazing for exactly what I mean if you want to use another camera go for it that’s awesome that’s what I support and love about the creative industry there are so many amazing tools that are so cheap and accessible nowadays so with that being said I’m going to break down the positives and negatives of the a 6300 and kind of share my thoughts and experiences over the years of using this to start it off let’s go through the positives and the first is autofocus this thing is so fast still to this day the a 6300 I think is hands down one of the best cameras autofocus not even joking I’ve used plenty of different cameras I’ve used Canon I’ve used Sony a bunch of different brands and I still think the eight 6300 has some very comparable autofocus to some of the best cameras out there are and for again that’s not bad I’m consistently recording myself so autofocus is very important for me and that’s something that I think a lot of youtubers and solo filmmakers should be interested in next up is the size and without a doubt this thing is compact if you’re a travel videographer or you like going and bringing your camera to multiple places this thing is for you since it’s so lightweight and small you can throw this in any bag and it’s really not going to be that cumbersome also carrying it around everyday or walking out and vlogging in public isn’t gonna be that big of a deal whereas if you’re carrying a one like Peter McKinnon that’s gonna get you some attention if you want to be a little bit more stealth about things maybe look a little bit more normal this would be your route to go but next up we have USB charging we’ll be getting to the battery life when we hit to the negatives but USB charging on this thing is amazing right now.
I literally have a power bank plugged into my camera and I have pretty close to unlimited battery so I can sit here and record no matter how many times I screw up recording this video not very many cameras have this feature of USB charging especially in its class so if this is something you’re looking for it can be a very beneficial feature especially when you need it when this camera was initially launched it got a lot of initial complaints about the lens choices and how there weren’t very many and what were there were very expensive but nowadays that’s completely different there’s a lot of very many good options that are also very affordable Sony Sigma at a bunch of other third-party companies are doing some amazing things lately they take for instance I’m using the 10 to 18 right now that’s the sony 10 to 18 and it’s performing great if you are gonna pick up the a 6300 yourself i highly recommend you go the native route that means you get an email lens because you don’t really want to adapt I even use the MC 11 with my Sigma 18 to 35 even though that it’s the Sigma adapter it still doesn’t perform as good in the autofocus and other electronic features that native email lenses do so if you want to check out the a 6300 the 10 to 18 or any of the gear that I use to shoot my videos I’ll have them all linked down in the description below I’ll have a kit down there if you want to support the channel you can click on those links thank you most Sony mirrorless cameras are known for their amazing low light and the a 6300 is no exception I think the low-light capabilities of cameras are very underrated nowadays because in a lot of cases you might be shooting in lower light situations than you’d like and you still need your camera to perform especially if you’re vlogging or doing travel videos you’re not in control of your lighting like this perfect lighting setup I have right now there’s a lot of cases where things aren’t going to be as bright as they could be things can look a little crappy and I think the internal capabilities of this camera is really good now is the a7 s level low light no of course not it’s not full-frame but since it is super 35 you’re able to get some pretty damn good low-light another strong suit of the a 6300 is 4k video recording and I know most cameras have 4k hell even most smartphones have 4k video recording now but what makes the a 6300 so special the first thing is that it’s able to shoot 24 frames a second 4k video in this super 35 sensor size so that means you’re going to be getting a little bit wider than aps-c and the second thing is that it’s actually a 6k sensor that they down scale to 4k so that means your 4k video recording is going to be tack sharp although I’ve been using this camera for mostly videography I also use it for photography too now I’m not going to break down the tech specs because I’m mostly a filmmaker and I’ve been using this camera mostly for video but I can say with my personal experience the photography that I have done with this camera is phenomenal now it might not be the best like some of the cameras that are dedicated for photo but this thing is pretty damn amazing so if you’re looking for a great all-around camera I genuinely think that a 6300 performs immensely especially for 600 bucks but now that we’ve broken down the positives of course we’re gonna have to talk about the negatives there there so let’s break them down first up is battery life and as a Sony user you know they’re very notorious for their short-lived battery life and you start to collect well a lot of batteries but here’s the thing although the battery life is short you can find these batteries for very cheap and on top of that you pick one up off the ground here they’re small so if you’re planning on traveling yea you’re gonna have to carry around a couple extra batteries but with my experience about three to four of them will last you the full day so realistically.
It’s not that big of a deal since they are cheap and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal the battery life is annoying other than the fact that you’re gonna have to change these out a little bit more often than the average camera the single biggest complaint of the a 6300 on the history of YouTube reviews is the fact that it does not have a flip-out screen and holy crap am i so annoyed of listening to this listen guys it’s not a deal-breaker if you’re considering not buying this camera because it doesn’t have a flip-out screen please do not make that a deciding factor I’ve been shooting myself for a very long time without a flip-out screen and I’ve been able to do it look my composition i think is great look at my vlogs I think the composition is decent maybe some of you will disagree but I think it’s perfectly fine but even if you do have a flip-out screen I think it also does come with its negatives would it get annoying if I’m always talking to you like this you know how many youtubers I see are consistently looking off to the screen that’s right on the side oh that’s really annoying yes I could see myself doing that a lot and I know I see too many people doing it that’s why Casey nice that wears sunglasses so he can consistently look at that so it doesn’t look like his eyes are aiming off to the side but here guys listen it would be nice to have a flip out screen yes but I still think they are the most overrated complaint out of any Sony camera ever I hope to see in the future but if it isn’t not a deal-breaker what so ever in addition to that I will say that the screen quality is OK it’s not superb I will say it is a little dim and bright Phoenix daylight weather but it’s totally capable of being able to see your composition yeah you’re not gonna be able to see your correct exposure but you should never do that with any LCD ever you should be looking at your meters in your bars to be able to be sure that you are getting the correct exposure don’t look at the LCD on top of that it would be nice to have touch screen it’s kind of gimmicky but I will say that having tapped to focus would be a nice feature if I’m shooting b-roll or different things like that but for the most part I’ve been getting along pretty well without a flip-out screen without touch screen and even though that the screen isn’t all that bright the last complaint is actually kind of important but it depends how you shoot and that’s how a lot of these things are you’re gonna have to balance the positives and negatives of every camera you purchase that’s 1080p a hundred and twenty frames a second 1080p on this camera is not very sure it’s a little soft but if you’re wanting to get 1080p 120 it’s a great feature to have it’s not going to be the tack sharp tack sharp 4k that you’re getting out of the a 6300 and I’m gonna be honest Canon cameras do better with 1080p recording the 1080p is more sharper on Canon cameras and a lot of other cameras they actually are to a 6300 1080p is a little soft but I’m mostly shooting in 4k and when I do want 120 frames a second it’s not that often so 1080p being a little soft isn’t that big of a deal to me if you didn’t listen to anything I said the one and only thing I want you to get out of this video is the fact that cameras are tools there’s gonna be good things there’s gonna be bad things about every single camera there’s gonna be people that like one brand over the other or one specific camera over the other camera and whatever works for them is what works for them I’m tired of hearing people bitch over different camera brands it’s pointless if it works for them that’s awesome support them if they’re enjoying using that camera and it’s looking good go for it that’s awesome I totally support that I’m just sharing my opinions about the a 6300 and why I like it and why I haven’t upgraded and forever but remember guys cameras are just tools but after some time you are going to upgrade these tools without a doubt especially if you’re looking for something new so you got to remember the law of diminishing returns you can only spend so much money on a camera before the upgrades just get super minuscule and pointless and that cameras are just tools but if you are really looking to upgrade your camera be sure to check the description below I’ll have links to all of my camera gear and everything.

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