Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we will show you complete of Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish Black Friday Deals 2021. This post keep you updated with latest features.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish Black Friday Deals 2021

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish Black Friday Deals 2021
Today I am doing the video I should have done weeks and weeks ago when I first bought this machine I’m going to explain everything about this machine left right in sideways top to bottom okay I was I was just very excited when I first bought this machine and by the way this machine is called the Vitamix

okay professional series 750 connecting alright you were you know on the fence of deciding on this machine or you know if you didn’t know a certain feature it had you know you got a you’re not sure if you want to lay out all this much cash for this type of machine I want to explain everything to you so you can understand how it is and how it works okay first I’m going to talk about the base then I’m going to talk about the container okay first this is a very very solidly built machine number one it’s very heavy very heavy I mean it’s extremely heavy I have put all kinds of concoctions inside the container with a lot of ice causing the container to shake and still this base remains solid on this counter it does not move okay the body is will well-constructed very very strong okay I think this was to be when though this is a hard plastic this is a brushed stainless steel is what Vitamix calls it it looks it just feels when you when I bang on it it feels like plastic that might be dipped in a liquid liquid metal it doesn’t necessarily feel like stainless steel but that’s okay because in a real world kitchen you know you don’t really want to dent your machine up it can happen because things will bump into it you know and that’s just the real world kitchen so I I like the aesthetics of it but I’m glad if it is plastic dipped in metal I prefer that just don’t know that I don’t have validation for them okay on the front here you have the controls you have this starting to stop toggle switch you have the pulse toggle switch you have the rotary dial that has your settings for you manual control from one to ten in the preset settings for smoothie frozen desserts soup pure Rayz sitting and diners the cleaning setting okay let me explain how these presets work along with the manual control what happens is you put this on the smoothie center okay put all your stuff inside the container the machine will measure the load that’s in the container and the blaze will automatically adjust themselves accordingly okay that’s something that everybody knew that the new generation Vitamix machines do that okay so each one of these presets is designed to make that happen and it works the same way on the manual control so if you were to put it all the way up on variables variable speed 10 it doesn’t necessarily mean that blades are gonna spend that fast depending on what kind of concoction you have it measures the load and adjust the blade accordingly I think that’s a great great feature that Vitamix did okay Oh looking around Oh also by the way these controls are all rubber okay everything is rubber easy to grip in a real world kitchen your fingers do greasy you know and hands were wet if you want to have easy grip when you’re just coming over to the blender and just when I hit this the stock Start button or pulse and or grab the rotary control rubber they’re all rubber wraps I really like that feature okay around here we have the on and off toggle switch okay back here you have an air duct that it draws in the air to keep the Machine cool on the bottom side here and the bottom side here is where all the air comes out to cool the Machine down so it slips the air in and it blows the air out over here back here is a little programming wafer to switch you may not necessarily use that that’s it’s only to program the the precess yes you know I’m not going to do it okay I think more more advanced people maybe another technician will do that if you wanna pre-program have your machine reprogram but I think that you’d be pretty satisfied the way it’s setup okay let’s take a look here let’s go to the bottom of it first I like the cord wrap the cord wrap is all design I like the small stuff you guys I really do small stuff you know I think that’s more exciting than just all the big stuff you expect the small things like a quarter grab which is inside the machine so it’s not going to just be at the bottom and might cause some wobble the cable here to for the court very thick very very solid it’s not cheap you can see that it’s got the four rubber feet down here at the bottom okay up here at the top is the anti vibration table if they put on here to help reduce the noise of a machine incidentally the the air duct that draws in the air and blows out the fan that blows the air off from outside on the sides of the machine Plus this vibration table or all the characteristics of the commercial line so that’s also why in a commercial kitchen you’ll see all the restaurants using Vitamix those those models never but they never overheat and they don’t shut down like the home models can do and that’s what they’ve done with the new generation models they’ve they’ve they’ve made the the cooling system very close to what’s in the commercial and so you can run your machine a lot longer on this new generation Vitamix without worrying about it already ting okay the vibration table I don’t have another Vitamix to measure how much difference it is I think there’s some other people on YouTube that are showing that but I can’t do it today but I do know it’s supposed to help reduce the noise this does come off by the way easy cleaning it’s in case you’re worried about any liquids getting stuck down here easy come off very pliable all rubber again okay here’s a hard plastic body that’s here these here’s the spindle that has the gears in here all metal gears okay again so that makes a difference too so when you set the container on here you know if they meant worried about the grinding cheaper blenders use a Platt news plastic gears and then that they panic tear up really easily so again another thing they thought through very well here this goes right back on here very easily okay think that is what I want to talk about today on the bass all right this to the side oh one more thing okay happy are the the illuminated controls you can see it’s illuminated right here okay everything is illuminated all the presets are illuminated they’re starting to stops illuminated the pulses on the man you know you can call it what you like you know useful or not is are just there for aesthetic reasons some people might find it helpful if they have vision issues so they can do it can be it can service someone I will tell you but I do like the way it looks just for looks for me okay all right okay this container is another solid piece Vitamix okay so like I’m working for them right now this they’ve done a really good job with this I can say that again solidly built I haven’t tried it but I heard that you know if you drop this on a really hard surface the container will not shatter it seems very very solid it is bpa-free so that’s by a stiff at all free if you guys are know what that’s all about that’s us is there a certain compound that’s built into plastics that was built into certain plastics they don’t do that here and because I’ve heard it’s not very good for the body so that is bpa-free on this I like the dumb shape lid here again all rubber and what I like about it is Vitamix you know they even tell you fill it up you know fill it up because it’s not going to leak out and I had never had that problem I can put all kinds of stuff all the way to the top I’ve never had it leaked it looks to be that the liquid goes up into the dome and just back down into the tanner instead of having a flat top that can you know have there’s no travel for the liquid to go so just go make out the side if it gets forced out so that is you know that’s a nice feature on the top up here you can’t see it really but there’s when you attach this on it does leave four little slots of air ducts so he can escape in case you you know cooking and making a hot soup or something it won’t cause the top of blow-off okay down here are the four blades down here Vitamix says when I talk to them they claim that it the two blades are used to bring the food down to the blades and the other to do the cutting okay they’re all sharp you guys what do these are sharp so as far as I’m concerned they all do the cunning but they it’s they’re very very solid again um its hardness it’s hardened steel nothing is making these things been I thought they would they
would get bit or work from all the art the hard ice I’ve used in here nothing no problem at all down here the gears that connect to the gear on the base again all metal design down here never been a problem the handle on this on this container and this nice easy grip is all rubber and I believe what it is is just wrapped around the plastic handle that’s on the inside again just easy to grip very very nice what I don’t like about it ah see told you have something about it right well I don’t like about it the on here you can show you the measurements if you can see if it goes from one cup to eight cups sixty-four ounces you really can’t see it you know don’t understand that but what I have no this is on the commercial line of Vitamix blender containers it’s all they’re all black the all black writing it might be because they’re NSF you know that’s the National Sanitation foundation certification okay I’m not trying to confuse you guys here but those are NSF containers and so I guess that might be why they understand that because I told Vitamix when I talked to them on the phone when I first got this may say that this is too hard to read you know but they didn’t have too much of an answer but I do believe it might have something to do with the NSF certification on the commercial line of containers they all are written in black and I think this would have been better for the home blenders to be written in black one more thing I can tell you I’m not in love with is the the pour spout here it’s not deep enough I noticed the drink machines on the Vitamix commercial line have a very deep pour spout so if you pour things out of here like a thick concoction or a liquid just take your time take your time pouring it because they can leak it’ll go off to the sides okay it couldn’t be better but and that’s pretty much all I really have to you know criticize it about but again just nicely designed but they could have done something about this in the course belt the tamper tool everybody’s favorite tool the tamper tool okay I did talk about this on some other videos it is the most helpful tool ever I’m going to tell you every blender need to tamper even people that may think that the blender that they bought doesn’t need a temp or even if the company says we don’t need a tamper a tamper you do need every blender needs a tamper there’s no blender that you can pack up with thick concoctions that can handle the whole thing without any assistance or any intervention from the user so basically you just take a top off here and it is a patented tamper that goes down here and you can’t go any further because the way the top is built so it goes down here and will not touch the blades no matter what you do you cannot as long as the container cap cover is firmly at firmly in place you cannot touch the blades so don’t worry when you’re making peanut butter if making hummus or if you’re trying to get an air pocket that out that’s causing that’s interrupting the blend just stick all the way down there and it will not touch the blade okay you know it’s it feels pretty good it’s not necessarily like a rock or you know but terms of solidness but it does the job and you only need it just to do that do not stick the tamper down to the Machine and leave it there it interrupts the vortex that sucks the food down just put it in there and release it to get rid of the air pocket or if you’re making peanut butter make sure you doing this and not just leaving it sitting in the middle of the peanut butter spinning around it needs to do they need the Machine used to suck them food down to the blades so but I’m telling you Vitamix I’m so happy that they included this and this is also one of the reasons why I bought this machine after I really understood how important it is and after you get the machine like this and you use one of these you swear by using the tamper forever okay so um I bought this machine okay I found on the internet for a little bit cheaper it’s overkill for you look for a different Vitamix maybe they have the Vitamix 300 professional 300 and they have the Vitamix 7500 it all do the same thing the difference is 300 doesn’t have the preset and the 7500 doesn’t have the chef’s cookbook that this model and the 300 have okay if you have any other questions just let me know but again hey thanks guys for you know all your support I appreciate it’s been life-changing for me I’m really big into fitness you can see my 49ers back there I’m big into sports and things like that so I really you know I was looking for something that can force me to eat my vegetables I just wasn’t doing I go to the gym and come home and wasn’t eating vegetables this does it this makes me eat them.

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