Sony RX100 V Black Friday Deals 2021 (Today Updated)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Sony RX100 V, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Sony RX100 V Black Friday Deals 2021

Sony RX100 V Black Friday Deals 2021
In this article, we will show you the complete Sony RX100 V Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Today I’m gonna convince you that you should absolutely buy a Sony rx100 five especially if you are an online content creator and you do anything in front of the camera it is darn near perfect and here’s why what’s up everyone. I’m the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure it out.

I have been wanting to make this video for a hot minute the Sony rx100 5 is without a doubt the camera that I use more than anything else here. The everyday dad if you see a shot that’s outside it was on this if you see product b-roll it was on this if you clicked on a thumbnail that got you to one of my videos it was taken with this seriously this is one of the most versatile cameras ever made. I was able to pick it up for open box from Best Buy if you can find the same deal. I highly recommend it because that makes this no kidding the best value in the video production world today by far but. I don’t want to spend the entire video gushing about the rx100 because honestly. I could there are thousands of youtube videos out there right now saying how awesome this is so. I’m going to approach this as a full YouTube studio in a package that fits in your pocket however before we get too far into the video if you haven’t heard about this camera before let’s cover the basic specs of the rx100 5 to get us all on the same page and as a quick disclaimer cuz it happens all the time. I am NOT a photographer nor am I a professional videographer. I make home videos and. I make these YouTube videos so those are the specs let’s not break it we’ll be covering today the Sony rx100 5 was released back in October of 2016 more than two years ago man how time flies it has a 20 megapixel one inch BSI CMOS sensor it can record an up to 4k 30 frames per second 1080p at 120 frames per second continuously and can record an up to 960 frames per second for slow-motion though you do lose a lot of the quality after 240 frames per second another huge benefit is the 350 phase-detection autofocus points and it’s got a built-in lens that is a 24 to 70 millimeter equivalent that is 1.8 at the wide end and 2 points eight on the zoom end wow that is a seriously stacked camera but wait there’s more it has a flip-up articulating screen and it has a built-in ND filter well.
I have reviewed cameras that cost seven times what. I paid for this one and they don’t have nearly as impressive or useful specs seriously this camera is almost untouched in the specs per ounce typing this out really made me appreciate it all over again physically this is a small but beefy camera and. I never really put my camera’s in a pocket in general and even if. I did. I doubt this would fit all of the buttons in the dials feel great it no kidding has more buttons dials and customization settings than some of the bigger cameras. I’ve looked at like the a5100 is an aps-c sensor doesn’t have the customization of this camera also some of the major benefits for the body itself is both a USB port but also an HDMI port which allows you to do things like to plug the rx100 five into an external recorder basically transforming this little camera into a legitimate all-in-one video production tool like that HDMI port is huge there are some negatives about the body that we’ll talk about in a little bit but to sell you even more on this camera that basically walks on water there are three things that. I consider a camera before. I’ll ever recommend it and the arch 105 crushes each of them first up image quality frankly the image quality coming out of the rx100 5 is quite literally shocking the 4k recorded with this camera is actually 6 K that’s downsampled to 4k in addition with a built-in ND and a very fast 1.8 on the wide end you can actually get some decent shallow depth of field outdoors with this little camera there are much more expensive cameras that can’t do the same thing that’s just for narration vlogging and other kinds of talking head videos like this and to prove that point let’s hop outside real quick for a vlogging test woohoo okay so here’s our outdoor slash vlogging test so this is the RX 105 we kind of got to set up on a tripod right now in the middle of like Golden Hour like towards the end of it.
I guess and we’ve got it set to aperture priority mode so we can try to snag a little bit more of that light before the lights all gone so we are according 4k thirty frames per second and this is the audio coming straight out of the rx100 five we also have AG 85 going right now with a higher speed microphone so we’re gonna take these out and do a quick vlogging test and by vlogging test. I mean you know walking around talking at the camera, okay so this is the image coming out of both now the G 85 has way better embody image stabilization than the arcs 105 but like. I’ve said in the video the arcs 105 is like an all-in-one package with ND filter 4k all sorts of great stuff the only thing that’s really missing is that audio in Jack which you know unfortunately we have on the G 85 but this is the image quality that you can expect to get and we have like perfect lighting right now. I’m very excited this worked out really well and like. I said 24 to 70-millimeter equivalent lens the sun’s just going down we’ve got it in autofocus continuous which is so good on the arcs 105 like. I love. I love this camera we mentioned earlier that the biggest negative in the rx100 5 is the recording limits we actually have to do this test pretty quick because we will run into our 5-minute 4k recording limit here pretty soon it is not a long recording limit at all but man.
I just really like this camera you can see even as. I’m walking around out here that this is handheld and it does have five-axis image stabilization built into it which is pretty darn good. I mean it’s not as good as the G 85 over here we’re doing like camera bouncing. I’m sure the people around here think. I’m crazy there you’ve got to get that light. I’m sure the people around here think. I’m crazy or then. I normally am okay back to the video good and we’re back you know all of that is great but what. I think this camera is perfect for is product bureau the RX 105 at the wide end has a very impressive 5-centimeter minimum focusing distance this allows you to get close to macro footage combined with the slow-motion. I don’t want to talk in too much hyperbole here but this is the best camera. I’ve ever used for product b-roll period the only other camera. I really do like using for my b-roll is a Panasonic gh4 net combined with the lens cost three to four times what this does. I mean the g5 is great this does b-roll way better next up and most important to me FID leanness you know the image quality is pretty straightforward what does the video quality look like coming out of the camera is it any good okay then great but fiddling this is more important to me because the less. I have to mess with a camera the more footage.
I’ll get more footage. I get better coverage. I’ll have for my video the better coverage. I have for my video the easier editing will be and heck the easier editing will be is the more. I want to make videos it’s the life cycle of the YouTuber thankfully the rx100 5 is not very fiddly it does have an older version of the Sony menu system which isn’t my favorite but it’s also not as terrible as the a5100 menu system you have enough buttons and dials to set everything up quickly and efficiently when you’re out and about but there are three really big features that put it over the top and that is the flip screen the built-in ND and the autofocus the only other camera that. I’ve ever used to have all of that built-in internal to the camera is the Canon C 200 that we’re filming on right now which cost so much more and it’s way bigger than this little thing. I mean it’s a huge camera compared to this tiny little guy those three features are basically a killer combination of convenience and make the rx100 5 a dream to use and lastly but you know pretty darn importantly still is the ecosystem we’ve mentioned this before but ecosystem isn’t as important for a point shoot camera as it is for an interchangeable lens system but what’s night is there’s still a very wide range of accessories that you can get to enhance the capabilities of the 105 my favorite of which is something like this small rib cage which effectively solves one of the issues of not having a cold or hot shoe mount on the camera itself presents with this cage you can mount anything you want and that will alleviate some of the negative aspects of using such a small camera and frankly this cage changes the entire experience.
I mean you can add handles and lights and microphones and all sorts of stuff cages are wonderful Wow if it’s so perfect every day dad why isn’t everyone using one of these wells, to be honest, a huge amount of online video makers do use the RX line of cameras frequently some of them use them as their main cameras but there are three major negatives that. I do want to touch on to make sure that you are properly armed with knowledge first up is the 4k recording time if you want to record in 4k internal on the camera you can only do that for five minutes at a time which yeah that sucks but the reason for that is the second negative about the camera when you pack a 6k sensor downsampling to 4k and you do all of that in a camera that can fit into your pocket anything on phase detection autofocus on the sensor itself you will run into heat management issues and yes the RX 105 does have heat management issues and thirdly there’s no audio inject so much like the 850 100 if you want to use this consistently for narrative work you will need to record audio off-camera and sync it in post but that but that’s seriously that’s like – button clicks these days it’s not that big of a deal at all if you let your editing program do it so what right after all of that. I really really recommend the Sony rx100 5 they have upgraded it now to the rx100 5 alpha which is also great but you can find some serious deals on the original 5 right now and that makes this one of the best if not the best deals in video right now ok so we’re gonna go off-script for a second because for these like videos where. I recommend that you absolutely buy something. I like telling you something from the heart that’s not in the script this is amazing like this camera has changed how. I make my videos it is so easy for me to go to my b-roll station it takes up no space. I can use smaller accessories to get that b-roll because this fits on everything it fits in every place the autofocuses fantastic the video quality is amazing it. I love this camera and. I’m serious go check your local Best Buy website and see if you have one of these open boxes go check it out go see and then call them to ask them to actually scan it to ring it up the tag on this and the website on this said it was like seven hundred six hundred bucks when. I went to go buy it but when they scanned it was actually like five hundred because it had been like.

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